Top 30 Times Celebrities Had WAY Too Much To Drink

Many people out there have had their fair share of drinking nights that are full of activities, and more importantly photos, they wish they could wipe from their memory. This becomes even worse if you're a celebrity and anytime you head out to the club to get your drink on, you know the paparazzi are going to be quick to follow. Not to mention that money is probably not a factor for you, and even if it was, you're probably getting paid to be there or drinking for free!

Below we have 30 celebrities that belong in the drunk hall of fame. Of these candidates, over 20 have more than one of their partying nights captured on camera, and one celebrity even earned two entries (can you guess which one?) There's even one party event that saw a few candidates get wasted!

You'll definitely see some images that may make you think back to some of your own classic nights. Drunk eating pizza? Check. Falling on the pavement? Better believe we have that. Chugging straight from the bottle? Well, how else do you get down! And what's a list of drunk people without its fair share of public indecency?

All that and more when you check out 30 celebrities who had way too much to drink!


30 Avril Lavigne

Via allnight and acidcow

We've all been there, Avril Lavigne... She's had too much to drink, it's the end of the night and the best thing in the entire world must be that slice of pizza she's enjoying on the left. But you were married to Chad Kroeger, can we really trust your overall sense of judgement? We think not. And by the looks of it, no one should have been trusting you with anything on that night.

The photo on the right proves a time-tested rule, if your friends need to help hold the liquor to your face it's probably time to go home (...and enjoy some pizza). By the looks of it, Lavigne is still on her feet though, and it doesn't look like the party is coming to an end anytime soon.

29 Verne Troyer


If you think Verne Troyer looks drunk in the above photos, just imagine how much more he’d have to drink if he was hanging out with Austin Powers.

Verne Troyer is always going to be known as Mini-Me, and he used that fame to catapult himself into a spot on the reality show The Surreal Life which placed a bunch of former celebrities in a house together and filmed them for 2 weeks. Think of it like a super washed up version of Big Brother except nobody wins money and everyone just goes home a little sadder.

Troyer clearly wanted to make those 2 weeks as awkward as possible when you consider he got drunk, stripped down and pissed on the floor on the first day. Call me crazy, but I would have saved pissing on the floor for like the 5th, maybe the 6th day there. At least it gave us that fantastic photo on the right.

Troyer has also definitely seen better days in the photo on the left, but at least we know his hands are big enough to grip a cup. Plus he’s still wearing clothes, so I mean that’s always a win.

28 Pamela Anderson

Looks like someone had a rough night... But if we are being completely honest, this is hardly the least flattering that Pamela Anderson has ever looked on a camera. You can only hope she’s decided to put the booze on hold while she gets ready for her alleged appearance in the upcoming Baywatch movie.

She can also hold her head all she wants in the above photo, but she still won’t be able to comprehend how much she drank that night, or the hangover that was inevitably waiting for her the next day.

As a fun bonus for Anderson, there was also a report back in 2012 that she got drunk at a restaurant in LA and started giving out lap dances after the LA Kings won a playoff game. Yikes!

27 Cameron Diaz


One thing that will become clear with this list is that one of the biggest things to make sure you have handy when you go out drinking if you’re famous is someone to help hold you up. After all, you’re also going to see some celebrities who did not and that just resulted in them eating some serious pavement.

Plus, if you fall and bash up your face and paparazzi is there to see it, how can you make up a super cool fighting story to your bros to explain your battle scars?

The photo on the left was taken back in 2012 and showed Cameron Diaz leaving a club at 3am, so maybe she was just really tired!

It’s not clear when the photo on the right was taken, but any time you can capture a Hollywood celebrity with that kind of glazy-eyed look on their face, you know you’ve done your job as paparazzi.

26 Courtney Cox

Via posh24

Monica, no! It looks like your little harmonica is HAMMERED! And while it was absolutely hilarious when it happened on Friends, it definitely would have gotten a lot less funny real quick if she had then gotten into a car.

To her credit, Courteney Cox definitely does not look the worst of anyone on the list. She was seen wobbling when she left Jar Steakhouse in Los Angeles, but at least she was able to stay on her feet.

The real downfall comes from the fact that Cox was then seen getting into her car and driving away. Let’s just hope that’s a clear sign she was safe to drive, and not that she was trying to star in “The One With A DUI.”

Perhaps the next time she’s out she’ll bring Phoebe and Rachel and one of them can DD!

