10 Flats That Attract Attention

If you live in a major city, are constantly on the go, or just despise high heels in general, flats are a girls best friend! In the past, they were plain and looked down upon, as a woman should always be wearing a feminine high heel. However, over the past decade, flats have flourished into a totally acceptable form of fashion that can even be considered attractive. They add a special “something” to the wardrobe, and are one of the most practical shoes a woman can own.

Flats, sometimes referred to as “ballet flats,” were originally derived from the design of a flat ballet slipper. They have a very fine sole and almost no appearance of a heel at all whatsoever. As time has gone by, designers of course have contorted the design, giving flats small heels and a more supportive sole. Unlike the ballet flat, the flats we buy from retailers are not customizable by size, but are meant to be worn snug around the foot.

Some of the biggest, most renowned designers have taken note of the way that women go crazy over a fabulous flat and love incorporating them into their wardrobes. It’s important to always have a pair handy in our handbag as well, in case our poor feet give out in our high heels. This is a trend that designers want to capitalize on while they can, but of course give each pair of flats their own unique twist. To be considered an embellished flat, the designer will use materials such as rhinestones, leather, patterned fabric, lace, embroidery, and gem stones to give them an extra "pop."

Season after season, shoe designers such as the infamous Chiristian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik, curate collections that incorporate overly embellished, fabulous flats. This closet essential has become part of their collection in a very dominant way, especially the extra special pieces where they pay close attention to the details.

10 VC Signature, Norah Snakeskin & Crystal Slipper: $250

One of the newest trends in the world of flats is adopting a slipper like silhouette to the shoe, giving it an allover even more relaxed feel. This season, VC signature has taken the slipper to an entirely different level by creating it out of snakeskin for a completely exotic look. This design house didn’t stop there, though. They gave this shoe a one inch gold heel, and covered it in beautiful crystals, making it shine radiantly and be the perfect day to evening flat.

9 Tory Burch, Bernadette Metallic Flat: $265

8 Alice + Olivia, Stacey Face Pointed Flat: $295

Alice + Olivia are known for their amazing patterns and fashion forward designs, and they certainly don’t disappoint with this Stacey Face Pointed Flat. Starting the design with a half inch flat stacked heel, and extending to a patent leather and matte shoe covered with multicolored panels, is just the beginning of the incredible details on this overly embellished flat. The almond toe of these flats form the design of a face, complete with jeweled heart sunglasses, red lips, and a nose. The remainder of the flat is a swirling design, sure to catch the eyes of everyone who walks by you.

7 Kate Spade, Nadja Striped Patent Leather Ballet Flats: $358

6 Fendi, Monster Leather Ballet Flats: $590

Fendi is known for being creative with their designs, there is no denying that! Therefore, these Monster Leather Ballet Flats were overly embellished in a more artistic manner. Each shoe is constructed of bright orange leather, featuring a large monster eye ball at the toe of each shoe. Whenever the person wearing these flats pushes their feet together, it is meant to look like a monster starring back up at you. This style will appeal to a playful woman who knows how to downplay the rest of her look to showcase these highly embellished flats.

5 Tabitha Simmons, Heart T-Strap Silk Flats: $775

Another designer mixing colors, patterns, and trends in these Heart T-Strap Silk Flats is Tabitha Simmons. These are super lightweight shoes constructed of silk twill with a leather lining and insole for support, and wholeheartedly indulge in the spring shoe cut out trend to create a relaxed and casual shoe for daytime wear. Vertical and horizontal patterns meet at the pointed toe where exotic hues come out to play. This overly embellished flat is for the cool lady.

4 Saint Laurent, Studded Lace-Up Leather Oxford: $995

Leather oxfords are also a casual flat shoe that has made its mark as of lately in the women’s shoe department, falling into the “menswear inspired” category. They are perfect to throw on with cropped denim or a great pair of tailored dress pants. However, these studded lace-up leather oxfords from Saint Laurent are in a category of their own. Yves Saint Laurent is well-known for designing with levels of luxury, and revolutionizing modern aspects of fashion. With an elongated round toe and covered in Palladium colored micro-studs, this shoe is overly embellished to perfection.

3 Christian Louboutin, Pigalle Spike Flat: $1,095

All we need to do is hear the name “Christian Louboutin” and we just know that that what we are able to see is an over the top design, yet somehow always looks flawless. These shoes are your basic flat shape with a tiny heel, giving the foot a little bit of support, finished with a perfectly pointed toe. Furthermore, this both naughty and nice design features black, gold, and silver studs covering the entire shoe. You don’t want to bother someone wearing these spike flats or you will have something else coming to you.

2 Charlotte Olympia, Bejeweled Kitty Cat Slipper: $1,195

Staying on trend with the faces printed on flat shoes this season, designer Charlotte Olympia showed her version with a cat face. This designer strives to channel the 1940’s through her shoe collections, plus adds a hint of glamour. As you can see, she is wildly inspired by animals! It’s not just the cat face that adds the over-embellishment aspect to these flats; she also has added jewels to the half inch gold metallic heel. It’s a new age twist on a classic silhouette that will have you “meowing” all the way home.

1 Jimmy Choo, Tibet: $3,250

Jimmy Choo is another household name whenever it comes to the shoe industry as a whole, designing some of the most exotic shoes in the world for both men and women alike. These Tibet flats totally fit the mold for everything that Jimmy Choo stands for, elegant, avant garde, and striking in design. They started with your basic flat silhouette and completely encrusted them with Swarovski crystals, bringing elegance to a whole new level. Making this shoe even more over the top, each crystal is hand selected and adhered to the shoe by hand.

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