You Said WHAT? 15 Embarrassing Texts People Accidentally Sent Their Parents

So we’ve all done it — sent text messages to the wrong person. It’s almost the way of the land! Whether it’s accidentally sending one to your crush (been there, done that, got a t-shirt) or pressing send for the wrong group chat, or of course, sending that super awkward text to your parents that absolutely was not for them, it’s safe to say we’ve all been there. And while it might not be anything but laughs and giggles now, when it happens in the moment it’s absolutely mortifying — especially when sent to parents.

Think about it — it doesn’t even have to be anything extremely inappropriate (even though that’s always fun depending on who you ask), it might just be you letting your parents know way too much about your personal life. But I have to admit it’s always interesting to see text messages like this. It’s definitely bait for me when I’m scrolling through social media and someone posts their latest text message error. The nosy part of me can’t help but to put myself in their shoes and gasp in horror. Plus, having been there myself, it’s totally relatable. Teenagers probably have it the worst because there are most likely things they want to hide from their own parents when compared to someone who is a full grown adult. Still, there are just some things most would never be comfortable today unless they’re a real life Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. Check out 15 embarrassing texts people accidentally sent their parents. You might want to grab some popcorn for this one.


15 Grandma Wants Beef

So one texter got the complete wrong impression after clearly not having Grandma’s phone number in her cell. The grandma actually started with, “Do you want beef tonight at 6?” For starters, it’s clear how this could go the wrong way. Secondly, Grandma gets a few points for actually being able to text and initiate conversation. The latter might be why her grandchild wasn’t expecting it to be her. So she went off all the way. “Who’s this? Don’t text me saying stuff trying to be a big man when you’re number isn’t even saved in my phone so you clearly don’t know me.” Grandma had to clear things up a few minutes later and added, “It’s grandma. I have a new phone Maddie. I was only asking what you wanted for dinner please do not be like this.” Who knows what Maddie’s response is but dinner was probably super awkward that evening.

14 Daddy’s Got A Gun


Most girls would probably be reluctant to let their dads know that their boyfriend cheated one them. But hey, maybe it was just really meant for this father to be completely aware of what was going on in his young daughter’s life. If not, it at least makes for a great laugh. The daughter started the conversation with, “How could you?? I trusted you and you cheated on me!!! Oh, sorry Dad. That was meant for Jim…” Well while Jim clearly has no idea his life is now in danger, the unassuming father responded with, “Oh. On a completely unrelated topic, have you seen my shotgun?” This is a perfect reminder that once you hit send, you can’t take back a text. I don’t know if the girl would be embarrassed by her dad taking action (clearly a shotgun probably wasn’t involved in reality), or wish she never sent in the first place. Either way, it’s a good laugh that’s for sure.

13 Don't Tell Your Mom About Doing Keg Stands

The moral of this story is, if you think you’re smart and slick enough to sneak out, at least be able to tell the story without accidentally blabbing it to your parents. One daughter wrote, “Last night was so much fun!! We have to do it again next week. I can’t believe Amber did a keg stand…” As much “fun” as that sounds, she has no idea she sent it to her mother, who is all for the games. At least in the beginning. “I know right it was crazy!! But how did u sneak out without getting caught? Don’t you guys have an alarm?” Still not knowing who she’s talking to, she spilled all of her secrets. “It’s easy just put a magnet on the alarm and pop the screen out of your window.” The mom tried to give her another chance to catch on when she wrote, “I’m drilling your screen to your window frame…” It might be safe to say Amber’s mom got a call that night too.

12 Turns Out Mom Can Flow Like Tyga


So one person was clearly extra turned up when they sent the lyrics to Tyga’s hit “Rack City” to someone who was supposed to be a friend who most likely was just as hype. “Rack city chick, rack rack city chick…” The mom didn’t even have time to respond to the child’s seemingly random message before they could clear it up themselves. “Oh sorry Mom. I meant to send that to a friend.” While the sender was probably embarrassed and mortified, what happened next was most likely unexpected to say the least. “It’s ok,” the most responded before she added, “Ten ten ten twenties…” finishing out the lyrics herself. Who knew Mom liked Tyga like that?! This is probably one of the few times someone actually had a good result come from sending a parent the wrong text. I would even bet that they had some sort of bonding moment that probably ended with the parent being the embarrassed one as the child reminds them they’re still a parent and they went too far.

