What You Didn't Know About These 15 Celebrity Mental Breakdowns

Think immensely talented celebrities -- from Britney Spears to Mel Gibson to JLo -- who went spectacularly off the deep end and all the gloriously shocking details in between. With a few shocking OMG moments thrown in for good measure, of course.

Did you know Amanda Bynes started a fire in her neighbor's driveway, that Halle Berry once attempted to commit suicide in her car, or that Olivia Munn rips out her eyelashes? We didn't think so, and that's why we're here to offer the uncensored, no-holds-barred, raw, shocking truth of events featuring everything you didn't know about these 15 celebrity mental breakdowns.

We've rounded up some of the biggest celebrity meltdowns ever with some of the most shocking twists of events. Sure celebs spend a lot of their time in the spotlight, so you'd assume that everything is out in the open. But sometimes, things are just too shocking or unbelievable, and they haven't made it to print. That's where we come in. Behold, 15 celebrity mental breakdowns and 15 things we bet you never knew next...

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15 Jennifer Lopez Had a Meltdown Over Thinking Her Twins Would Love Other People More Than Her

Nothing could adequately prepare us for what we discovered about Jennifer Lopez. Sure, she suffered a nervous breakdown once back in the day during the height of her fame. She admitted that much. Jennifer opened up about her mental breakdown to the Daily Beast saying, "There was a time when I was very overworked, and I was doing music and movies and so many things. I was suffering from a lack of sleep. And I did have a kind of nervous breakdown. I froze up on set. Well, not on a set, but in my trailer. I was like -- I don't want to move, I don't want to talk, I don't want to do anything. It was on that movie, Enough. Yeah, I did. I had a nervous breakdown."

What we weren't aware of is that our dear Jenny from the Block experienced another bout of anxiety and fear during another big moment in her life -- motherhood. It's since been revealed JLo admitted to breaking down in tears when her twins Emme and Max were 10 days old because she was worried that they would love other people more than her.

14 James Arthur Cried When Simon Cowell Dropped Him from His Label

Singer James Arthur may just be 2017's greatest comeback kid. Not only did he fight his own mental demons but he also returned to the charts after Simon Cowell axed him from his label. The soulful chart-topper encountered some seriously dark chapters in his life, which may explain his bizarre antics on social media. One look at his Twitter feed and Simon Cowell decided to pull the plug on his record deal with his million-dollar label, SyCo, in 2013.

James Arthur had a public meltdown in the news and was in tears. He even considered taking his own life. He went on to say, "If I was ever near a balcony, or in my car, I'd have an image of me jumping over or driving off the road. But then I'd think, 'Don't do it, you've got sisters, you're the man of the family.' But there was many a time I thought of it."

These days, James is doing well, and his debut album reached number 2 on the charts in the United Kingdom, selling 1.25 million copies and 2.5 million copies worldwide. Not bad for a boy hailing from Middlesborough...

13 Halle Berry Attempted Suicide Inside Her Car

Halle Berry may be well known for her incredible talent and professionalism on set but equally so for her spectacular looks. But alas, the iconic star was secretly battling depression and anxiety and had an incredibly low sense of self-esteem.

Following her split from hubby David Justice back in 1997, she hit rock bottom. She attempted suicide and reached the lowest point in her life.

“I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming when I had an image of my mother finding me. She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do. My sense of worth was so low. I had to reprogram myself to see the good in me. Because someone didn’t love me didn’t mean I was unlovable. That’s what the break-up of my marriage reduced me to. It took away my self-esteem. It beat me down to the lowest of lows.”

Thankfully, Halle didn't go through with it, and she went on to become a Hollywood star and the best thing these days on our Instagram feed. Talk about killing it at 50! Who said fairytale endings can't exist in Hollywood?

12 Mariah Carey Strips

We're not sure what's more shocking -- Mariah Carey stripping down or her handing out free popsicles. Just kidding; it's definitely the popsicle-giving that has us scratching our heads. Why, Mariah, why?

It's been revealed that the Pop star once showed up -- unannounced, may we add -- to an airing of MTV's TRL back in 2001. Mariah was bearing gifts as she took off her shirt and gave it to the tv show host, Carson Daly, and then went on to hand out popsicles to members of the audience.

