Top 15 Dumbest Cults In The World

Since ancient times, the human race has looked up at the sky and wondered how everything around them came into being, and it was through these questions, which had no real physical answers, that faith and religion were born. Religion started out with humans believing in and worshiping sets of deities who were each responsible for certain things such as the sun, water, fertility, time, love, nature, lightning, war and death; with the most famous of these Gods coming from the Norse, and ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek mythologies. During the Roman Empire though, things began to change after the arrival and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and humanity began believing in a single all-powerful God, which is how we now have religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

It is true that people have killed in the name of God, and that religion has been used as justification for people killing one another throughout history, but deep down, the positive aspects of religion have always outweighed the negative. Religion offers people a sense of peace, and belonging, and it also instills a set of values and morals. But sometimes there are individuals who take advantage of certain people’s need to believe in a higher power, which is where cults come into play. A cult refers to a social group which has outlandish and even deviant beliefs, and in most cases, the beliefs of these cults are absolutely absurd-- to the extent that they are laughable. You'd have a hard time believing that people would follow such a foolish faith. Here is a list of the 15 dumbest cults in the world.


15 Children Of God


We start this list off with the cult known as Children of God, a group that also goes by the name Family International or Family of Love, and they are one of the main reasons why the word cult became so synonymous with crazy belief systems. This cult started in 1968, and they became famous at the time for making sexuality a significant portion of their belief, in fact they used sex as a clever promotional tool by telling their members to have sex with non-members in order to convert them to the faith. If that were not dumb enough, the group also had some very specific rules when it came to sex and sexuality, as women were allowed to be bi-sexual, just as long as there was a man present in the room. The group also really loved Jesus, to the extent that both men and women were expected to think of and picture Jesus during sex or special alone time; and for the men, they were told to imagine that they are women in order for the experience not to be homosexual in nature.

14 Chen Tao

The United States for some reason happens to be a hub for some really stupid cults, so much so that some cults which started out in other countries, actually migrated over because of their belief specifying the importance of the US. One of these cults was Chen Tao (translated as True Way), which was founded in Taiwan by Hong-Ming Chen, and it was built around some strange beliefs which involved combining Buddhism, Taoism and UFOs. In this religion, the Earth was believed to have gone through five massive tribulations, starting with the extinction of the dinosaurs, and during each of these tribulations, God would send a flying saucer to save those who were living in a part of North America that we all now know as Texas. As a result of this, Chen was able to convince his followers to move to Garland, Texas, where they waited to be saved by the saucer in 1998; and when that did not happen, most of the cult disbanded. If you were a part of this cult, you would also have to believe that each person would be reincarnated three times, that the universe is more than 4.5 trillion years old, and that our solar system was created as a result of some kind of alien nuclear war.

13 Ho No Hana

via Ho No Hana

The United States is not the only country that has to deal with stupid and crazy cults within its borders, as such cults exist all over world, including countries like Japan where their dumbest cult is more like a fetish than a religion. Ho No Hana is the name of this cult, and it is often referred to as the “foot reading cult” due to the fact that the entire religion revolved around its founder Hogen Fukunaga, who claimed he could tell a person their future by simply touching their feet. Fukunaga said that he was able to tell people’s futures because he was the reincarnation of both Buddha and Jesus Christ, and this claim allowed the cult to grow in size until there were roughly 30,000 followers. Like most things in life, having your future read to you was not free, as followers had to pay Fukunaga nine hundred dollars in order for him to touch their feet, and this level of compensation led to some of the cult’s defectors to successfully sue Fukunaga for millions of dollars in damages.

12 The Universe People


As was already mentioned, there are crazy and dumb cults all over the world, and Europe is no different, as it is home to some whacky ones, including the cult known as the Universe People, a group that also goes by the name, Cosmic People of Light Powers. This cult calls the Czech Republic its home, and they have been around since the late 1990s with Ivo A. Benda serving as its leader, and they believe in the existence of alien civilizations who have been in contact with Benda and others since 1997. This group is considered to be the most distinctive UFO cult in the Czech Republic, and for good reason considering that they believe in a humanoid alien named Ashtar Sheran, who possesses a fleet of ten million spaceships which orbit our planet and defend it from an evil alien race of lizard-men called the Saurians, who want to fill our hearts with evil; and for those followers who are good, they get brought onto one of these ships and are transported to another dimension to live.