11 Mom Is Not Your Friend

This is probably one of the funniest that I’ve seen. So one daughter thinks she got away with sneaking out but she slips up not once but twice! She writes, “OMG last night was sooo much fun! thanks for covering for me sarah…” Her mom hit that upward arrow twice and typed in all caps, “GET HOME RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY WE ARE HAVING A TALK!” So like any good daughter would, she tries to play it off. “oh mom! sorry that was for sarah… i meant to say thanks for covering me sarah* cuz it was raining so hard!” While the mom believes her right away, it’s her next text that gets her in big trouble considering she drops a huge bomb. “OMG sarah i just sent my mom a text that was supposed to be for you. she almost found out me and adam had sex…” The mom clearly couldn’t spit out more than two words, “HOME! NOW!”

10 Please Don’t Twerk Mom


Apparently one (probably) teenage boy tried to get a little steamy conversation going with the opposite sex and text, “Good morning beautiful… twerk now.” Too bad he sent it to his mother who had a classic response just for him. “Thank you my handsome son! I can't twerk right now at work, I have to stretch out first so I don’t pull a butt muscle.” It’s not clear if she was trying to be funny or if she had some type of reason to think that her son really wanted to her to stop right there and do a good twerk. For some reason I can’t help but imagine that it would be the latter unfortunately. I also can’t imagine what it was like when the young boy got home from school and his mother was ready to show off the twerking skills she Googled while she was at work. Pure. Comedy.

9 Like Father, Like Daughter

One daughter seemed to be ashamed by wanting to get violent against what looks like a friend turned foe. But she might not have been able to predict that he’s right on her bandwagon. “I want to punch her in the eye. With a rusty fork,” the first text reads before the daughter is able to catch her mistake. “Well this is awkward. I didn’t mean to text that to you. Hi dad.” As for the father, it looks like he’s Team Katie. “LOL, hi Katie. Don’t forget to wear gloves, keeps the fingerprints off the fork, even if it IS a rusty one…” The daughter couldn’t help but love the response and said, “My favorite part of this is how you don’t even question who it is.” The father sent another text that can all agree with, “The less I know, the less I can say during the interrogation.” He’s clearly the MVP.


8 Try Not To Out Yourself, Or Your "Roommate"


I’m sorry guys. But this one is absolutely hilarious. One person thought they were being pretty sly to say the least when they tried to get away with living with their boyfriend. They wrote, “If my family asks just say you are my ‘roommate.’ I can’t deal with this coming out stuff right now.” Well, it looks like he had no choice but to deal because he accidentally sent the message to his mother, who had lots to say about it. “Ok so would you like me to pretend I didn’t see that? And continue pretending not to know what I’ve always known since you were 5?” The guy responds, “Well that wasn’t supposed to happen.” But the mom decides to have a little fun. “Can’t wait to meet your ‘roommate.’ xoxoxoxo.” The son has a response many have uttered in their lifetime over text and in reality. “Omg mom stop…”

7 Prego vs. Preggo

One dad probably let out the biggest sigh of relief of all time after his text conversation with his daughter. She started with, “Hey honey I got preggo like u wanted :)” The father is clearly disturbed and responds with, “U DID WHAT?!” with way more exclamation points and question marks than this would allow. But the daughter plays it cool and responds with, “Sorry dad that was meant for matt…” of course that doesn’t explain anything, which is exactly what her father said. So she clears it up for all of us and responds with, “Im not… ohhhh I was talking about the prego tomato sauce…” The father is all good now but only time (about three to six months I’m guessing?) will reveal if she was telling the truth. But you gotta love the mixup even if it is a completely innocent one. In fact, that’s what makes it all the better.

6 A Daughter Who Would Do ANYTHING For... An Elsa Doll?


One daughter was clearly ashamed, embarrassed, mortified, and all of the above when she accidentally admitted to her mom she would do anything for a Frozen Elsa toy (of all things) at Epcot. She wrote, “We were in a store at Epcot and I saw this Elsa thing I really wanted and I was like, ‘will you buy this for me? I’ll do anything if you do.’” She then revealed the guys, request which is NSFW, before her mom responded, “Oh my gosh!! You are so bad!!” That was more than enough to make the girl want to crawl away and just hide. She wrote, “Oh my gosh. Pretend that didn’t happen. I’m crying now. I’m so sorry. You can disown me now.” She then proceeds to try to send the actual text she wanted to send. “If you click on the link I posted on Facebook, you can watch the Star Wars fireworks live… “ If only, if only.

