10 Signs Your Shoe Addiction Has Gone Too Far

“I like my money where I can see it - hanging in my closet.” Many girls recognize this well known quote from the television show Sex and the City. There are many people who consider themselves addicted to fashion and even though shoes can’t exactly hang in your closet, people look at buying expensive footwear as an investment of sorts.

The term “shoe addiction” is something that our society has joked about for quite some time now, referencing to it in a witty manner on television, in movies, and all over the internet. In reality it is a true problem that many people deal with that pays a huge toll on the people around them and their bank accounts. Having the same mindset as Carrie Bradshaw is considered a copying mechanism that people use to make excuses for themselves whenever they can’t control this behavior.

The word “addiction” by definition means “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.” Therefore, an individual who suffers from a shoe addiction has become physically or psychologically dependent on these shopping habits.

A shoe addiction needs to be looked at in the same way as any other addiction (i.e. drugs, alcohol, sex) and once it is identified, needs to be dealt with in order to move forward with your life. The only way to truly recover from any addiction is to seek counseling or therapy from a professional that will walk you through the steps that will lead you to recovery.

During therapy, your counselor will help you get to the root of the problem instead of replacing the issue with something else. It will require lots of effort, but once the work is done, you will be able to get back to living a healthy life, without worry that you are going to spend each paycheck on shoes. So here are 10 ways that you can tell if you are at risk of having an addiction to shoes.

10 You’re spending way too much money on shoes and don’t have the funds to pay your bills

This is a HUGE problem and the first major indicator that you are spending way too much money on shoes every month. Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw calculated that she had spent $40,000 in her lifetime on expensive designer shoes, yet she wasn’t financially able to put a down payment on her apartment? She discovered that she was literally the “old woman who lived in a shoe.” It’s all a matter of money management. If you are able to figure out a way to buy your beloved Manolo Blahnik’s at about $600 a pop, but having trouble paying your rent, you need to do some soul searching.

9 The new shoes you are buying just become part of a big shoe pile

If you take a passing glance at your closet, has everything transformed from neat piles of shoes, each pair properly in their place to a jumbled mess? There is a difference between being openly disorganized and just not having the space to store all the shoes that you have anymore. Next time you open your closet, take a look and determine if this is a trait you are noticing in yourself.

8 You don't have room for anything else in your closet

While you are still visiting your closet, see if you have room for anything else in there. Have your shoes taken over the space that you used to store your sweaters or pants? Is everything now seeping out of your closet and causing the rest of your home to appear unorganized and chaotic? Take a look around and see if your addiction to shoe shopping is affecting your home and whoever else is living with you.

7 You’re considering finding a new addiction

The old saying goes “cure one addiction by replacing it with another,” but modern day medicine would prove that wrong by simply saying that you will only be left with more problems. Even if you replace one bad addiction with a healthy one, if you possess an allover addictive personality, the healthy addiction will end up turning to the dark side. Therefore, if you find yourself saying to your friend something along the lines of “I'll just replace my shopping problem with more exercise,” take a hard look at yourself and the way that you are living your life. Most importantly, look at why you are shopping excessively. Dealing with these problems is the healthiest thing in the long run.

6 Your friends have had an intervention

The fact that your friends recognize that you have a shoe addiction is one thing, but whenever they sit you down for a prearranged intervention is a big sign that things have gone too far. This proves that your problem isn't just something that is happening behind closed doors, but something so visible that the people who know and love you the most are aware of the issue. It’s time to take your dear friends advice and learn some coping mechanisms in order to kick your shoe addiction to the curb.

5 It’s all you can think about

Do you sneak in online shopping during your work day or run to Bloomingdales on your lunch break? Are you counting down the hours to the end of the day or until your next paycheck so that you can hit the mall and hold a new pair of pumps in your hands? Whenever something is prohibiting you from living your life normally and it’s all that you are thinking about, it means that things have gone too far.

4 You're making excuses

If you are making excuses about everything, then your shoe addiction has gone too far. This applies to silent excuses you make to yourself such as “I'm only buying these because they are on sale and this only happens once a year for this designer.” It also applies to excuses you are making verbally to your friends and family such as “No, these shoes aren't new! I've had them forever!” (When in reality you picked them up on the way home from work the day prior.)

3 You aren't able to part with any of your old shoes whenever a new pair is purchased

For most of us, it is protocol to get rid of some old shoes that we no longer wear, after we have purchased some new shoes. It helps us feel good whenever we donate the ones that are still in great condition or pitch the ones that are too damaged to donate. It helps to cleanse the closet, get organized, and make room for the new things that have been purchased. If you're unable to part with shoes that you no longer wear and are just sitting there, then that is a key sign that your shoe addiction has gone too far.

2 Every store you walk into is a danger zone

The “danger zone” term in the above sentence refers to places that are highly tempting for you to walk into because there are shoes for sale, and you will most likely find any excuse to purchase them, no matter that they look like. In these situations, it’s difficult for friends and families to commit to doing activities with you, because you will find a way to work shoe shopping into the day. It is frustrating for those around you and trying for yourself.

1 1.You aren't accountable for your actions

This is the last and most important element in determining if your shoe addiction has gone too far. Whenever you aren’t accountable for your actions in regards to shoe shopping, it clearly means that your love for shoe shopping has transitioned into a serious addiction. It is almost as if the yearning to shop for shoes has an unhealthy power over you that you are no longer in control of, and you need outside help to battle these feelings.

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