Spring's 10 Must Have Exotic Handbags

Whenever the word “exotic” is applied to anything, it gives whatever you are referring to a little extra hype and makes it seem extra special, almost exclusive even. Flying to an exotic island for a vacation seems even better than flying to the Bahamas. Owning a limited edition vintage Ferrari is much better than owning any regular Mercedes. Well, in the fashion industry, owning an exotic handbag is even more special that owning any regular designer handbag, no matter how big the designer may be. So then what sets apart an exotic handbag from all the rest?

Being a designer or a collector of designer things, having an exotic collection brings a certain exclusivity to the collection as a whole. The word “exotic” is applied to a handbag collection whenever it is crafted from hard to find, exclusive materials such as python leather or alligator leather. This term is applied to a handbag being constructed of these materials and is typically part of a limited edition collection. This means that there is limited quantity available of these handbags, making them even more yearned for.

Exotic handbags take the world of handbags to a whole other level, mixing together materials and fabrics that most people will never get their hands on. They are layered and cut to perfection, yielding some of the most beautiful handbags in the entire world.

For spring 2014, we will be seeing many designers mixing the exotic skins with brilliant hardware, and adding bright pops of colors with regular leather. Designers have taken it upon themselves to incorporate exotic pieces into their accessory collections that demand attention and show to the world just how luxe their collections actually are.Getting your hands on one of these exotic handbags for spring 2014 could be as simple as walking into a department store or clicking around online, while some pieces are so exclusive that they have a waiting list for their limited quantity made. If you are lucky enough, you will have one of these fabulous bags in your hands as soon as the sun starts shining.

10 Gucci, Sienna Python Clutch Bag: $1,390


Women adore Gucci for all that the brand is, originally starting out solely as a leather designer. In current day, we covet their ability to manufacture an amazing twist on a classic. This Sienna Python Clutch takes classic python leather and enhances the color to perfect the spring looks with spring green and deep blue. It is completed with light gold hardware and a leather tassel that is used as zip enclosure. Lined with cotton and made in Italy, this handbag is the spring essential for every fashionista.

9 Christian Louboutin, Sweet Charity Small Python Crossbody Bag: $1,695

Christian Louboutin is another designer that has completely dominated the shoe industry, and perfecting everything about handbags! Though this bag is small, being only 4x6 inches, it leaves a big impact and draws just as much attention as those red bottomed heels. With plenty of attitude, this shiny, glazed python leather bag with leather trend will melt your heart—and your bank account. The python leather is enhanced with a plethora of colors, making it perfect for spring, and completing the design with a brilliant red box hardware enclosure.

8 Kara Ross, Priscilla Lizard Clutch Bag: $1,810

This certified gemologist and known jewelry designer, Kara Ross sets out season after season to create minimalist designs that are inspired by alternative materials. This handbag, crafted out of genuine lizard skin, finished in a metallic hue with gold hardware, is truly a shining winner in her collection. Inspired by jewelry, this clutch looks delicate as it glistens from every angle and the bar-edge flap and fold over clasp make it effortless for every glam girl on the go to get in and out with ease! If girly is your style, then this exotic is your winner!

7 Alexander McQueen, Small Padlock Snake Zip-Around Tote Bag: $1,975

Alexander McQueen is by far one of those most innovative designers of our time and his legacy has truly been carried on. This Small Padlock Snake Zip-Around Tote Bag is perfect for every woman on the go with a large to-do list and a fat bank account! This shoulder/cross body bag is crafted of graphic snakeskin and completed with gold hardware and finished off with the signature Alexander McQueen symbol—a gleaming scull padlock. The contrasted piping in the totes straps in red adds the perfect pop of color for the spring season.

6 Marc Jacobs, 1984 Snakeskin Mixed-Print Satchel Bag: $2,695

This Marc Jacobs bag shows you exactly what a polished, high end exotic bag is capable of. However, do we expect anything less of Mr. Jacobs? This bag is crafted out of mixed layers of snakeskin, through geometric animal patterns, and finished with antiqued gold hardware. The silhouette is of a classic and very feminine shape, making the snakeskin provide almost an androgynous look. The hand strap can be adjusted or removed completely, giving the owner the ability to exude the exact look they want.

5 Jimmy Choo, Anna Snakeskin Tote Bag: $3,250

While Jimmy Choo has made their mark in the world of high end shoes, they are now making it with handbags, and blowing customers away with the Anna Snakeskin Tote Bag. Just one glance at this bag with leather and snakeskin paneling, silver hardware, and pops of spring green will instantly draw you in! Made in Italy, the “Anna” is the perfect bag to store all of your daily essentials while looking fabulous going throughout your day. Coming with an adjustable snakeskin, chain shoulder strap, making it able to transform from a handbag to a cross body, this bag is fully equipped with all the luxury essentials.

4 Nancy Gonzalez, Large Floral-Appliqué Crocodile Satchel Bag: $3,500

Designer Nancy Gonzalez has created a name for herself in the market for specifically working with exotic materials, so no exotic list is complete without her on it. Being that white is a popular spring trend for handbags; she jumped right on it to reveal her white bag made of Caiman fuscus crocodile and floral embellishment. What’s spring without flowers anyways? This bag is perfect for the season, joining together the perfect marriage of femininity and exotic roughness to yield a memorable exotic.

3 Marchesa, Daphne Python Envelope Shoulder Bag: $3,695

We all know and love Marchesa for their amazing and innovative designs that are ALWAYS spotted on the red carper during award season. Now, we can love them for their exotic collection of inventive exotic handbags. This one specifically is constructed completely of striking python leather in neutral tones, paired with vibrant gold hardware. Lined with delicate tulle, giving the interior a delicate juxtaposition to its harsher exterior perfects the overall appearance of this exotic.

2 Reed Krakoff, RDK Anaconda Satchel Bag: $5,990

This great American designer, with over twenty years of experience, known for his work with American Sportswear, mixing both utility and femininity in his design, has debuted an ultra luxurious handbag, made from an animal we all fear, the anaconda. This cream and black satchel is highly detailed and textured, creating fun elements that add to this fully functional exotic. Further embellishment comes from its bronze hardware, calfskin trim, and hanging ID tag, because you wouldn't want to lose this treasure, would you?

1 VBH, Boulevard Ostrich Medium Tote Bag: $7,600

Typically, designers who delve into the exotic category work with snakes and alligator, but VBH has set themselves apart by working with ostrich. The light brown leather is derived from full quill ostrich and completed with complimentary golden hardware. Made into a classic tote silhouette, this bag is anything but ordinary, as you can almost feel the texture through the image. VBH is widely known for only working with the finest materials and has truly made their mark with this handbag.

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