5 A Viral Prank, And A Nightmare For Parents

A mom set the record straight when her son tried to play a joke on her that went all the way wrong. He wrote, “Got 2 grams for $40,” and the mom instantly went into Mama Bear mode and wanted to know what was going on. The child tried to act like it was completely nothing but the mom wasn’t having it. “You are a huge turd,” she wrote in a message that is considered an essay to some. “I know you don’t have no money. And you are overpaying if you are getting illegal drugs, you goof.” Someone else who tried this trick was told, “You have some real explaining to do.” Another parent said, “Don’t tell me what to ignore,” after the child tried to act like they didn’t mean to send it to them. The hilarious thing is they probably got in trouble which is even more embarrassing than a wrong text at times.

4 When Your Embarrassment Goes Viral Thanks To Your Reality Star Mom


Kandi Burruss of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, made her embarrassing text between her and her daughter, 14-year-old Riley, go viral when she shared it on Instagram. Readers might remember the “hell” challenge in which kids text their parents asking if they thought it was a bad word. Well Riley got on the train and ended up getting embarrassed herself. Kandi responded to Riley’s question with, “Depends on how u use it. If you tell somebody to Go to Hell… then yes…” Riley responded with, “Then how the HELL am I supposed to use it??” Oh that was enough for Kandi to set her straight. “You trying me right now! Yes it’s a bad word. Don’t talk to me being disrespectful.” Riley instantly apologized and let her know it’s a challenge but Kandi apparently wanted to teach her a lesson not to do it again. The screenshot of their message has nearly 25,000 likes on Instagram.

3 Don't Tell Your Dad He's Sexy

You gotta love it when parents get in on the fun after their child sent them a text that was obviously not for them. What’s even more hilarious about it is that the child is so mortified that their parents saw the text that they’re usually not in the joking mood. This certainly holds true for this daughter who accidentally texted her dad quite the compliment. She wrote, “Sexy man I want u here…” The dad writes back, “I think u meant that text 4 Andy, not me. But I am sexy, just ask mom.” Thankfully, the daughter gets a good laugh at first, just like all of us. “Hahaaha!!!” Yes that was meant for Andy my phone sent it to you by accident…” The dad keeps it going and responds with, “Love ya baby. Mommy laughed too.” It looks like that’s where she drew the line because she said, “Ultimate fail.” I wouldn’t say “ultimate.” After all, considering the company she’s keeping in this post, it could be much worse.

2 When Group Texting Goes Wrong


It can happen to all of us. But it’s even worse when a parent is involved. One child wrote, “Rumor has it y’all thinking I’m doing the nasty not the low low, sup with that?” The mom is the first to respond (of course) with, “Omg what?!” After the child “cleared things up” with the mom and whoever else is in the chat, she realized she sent it to the wrong group. “That awkward moment when I forgot Mom was on this group chat!” Everyone else can’t help but laugh but it’s safe to say this conversation went offline pretty quickly. Or at least to another group chat that didn’t include the mother and her lurking eyes. This is one of the many dangers of group chats. But at least it’s fun when you’re not the one involved. Then you can observe all of the goodness and watch from afar

1 LOL Is Not Always Funny

So a parent probably just thinks they are completely “hip” and “in” when they can not only text but use acronyms like BTW, BRB, and in this case, LOL. Now, for those of us who are aware, LOL stands for "Laugh Out Loud." But one child had to teach their parent this in probably one of the most embarrassing and hilarious text messages. “Your great aunt just passed away. LOL.” The child responded like most of us did in our heads. “Why is that funny?” Of course it was the child who received the scorn. “It’s not funny David! What do you mean?” So the child had to break it down and wrote, “Mom lol means laughing out loud!” Of course the mother herself was probably just as mortified as her child. But her next text revealed what she really thought she was saying. “Oh my goodness!! I sent that to everyone I thought it meant lots of love. I have to call everyone back.”

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