Top 15 Horrifying Websites You Should Never Ever Visit

The following list was not composed for those who scare easily. In fact, this list contains some of the most creepy and disturbing websites to be found on the internet. These websites are so eerie and scary that trigger warnings often accompany them. Even if you are a claimed fan of all things horror-related, you will still find these sites very hard to stomach.

After reading this list, you will not be surprised to hear that some of the founders of these horror sites ran into legal trouble over their content. This list includes numerous types of sites from online games all the way to serial killer blogs. So sit back and take a look at the top 15 sites on the web we recommend you never visit.

15 White Enamel

Kicking off our list is an online game known only by the title White Enamel. All we can say is that this game is certainly not for the faint of heart. When playing this game, one is instructed to click their way around an abandoned insane asylum. White Enamel is said to be so terrifying that players often mistake the footage of the asylum as being real. Some even feel like they are watching a horror movie. This is a game that will stick with you long after you play it...if you are brave enough. If the creepy location isn’t enough, then the game's soundtrack of an old man singing eerily will certainly make you feel uncomfortable. White Enamel is a very slow-moving walk-through game that is certainly not recommended for those that scare easily as the anticipation of something about to jump out at you is almost unbearable. We know for sure that we won’t be visiting this site again anytime soon.

14 Plane Crash Info

The website Plane Crash Info is probably one of the most heartbreaking sites on this list. For your own sake, we recommend that you stay well away from it. This site provides visitors access to accident stats, reports, maps, photos, and last words of plane crash victims. If this isn’t all hard enough to deal with, the website also included actual audio depicting the plane’s final moments in the air, the pilot’s orders, passengers’ final words, and the devastating moments the plane actually crashes below. This is a lot to deal with for the average person and those who have visited the site before having spoken about how they felt traumatized and wished they could un-see some of the devastating things they witnessed on the site.

13 Cryptomundo

Next up is Cryptomundo, a website dedicated to encounters with creatures that exist as stuff of legends or deep-rooted conspiracy theories. Crypotomundo has got to be one of the most unique communities on the internet, built on mainly a male presence, who document their encounters or attempts to hunt down these creatures in a series of separate posts all posted on Crypotomundo’s main forum. Some of the creatures these men are on a quest to find, include Chupacabras, Bigfoot, and an array of lake monsters and sea serpents. However, these blog posts are a lot more eerie and much less humorous than they sound. Often, they describe very believable sightings of these creatures in locations all over the world that may leave you questioning if perhaps there is some truth to the conspiracy theories behind their existence.

12 Hashima Island

Next up is Hashima Island which is certainly one of the eeriest cases on our list. This site lets users drag and click their way around the forgotten world of Hashima, a deserted island on the coast of Japan. Hashima Island is such a creepy destination not just because it is completely abandoned but because it has a dark history as a site for forced labor in its undersea coal mines prior to and during the Second World War. Hashima was at its peak population in 1959 with 5,259 people occupying the island. In 1974, with the coal mines reaching their end, the mine was closed and all of the residents departed soon after, leaving the island effectively abandoned. It is for this reason that the location has become known as “the ghost island of Japan.” When taking the virtual tour, visitors to the website can see everything from the “stairway to hell” to the actual coal mines. Everything looks so real that you will feel as if you are actually there, only this is not a good thing as the eerie feeling that follows is almost impossible to shake off.

11 Bestgore

Before we get into an actual description of what Bestgore actually contains, we’ll begin by telling you that the site was so controversial and disturbing that is actually got its founder, Mark Marek, thrown in jail. Still not put off? Okay, you asked for it! Best Gore is known as what is called a shock site, which is pretty self-explanatory with its main aim being to inflict shock on its user. The site contains the most disturbing videos you can imagine. Take beheadings and dismemberment as some examples. The most scary thing of all, though, is that these are not made-up videos, but are all rather highly violent real-life news, photos, and videos. Nothing on Bestgore is pretend as it is a disturbingly real depiction of the horrors on monstrosities happening on our own planet. These are things we believe no one should have to witness. So stay away from Bestgore or you will regret it.

10 Death Map

Next, we have a website that goes by the name of Death Map where the explanation really is in the title. Death Map, in real time, shows you every death occurring in the world at any given time you log on. After logging on to the site, visitors will be presented with a map of the world and shortly after, red dots will start appearing above whichever country has just had a death. Death Map is not all negative, though, as along with these red dots, green dots are also popping up to show all the births that are happening in the world. This is interesting in one sense as you get to witness the population ratio of the world balancing out. However, one can choose to only use the dark side of this site by clicking the red dots option only. Not only will the site show the death, but a symbol often pops up to present this person’s religion—like a cross for a Christian. We’re not fans of this site and would advise that you stay away from it. Anything that makes you think about your mortality or see how easy it would be for us to be red dots is not something worth thinking about.

9 Death Date

Death Date is a website that seems to confidently take on a near impossible task of telling someone the exact date they are going to die. The first thing users are presented with upon clicking into Death Date is a simple question—so, you want to know when? If you answer yes, you will be required to fill out some personal information about yourself such as your height, weight, birth date, gender, and the stimulants you ingest (i.e. cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs). With all this done, you will be provided with your supposed expiration death. On top of this, after the date is provided, you will be informed of the exact amount of time you have left before you reach this date. This will include the number of years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and even seconds you have remaining along with the “percent of life passed” section that tells you what percentage of your life you have already frittered away. We don’t actually believe that this site can actually predict the date of your death but anything that gets you caught up in a negative thought pattern about dying and death is not good for anyone.

