Top 15 Startling Conspiracy Theories About World War II

History is chock full of intricate conspiracy theories about a whole range of events. Most are utter nonsense and dismissed out of hand. Others have just that little trace of truth enough to keep beli

History is chock full of intricate conspiracy theories about a whole range of events. Most are utter nonsense and dismissed out of hand. Others have just that little trace of truth enough to keep believers invested and some skeptics intrigued. In time, some of them have turned out to be true; some have been conclusively proven to be false; still others have persisted for years.

World War II is one of these events; an event that in truth shaped the foundation of the world we live in today. It is only natural that a whole string of controversial conspiracy theories would arise. Some of these theories involve the Allies, some Adolf Hitler and the Axis Powers. All have their hardcore believers who defend these theories fervently in hopes that one day they will be proven true. Personally, I don’t know if that will ever happen, but any reasonable person will admit that some conspiracy theories are just tantalizing enough to make you wonder.

Can some of them be true? No, not possible, right? But, what if? I mean there are those wild World War II conspiracies about the Nazis trying to turn sand into gold. There are reports of Hitler dispatching agents to find and recruit the mysterious alchemist Fulcanelli. Or, what about the writer who insists that Hitler was an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu? There was even one about the Vatican covering up the Pope’s efforts to try, unsuccessfully, to perform a long-distance exorcism of the Devil out of Hitler. Those are pretty wild, right? We haven’t even scratched the surface. Here to make you contemplate the possibilities are 15 of the most persistent, if not outrageous, conspiracy theories about World War II

15 Hitler Only Had One Testicle (With The Other Residing In The Albert Hall)


This one has been around since the late 1930s, the theory that Adolf Hitler only had one testicle. It was a pretty famous theory, at least in the United Kingdom, thanks a fairly popular British blue humor song of the 1940s. “Hitler has only got one ball, the other is in the Albert Hall…” Never heard it? Don’t worry about it. Regardless, the rumors persisted that this was true and, in fact, Hitler possibly had other genital issues, as well. Proponents point to some long lost medical files from an exam Hitler undertook when was arrested in 1923, following his famous Beer Hall Putsch. Supposedly, according to notes by the medical officer of Landsberg Prison, Dr. Josef Steiner Brin, Hitler suffered from right cryptorchidism, otherwise known as an undescended right testicle. Still other reports say an army medic who served with Hitler in World War I confirmed that Hitler lost a testicle during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

14 There’s Buried Nazi Gold Hidden In Europe


There are a few different Nazi Gold theories floating around nowadays. Rumors and myths persist of the Third Reich burying millions, maybe even billions, of pounds of looted gold and precious metals in buried stashes. One of the more popular ones is that the gold is buried in Lake Toplitz, high in the Austrian Alps, sixty miles away from Salzburg. They say that after the war, former SS members hired a team of divers to try and retrieve the gold, along with some reported sealed tubes that contained details of secret Nazi bank accounts in Switzerland. The rumors caused such a swelling in the number of treasure hunters in the area that Austria made it illegal for divers to treasure hunt in the lake.

13 The Mysterious Flight of Rudolf Hess


In the early days of the Nazi Party, Rudolf Hess was Hitler's number two man, the Deputy Fϋhrer. Then, on the eve of Germany’s declaration of war on the Soviet Union, in 1941, Hess took a plane and flew to Scotland. Many say it was a desperate attempt to negotiate peace with the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, he was promptly arrested and held until after the war. Then he was tried at Nuremberg and sentenced to life in prison. He remained imprisoned for the rest of his life at Spandau Prison, in Berlin, until his death in 1987. Why would Hess intentionally fly to Scotland knowing he would be arrested? Was he attempting to achieve some sort of diplomatic triumph by making peace with England on the eve of the Soviet invasion? There has never been a documented proof that anyone in the British government ever made any overtures to Hess that a secret peace would be possible. There is also no proof that Hess was falsely lured to Scotland in hopes of such an agreement.

12 Churchill’s Assassination Order on Mussolini


They say that Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England, ordered the assassination of Benito Mussolini to stop any compromising information from being released if the Italian dictator were captured. Supposedly, there were some letters Churchill had once sent to Mussolini where he expressed his admiration for the Italian strongman prior to the war. Churchill was desperate to ensure that details of these letters never came to light. It was no secret that Churchill had made some public declarations of admiration to his counterpart back in the 1920s. It was not uncommon for heads of governments to do so. In 1927, Churchill visited Rome and afterwards sent a letter to Mussolini, one made public, where he states, “Fascism has rendered a service to the entire world… If I were Italian, I am sure I would have been with you entirely from the beginning of your victorious struggle…” That was 1927, and Fascism had yet to acquire the stigma it attained when Hitler came to power. So it is understandable if Churchill was uneasy about other statements he might have made in private letters to Italy. I mean, when you’re a British war hero and go off professing your admiration for an accomplice to genocide, it wouldn’t look good.

