5 Reasons To Invest In A Designer Handbag

Whenever the world of designer accessories is literally at your fingertips, it can be one exciting life to live! There is an allure about the status that goes hand in hand with designer pieces and wealth, if people see you with a designer handbag, they tend to assume certain things about your bank account. There is a feeling of almost gliding through life whenever your designer accessories are recognizable to people who may not even be fashion savvy.

However, the reasons to own one of these beautiful creations goes much further beyond what just meets the eye. Yes, they are coveted, beautiful, and simply stimulating, but we are interested in more than just looks and status here. Overall, once you finish reading and pondering this issue, our real question to you shall be: why NOT invest in a designer handbag?

If you are knowledgeable of the fashion industry, you know that whenever the word “designer” appears before a garment or accessory alike, it can almost be interchangeable for the word “quality.” People turn to designer pieces because they know that they won’t go out of style (as fashion trends repeat themselves every thirty years), are crafted of the finest materials, and don’t lose value over time. These reasons, plus more are further outlined below!

Designer handbags don’t necessarily need to be adorned with designer labels all over them, even though there are many that do. It is simply a piece that is constructed of materials that will last your lifetime and beyond!

There really isn’t anything that can rival a designer piece, except for another designer piece. Once you get to the level of being a household designer name, the competition is on to create new and innovative pieces that steal the show and bring on more and more adoring fans to favor your label.

5 Designer Handbags Are High Quality

Yes, as mentioned above, designer handbags are crafted from the finest quality of materials that you could possibly find. You will find them crafted from many different things. Designers source the newest and most innovative materials each season to stay on top, which means that you will be left with a fantastic bag that can last through pretty much anything!

Since the bags are so high quality, this typically means that unless you completely destroy the bag you will be able to keep them for generations to come. Lastly, because they are made of such amazing materials, if something does get damaged, they are repairable. Handbags of less quality in most cases need to hit the curb whenever something terrible happens to them.

Hint: On a budget? Choose a regular leather bag instead of yearning for an Alligator Leather. Need something more practical? Scoop up an over-sized shoulder bag instead of a tinier cross-body option. Be smart when making your investment choice!

4 Designer Handbags Will NEVER Go Out Of Style

It doesn't matter if you choose a designer handbag that is so avant garde that only a handful of people actually “get it,” it will still be on trend for…well…forever! Since designer handbags and their designers are so highly regarded in the fashion industry, you will never be looked down upon for carrying a bag that was from a previous season or event. In fact, these are reasons that you will be considered even more stylish. Designer handbags will always be relevant and you will always be considered on point with your style and considered fashionable for carrying whichever option you choose.

Hint: When shopping for your designer bag, choose classic shapes and styles over pieces that are more eccentric. With fashion changing so rapidly season after season, this is always the smartest choice with every designer investment.

3 Designer Handbags Gain In Value Over Time

Designer handbags are NOT in any way comparable to a car depreciating in value as soon as it is driven off of the lot, in fact, in most cases, they actually gain value over a period of time. The value in a handbag is determined by how exclusive it is and the designer that it’s coming from. If you are choosing a designer handbag from an up and coming designer that hasn’t established themselves as much as the greats (ex. Chanel, Balenciaga, Yves St. Laurent, Gucci, etc) have, then it obviously won't be worth as much unless the designer increases in popularity.

It is comparable to buying stock in a company. Do your research and make the right choice for you that will make you the most money in the long run if you are going to look into selling the bag or knowing about its gained value.

Hint: Don't be afraid to check out your local vintage clothing and accessory stores to see what you can find! You never know…you may just stumble upon some designer treasures that have grown in value since they have been given up.

2 You Will ONLY Ever NEED To Buy ONE

Unless you really want to buy another designer handbag, once you invest a lot of money in a really fabulous one that you know you will love forever, there is no need to buy another one, ever. However, you will need to make sure that you take care of this handbag, almost as if it were a baby. Take it for regular maintenance and care of its overall safety.

If you have one really killer handbag, there will be numerous ways for you to make sure that it goes with every outfit. If you come across a situation where it doesn't match, this is when an inexpensive backup bag comes into play. Overall, it is truly an investment piece, so chose wisely and make sure you are thinking about your day to day style and your entire wardrobe when making the big decision.

Hint: It can be difficult not to purchase multiple designer handbags and then realize your bank account is empty. If you aren’t able to purchase a second bag right away, choose pieces that are all one color without any embellishment or designer detail on the outside and take care of it as if it had designer label on the inside.

1 Designer Handbags Are A Status Symbol

There is nothing wrong with admitting that carrying around an amazing designer handbag just makes us feel better about ourselves, because we are well aware of the status that comes with it. We live our lives by the motto “dress to impress” as we are pulling pieces out of our closets each morning and there is something almost tangible that you can feel as you pull of a stunning designer bag as your are running out the door.

Whenever this entire persona of ours shifts with this bag on our shoulders, we feel more confident and as if we can literally take over the world. We know what people think whenever they look at us carrying around our newest purchase and we love that feeling. End of discussion.

Hint: Don’t get carried away!

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