25 Britney Spears


You just need to hope that if Britney Spears is going to be slamming back the liquor, people make sure there isn’t a razor anywhere near her! If there is anything evident from the above photos it’s that Britney definitely loves to party (and although you can't see it here she tends to not wear a bra when doing it, which is crazy when you think about it because if ever there was a time when you wanted to make sure you were locked in, so to speak, it’d be when you’re out getting your drank on!)

Spears has had a public battle with alcohol addiction, including her tour team making sure that alcohol was banned backstage at her shows and that she would never receive it as a gift.

24 Matthew McConaughey

Via blogger and acidcow

If it’s not evident enough from the above photo, Matthew McConaughey attended school at the University of Texas! And if we’re going to give him some credit, he doesn’t look all too drunk in the photo on the left, but he’s also hanging out at a football game and looks “bro’d out” so you just know the shots are right around the corner.

McConaughey has definitely played some incredibly dramatic roles, including winning an Academy Award for Dallas Buyers Club. But when he gets drunk, you can imagine he reverts back to his classic character in Dazed and Confused, making sure that everything is alright, alright, alright.

The photo on the right is a little less debatable and while it may just look like a sad McConaughey, we assure you he’s plastered (hence the lovely liquid all around his collar!). Good thing he can probably afford the dry cleaning (or a new shirt!).


23 Mel C

Via youtube and dailystar

Why be Sporty Spice when you can be Drunk Spice instead? That was definitely the attitude that Mel C took when she attended Victoria Beckham's 40th birthday party. The woman on the left in the above photo is the equally drunk (and Baby Spice) Emma Bunton.

If you wanted to see them together on the stage again, you’re out of luck. While the Spice Girls are having a reunion tour, Mel C dropped out after it came out that Victoria would not be joining them, saying “Unfortunately something didn’t feel quite right and I had to follow my gut…The continuous speculation on whether we will reform to celebrate 20 years of Wannabe has been particularly exhausting. Don’t get me wrong – I totally get it. But is it a new rule that bands have to reform? Why can’t we just be remembered for our incredible achievements in the nineties.”

As a fun fact, it is Emma Bunton’s partner Jade Jones that is helping Mel C leave the club without taking a serious face plant. Solid bro move!

22 Mel Gibson

Via barrel and wordpress

While Charlie Sheen may take the cake when it comes to having a public meltdown, Mel Gibson definitely needs to be entered into the conversation.

I mean seriously, what are you doing in the above photos, Mel?! If it’s trying to prove to Hollywood that they’ve made the right decision not casting you for as many movies, you’re most definitely succeeding. Or perhaps you’re just trying to forget why everyone doesn’t like you?

Gibson’s worst moment may have been in 2006 when he was arrested for a DUI and driving with an open container of alcohol. When he was arrested, Gibson looked at the officer and said “My life is over. I'm fu--ed. Robyn's going to leave me. Fu---g Jews... the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?” To make matters more awkward, the officer was in fact Jewish!

As is evident by the photo on the right, it’s also clear that Gibson won’t take any of your sh-t if he’s out trying to have a nice time and you mess with him.

21 Paris Hilton


We are going to be completely up front with you, there may not be a person in Hollywood that gets drunk and photographed as often as Paris Hilton. God help you if you were anywhere near her in the photo on the left. Not only is Hilton hammered, but she has a mic in her hand. I hate to admit it, but I actually don’t hate her song “Stars are Blind” that came off her debut album, but something tells me if she’s singing it drunk at the club it’d definitely not be a good time. And if she’s not singing, then what on earth could she have to say that is so important the whole club must know it?

The photo on the right would suggest that she’s at least being a much quieter drunk, as she’s clearly being escorted out of the club by her security. Here’s a little tip, Hilton, if you start drinking and realize you’re losing your ability to walk, perhaps sip some water.

20 Christina Aguilera

Via celebitchy and clothesonyou

Christina Aguilera may have made quite a name for herself as a musician and her role on The Voice, but in the above two photos you can imagine she is only going to be looking for some Advil and the bathroom! Everyone gets drunk once in a while, Aguilera just has to be happy that her friends decided not to draw on her face when she passed out, as is the case on the left.

The photo on the right was taken back in 2012 during a time in her life that one insider said consisted of her living off champagne and pasta. While there were no embarrassing photos, Aguilera also made the tabloid rounds this past December when she got hammered at Seth Macfarlane's Christmas party and nearly fell into the tree!

