Top 15 Dumbest Cults In The World

Since ancient times, the human race has looked up at the sky and wondered how everything around them came into being, and it was through these questions, which had no real physical answers, that faith and religion were born. Religion started out with humans believing in and worshiping sets of deities who were each responsible for certain things such as the sun, water, fertility, time, love, nature, lightning, war and death; with the most famous of these Gods coming from the Norse, and ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek mythologies. During the Roman Empire though, things began to change after the arrival and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and humanity began believing in a single all-powerful God, which is how we now have religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

It is true that people have killed in the name of God, and that religion has been used as justification for people killing one another throughout history, but deep down, the positive aspects of religion have always outweighed the negative. Religion offers people a sense of peace, and belonging, and it also instills a set of values and morals. But sometimes there are individuals who take advantage of certain people’s need to believe in a higher power, which is where cults come into play. A cult refers to a social group which has outlandish and even deviant beliefs, and in most cases, the beliefs of these cults are absolutely absurd-- to the extent that they are laughable. You'd have a hard time believing that people would follow such a foolish faith. Here is a list of the 15 dumbest cults in the world.

15 Children Of God


14 Chen Tao

13 Ho No Hana

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12 The Universe People


11 Remnant Fellowship

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A lot of people decide to go on diets in order to make themselves skinnier and healthier, and normally you would not think about religion while dieting, but there are some cults out there which combine the two. One of these cults is known as the Remnant Fellowship, which was founded in 1999 in Tennessee by its leader Gwen Shamblin, a person who you might be surprised to know is not a big fan of overweight people.

10 Creativity Movement

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As we all know, racial discrimination is still very much alive throughout the world, and there happen to be several religious cults out there in which belief in white supremacy is a major necessity in order to become a member. The Creativity Movement is one of those white supremacist new religious movements, and they were founded in Florida in 1973, with their most famous members being a pair of twin sisters who would sing songs regarding the denial of the Holocaust.

9 Sons Of Freedom

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8 The Body

7 Church Of Euthanasia


Whether you believe it or not, the Earth is suffering from human overpopulation, as there are just too many of us for the planet to sustain, which is why countries like China at one point made it a law for couples to only have a single child. Overpopulation is indeed a serious issue, but for the Church of Euthanasia, it is the only issue that matters, and based on their name, you can deduce how exactly they want overpopulation to be solved.

6 Heaven’s Gate

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5 Order Of The Solar Temple


4 Breatharianism


3 Fellowship Of Friends


2 Raelism

1 Nuwaubianism


At the number one spot on this list we have Nuwaubianism, which is the last cult to be associated with aliens, and this cult which is located in Putnam County, Georgia, was founded by American writer and musician Dwight York. Before starting this religion, York was heavily involved with Black Islam during the 1960s, and as the years went by and he studied cosmology, he created his own belief which was centered around conspiracy theories, aliens, and the faith of the ancient Egyptians. As a writer, York produced hundreds of pamphlets which covered a wide variety of subjects, but in basically all of them, he made it clear that he was from another planet called Rizq where he worked as a master teacher; and this extraterrestrial scholar ended up getting arrested for molesting children in the early 2000s, an arrest which for some reason was not enough to cause all his followers to abandon him and the faith.

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Top 15 Dumbest Cults In The World