"All I know is I just want one day off when I can go swimming and look at rainbows and eat ice cream. And maybe like learn how to ride a bicycle,” said Mariah. Not surprising then that she checked into a New York hospital soon after...

11 Paula Abdul Yelled in a Poltergeist Voice Mid-Breakdown

It's not every day the words "Paula Abdul" and "Poltergeist" can be used in the same sentence. Today is one of those days as we reveal what kind of voice our dear Paula employed when she was having her nervous breakdown.

Now, we're not saying we take mental illness lightly, but we sure do wish we were there when it happened! Luckily for us, a video has since emerged of the incident, which shows Paula rocking back and forth in her seat and slurring her words during a show interview with FOX. The video was released in 2007, and her publicist went on to say the whole situation was due to a "technical problem." Then again, another incident occurred at LAX when Paula had a 10-minute breakdown, which saw her yelling in a rage-filled Poltergeist voice.” Another technical problem, you say?

10 Britney Spears Beat Up A Car

Remember that infamous time Britney Spears shaved her head in California? Of course, you do. How about the time she locked herself in a bathroom in her mansion? Yes? One of the most shocking lesser-known incidents in the string of bizarre acts committed by the "Gimme More" star involved attacking a paparazzo's car -- with an umbrella!

If you were wondering if Britney ever did address the situation with the media, she did, and her response is pure internet gold:

"I was preparing my character for a role in a movie where the husband never plays his part, so they switch places accidentally," she wrote on her website. "I take all my roles very seriously and got a little carried away. Unfortunately, I didn't get the part."

She has since made a glorious comeback and is enjoying life living large. It may have taken some time, but Britney regained custody of her sons and went on to release, not one, but three new albums and even signed on to become a judge on reality show The X-Factor.

9 Amanda Bynes Set Fire to a Neighbor's Driveway

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes is no stranger to controversy. She's made the headlines for all kinds of erratic and bizarre behavior, so we weren't the least bit surprised when we encountered further details about her mental breakdown.

The 22nd of July 2012 will forever be remembered as the day Amanda Bynes started a fire in her neighbor's driveway in Southern California. She was eventually placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, which ended up being extended to 30 whole days. Since then, Amanda has begun to rebuild her life and officially quit her obsession with rapper Drake, social media, and practically everything in between. She also enrolled into the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Irvine. Rumor has it she plans to make a comeback into acting soon and to rebuild her career. Fingers crossed it's real soon...

8 Sinead O'Connor Claimed She Traded Punches with Prince

We doubt you'll ever forget the time Sinead O'Connor once famously ripped up a photo of the Pope in one of the most memorable TV moments in history, live on "Saturday Night Live." Or how about the time she verbally attacked pop idol Miley Cyrus?

So perhaps her outrageous claim that she most certainly isn't bipolar isn't that outrageous for Sinead's standards. She made the shocking claim to the Irish Mirror in a tell-all interview saying, "I do not, in fact, suffer from Bipolar disorder and never did . . . and should never have been put on the medication... They are extremely debilitating drugs. Tiring to the extreme. Ironically, extremely depressing. They can cause suicidal or self-harm-type thinking."

What many of you may not know is that the Irish singer also laid claim that she had traded punches with none other than Prince. It seems there's never a dull day in the life of Sinead O'Connor. Oh, what we'd give to spend one day in her mind...

7 Frances Bean Issued a Restraining Order on Mom Courtney Love

"I'm not having a nervous breakdown," Courtney Love once famously told a crowd during one of her concerts. The world unfortunately disagreed.

It may be justified, though, after losing her husband, Kurt Cobain, to suicide and finding out she had lost custody of her child. If things weren't bad enough for Miss Love, she now has to deal with the news that her daughter, Frances Bean, has issued a restraining order on her.

Courtney did manage to get sober once for a very small period in her life, but during her 40th birthday, things began to unravel again. She was admitted to Bellevue, and it was later revealed she had attempted to take her own life. This ultimately led Frances Bean to take out the restraining order against her very own mother. Let's hope this is the last meltdown we'll see for a while from Courtney Love.

