Top 15 Dark Theories About Pokémon

Which video game do you think is the most popular around the world since the invention of this type of media? If your answer is Pokémon, then you are pretty close because it is second only to the Mari

Which video game do you think is the most popular around the world since the invention of this type of media? If your answer is Pokémon, then you are pretty close because it is second only to the Mario franchise. In addition to just being a video game, Pokémon has spread to becoming a leader even in manga, anime, spin-off games, TV series, and so much more. Chances of Pokémon taking the lead in the near future are very high, thanks to the popularity of Pokémon GO.

One amazing thing about Pokémon is its huge fan base, which most people who do not understand might end up calling us crazy, a term that is in no way offensive since playing Pokémon is crazy fun and captivating. What makes Pokémon better than all other games is just how complex its world is, the amazing features it has, the tough enemies, the powerful evolutions, and the secrets begging to be discovered there in.

Although most massive franchises have fan theories that are not always true but make a lot of sense, none comes close to the theories you will find in Pokémon. Fans here are relentless in searching for mysteries and coming up with theories to solve, since the twenty years of material here are more than enough to have fun with.

Pokémon might have an innocent exterior where even the youngest of fans will enjoy playing, but there is so much going on that a keen eye will capture that will beg further investigation. You will develop so many questions as you continue to get familiar with the game, and since the developers will not always have the answers, you might find yourself coming up with theories of your own. Here are the top 15 dark theories about Pokémon going around, which one, in your opinion, is too far-fetched?

15 Pokemon Games Begin After A Great War Theory

Via The Insightful Panda

Originally, Pokémon players simply caught, trained, and battled Pokémon against other people, in a world where there are bad guys, good guys, championships, and gyms. The Poke-journey commenced after a player received a blue starter Pokémon from Dr. Oak, and the rest will depend on how good a player is. However, a keen observer will notice that there are hardly any adults in the game, only very young and very old people. This is where the "Pokémon games began after a great war" theory comes from, and evidence supporting this line of thought is overwhelming. Most fans conclude that the lack of adults in Kanto is a consequence of the war that claimed most of the adult fighters' lives. Since the Pokémon world is centered around, combat and training, there are hardly any housing or infrastructure in the earlier games, and there is the lack of communication between regions and even players.

14 The Legendary Beasts And The Original Eeveelutions Theory

Via YouTube

The legendary beasts Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are, according to this theory, what most fans think are reincarnations of the original Eeveelutions that were introduced in Pokémon's first generation series. The original Eeveelutions were obtainable using Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, and Water Stone. However, these legendary beasts are said to have perished in the fire of the Brass Tower in Ecruteak City, perishing together with the tower because there was no way of escape. Nonetheless, when Ho-Oh flew over the burnt tower, it resurrected the three using its power of resurrection according to Johto folklore. Whether the legendary beasts are the original Eeveelutions or just ordinary Pokémon is a question that still begs an answer, but most fans are convinced that they are reincarnations of the original Eeveelutions. Reasons to support this theory include the fact that these two share color schemes and typing, the legendary beast's hidden abilities are the original Eeveelutions normal abilities, and both groups share the same quadrupedal.

13 Ash's Coma Theory

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Everyone loves Ash, a 10-year-old boy who hardly ever ages and plays the leading role in the Pokémon series. Ash has always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master and is the first human character in Pokémon. However, a number of theories have come up surrounding this character, one of them being that he is in a coma. After Ash was hit by lightning in the first episodes of the series, the story development, the pace, and the tone of the series seem to have had a significant change. Since Ash is in a coma, his subconscious mind is slowly fulfilling his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master, a dream that he risks waking up from if he does become one. If Ash were to realize that he is in a coma, chances of suffering brain damage upon waking up would be too high to risk, which is why he has to remain in this state until he takes down all mental barriers along the way.

12 Arceus The Creator Theory

Via Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur - DeviantArt

Who would you say created the Pokémon universe? The creator of this Universe remains silent. However, a theory exists that Arceus made use of Unown to create the universe, as it is, a theory that most Pokémon fans hold strong to. Since Arceus' nickname is "The Original One", chances of it being present from the beginning are very high. Arceus is believed to have shaped the universe using its 1000 arms, although looking at it, you will hardly see any of those arms. The Unown, on the other hand, are weak when alone but very powerful as a group, since a group of them is credited with the creation of a crystal palace as well as Entei from thin air. If there is a chance that Arceus can use Unown to do its will, then it is possible that the Unown were Arceus' tools during the construction of the Universe, proving the theory right.

11 The Cubone Theory


Most Pokémon have their baby forms that look exactly as their adult versions do, only smaller, or have their pre-evolution forms, which have a clear connection and have numerous similarities. However, the Kangaskhan have no history of evolution and we know them only in their adult stage. This begs the question of what its baby form is and if it has any. Many Pokémon fans believe that the Cubone is the baby Kangaskhan, a theory that sounds quite convincing. According to this theory, the Cubone is a Kangaskhan that has not yet evolved but needs a mother's care to evolve. If its mother dies without giving it the care it deserves, it takes up her skull as a helmet of protection and a bone, thereafter evolving into a Marowak. The theory also continues to explain that a Kangaskhan is a female creature which is the reason it has a pouch, but Cubones are male and if they do evolve into Kangaskhans, their genders would change to female.