11 Remnant Fellowship

via Remnant Fellowship

A lot of people decide to go on diets in order to make themselves skinnier and healthier, and normally you would not think about religion while dieting, but there are some cults out there which combine the two. One of these cults is known as the Remnant Fellowship, which was founded in 1999 in Tennessee by its leader Gwen Shamblin, a person who you might be surprised to know is not a big fan of overweight people.

Shamblin has made it clear in her own words that God hates those who are overweight, so much so that if you are even a bit chubby, St. Peter will not allow you to pass through the Pearly Gates, even if you were a saint while you were alive. You would have to be a really gullible person to believe that God would care about how fat or skinny you are when it comes to getting into heaven, but what is even stupider is the fact that this is not even the dumbest cult associated with food that will be appearing on this list.

10 Creativity Movement

via Creativity Movement

As we all know, racial discrimination is still very much alive throughout the world, and there happen to be several religious cults out there in which belief in white supremacy is a major necessity in order to become a member. The Creativity Movement is one of those white supremacist new religious movements, and they were founded in Florida in 1973, with their most famous members being a pair of twin sisters who would sing songs regarding the denial of the Holocaust.

This group has its own flag consisting of a red background representing the white race’s struggle to survive, a W which symbolizes the white race, a crown which symbolizes the elite nature of the race, and a halo above the crown which symbolizes that the white race is more holy than any other. The main goal of this cult is to recruit at least half of the world’s white population to their cause, which is a very daunting task seeing as they only have a few hundred followers today, and their current leader is now serving a 40-year jail sentence for solicitation of murder and obstruction of justice.

9 Sons Of Freedom

via City of Vancouver

When people think of Canada, they think of hockey, maple syrup, free health care, and the people, who are considered to be very polite and apologetic in nature, but Canada also has its own rather dumb cults. The dumbest of these Canadian cults are The Sons of Freedom, and these Freedomites (as they like to be called), first showed up in Canada in 1902 when they popped up somewhere in Saskatchewan. This cult started out as a group of religious Russian Doukhobors who wanted to come to Canada to escape persecution in their own country, and when they arrived, they became a fairly radical group who believe in communal living and action, while also refusing to take part in civilized society, which has put them at odds with the government several times. They also believe in anarchic behavior which is why whenever they are told to do something by a government organization, they respond by doing things such as burning piles of money, or decide to burn down schools, banks, or bridges. The best thing about this group, is that every time they commit these acts, they have to do so while completely nude.


8 The Body

With this entry we return to the United States, where in Attleboro, Massachusetts, we have the cult known as The Body, which is more commonly referred to as the Attleboro Cult. This group is a strict sect of Christians who were led by a man named Roland Robidoux, and who operated out of a duplex apartment building. The Body is incredibly dumb because of the fact that their belief required them to denounce all aspects of mainstream society, aspects which included things like education, banking, government, entertainment, science, entertainment, and medicine. With that being said, members of this cult were not even able to wear glasses or see a doctor if they got sick, which is where the true stupidity of this cult came into play, as children started to get sick and die from easily treated illnesses as a result of their belief, which is why the government intervened and caused most of the group to disband.

7 Church Of Euthanasia


Whether you believe it or not, the Earth is suffering from human overpopulation, as there are just too many of us for the planet to sustain, which is why countries like China at one point made it a law for couples to only have a single child. Overpopulation is indeed a serious issue, but for the Church of Euthanasia, it is the only issue that matters, and based on their name, you can deduce how exactly they want overpopulation to be solved.

This group was founded in Boston by a man named Chris Korda, and their goal is to reduce the world’s population in order to “restore balance” by encouraging people to have abortions and perform sodomy. Those are their tamed methods though, as they also encourage people to reduce the human population through cannibalism and suicide, and they even offered instructions on their website about how to commit suicide, which led to several lawsuits from grieving families.

