Fake Or Real? 25 WTF Photos Of Creature/Animal Discoveries

This world is a very, very strange place. And it is full of incredible odd creatures of all shapes and sizes. Some of them are so strange that you might be inclined to think that they were simply made up. Well, in the case of this article, some of them were. But I'm going to dare to say that the real creatures of this world are far more strange, and unbelievable than those we imagine.

Are there aliens, fairies, and zombies? Well, there probably are aliens somewhere out there (whether or not they look anything like the humanoid way we picture them). Fairies and zombies? They seem a bit more far-fetched. But that doesn't mean there isn't a way in which a human's brain could be brought to the level of zombification.

But then, is the blob fish real? Are there really giant sea scorpions, and squids? Never mind giant boars, spider crabs, and monsters of all sorts, thought to be from myth and legend. Here are 25 unbelievable creatures. Which will you choose to believe?

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25 ...Zombies!?


Alright, so this photo obviously went viral, thanks to those who believe in crazy creatures like zombies. It turns out that Insomniac Games used the photo as a marketing ploy for the release of their upcoming game at the time: Resistance 3. However, a film company also claimed it was their marketing trick, for the film Super 8. As it happens, the actual source of this photo came from a hunter, who had several other photos from the same area. This was the legitimate source. However, those other photos would be the proof that undid his haunting little hoax. Comparing the other photos, and breaking down the file info, it is fairly easily discovered that the zombie-looking thing above was simply a Photoshop job. Which surely not many people can be too surprised about.

24 Blob Fish


This remarkably human-looking fish repeatedly gets a bad rap. Often called the ugliest animal in the world, the blob fish can't really help it. Its shape underwater is far different, and more closely resembles a fish because of the level of pressure and buoyancy in the deep sea. This creature thrives in areas of the ocean where the pressure is 60 to 120 times greater than sea level pressure. So when it is removed from the depths, its gelatinous flesh droops into the blob you see above. What's very interesting though, is the uncanny human-like facial features the fish has. It really looks like a very sad person. It's also funny to think that the animal that looks most like a human is called the ugliest in the world. Does that make us second in line?

23 Tufted Deer


This is not a sabre-toothed deer. Nor is it any sort of mythical creature that could come to mind. This is actually a Chinese deer, that has been hunted to near extinction. And look how cute it is! How could anyone want to eradicate this species? It is the only member of its genus, and there are fewer and fewer of them each year. Of course, the fact that this deer is extremely territorial, barks when threatened, and can jump like a cat...might give some reasoning as to why people have sought out to hunt it. As innocent, and sweet as it looks, it can certainly hold its own in a fight, and scare the sh*t out of unsuspecting people. While habitat loss, and hunting threaten this devilish deer, many Chinese province have been working at its conservation. Of course, the fact that its hide fetches a high price at market doesn't help its chances.

22 Lamprey


The lamprey is a very ancient creature that has been the inspiration for many a horror, and sci-fi film. There are several different species of this grotesque creature. And a variety of those are parasitic lampreys. The way they feed is by boring into certain types of fish. They then drain the fish of its blood, bore their way out, and continue on. The majority of these creatures are actually not so terrifying as their circles of teeth make them out to be. Most species of lamprey are actually filter feeders. Which essentially means that they feed, simply by traveling the ocean, and straining nutrients from the water. People have been terrified of the lamprey for centuries though. And they have been given the nickname: nine-eyed eel. This has to do with the number of gills, the one nostril, and the one eye they have around the opening of its vicious-looking mouth.

21 Aye Aye


This is perhaps one of the cutest of all the ugly creatures in the world. There is a lot of local mythology surrounding this nocturnal creature. Hailing from Madagascar, legend has it that the aye aye is a bad omen. To see one is to essentially see misfortune coming your way. Once, a villager apparently saw an aye aye within the walls of the place, and having pointed at him, the villager informed the rest of the people...and they actually up and moved the entire village to another location. That is how feared the aye aye is. That being said, it is now endangered because of the negative connotations that locals have given the poor little guy. And while it may not seem so, the aye aye is actually a close relative to us, and chimps. It is in fact a primate. It absolutely looks more like a bat, mixed with a gremlin, mixed with a rat...but it's one of our close cousins.

20 Sneezing Monkey


This is not a Bigfoot, or a yeti, or any such nonsense. This is the sneezing monkey. Why is it called the sneezing monkey? Well, to be fair it doesn't actually spend most of its time expelling phlegm from its face. It is much like other monkeys. But thanks to the shape of its nose, and mouth, rainwater collects in some rather silly and sensitive spots on its face. As a reaction to the rainfall, the monkey sneezes. People of Myanmar (where the monkey is most frequently seen) say that to avoid this humiliation, the monkey will do its best to simply sit with its head down while it rains. Whether out of annoyance or shame, it's very interesting to think of this primate getting tickled every time the rain comes down. Discovered only in 2010, this monkey almost instantly made the critically endangered list, thanks to the deforestation, and hunting that has taken place in its habitat.