8 Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is a series on online comics that you should never Google search, especially late at night. The name Bongcheon was originally the title of an extremely impoverished area of Seoul, which has since been renamed to avoid negative past associations. The comic was created by cartoonist Jong-Ho Choi, or Horang, as he’s better known and includes a “trigger warning” upon entering. This is definitely one of the scariest webcomic out there on the internet. Those who have dared to enter the site have described it as downright disturbing and something they will not be visiting ever again. It’s also been said that even though the entire text is in Korean, there is no question as to what’s occurring in these strips. The illustrations are so graphic and clear that the language barrier doesn’t take away any of the comic’s scariness. The strip begins with a girl walking on a deserted street alone when she sees a strange-looking man in the distance, and from here on, things don’t get any less eerie.

7 The Fifth Nail Exposed

The Fifth Nail Exposed is next up and it's definitely one of the darkest cases on this list. This website is a blog completely based on one man’s life as a convicted serial killer and violent s*xual predator. What’s most disturbing of it all is that the blog actually contains content from the criminal himself. Although the man who began his crimes in the '70s is now still in jail, he sends handwritten content to the creep running the blog. The criminal, Joseph E. Duncan III, is reported to have handwritten a number of posts from his jail cell that were then typed out and uploaded onto the site. This is an extremely disturbing part of the internet as one can get a clear insight into the mind and actions of a dangerous serial killer. I don't know about you but I'm not one to really take my time and even visit this website myself.

6 Death Row Information

Death Row Information is a very self-explanatory title for the website, as it just provides all types of death row information to those who dare to click into it. All information comes from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and trust us when we say that these information are infos you really do not want to know. It includes precise details on all things death row-related, including accounts of past executions and the final words of criminals just before they died. One can also click through the list of people in the United Stated currently on death row and read about their cases and the amount of time they have been on the waiting list for execution. Perhaps the most disturbing feature of the website is it’s a calendar highlighted with all the upcoming executions. This site is just plain disturbing all over and unless you have a personal vested interest on someone on the death row line, stay well clear of it.

5 Joy Of Satan

Joy of Satan is dedicated to the religion Satanism. For those not familiar with this belief system, it is defined as a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs based on the character of Satan and was founded in 1966. Joy of Satan contains endless information of the religion, including its beliefs, origins, details about Lucifer, and even how to become a Satanist. Nevertheless, the most unsettling part of the website is the manner in which it tries to rig visitors into joining Satanism. These pages usually focus on teens and children as they encourage them to join hell’s army and to even summon demons from beyond. This may all seem harmless and even silly to those who don’t believe in dark forces. But even so, many would agree that no matter what you believe, this is not something children and teenagers should be getting themselves caught up in.

4 Darwin Time

Darwin Time is a website dedicated to a compilation of conspiracy theories covering an endless array of theories including 9/11, Hitler, and even Woodstock. What it so eerie about this site, apart from its content, is the layout of the page. Darwin time is an extremely messy and disorganized site filled with disturbing images and writing all laid out on top of each other. The site looks as if it was made by a madman unsure of what he was doing but desperate to get all the content up there. Along with this, there are thousands of hyperlinks littered randomly throughout the posts, which surprisingly all seem to work. This is certainly the creepiest conspiracy theory website out there. So creepy, in fact, that the Twitter account associated with Darwin Time was close down due to its strange and scary content.

3 Skyway Bridge

Next up is a very sad case that comes in the form of the online website Skyway Bridge. Skyway Bridge is dedicated solely to tracking the suicides from one of the most popular suicide bridges in the US, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. This bridge is the fourth most popular suicide bridge in all of America and those that click into the site can see the list of all those tragic individuals who lost their lives jumping off the bridge. A visitor to the site can see the most recent deaths but also has the option of looking back through the “jumper pages” that takes them back through the decades, as far back as the first few suicides that took place. In one part of the site, users have the option of reporting a suicide on the bridge by filling out a form detailing the events of the jumper leaping to their death. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is located on the West Coast of Florida and by clicking on this site, one will be able to see just how far the tradition of Florida’s doomed bridge goes back.

2 A Columbine Site

A Columbine Site is a website dedicated to documenting the tragic shootings that took place in Columbine High School. The site takes visitors through the devastating shootings that occurred almost 20 years ago in heartbreaking detail. Apart from actual descriptions of the mass murder, visitors can also gain further access to insights on the killers themselves. For those of you who don’t know about the Columbine shootings, they took place in Colorado on April 20th in 1999 and were a highly-planned attack involving a fire bomb to divert firefighters, propane tanks converted to bombs placed in the cafeteria, 99 explosive devices, and carbombs. Behind this attack were two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. In the end, 12 were dead and 21 injured. Both Harris and Klebold committed suicide. It is with all this information in mind that one can see just why this website is so dark and if this wasn't enough, it also includes video footage of both the perpetrators before they were murderers and highlights their exact route through the high school on that fateful day.

1 Human Leather

At the top of our list, we have a site that's named Human Leather and we are very sorry to inform you that unfortunately, this site is exactly what it is. Human Leather is a British sales website that sells products that have been manufactured from human skin. These products are said to resemble leather and may even be mistaken for leather. But make no mistake as they have been carved from actual human skin. You may be asking where this human flesh comes from. Well, the site answers this by saying, “Human Leather is produced from skin sourced from everyday normal people. These people have bequeathed their skin to us prior to their death.” Yes, that’s correct. People have actually chosen to donate their skin to be made into these products. This leaves so many questions. Who would even want to donate their skin to this? Who actually makes these products? And most importantly, who buys them? Belts seem to be the bestseller on Human Leather but they also offer various other products including shoes, wallets, and bags. Unless you want to have the sight of these products stuck in your mind for weeks, we insist you avoid this creepy site at all costs.

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