6 Kate Moss Once Stayed in Bed for Two Weeks

She may be one of the world's first ever supermodels and has enjoyed one of the most successful careers in the fashion world, but Kate Moss once stayed in bed for two weeks following a breakdown.

The iconic beauty suffered from anxiety when she was first starting out and had mixed emotions about the dedicated career path she had chosen for herself.

She said: "I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18 when I had to go and work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts. It didn’t feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die."

Luckily for us, Kate did eventually get out of bed and went on to rock the fashion world with runway show after runway show and print campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry. Today, she's happily married to husband Jamie Hince, and those dark days are nothing but a distant memory.

5 Miley Cyrus's Dad Was Once Forced to Break Down Her Bedroom Door

Who knew Miley Cyrus could have a reason to be depressed, but the Malibu songbird admits that life wasn't always easy and that she too suffered a breakdown once before she got her life back on track.

"I went through a time where I was really depressed. I locked myself in my room, and my dad had to break my door down. My fans know that I’ve struggled with depression, and that helped them get over theirs. That gives me a big purpose -- a reason to wake up in the morning that’s bigger than to put my f**king feathers and my little outfit.”

“It was a lot to do with, like, I had really bad skin, and I felt really bullied because of that. Because I never was depressed because of the way someone else made me feel, I just felt depressed."

4 Olivia Munn Rips Out Her Eyelashes

We all know gorgeous actress Olivia Munn is a tad bit eccentric, but there's eccentric and then there's certifiably cray-cray. We can't help but conclude that intentionally ripping your lashes out makes you crazy, and Olivia Munn is the poster child in this case.

Following episodes of extreme anxiety and a mental breakdown, the brunette beauty admitted to having been diagnosed with an impulse control disorder known as trichotillomania. She's had to buy false lashes continually as a result.

In an exclusive with the New York Daily News, Olivia revealed, “I don’t bite my nails, but I rip out my eyelashes. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s really annoying. Every time I run out of the house, I have to stop and pick up a whole set of fake eyelashes.”

3 Mel Gibson Suffers from Extreme Mania

Ah, finally the world makes sense again after newsrooms everywhere were reeling from the aftermath of Mel Gibson's epic breakdown. His fall from grace was a big one, and it seems he still hasn't quite recovered nor managed to salvage his career.

What most people don't know, however, is that Mel was not only struggling with alcohol and being an outright racist and bigot, but he was said to be also suffering from extreme mania. The erratic behavior and scandalous comments finally begin to make a little bit more sense since he's bipolar and suffers from depression and bouts of extreme anger.

The Sydney Morning Herald famously revealed Mel as once saying, “I have had some really good highs but some really worse lows. I discovered recently that I am manic depressive.”

2 Demi Lovato Constantly Performed in a Red Leather Jacket, Convinced She was "Ugly" and "Fat"

Songstress Demi Lovato encountered fame from an early age, and perhaps, it's what ultimately took its toll on her. She suffered from both bulimia and anorexia and was later diagnosed as being bipolar.

She became obsessed with her looks and convinced herself she was both ugly and fat, which would explain her constantly performing in her signature red leather jacket, hiding her arms and torso even in blinding heat. This was only the beginning for Demi as she was later front page news for fighting with one of her backup dancers and was hospitalized.

For many, it would be a hopeless situation, but the petite brunette went on to fight the odds and overcome her mental struggles head on. "When you don’t know what’s happening, why you’re feeling certain ways, and you don’t have the answers yet, people tend to self-medicate, which is exactly what I did," says Demi.

1 Russell Brand's Breakdown Inspired a Novel

"Even as a junkie, I stayed true to vegetarianism -- 'I shall have heroin, but I shan't have a hamburger.' What a sexy little paradox,” says Russell Brand in his amusing yet blunt account of his life in his book, "My Booky Wook."

It's no secret comedian turned actor Russell Brand has suffered from mental illness alongside addiction and a few mental breakdowns along the way. What you probably didn't know was that this was the inspiration behind writing his book in the hopes of helping other people to overcome their struggles. These days, he manages his sobriety and has made great changes to his lifestyle choices since the dark days of his past. Or, as Russell puts it, "My life is just a series of embarrassing incidents strung together by telling people about those embarrassing incidents."

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