Basic Shoes Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

It’s no secret that all of us ladies love a great pair of shoes. There is just something about that new shoes smell and feel that really gets us going. It's kind of like the way men feel about getting a new car. We dream about the new shoes that we can add to our wardrobe constantly, completely ignoring the fact that there are many great pairs already overflowing our closets. No matter what, there is always room for more.

However, we often get swept up in the over the top, brilliantly detailed creations that designers release as part of their coveted collections, season after season, entirely overlooking how these radiant pieces of art will flow into our closets and match our wardrobe. After all, a shoe can do no good if it is just sitting at the bottom of your closet, unworn and unloved. We become so overwhelmed in the yearning for these new shoes that we forget about our basic shoe needs.

Basic shoe needs for women are highly comparable to our basic style needs, consisting of the very basic pieces that we need to make up our wardrobe in order for the fun pieces to come in and truly be an extension of our style.

Our basic shoes needs are being met whenever we have a closet that is made complete with many day to day “go to” options that are not over the top in design and minimal in concept. They are the more practical options that actually serve a need in our wardrobe rather than a want. Lastly, they are the shoes that we invest the most money in because they are our work horses and we expect that they will stick around forever, and can be mended if anything ever happens to them. These shoes stick with us through thick and thin, and are the overall staples of our shoe wardrobe. So which shoes are these daily staples in our wardrobes? Here is a list of 10 shoes that many women simply could not do without.

10 Flats

The flat is something that generations of women prayed would someday become socially acceptable, as pretty much the only flats they owned were slippers. However, their prayers have been answered and flats are becoming a more and more popular way for a woman to add a bit of spice to her look through different patterns and prints, without the discomfort of a heel. Flats are a pertinent part of your wardrobe because they are a comfortable shoe that is still visually appealing. You can have basic flats in your wardrobe or something that is exotic as animal print. That’s the beauty of a flat, because they are basic in design you can be experimental with color and they will still be considered a basic.

9 Athletic Shoes

No matter if you are a runner, constant gym dweller, or not, it is imperative that every woman have at least one pair of athletic shoes in her wardrobe to suit any athletic needs that she might have.

Asics has created a great pair of athletic shoes for women, new for 2014 that are pink, eye catching, and will make you want to get active. They are called the Gel-Electro 33, being sold for $110, and are lightweight, low to the ground, and perfect for getting a quick workout. They also focus on stability with their 10mm heel-to-toe drop, giving you the best support on the market.

8 A Black Pump

No matter what the big color of the year is, it is a must for every woman to have a sexy black heel available to her at all times. There is something about a basic black pump that just exudes confidence and sex appeal, making a woman look and feel great about herself. They go with everything in your closet, and are basic enough to wear every single day.

You can go with a pointed toe or round toe, either option suits the need, just make sure that they are black and leather, like these Aster Leather Low Ranger Pumps by Jimmy Choo with a price of $695. They are the epitome of flawless with their tonal topstitching, padded insole, and dipped vamp. They will visually elongate your legs and are a timeless design.

7 Casual Boots

A fantastic casual boot in any shape, color, or material is a must have in every woman’s closet. More often than not, we turn to our more casual pieces to fulfill our daily boot needs, and due to new fashion trends, casual boots are being worn year round with sundresses, skirts, and denim. They are no longer deemed a “weekend boot,” but really an everyday boot.

Casual boots typically don’t have much of a heel, and are most often seen with a wedge or chunky sole, like the Harness 12R by Frye. This brand makes shoes that will last in your wardrobe forever and even look better with age. This boot is perfect for all seasons, and will protect you against any type of harsh weather.

6 Booties

Booties have become the fun component of a woman’s shoe wardrobe and proven over the years that they are more than a trend and that they are here to stay. They come in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs, that I suggest choosing a pair that is different than your basic black or brown boots. While booties are certainly a closet staple, they are the boot that can add a bit of edge to your look.

When shopping for booties, try experimenting with different colors such as sand or burgundy or looking for fun design elements such as grommets, leather, and cut outs. The Pronto Metallic Stud Ankle Boot by Donald J. Pliner is a great example of an edgy yet very wearable bootie.

5 Flat Sandals

Since summer is filled with lots of bare feet moments, it’s key to have at least one pair of comfortable flat sandals that go with everything in your warm weather wardrobe. These are going to be the shoes that you turn to most in the warm weather months to wear on a day to day basis.

When selecting a flat sandal, make sure you conduct an effective comfort and slip test. Walk around in them for a bit in the store to make sure they don’t rub your heel the wrong way, fit tight, yet comfortable around your foot, and aren’t slippery on the bottom as many poorly made sandals can be. These Apolo’s by DV by Dolce Vita are great because they offer a fun, bright color for summertime, but are slip resistant, comfortable, and give you a tiny bit of height with their kitten heel. Being man made from leather will ensure these sandals stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

4 Wedge Sandals

Your wedge sandals are important for your summer evenings, because they are going to be your dressier warm weather shoe. The will be the accessory that you pull out of your closet whenever you want to pull together a flirty look, or just appear a little bit taller. The wedge design enables you to find more comfort in these dressy summer shoes without sacrificing the overall style.

It is best to stay with neutral colors and then branch out to other colorful options once you find a designer or specific cut of wedges that work best for you. This Gasp wedge by Seychelles is a great pair to add to your wardrobe because they will match everything and the body design is sky high, yet comfortable for daily activities.

3 Black Peep Toe Pumps

Another important shoe that will be a star in your wardrobe and be worn year round are black peep toe pumps. They are very basic, with a subtle sexiness, and a simple cut out in the toe area to make them more of an evening shoe than a daytime shoe. Nonetheless, they are a closet staple and mandatory that every woman have a pair.

An important focus that needs to be made whenever shopping for this type of shoe is to make sure the heel is not so high that your foot slides forward, pushing your toes out of the tiny hole. The Flex Peep Toe Pump by Michael Kors is a great option because they truly hold the standard of a classic peep toe in this heel. It is crafted from patent leather with a 3 inch heel, making them the perfect height for every woman.

2 Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots have become increasingly popular over the years for their sleek design and warmth during the cold weather months. They are certainly eye catching due to their length, and can be worn in either a high heel or as a flat.

When choosing an over the knee boot to add to your wardrobe, it is important to focus on the overall length of the boot and where it hits on your leg. Don’t get caught up in the overall allure of the boot, but remain true to the name, and make sure that it is hitting your leg literally right over your knee, otherwise the proportions will be quite off and appear sloppy. A great option is the Stuart Weitzman Reserve Leather Stretch Back Knee Boot, which comes in a wide array of colors.

1 Rain Boots

Rain boots have become a closet staple for every woman, no matter if you are a fashion lover or not. They serve the main purpose of keeping our feet protected from the rain and splashing in puddles, but they have also become a fashion statement as well. Though they are more practical than anything, they do come in a wide array of colors and prints, and the world’s biggest designers are capitalizing on this market to fit the needs of women everywhere.

Since rain boots tend to run on the bigger side, take some time to try them on when shopping, or else they could end up feeling heavy with every step that you take. In addition, make sure that they are made of materials that are actually waterproof, as some brands can go a bit over the top in design. A without fail, go-to rain boot is always the Hunter brand, as they have been in the business for ages and truly focus on the functionality of the boot.

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