6 Heaven’s Gate

via Monster

The biggest threat associated with cults is the possibility that the group will come to an end with every single member killing themselves in a mass suicide, and one of the most recent and famous examples of this type of mass suicide was performed by members of the Heaven’s Gate cult. This group was formed back in 1974, and went on to be based in San Diego, California, where it was led by Marshall Applewhite (above), and this UFO-based religion believed that the Earth was going to be wiped clean of all human life by 1997. According to their leader, the human body only served as a vessel which contained your true self, and that the only way to survive the end of the world was to kill yourself so that your true self could be transported to a spaceship which was travelling alongside the Hale-Bopp Comet. This mass suicide claimed the lives of 39 people, and they all died by eating poisoned pudding, while all the men for some reason needed to be castrated.

5 Order Of The Solar Temple


The Knights Templar were a powerful military order which originated during the Middle Ages, who were endorsed by the Catholic Church, and who were a major force during the Crusades, and this group was the inspiration behind the cult known as the Order of the Solar Temple. This group was founded in 1984, and at first appeared to just be an organization of men who simply enjoyed history, but that view quickly changed when the group’s ideology took a dark turn into true cult territory. In 1994, this group murdered a baby who they believed was the Antichrist, and this act led the group to conduct a series of murders and suicides which ended up claiming the lives of dozens of people. What is really funny about this cult is that every member thought they would be heading to paradise no matter what, a paradise which they said was on the planet Sirius, which happens to actually be a star like our own sun.

4 Breatharianism


In order for us to live a normal and healthy life, our bodies need to consume three things on a daily basis, and those things are, food, water and oxygen, but there are cults out there who do not believe that to be the case. Breatharianism is a belief that draws some of its inspiration from yoga, and dictates that humans do not need to eat food or drink fluids to live, that our bodies are perfectly capable of surviving through just breathing air. Obviously, this way of thinking is incredibly stupid, so stupid in fact that the leader of this group, who was an Australian woman who liked to be called Jasmuheen, did not even follow her own beliefs. As it turns out, three members of this group surprisingly died as a result of starvation, all while Jasmuheen would go off and eat actual food.

3 Fellowship Of Friends


In most cases, cults are lead by individuals who claim that they are able to communicate with either beings from another world, or with God, but in the case of the Fellowship of Friends, their leader claimed to communicate with people who were long dead. Their leader is named Robert Earl Burton (above), and he claimed to be in communication with a myriad of historical figures such as Founding Father Benjamin Franklin and the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, and it was with this ‘gift’ that he was able to attract followers. What is very interesting about this group is the fact the leader gets to have an absurd amount of fun, as every single member of this cult is required to offer sexual favors to Burton if they want to get into heaven. This cult currently has a few hundred followers, which is surprising considered that Burton incorrectly predicted a world ending nuclear war in 2006.

2 Raelism

With this entry we have another UFO religion-based cult known as Raelism, and it has actually been around since 1974 after it was founded by Claude Vorilhon (left) who now goes by the name Rael. In this religion, our planet was created by an alien race known as the Elohim, a race which Buddha and Jesus were apparently a part of. As it turns out, the group’s leader has actually spoken to the Elohim, who have told him that they are the angels mentioned in religious texts, and the only way we will be able to meet them is if we acknowledge their existence, and live a peaceful life in the way the Raelists do; and it is because of these communications, that the group has claimed they are able to clone people. Because of how important their leader is, the group’s followers need to keep him as happy as possible, which is why there are a select group of women known as “Rael’s Angels” who have, to fulfill all his needs, including those of the sexual variety.

1 Nuwaubianism


At the number one spot on this list we have Nuwaubianism, which is the last cult to be associated with aliens, and this cult which is located in Putnam County, Georgia, was founded by American writer and musician Dwight York. Before starting this religion, York was heavily involved with Black Islam during the 1960s, and as the years went by and he studied cosmology, he created his own belief which was centered around conspiracy theories, aliens, and the faith of the ancient Egyptians. As a writer, York produced hundreds of pamphlets which covered a wide variety of subjects, but in basically all of them, he made it clear that he was from another planet called Rizq where he worked as a master teacher; and this extraterrestrial scholar ended up getting arrested for molesting children in the early 2000s, an arrest which for some reason was not enough to cause all his followers to abandon him and the faith.

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