Luxury Unearthed™: Interview With Dominie Luxury

The yearning for luxury accessories seems to be something that women are born with. We are mysteriously able to feel a handbag and know if its real leather, constructed of the finest materials available, and put together in a durable manner that will make sure our investment is well worth it. After all, if we are going to drop a whole paycheck (or more) on a designer handbag, we want to make sure that it can be passed down to our future granddaughter. Dominie Brazzel, the stepdaughter of a master printer and California native was born with those intuitions as well and understood what the commitment to extraordinary craftsmanship meant at a very early age.

With a background in design and costuming for major films, such as the renowned Titanic  and Amistad, it was only time before she set to launch her own company filled with exceptional designs worthy of the big screen, but accessible to all lovers of fine things. This handbag collection, found at the Dominie Luxury website, brings the ultimate statement bags together in one place, displaying the highest level of fashion to an audience that loves the marriage between quality and extravagance.

The collections are comprised of exotic skins, precious stones, and silks, that will seamlessly flow with your wardrobe, bringing your style to the next level. She designs for both men and women and truly hones in on the ideals that each want in their favorite handbags and accessories throughout the entire designing process. You can find everything from cuff links to ascots for men, and day bags such as ipad clutches and evening bags like a crocodile shoulder bag for women. She has also comprised a Couture collection and an everyday collection, making her designs accessible to all.

Having a piece from this collection will let the world know that you have “made it,” as the exceptional quality is obvious to anyone who simply glances at one of these coveted wardrobe essentials. Learning a little bit more about Dominie Brazzel will take that desire one step further as you get a peek into her world and learn about the “behind the scenes” aspect of developing this collection.

5 Design

Every designer draws inspiration for their designs from many different components, which may waver season to season or year to year, but always playing a huge role in the way that the collection is received by the consumer. The design process and inspiration is something that Dominie Luxury certainly has figured out. Below is a quick Q&A with Dominie.

How are these bags made? Each piece is painstakingly crafted in northern Italy by the finest artisans and jewelers throughout the world.

What is the material used in the majority of your bags? Colorful exotic skins, leathers and finest Italian silks complement stunning hardware and precious stone embellishments.

Do you use any special materials or jewels? Silver and Platinum hardware and precious stone embellishments, including a spectrum of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds create these timeless pieces. Renowned Italian jeweler, Stefano Grando, whose ancestors were the coveted jewelers to the King and Queen of Italy in the late 19th to early 20th century, forges the hardware.

What do you think makes your bags superior to others? Classic and contemporary styles complement original design with the finest materials, expert craftsmanship, and an unparalleled attention to detail.

What is the best aspect or feature of your bags in general (or certain bags you wish to focus on)? No detail is overlooked when creating these limited edition and one-of-a-kind, serial numbered works of art.

Which bag is the most popular and why? The "Jackie" clutch in caviar black Stingray with a silver platinum medallion encrusted with black diamonds, is a red carpet favorite. Actresses Elisha Cuthbert, Melissa Leo, Anna Gunn and Sufe Bradshaw, to name a few, have carried it.

4 Pricing

Walking into a department store or attending a private viewing of exclusive handbags can be a wonderful experience for any consumer. However, knowing about how a price is decided upon and what variables impact the price, turn the shopping experience into an educated one.

What are the price ranges for your bags? Our Couture collection includes bags ranging from $13,000 to $122,000. At Dominie we also offer a more affordable and attainable collection of handbags for the everyday woman of style.

How do you determine their pricing? The materials used inside and outside determine the price, as well as the type of metal (silver, white gold, or platinum) and the precious stones used including diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

3 What are you 5 most expensive bags? 

Evelyn, $30,000

Diana, $30,000

Scarlett, $36,000

Diana, $45,000

Loren, $122,000

2 Business

With the handbag market being a competitive arena, Dominie has set themselves apart from other designers and made very specific decisions regarding their business. Each decision plays a pivotal role in how the brand operates and the future of the company, so it is not taken lightly.

Do you have any specific advertising strategies that helps you grab the attention of the higher demographic of the elite? Our clientele are among the most discerning men and women of style who prefer the ultra exclusive, ultimate luxury lifestyle. Our couture handbags can be viewed by appointment in our New York Showroom or by contacting A'Maree's, the west coast luxury shopping experience in Newport Beach, CA. While we are very particular about advertisements, we have been published in Jet Set magazine and other private transport publications and elite magazines.

What's in the future for this company? Our goal is to continue to create very limited edition, timeless works of art with exemplary style and craftsmanship, and to become the most celebrated ultimate luxury brand.

1 Luxury

With Dominie being the epitome of luxury in the modern day handbag market, it’s no wonder that each unique handbag is crafted of the finest materials and truly a work of art to be worn on your body. They strive to incorporate the finest materials into each handbag to make sure that each piece is of the highest quality. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

How would you define luxury? It's the extraordinary attention to detail and ultimate exclusivity.

How do your bags fall under this definition? With the brand's tagline, Luxury Unearthed™, Brazzel enlightens us to her inspiration for the collection. She says, ”during my years in period costuming and wardrobe, I had the joy of discovering one-of-a-kind garments with an attention to detail that seems to have been lost over the years. It's as if I've unearthed something so rare and beautiful that comes from nature and lives on with us today." The innovation and dedication that embodies each article of finery inspires Dominie to create works of art that have a singular quality, and one that's infused with the essence of the Italian lifestyle - a heritage that she holds very dear.

Where do you think these handbags (design-wise) will go in the future? Because of the classic yet timeless nature, many of our products can be handed down for generations yet easily fit into a current luxury wardrobe.

Do you have certain celebrities that are currently, or will be in the near future, carrying one of your bags? At most red carpet events our handbags can be spotted on a variety of celebrity clients, including such Hollywood royalty as Angelica Houston and many other “A” list celebrities.

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