19 Brad Pitt

Via justjared

When you look at him in the above photo, you can imagine Brad Pitt wishes he wasn’t nearly as willing to pose for photographs during the afterparty of Inglourious Basterds. Especially considering his divorce with Angelina Jolie has pushed ideas of him as a partier to the forefront of people’s mind. That being said, at least there was plenty to celebrate when you consider the movie went on to earn over $300 million at the box office. Plus, any chance you get to play a movie in which you kill Hitler, that’s probably a pretty fun day at the office.

No matter what lifestyle Pitt is currently getting up to, you can definitely agree with me that in the above photo Pitt’s biggest acting job may be trying to keep his eyes open!

18 Miley Cyrus

Via posh24 and oceanup

When it comes to trying to find photos of Miley Cyrus partying, it may be even easier than finding photos of her sober! While she may have come to fame as Hannah Montana, she’s clearly having way more fun when she’s just being Miley!

When the show had its 10th anniversary, she took to Instagram to say “Get real drunk and remember #HM4EVR send pics gettinnnnn buck wild in honor of this special day!"

She added "#letsplayadrinkinggame watch HM and every time someone says her name take a shot! Yiew hew!"

You can imagine if she actually played that drinking game there would be plenty of potentially drunk photos from that day as well!

The photo on the right was taken when Cyrus was out partying it up in London, so at least you know her party game is international. It isn’t clear when the photo on the left was taken, but when you finish drinks that are that large, it makes sense why you’re constantly photographed drunk!

While not alcohol, there are also countless photos of Miley Cyrus puffing on the reefer on her Instagram account.

17 Amanda Seyfried

Via whichdn and insidehollywood

The above photos may be from two different nights, but they clearly show that when Amanda Seyfried has had enough, her head gets powered down and sleep is not far away. Even if that also means she’s cuddling up with one of her gal pals!

Seyfried also made headlines when she appeared on The David Letterman Show and admitted to Letterman that she was drunk. Seyfried also went on the record in saying that she had never done an afternoon live television show without first making sure she had some liquid courage. While she also joked to Letterman that she would never enter rehab, she has since admitted that she’s sought therapy for her issues, saying “[Drinking] made it fun for me, but then I watched it and was like ‘That is not what I want to promote about myself.’'

We’re happy to hear that she’s been able to address her issues. There is definitely plenty to celebrate in her life, as Seyfried recently got engaged to Thomas Sadoski who she co-starred with in The Last Word.

16 Katie Price

Via buzzfeed

Katie Price may be a famous model, but there aren’t many women out there that would hire a model who has had as many drinks as she had in the above photos.

Sadly for Price, it is also clear that when she goes out drinking she instantly just turns into that girl who wants too much attention and then passes out way too early. Like what are you even doing in the photo on the right? If you were a regular girl at the club people would think you’re trashy, the fact that you’re a famous celebrity definitely does NOT make it better. It just means there is a higher chance of people taking a photo and blasting your unflattering image all over social media.

The photo on the left, clearly taken later that same night, shows the type of burden that a drunk friend can have on the group. Who knew they were going to get an upper body workout carrying her drunk ass around?

15 Helen Flanagan

Via dailymail

In 2013, Helen Flanagan was literally voted as the most attractive British celebrity in the world according to FHM. But no matter how pretty you may be, there is only so much sex appeal that can ooze from you when you're passed out in the back seat! The photo on the left was taken back in 2013 when Flanagan attended the Makihi nightclub. She commemorated the evening with a post saying, "Very embarrassed about last night somehow got so so drunk had to get carried to my room last night was completely out of it #ilooklikeanewborn."

She may also be smiling in the photo on the right, but perhaps that's because she was just embarrassed that her night of drinking champagne had caught up with her! That being said, she also had some serious heels on that are not seen in the photo, so perhaps you won't blame her for taking a tumble.

14 Robert Pattinson

Via afrizap and celebritydirtylaundry

Britney Spears may love wearing green when she goes out partying, but apparently for Robert Pattinson, it’s a toque that is his go-to outfit choice! I guess there is a lot less work that goes into getting ready for a night at the club for a guy! Especially when we really don’t think Pattinson gives a f—k how he looks in photos.

The photo on the right was taken when Pattinson was leaving the Troubadour club. He was allegedly swarmed by security and paparazzi, leading him to react and shove someone. The only problem? It was a security guard that was trying to help him! Talk about a celebrity first world problem.

Pattinson has also admitted in the past that the only way he was able to get through all the press and interviews he had to do for Twilight, a role and series he has openly bashed, was to be drunk!

