The 20 Hottest Women's Soccer Players In The World

Soccer is an invigorating sport that requires a lot of skills and mastery to get right. Soccer players everywhere have proved that almost anything is possible when a ball is flying through the air, thus sending it in some sort of crazy direction or executing the preexisting limitations of the human form and pushing your physical condition toward new bounds.

That being said, what makes it even more impressive is what the women in the professional soccer field are capable of and their ability to even outshine the men from time to time. From the moment that Chasten captivated the nation in team USA's match against China in their first Women's World Cup outing in 1999 to Sweden's awe-striking comeback in their match against Germany back in 1995, these players prove that women can do anything that men can. But, they're more than just extremely talented - they're gorgeous, too. From their fit bodies to beautiful smiles, everything about them can just take your breath away. So, in order to celebrate the summer that is fast approaching here's 20 of the sexiest women's soccer players around!

2 Nayeli Rangel

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Nayeli Rangel may not be a jaw-dropping babe but that doesn't mean that she's not attractive in her own way. Whether it's her shy aura or the way that she carries herself, there's something special about her that you can't quite put your finger on. If you did decide to dig a little deeper, you would find out that she's one of the best soccer players and coaches in the women's professional soccer and made her international debut at 17! Now, if that's not enough reason to keep on talking, then it's difficult to think about what would be.

19. Amanda Ilestedt

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Sure, Amanda Ilestedt may be a lot more widely known in the European scene but this blonde beauty made her international debut in the Women's Championship League back in 2012. Sure, she may only be 23 years old, so she is not nearly as experienced as some, but this also means that she has the chance to learn the game from a professional standpoint. Besides, if anything, she may even have the opportunity to model due to her fantastically fit body, cute face, great hair and characteristic freckles that add that extra little bit of intrigue to this already gorgeous young lady.

18. Lady Andrade

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If her name wasn't enough to catch your attention than the mad soccer skills of this striker definitely will. There are countless videos of her showing off her impressive footwork to the world while doing what she does best, playing professional soccer. Given, Lady Andrade may only be a rising star, but the amount of attention that this Columbine soccer player has received is pretty impressive. With her deep olive skin tone, lean physique and powerful sexiness, she has all the men wanting her and all the women wanting to be her. All in all, this woman is simply not afraid to speak her mind or be herself for that matter and this beauty is better for it.

17. Natalie Vinti

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Acting as a vital addition to both Mexico's national team as well as the University of San Diego, this dark-haired beauty has enough experience to play with the boys any day. Alongside her soccer talents, her conventional beauty is brought to light each and every single time she is on the field. Vinti's delicate face and sweet smile looks great at any angle and she doesn't need to depend on makeup either - which is always a wonderful bonus. Sometimes natural beauty is the best kind that there is and you can see why just by looking at this magical woman.

16. Selena Wagner

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Wagner transcends the natural confines of beauty and her unique look is enough to be interesting, while still remaining a sense of familiarity about it. Her slightly squared jaw and welcoming face just draws you in while her curvy body was just made for those photo shoots that she does in bikinis. Her physically fit curves are womanly enough not to throw you off but are taught and strong, making her the ideal candidate for almost any sort of physical situation.

15. Amandine Henry

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Not only is pro soccer player absolutely gorgeous but she is also one of the best in the entire world. Originating from France, her overabundance of talents has made her a desired asset to a lot of teams and she plans to expand her horizons and play for the Portland Thorns once her two year contract with France expires. That being said, she knows what she wants and puts that blonde bimbo stereotype to shame considering that she has a wonderful head on her shoulders, physically and intellectually, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she's a looker, too. Her face can't help but have a sense of seriousness to it that is then complimented with joy and playfulness which is a very rare sight to see.

14. Christen Press

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Christen Press is amazing on so many levels but just goes to prove that sometimes the only way to get what you want is to just do it for yourself. Despite her noteworthy soccer abilities, she was never able to stand out of the crowd and decided to take a step back and play in Poland. She is now getting ready to grace the field at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and, in turn, finally live out her dream of playing for more than just her local team. If anything, even those who aren't huge fans of the sport should keep an eye on this American beauty.

13. Erika Dos Santos

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Erika Dos Santos may be one of the newest additions to the professional soccer scene since she only joined the Paris Saint-Germain team in August 2015. However, this also may be because she is older than most professionals, especially those who are just beginning their careers, as she is already 28 years old. The good thing about this though is that she doesn't look a day over 22 and this is probably because of her extremely healthy and active lifestyle.

12. Laure Boulleau

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Beginning her promising career as a player for France's national team back in 2011, Boulleau is now learning how to balance her prior commitments alongside the more exclusive workings of the Paris Saint-Germain team. Given, she may not be a Marilyn Monroe in the curves department or have the huge lips like Kim Kardashian, but everyone is gorgeous in their own way and she rocks what she was naturally given and works hard to keep it that way.