19 Giant Boar


The kid in the above photo allegedly hunted this gigantic wild boar with nothing more than the pistol in his hand. The whole process was said to have taken over three hours, as the kid tracked, and shot the boar repeatedly, until at last it bled out. There were many people calling for this kid to be charged for animal cruelty, given the awful way he hunted the poor beast. It gets even worse when it comes to light that the boar that was hunted was actually a pet pig named Fred. It had been a media ploy from the very beginning. And many question the reality of the above image as well, assuming that it must have been Photoshopped. Either way, an eleven-year-old with a 50 cal pistol, killing a harmless, yet gigantic pet...is pretty horrible to think of. Of course so is the boy's father using him for fame. But what did Fred ever to do anyone?

18 Fairies!


You might not think so, but there are many, many believers in fairies. This could have something to do with Peter Pan, and no one wanting to see Tinker Bell die...but also, there is the greater issue of pagan beliefs of old. It's incredible the number of people who buy into hoaxes year in, and year out. And maybe some of you readers will walk away from this thinking that these were no hoaxes, but reality. A man in Mexico caught a fairy, and jarred it in formaldehyde. Because why would you want the living thing? And this man had over 3000 people paying $1.60 for a chance to see the creature. He made over $3000 for having a toy fairy in a jar. There is also a British hoax from a real-life believer in fairies. The man was also a magician apparently, and he posted photos of a fairy corpse online on April Fool's Day 2007...And even though he admitted the hoax, people still believe.

17 Giant Squid


This is actually a giant squid that washed up on shore on the South Island of New Zealand back in 2015. Around the same time, there was Japanese footage of a giant squid in its natural habitat. The first footage of such a spectacle. Regardless, the above photo doesn't show the entire squid, but just its mantle is about 6.6 feet long. Its longest tentacle measured 16.4 feet long. The eye on the thing was over three inches wide! Sure, it's fun to get a photo of this creature once it's washed up on shore. But imagine swimming in the ocean, and having one of these things take hold of you. It's not likely to happen, but there have been enough thrillers, and horror films to make someone believe that it's possible. And there are certain types of squid that can indeed be very aggressive. And aside from their tentacles, their beaks could easily maim.

16 Japanese Spider Crab


So the Japanese spider crab also goes by another name: the giant spider crab. And clue is in the title there. These things can grow to have a leg span of up to 12 feet! And they can weigh up to 42 lbs. According to ViralNova "They could easily eat a human child if they wanted to." When this creature was discovered in 1836, the first thing that was noted (besides likely how terrifying they are) is how easily, and effectively they could injure someone with their claws. They're also quite intelligent. The spider crab will cover its shell with sea sponge and other life, in order hide itself from the bigger octopi. Of course, anything that's smaller than the giant spider crab is pretty well looked at as lunch. Oh, and it might be worthwhile mentioning that these crabs can outlive most humans, with a lifespan of about a full century. It's no wonder they grow so bloody large.

15 Alien Baby


Once upon a time in Mexico there was a farmer who came across this creature, in a foot trap on his property. Apparently there was another creature with it, but it ran away. The farmer, fearing the creature, took it, and drowned it. This apparently took several hours, as the creature seemed to do well in the water. Turned over for study, there was a big to do about what this creature was. The History Channel even did one of those ridiculous documentaries on the alleged alien. Scientists have not been able to figure out what it is, apparently. They assume, due to its brain size, that is was an intelligent creature. And it is said to share both human, and reptilian DNA. The farmer who found and killed the creature was killed in a car fire that was rumoured to be the doing of the creature's family...so it's almost certainly a hoax, but people love to make up stories.

14 Gerenuk


I know, I know, this looks like a very ill-proportioned gazelle of sorts. And you wouldn't be wrong, for the most part. The gerenuk is a specific species of antelope...making it very closely related to the gazelle. And as one can clearly see, the markings and colouring of the gerenuk are pretty well the exact same as that of the gazelle. However, the elongated, giraffe-like neck is the key difference. That and the small head with fairly large features. The gerenuk female is the most interesting of this species, and not because of those features, but because of its way of protecting its young. When it births, the gerenuk will hide in tall grasses. It will then lick the calf clean, and also eat the after birth. If that's not disgusting enough, it will then come back to clean, feed, and eat the waste of its cub, so as not to leave a scent for predators. Now that's a dedicated mother!