13 Lindsay Lohan

Via evilbeetgossip and universityfreepress

Wait, wait wait, hold the phone. We have photos of Lindsay Lohan after she’s had some alcohol? Who saw that coming? (Probably even Stevie Wonder). Lohan also had a docu-series done about her life but sadly it just leads to a sad story, as allegedly she was so drunk at the viewing party that she could barely stand. While there are no photos, one source that was there said “She reeked of booze and could barely stand!' She was walking in a zigzag, and everyone in the lobby was staring. She was definitely not sober.”

One of the most important things to note in the above photos of Lohan is that she clearly has different colored hair in both photos. I guess that’s what happens when there are multiple evenings out there with photos of you getting your drink on! The photo on the right is definitely the more embarrassing of the two, but at least she had someone there to pick her up when she fell!

12 Jennifer Lopez

Via hiphopfind and acidcow

Now, in defense of Jennifer Lopez, if you were partying with Diddy, you’d probably go pretty hard too! The two have dated in the past, but their relationship fell apart shortly after they were at a club and guns started going off. Combs was charged with 4 weapons-related charges, as well as trying to bribe his driver to take ownership over the guns.

You can hope it was a far happier night for them in the photo on the left. Though those dance moves are proof enough that she’s probably going to have quite a headache the next day. The one on the right is far more recent, taken back in 2015 at the American Music Awards where many reports surfaced of her getting her “drank” on. On top of that, Lopez was also allegedly flirting with Diddy, despite her boyfriend Casper being there. Awkward!

11 Jennifer Lawrence

Via imgur and justjared

Jennifer Lawrence has the fun distinction of being one of the few celebrities on this list who was seen partying with some help from Mary Jane. The photo on the left was taken the weekend after Lawrence brought home the Best Actress award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

The photo on the right is from the 2014 Academy Awards, and while she doesn't look hammered, you better believe she was by the end of the night. Lawrence was allegedly got so trashed during the Awards that she threw up on Madonna's porch stairs during the after party. To make it all the more awkward, Miley Cyrus walked by during the vomiting and gave a look to indicate that Lawrence had to get it together! I guess Cyrus knows a thing or two about partying.

10 Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is often looking like the epitome of grace and beauty on the red carpet or photo shoot, but that was far from the case during the party on the left. Hurley attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards, which just so happened to have free alcohol. Plus, who hasn’t gotten so drunk they need to taste their fingers? But we bet she’s probably wishing she had some pizza like Avril Lavigne did!

The photo on the right was a little less fancy, but we can’t blame her as Hurley had just come from a party out in Cannes. The most impressive thing from that night is the fact that Hurley was decked out in £1 million worth of jewellery.

9 Beyoncé

Via blogger and gettyimages

Queen B may be used to singing about being drunk in love, but perhaps she had the above night as inspiration. The photos were taken way back in 2006 when Beyoncé was invited out to celebrate Gwenyth Paltrow‘s 34th birthday. When you consider Paltrow was married to musician Chris Martin at the time, you can understand that they would have had plenty to talk about! But we can imagine Paltrow probably doesn’t race to look at these photos, as she and Martin got a divorce in 2016. At least we know which of the two couples were stronger!

Bonus points to the photographers for getting a picture of a smiling (albeit inebriated) Beyoncé at the start of the night and a passed out one by the time the party was done!

8 Rihanna

Via urbanislandz and blogspot

The photo on the left was taken back on February 5th, 2012 when Rihanna was stumbling out of The Manor nightclub in West Hollywood. To make things all the more awkward, her ex Chris Brown and his entourage were also at the club, but made no notice of Rihanna and her friends. The photo on the right may just show her legs, but we assure you it's Rihanna! It was posted back in 2011, along with a tweet by Rihanna that said "I have to go back to sleep! I'm still drunk! F--k!!! #rockstarsh-it."

She also followed that up by "Apparently I also molested 2 girls in the club! Whoever u are...ladies I thank u! U made my night way 2 much fun! Atleast that's what I heard."

Because you know, nothing says a good night out like hearing you got so drunk you molested people at the club...

7 Kim Kardashian

Via wordpress and richest

Kim K, I don’t even know where to start with you. How about the fact that nothing quite says “balling” like being able to walk around with an entire bottle of Grey Goose at the club? But that face she is making definitely looks like she’s not having the best time. At the very least you can imagine she is happy about getting that bicep workout in by lifting the bottle up and down all night. In fact, maybe the only reason she drinks so quickly is because she needed the bottle to get less heavy? The photo on the left shows a Kardashian that clearly must be hammered - after all, she’s partying it up with Paris Hilton!