11. Jessica Landstörm

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Jessica has made an impact on the world based on more than just her ability to play soccer. She began her professional career in 2007 and was selected to coach Sweden's Olympic team just a year later. She came out in 2008 during her interview with GX magazine during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But, none of this even remotely compares to her beauty. Her fearless nature means that she can pull anything off while her toned and perfected body with just the right amount of curves brings a sense of athletic sexuality like no other.

10. Jonelle Filigno

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Sure, there may be very few Canadians on this list but Jonelle Filigno was a great way to get the ball rolling, especially considering that she'll be part of the Canadian Olympic team during the 2016 Olympics. While she may only be 25, her youthful energy brings a rare quality to the sport and her all or nothing approach means that she brings 100% to her game whenever she's on the field. In addition, her lovely face and seductive smile will draw you in from the first moment that you lay your eyes on her while her eyes sparkle in even the darkest of lights.

9. Hope Solo

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Hope Solo will probably go down in history for being one of the best goalies that women's soccer has ever seen. Her eyes are full of fire while her big white smile charms you to no end. Her arms are strong but loving while her muscular legs keep her standing tall. The athletic structure of a goalie is based around being strong, agile and flexible to no end and Hope Solo possesses all of these qualities. However, her time playing soccer may be limited and will probably all depend on the final verdict of her physical assault case where her sister and nephew fell victim to her brute strength. So, what's next for Hope Solo?

8. Adriana Leon

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Adriana Leon is one of those special cases when it comes to women's soccer, considering that despite growing up in Canada for most of her life, she was born and raised in Ontario, she has mainly played for American teams. Despite playing for the Western New York Flash team as an attacking midfielder, she is one of the select few who will be joining the Canadian Olympic team in 2016 and they are very lucky to have her. But, there's more this blonde bombshell with a stunning face and great bod than just soccer. In her spare time, she loves greeting fans, dabbling in other sports and traveling.

7. Julie Johnston

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You don't have to be drop dead gorgeous to earn a spot on a soccer team but it probably did help when it came to starting a relationship with the Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz. Her beautiful blonde hair and radiant smile attract everyone that she meets. However, Julie Johnston didn't just get by on her looks. Working hard to maintain her spot on the Santa Clara University team, and enrolled in the school for that matter, the belief that her coach had for her is what kept her going at the university.

6. Julia Simic

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Julia Simic may not be that well known in America but she's slowly but surely making a name for herself in Europe thanks to her involvement with FIFA and VfL Wolfsburg. This beauty of Croatian and German descent may still have a lot to learn but the simple fact that she has been able to score two goals during her four appearances at FIFA is always a fantastic start for a young star. In addition to her impressive resume, her looks definitely set her apart from the rest. She is one of those women who possesses a magical balance between youth and experience and her face really embodies this ideal. Her cheeks are wide and playful while her eyes are the epitome of strength.

5. Ali Kriegar

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Ali Kriegar has a lot to be proud of in her fairly long profession soccer career including having won a silver medal, becoming a FIFA World Cup champion and playing on the Olympic team on multiple occasions. Also, she has had the opportunity to demonstrate her talents abroad when she took a short contract for Sweden which is pretty cool. If that wasn't enough, the U.S. has the top-ranked national team in the world as far as 2016 is concerned, so the 2016 Olympics should be a breeze for all those involved, including Kriegar.

4. Kosovare Asllani

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Kosovar Asllani has traveled far and wide doing what she does best, playing soccer, and the fans love her for it. Unafraid to take selfies with them, she pleasantly smiles and poses during games and shows her personality each step of the way. This striker has already been compared to some of the best like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and is fast-footed enough to play for Sweden's national soccer team. Despite her recent signing with Manchester City's Women's Football Club, she will never forget her roots and she has a great eagle tattooed on her back to prove it.

1 Anouk Hoogendijk

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Anouk Hoogendijk may be one of the youngest women here when she started her international career at 19 when she signed for the Netherlands Women's National Team. A mere 5 years later, she was playing at the UEFA Women's Euro Cup and scored the winning goal! Most recently, she has been signed to one of the best soccer teams around, Arsenal Ladies, and she seems to be loving every moment of it.

2. Alex Morgan

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If you even remotely follow women's soccer, chances are that you have heard about or even seen this dark-haired vixen play or conduct some sort of interview. Out of all the women on the list, she is definitely the most well known and this is probably due to her willingness to open up to the media. Most recently, she made a splash when she spoke about the inequality between men's and women's soccer in regards to FIFA since they have to play on artificial turf as compared to the guys who can play on real grass. But, when you play on one of the most-watched teams in the world it's hard not to get noticed.

1. Lauren Sesselmann

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Lauren Sesselmann has the self-confidence of a goddess and is not afraid to show it. But, after having been photographed in a number of sexier poses, it's of no surprise that this defender feels the way that she does. She owns her body and all of the voluminous curves that comes with it. As if being one of the more luscious beauties in soccer wasn't the sheer topping on the cake, she is not afraid to own up to her mistakes both on and off the field and takes full responsibility for tripping while playing the last game for the Canadian team during FIFA 2015. But, that's basically the only quality that makes her human because, otherwise, she is nothing short of a blonde bombshell that is way out of everyone's league.

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