13 Okapi


This guy absolutely looks like a fake creature that's part-zebra, part-mule, and part-giraffe. The very bizarre, and most interesting thing about this creature is that it is in fact, real. It is the only living member, along with the giraffe, of the Giraffidae family. Hailing from the tropical forests of the Congo, the okapi is, of course, an endangered species. The main reasons for this are deforestation, settlement, and hunting. Okapi isn't a big source of meat for settlements, but it is a quick and available source for bush meant. Which is essentially the hunting of whatever is available for warring forces living out in the forests. This Mr. Potato Head-like creature is typically just shy of 5ft at the shoulders, but its longer neck stands it taller than the average person. And don't let it trample on you. It can anywhere from 440-770 lbs. But doesn't it look so playful in this photo?

12 Montauk Monster


Some young girls were walking a beach one day, when they came across this monstrosity. As seemed to be the right thing to do, they took photos, and immediately went to sell them to the newspaper. The story became huge! The Montauk Monster had emerged. Close to an animal disease centre, many speculated that the creature was an aborted experiment of some sort. People are always willing to get the conspiracies rolling, after all. All manner of theories surrounded the "truth" of the monster. The reality though? It was the corpse of a decomposing raccoon. To this day, many people still don't believe that this could be the case, citing that the proportions just don't add up. But many experts actually went out of their way to depict exactly how a raccoon could end up this way. The evidence is pretty solid, and compelling. But people will choose to believe what they want. What do you think!?

11 Giant Earthworm


Maybe it's possible that Earthworm Jim descended from these gigantic guys! Alright, so there are many varieties of earthworm, as it happens. This includes nine species of giant earthworms. If anyone is immediately thinking of the film Tremors, you have good reason to. Some of those guys can grow up to almost seven metres in length. Just so you have a better idea of what that means...it can grow to be over twenty feet long. But ultimately you needn't worry, because these beastly worms are no threat. Even at twenty feet long, they weigh no more than just over three pounds. So ultimately, there is no "graboid" coming out of the ground to feed on human flesh. But imagine coming upon one of these things when it is twenty feet long! Surely it would still scare the sh*t out of you initially.

10 Dumbo Octopus


Alright, so first off. These guys are, in fact, real. However there is very little known about them because they are so rare to come across in the depths of the dark sea. Right off the bat though, it shouldn't take much to notice why they are referred to as dumbo octopuses. The complexion, and seeming texture of the skin, as well as the big ears are certainly reminiscent of Dumbo the elephant. Of course the colour of the octopus can change, dependent on its surroundings, and threat level. And the ears aren't actually ears...they're just fins. But much like Dumbo these octopuses can grow to be quite large. The biggest dumbo octopus to date has been upwards of five feet long! Much like the blob fish, because of the pressurized habitat it lives in, it will deflate and shrink if it is pulled from the depths. But the dumbo octopus is nowhere near as ugly as the blob fish, in or out of water.

9 Devil Bird


Now this is a bird I most certainly thought was fake when I came across it on an image search of unbelievable creatures. It looks as advertised; it looks like a devil bird. The black, soulless eyes, and the horns atop its head. It is a very imposing creature, for sure. A native of Sri Lanka, the devil bird has quite a bit of folklore behind it. Its human-like shrieking at night has terrified countless locals. And hearing the shriek is apparently an omen of death. The interesting thing is that this specific bird above may not be exactly what the locals call the devil bird or "Ulama". This is actually a photo of the spot-bellied eagle-owl (also aptly named). Experts aren't sure if this is the specific bird that locals seem to be cowering in fear of. There are a couple of species in line to take the mantle of devil bird...but this seems to be the most commonly accepted one.

8 Chupacabra 


A woman in Texas came across this corpse, and thought it to be the infamous, legendary, and mythical Chupacabra. The infamous "blood-sucking, goat-killing" creature of lore. The woman happened upon a game warden at a gas station, and told him what she found. He returned with the fact that these so-called sightings were actually quite common. But he promised to check it out all the same. What he actually came across was the corpse of a coyote with quite a bit of mange. "Coyotes with mange tend to gradually lose their hair and feel sick. This causes them to not be able to catch the food they would eat or find water sources. As a result, the coyotes' fangs become more pronounced and their skin begins to tighten." But of course there are those who still believe in the dreaded Chupacabra.