We have to give some credit to Kardashian and Kanye though, as no prominent photos of the two partying together have emerged. Perhaps becoming a mom has slowed her down!

6 Tara Reid

Via blogspot and thefrisky

You just need to hope that Tara Reid stayed close to her friend with the water bottle in the left photo. Reid was allegedly partying it up in Cannes with her gal pals when the photos were snapped. She also may not look super hammered in the photo on the right, but we assure you she is. On top of that, what girl cannot relate to being drunk at the end of the night and needing to stop and get those shoes off?

At least Reid had the good sense to wear underwear with her outfit, or she may have made an entirely different type of list!

Reid’s most embarrassing moment may be when she appeared on season 5 of Marriage Boot Camp with boyfriend Dean May. In one moment from the show, a drunken Reid slurs her way through an argument, leading her boyfriend to comment "She drinks. She's the worst on alcohol...She's trainwrecking."

5 Kiefer Sutherland

Via tumblr and wordpress

Could you imagine being the manager of the establishment on the right and having to tell JACK FRIGGIN BAUER to pull up his pants? I mean they’re not even like kind of off, that’s full on removal and it’s clear that his underwear also decided to take a trip south. That’s the kind of confident move that playing an on-screen badass for hundreds of hours can allow you to pull off. His friends don’t even look phased, which makes you wonder how often of an occurrence this is.

The photo on the left is taken from another night when Sutherland went too hard, but combined and you can get a mental image of what a completely naked and drunk Sutherland would look like.

I’m not sure if that’s a positive or not, but he’s definitely the only celebrity on this list with his pants down around his ankles!

4 Lily Allen

Via dailymail

Lily Allen must have been pretty excited to host the GQ Men of the Year Awards, but just like Elizabeth Hurley learned above, the event had free liquor. Allen must have just heard the word free and forgot where she was because she reportedly got hammered by the end of the night. Things got even more awkward when Allen welcomed Carol Vorderman to the stage, but did so alongside cursing multiple times.

When Allen later went on to say "...and now the most important part of the night," her co-host Elton John quipped back "What? You're going to have another drink?"

Things didn't stop there, as Allen replied "F--k off Elton. I am 40 years younger than you and have my whole life ahead of me!" so Elton responded with "I could still snort you under the table" leading Allen to tell him to f--k off again.

The photos may not be the most damning, but Allen was clearly one of the drunkest stars on our list.

3 Kris Kardashian

Via starcasm and baklol

There are a lot of photos on this list that are unique, but Kris has the distinction of having the only photo where the girl is actively pulling down her shirt to reveal her area. Let’s be honest, nobody probably plans to pull down your shirt at a bar, but when you spend the night downing tequila shots at a bar, I suppose the photo isn’t all too alarming.

Considering Kris appears to be in a car for the left photo, you can only be happy that the photo wasn’t taken with her behind the wheel (here’s looking at you, Courteney Cox!).

While Kris has not entered rehab, sources close to the family in 2015 said “Her appetite for booze and partying is way worse than anyone else in the family — there were nights she even drank Scott under the table!”

2 Charlie Sheen

Via typepad and telegraph

There are many people out there that want to be loved as much as Charlie Sheen loves liquor! You do some googling for Charlie Sheen partying and let us tell you, you can definitely find what you're looking for (and some stuff you probably weren't looking for). The photo on the left was taken after Sheen left Two and a Half Men. While the bottle is labelled "tiger blood," you can imagine it has some alcoholic content to it.

The photo on the right was taken in 2011 and features an inebriated Sheen partying with his three girlfriends: model Megan Lavant, Natalie Kenly and adult film star Bree Olsen.

Sheen also has a hilarious (albeit sad) video posted on YouTube that shows him absolutely hammered meeting a fan in the drive through of a Taco Bell. Not the best look, buddy!

1 Paris Hilton Again

Via dailymail and lifesavage

Congratulations, Paris Hilton. There are so many photos on the internet of celebrities being drunk and partying and you are the only one who had the distinction of having 4 of your photos get blasted here. Also congratulations to you, as you’ve now seen the drunkest celebrity photos the internet has to offer. Let’s hope you’ve taken some tips for when you go out and get your own drink on!

I don’t even know where to start on the left photo. It’s bad enough that she’s fallen, but why does she look like she’s turning that into her new sleeping position?

At least when she’s also on her knees in the right photo, she’s able to smile and laugh it off. Maybe she thought dressing up like a cat would mean she’d always stay on her feet. Something tells us even if the cameras didn’t catch it, her night probably ended up similar to the photo on the left.

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