11 The Philadelphia Experiment


The story goes that an experiment was conducted by the U.S. Navy where they hoped render a warship invisible to the enemy. To achieve this, they used a special application of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, where, with sufficient energy, they intended to bend light around the ship and render it basically invisible. The ship was the U.S.S. Eldridge and it not only disappeared, but was transported in a flash of blue light 200 miles to Norfolk, Virginia, before rematerializing back at its original location at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Pennsylvania. Also, the sailors on board the ship experienced side-effects and some were horribly killed when they rematerialized with their bodies partly fused with the metal of the ship. The code name assigned to the experiment was Project Rainbow and it took place around October 28, 1943. The Navy maintains that no such experiment occurred and that the whole story is a hoax. There really was a U.S.S. Eldridge but its war record contradicts with the timeline of the theory, not to mention the laws of physics. Regardless, the conspiracy theory persists.

10 The O.S.S. Assassinated General George S. Patton


Douglas Bazata was a highly-decorated U.S. Army marksman. He was an extraordinary soldier, part of an elite unit that parachuted into France to organize the resistance prior to the 1944 Normandy Invasion. He was also an operative of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the U.S. forerunner of the CIA. He ended his career as an aide to John Lehman, Secretary of the Navy for President Ronald Reagan. Years later, an elderly Bazata contacted historian Robert Wilcox and reportedly made an incredible claim: O.S.S. Chief, General “Wild Bill” Donovan ordered him to assassinate General George Patton. Bazata was full of grief for all the lives he took and had been struggling with it in his later years.

9 Hitler Had a Base In Antarctica


According to one conspiracy theory, the Nazis built a secret base in Antarctica and after the war in Europe ended, a secret war was fought in Antarctica with the United States eventually destroying the Nazis with a nuclear missile. That’s a big one, right? Well, proponents of the theory that this is being covered up point to these facts that are indisputable: Records show there was a German expedition to Antarctica in 1938. There was classified British military activity in Antarctica during the war. The U.S. did send a large naval force to the Antarctic in 1946, and then indeed detonated a nuclear missile there in 1958. Both the U.S. Naval expedition (Operation High Jump) and the nuclear explosion (Operation Argus) were classified until word of the action was leaked. That’s all that can be proven, so far.

8 The Thule, Vril, and Aliens


This theory is based on the previous Antarctic theory. The Vril and Thule are two secret societies rumored to have been active within the inner circle of the Nazi regime. The Third Reich was only a precursor to a new Fourth Reich that would unite the world under Nazi rule. The Thule Society was linked to the Nazi quest for mystic powers through the occult. Thule reportedly setup base in the Antarctic (see how this is beginning to fit). The Vril was the elite, inner circle of the Thule, which theorists insist was working in collusion with the heads of other world governments to ensure the new Fourth Reich.

7 Nazis Acquired Alien Technology


You see the pattern here…? This theory takes the above theory one step further. Some claim that the Nazis, through the help of the Thule Society, gained the use of alien technology to construct advanced airships in their secret Antarctica base. The story is that Hitler planned on using his new advanced alien-infused aircraft to launch an unparalleled airstrike simultaneously on London and New York. Some proponents point to the missing records and prototype for the suspected Nazi secret weapon, Die Glocke (“The Bell”). Others say it’s missing because it never existed. There are reportedly also photos circulating and eyewitness accounts of these Nazi UFO’s that were constructed in the final days of World War II, which were relocated to the Antarctic to avoid them falling into Allied hands.

6 Nazis Had A Secret Moon Base


This is the culmination of the super-mega-Nazi-conspiracy theory. This says that the real reason the Americans and NASA raced to the moon was to verify the existence of the rumored Nazi presence already there! Supposedly, in 1957, the Soviets notified America that they had intelligence that the Nazis used their advanced alien technology to flee (just prior to their base being destroyed in 1958) and setup base on the moon. They say documents recovered from Berlin indicated that Hitler’s scientists discovered the moon substance called Helium 3 (He-3). This light, non-radioactive isotope is highly valuable for its value to nuclear fission. Our sun creates an unlimited amount of the stuff, but our atmosphere prevents most of it from getting to us. The moon has no atmosphere so it’s literally everywhere!

