10 Christian Louboutin Shoes Every Girl Wants to Have

If you are a fashion lover, then you are well aware of the allure of the notorious red bottomed empire that designer Christian Louboutin has created for himself. As women, and even men, we see these red bottoms and go wild. Christian Louboutin is truly a branding mastermind who has managed to align the color red with his name, so you don’t even need to look at the designer tag to know where the shoes are coming from. Genius!

Mr. Louboutin is a French designer whose first inspiration for designing footwear came from his childhood, during a trip to the museum. He was sitting and looking around at the artwork, and came upon a sign that would not permit women to wear high heels to enter in a certain area. It was at that moment that the high heel truly captivated him, and his infatuation with designing the perfect footwear began. He began freelancing for designers such as Chanel and Yves St. Laurent. The Christian Louboutin label was launched in Paris during the 1990's, but the trademark red heels did not come about until 1993. Currently, he has added men’s shoes, handbags, and beauty products to his repertoire.

There is a certain appeal and exclusivity that comes with owning these red bottomed Christian Louboutin shoes that we long for, which go well beyond the $400-$6,000 price tag that each shoe bares. Each piece that he creates season after season is purely fantastic and extraordinary in each and every way imaginable. Owning a pair of Christian Louboutin heels is like owning a Monet for your feet, they are a work of art and women everywhere covet them.

Over the years, Christian Louboutin has released many different themed collections to the world, drawing inspiration from events like the circus. From this, he has produced collections ranging from basic shoes to a more breathtaking variety. Either way, every girl desires a closet filled with them, and if she could own 10 pairs, these would most likely be the ones they would like to have.

10 Cataclou Red-Sole Espadrille Sandal: $695

Every girl needs a pair of espadrilles in her shoe wardrobe, so they might as well be Christian Louboutin espadrilles! The perfect beige color of these heels make them perfect to match with almost any style you are going for, while the stud appliqué lining the shoes offers just the right amount of embellishment. Their five and a half inch heel will make you stand sky high, while showing off your perfect pedicure simultaneously. They will seamlessly flow from day to night with their feminine yet shocking design.

9 Bianca: $845

This is your classic red bottomed Christian Louboutin pump that every girl needs to start off her personal Christian Louboutin collection with. They come from their classic collection, but are truly anything but classic with their round toe and 1.5 inch platform. They are simple in design, yet exude sex appeal having a 5.5 inch heel height, which gives you the look that you yearn for day or night. Lastly, they come in red and nude as well, which are great alternatives to the standard black pump.

8 BeautyK: $895

This sexy sandal is truly lust-worthy with its sleek design and gold color. Known by Christian Louboutin connoisseurs as the “sandal booty,” it can really be worn year round for any special occasion. The cut outs in this sophisticated sandal show just the right amount of skin to complete your outfit and still leave more to the imagination. They are made complete with a 4 inch heel, the perfect height for a night out on the town or a long walk on the beach.

7 Highness: $1,075

Named as if it was a queen entering a room being called “Your Highness,” this pump shouldn’t be treated any different. They are considered to be part of the Christian Louboutin classic collection because of their design, this peep toe pump is sky high with a 6 inch heel and 2 inch platform, so people may actually need to bow to you as you walk by. They are constructed from specchio leather and covered in gold flekcs for an allover radiant shoe that is fit for a queen.

6 Body Strass Mesh Red-Sole Pump: $1,195

With an appearance as close to Cinderella’s glass slipper as you can get in “real” life, this shoe is somehow dainty and edgy all at the same time. The glass slipper effect comes from the mesh material the shoe is constructed of and embellished with many perfectly placed round crystals. The four inch heel and pointed toe give it a more mature feel, while the sparkling silver heel contributes an element of fun. It all comes together with the signature red bottoms, making these heels an item worth adding to your wardrobe.

5 Lady Peep Sling Spikes: $1,395

These are the newest addition to the Christian Louboutin spike collection for Spring/Summer 2014 and are truly a modern day twist on a classic style. They come in a striking aquamarine color, but are also available in black. They are anything but ordinary in this fresh spring hue, covered in spikes. The shoe heel is 6 inches with a 2 inch platform complimented with the perfect sling that screams you are ready for warm weather. Constructed of patent leather, this heel will show every girl’s fierce side!

4 Decollete Python Pump: $1,395

The more rare the material, the more exclusive and coveted an item becomes. This pump is all of that wound into a basic shoe. Constructed of python with a multicolored print design, a pointed toe and 4 inch heel, this item is hot. Made in Italy, this shoe is truly a fashion fantasy come to life through vibrant colors and simple cuts of leather. The shoe is made complete with its low cut vamp, visually elongating the legs of anyone who wear it.

3 Belle: $1,395

Booties are great, but there is something about leopard booties that make every closet feel complete! These ankle high booties will surely step up any look and add just the right amount of embellishment to make it unique and stand out. They have a round toe, 4 inch heel, and are constructed of printed pony. Life is too short to be boring, and Mr. Louboutin makes it easy for you to create an exciting look with one of his personal favorites.

2 Canassone Botta: $1,745

These boots just scream fabulous and command attention from anyone who passes you by! They are constructed of black leather with a 4 inch heel and 2 inch front platform, giving you just enough height. They are detailed with buckles cascading up the shaft of the boot starting at the arch of the foot and moving upwards to create a captivating embellishment. They will hit right at the knee and are the perfect accessory to replace any of your ordinary black boots with something extraordinary.

1 Artifice Strass: $2,795

This pair of shoes exclusively emulates the word “glamour” in its every detail! They come in both black and turquoise, and are equally as stunning. They are a work of art made complete with detailed stitching and crystals covering everything from the pointed toe to the 4 inch heel, forming flowers and sunbursts. They are crafted based on the d’orsay style and truly fit the bill for everything that a woman wants from a stunning shoe, and will certainly not be left in the back of the closet.

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