7 Naked Mole Rat


This flayed-looking, rat with buck teeth has been described by National Geographic as "a bratwurst with teeth". This is one of the few creatures on this list to not be even close to endangered. This critter may have been discovered as far back as 1842 in East Africa, but discoveries about it have been continually made since. I'm not sure why people are so cruel to these creatures, but apparently these mole rats can survive nearly twenty minutes without oxygen. They use their supply of fructose to power their vital organs when oxygen is not available. This little guy, which is smaller than a tea cup, is also insensitive to pain. And even to the ingestion of, or contact with acids. Again, it's horrible to know that people tested this little guy in this way. But it is extraordinary to know how well suited the naked mole rat is for life. Certainly better than we are in terms of bodily function and resistance.

6 Star-Nosed Mole


This is perhaps one of the most bizarre creatures on this list. The star-nosed mole is something straight out of a sci-fi or horror film, for sure. The over-sized hands, that incredibly strange, and pretty unbelievable face...they really do make one question to existence of such a creature. But this crazy creature calls the low, wetlands of Canada home. This mole has some twenty two tentacles on its face. Each of these has over 25, 000 touch receptors. Because of this, the star-nosed mole has the greatest sense of touch of any mammal in the entire world. Given that, its ability to sense earthquakes is incredibly keen. It is also one of the fastest eaters of all creatures in the world. It takes apparently only 8 milliseconds to decide if something is edible, and as little as 120 milliseconds to consume a specific item of food. It eats at the fastest speed of neurons...and it's blind!

5 Peacock Spider


This spider is simply unbelievable! It is perhaps one of very few Australian spiders that aren't out there and ready to kill any human nearby. It is actually harmless to humans. Other than scaring the crap out of them. The peacock spider is a species of jumping spider, so while they may be pretty, any arachnophobe will want to keep out of jumping distance. This spider works very much like a peacock (hence the name). The female of the species tends to remain brown, with very little colouring. While the male is a breathtaking assortment of vibrance, and flash. The big flap on the spider works the same way a peacock's feathers do, in attracting a mate. The big difference between their mating styles though is that the male spider risks death in the mating process. Not many peacocks die during sex.

4 Giant Sea Scorpions


Now of course the above photo is not real. However, in present day Iowa, there have been almost twenty specimens found... giant sea scorpions. How giant? Well, they're basically Clash of the Titans size. Human sized sea scorpions. Thank goodness it's not likely that they fed on people at all, but I would still never want to get into a tangle with one of these creatures. Of course they've been long extinct, so far as we know. The fossils found in the Iowa crater were of the order of 470 million years old. Roy Plotnick, professor of paleontology at the University of Illinois said "To find something as well preserved as this is pretty exciting, especially given that it's old and yet has features of more advanced forms. That tells us that somewhere in even older rocks should be even more ancestral forms to find."

3 Maned Wolf


Now is this a real photo? Or is this a coyote with Photoshopped legs, to give it the illusion of bizarre height, and almost hooves? While it may look a bit like a fox, and may be called a wolf, the maned wolf is not closely related to either animal. It is in fact the only species within its genus. Hailing from South America, the only natural predator that this "wolf" has is the puma. Though since colonization, the domesticated dog has also been known to attack this creature, making it vulnerable to extinction. Like many marriages, the maned wolf might be monogamous, but meets with it mate fairly seldom. Though they may guard a territory of up to 30km together. And considering they primarily hunt, and live alone, that's a pretty decent stretch. It's ability to erect its mane has helped in the naming of the creature...though it also has the nickname "skunk wolf" for its territorial markings.

2 Coelacanth


Yeah, so that's not a perspective shot to give the illusion that this fish is much larger than the diver next to it...it just actually is a massive fish. The coelacanth was thought to be an extinct species, until rediscovery in 1938. It is however one of the most critically endangered animals on Earth. This beastly fish can grow up to nearly seven feet in length, and can weigh over two hundred pounds. And while it is critically endangered, it does have some mechanisms that turn humans away from fishing it. The coelacanth is already an incredibly oily fish, and has some substances that often lead to diarrhea in people. In addition, it expels a mucus from its body that makes it very slimy. It would be bad enough to have a plate of slimy fish...but then to be sitting on the crapper all night because of it...the coelacanth at least doesn't have to worry about being over fished.

1 Chilesaurus


Oh if only dinosaurs weren't extinct. Then I could post a real photograph...that is if the creature really existed. In 2004, a seven-year-old was the first to come across fossils of this creature. Four years later even more were found by another passerby. But not until 2015 were these fossils noted to be of the same species. And then the Chilesauraus was born...or reborn...or dug up, and given a silly name. Now while this dinosaur does resemble the velociraptor in many ways, it is actually a herbivore. And it is not particularly adept at running, according to researchers. An analysis of the foot led to the noting of a much large front toe that would have impeded running, but given greater stability. It has also been sussed out that the Chilesaurus would have likely used its claws for self defense.

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