5 Dr. Giuseppe Belluzzo


So, if the Nazi’s received alien knowledge, then who would’ve been able to understand and implement their plans in building these new Nazi-Alien craft? Theorists suggest it had to be Italian engineer, Dr. Giuseppe Belluzzo. Belluzzo was an expert in turbine design and published fifty technical publications starting in 1905. Many of his innovative designs are still the standard today. Right about the time a UFO wave hit Italy in the 1950s, Belluzzo published an article claiming that the UFO’s were nothing new and that he was instrumental in creating the first of these Earth-based craft beginning in 1942. He claimed many of these were craft were unmanned and he published some of his early sketches. They had project names like “Kugeblitz,” and “Feuerball.”

4 George W. Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise to Power


Former U.S. President George W. Bush’s grandfather was the powerful U.S. senator, Prescott Bush. Theorist report that files in the U.S. National Archives prove that Prescott Bush, as a director and major shareholder of several companies, profited from the financing of the Nazi Third Reich. Under the Trading with the Enemy Act, those business interests were seized in 1942. In fact, two Holocaust survivors from Auschwitz filed a civil suit in Germany against the Bush family. This theory has been around for a while, much of it inaccurate or otherwise unfair; however, some documents do show that even after the U.S. entered World War II, Bush continued his business association with several German industries with direct links to the Nazis. Now, there is no evidence that Prescott Bush was pro-Nazi, but reportedly his firm, Brown Brothers Harriman, was the financial backbone for German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen, who in turn helped finance Hitler’s rise to power.

3 Prescott Bush Planned a Fascist Coup In America


Conspiracy theorists love the Bush family. There’s even a good one about President George H.W. Bush’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination! But I digress. This one argues that a group of powerful men, led by Prescott Bush, plotted to overthrow U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, installing a new government based on the fascist ideology of Hitler and Mussolini. The story goes that, in 1933, these wealthy industrialists and bankers, approached U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Butler and asked him to take command of a 500,000-strong army of rogue veterans that would help stage a coup to overthrown Roosevelt. Army General Hugh S. Johnson, head of the National Recovery Administration, would be installed as the new dictator. They insisted this was necessary to combat the effects of the Depression. Some of the backers were the heads of the great industrial giants, most of which are still household names, including Heinz, Colgate, Birds Eye, General Motors, and J.P. Morgan.

2 Hitler Died In Argentina, Not Berlin


This rumor has endured for years and states that Nazi Fϋhrer Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide as is believe in 1945, but in truth fled to Argentina where lived in secrecy. The theory believes that Hitler lived in Argentina for another seventeen years after the war, and possibly even raised two daughters before he died in 1962. It is claimed that the skull fragments that are in Russian possession are actually those of a young woman. It is well-known that Stalin, Eisenhower, and even J. Edgar Hoover, all entertained the notion that Hitler might have escaped Berlin in the final days of the war. Hoover put his Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to work investigating the claims that Hitler’s death was faked. Conspiracy theorists report that hidden in the FBI’s declassified Hitler files are documents proving he survived, such a marriage certificate and assorted political documents.

1 Pearl Harbor Conspiracy


This theory is one of the most controversial theories about World War II. Theorists contend that U.S President Franklin Roosevelt had knowledge of an impending attack on Pearl Harbor and deliberately failed to act. This theory can trace its origins to the America First Committee, a group of far-left pacifists and far-right isolationists, who put it to the public in a 1944 pamphlet.

These are their five main points. One, Roosevelt wanted to get into a war with Japan and Germany. The strong isolationist mood of America made people far more concerned with the economy than international affairs. An unprovoked attack would galvanize the public for war. Two, all the fighter planes were intentionally left out in the open, exposed to attack. This was actually due to the fear of sabotage and was done so that a limited amount of security could keep watch over a large amount of planes. Three, the McCollum memo outlines a strategy in the Pacific detailing a war goal. Although, this memo detail a war plan scenario, there is actually no evidence that it ever crossed Roosevelt’s desk. Four, army operators ignored radar signatures of the approaching Japanese planes. The equipment was not fully operational and the operators were novices. Their supervisor erroneously misidentified the radar contacts as an expected group of American B-17’s. Five, three aircraft carriers were conveniently out of port and safely away. The naval leadership wasn’t that smart. How would they have known how important a role carrier warfare would play in the war? Naval tactics dictated the importance of the battleship, as carriers were a fairly new concept and untested in battle.

Is the theory true? Maybe. Many historians believe it was more of a case of unheeded warning and missed signals than a conspiracy.


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Top 15 Startling Conspiracy Theories About World War II