10 Kabutops Is A Genesect Theory

Via YouTube

Although no one says for sure that the Genesect is an evolved or an improved on Kabutops, the similarity between the two is so much that fans came up with the theory that a Genesect is an experimented on Kabutops. In support of the theory, their physical appearance, their head structures, and their facial features are similar, whereas their weight and height differ slightly only to accommodate the additional features on the Genesect. The two have almost identical pokedex, and their difference in color or type is only further evidence of a transformation. Since team Plasma experimented upon the Kabutops in order to make it the ultimate killing machine, it only makes sense that they could have strapped armor on him and added some canons. Team Plasma took the strongest pre-historic hunter that lived over 300 million years ago and revived its fossil to become possibly the strongest modern version of itself.

9 The Pokémon Manipulate Physics Theory


Our world and the Pokémon world are very different because you do not expect to find electric mice in your basement, malevolent balloons, or any other weird creatures that are present in the Pokémon world here on earth. As a way to explain the difference in how the laws of physics work here and in the Pokémon universe, Pokémon fans have come up with a theory that Pokémon are actually energy creatures that have the ability to manipulate physics. Some people have observed and concluded that since the Pokeball has the ability to convert matter into energy; it manages to capture a Pokémon, convert it into light, and bounce it on mirrors on its sides at the speed of light. Furthermore, since Pokémon are energy beings, they can convert energy to matter, which is the reason they manifest stars, fire, giant hands, and the like during their attacks. The concept behind this theory is possibly the explanation why the Pokeball has no effect on a human being or an unconscious Pokémon.

8 Ditto Is A Corrupted Mew Clone Theory

Via YouTube

According to some Pokémon game developers, each Pokémon is designed to be its own unique living being with its unique element, a point of view that contradicts most fan theories, including this one that claims that Ditto is a corrupted Mew clone. The theory has so much going for it that not even a Pokémon development official can convince fans otherwise; unless he or she comes up with a good explanation as to the reason the Ditto fits the description of a failed Mew clone. One thing that makes Mew truly unique from other Pokémon is its ability to change its form into that of another Pokémon, a unique quality that it shares with Ditto. In the scientists' attempts to replicate Mew, they use its genetic material but totally fail when it came to how the clone looked like. The color the two share are identical, he can temporarily transform into another Pokémon but Ditto is only half as strong.

7 Voltorb Is A Possessed Pokeball Theory

Via YouTube

Although some people consider this theory a bit far-fetched compared to others on this list considering how different these two characters are, but it still deserves to be here. The theory that Voltrob is a Pokeball possessed by a haunter is very popular among most Pokémon fans and looking at Voltorb keenly will make you understand why this theory exists. The main similarity between the two is in their eyes, since their eyes are nothing short of being identical. The proponents of the theory state that haunter got trapped in the Pokeball and exploded while attempting to get out, a situation that led to the Pokeball turning into Voltorb and losing its trademark Pokeball button that other Pokeballs have. Furthermore, since Voltorb does not have the Pokeball button that enables it to open, it cannot get out and therefore explodes in anger due to its feeling trapped in the ball.

6 Giovanni Is Not A Bad Guy Theory


It is easy to label anyone in the Pokémon universe as either a bad guy or a good guy, and chances of labeling Giovanni as the bad guy are so high, especially without considering all the facts. Since it would be an error to classify Giovanni as a good guy and this theory claims that he is not really a bad guy, then we can conclude that he belongs somewhere in the middle with elements of being bad as well as having some good in him. Giovanni is a businessperson who owns and runs a casino and is willing to do almost anything to make a profit, including getting into illegitimate activities. However, Giovanni does not support the theft or murder of Pokémon. His attempt to further science for profitable gain in the creation of Mewtwo did not turn out as he had expected, and he has been trying to correct his mistakes since Mewtwo has the ability to cause untold havoc.

5 Gengar Is Clefable's Shadow Theory

Via YouTube

The theory that Gengar is Clefable's shadow is one of those theories that most Pokémon fans would not want to believe or admit, but the chances of this being true are too high to deny that it can actually be true. The Pokémon fans that came up with this theory simply looked at the two side-by-side and could not deny the resemblance of the two. First, Gengar and Clefable have a similar body type; their shape and size are almost identical. Their ears, hands, and feet are so similar you can interchange them and still end up with the Pokémon as they were; with the only thing that would seem off would be their difference in color. The main differences between the two include Clefable's rounded tail that is different from Gengar's spiky one, which are differences you can expect because Gengar is an evil shadow type Pokémon while Clefable is a normal type Pokémon.

4 The Pokémon Can Die Theory

Via Reddit

A section of Pokémon fans believe that Pokémon cannot die, but there is a theory that Pokémon can actually die, which is the reason we have ghost Pokémon and we know of Cubone's dead mother. Furthermore, we have witnessed actual deaths of Pokémon that are the result of the death of humans, and the presence of graves in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower where some are buried. Most people who are convinced that Pokémon cannot die probably think so because the protagonist's Pokémon never dies regardless of how old they are or how many times they faint. It would be in order to conclude that Ash's Pokémon could not die because Ash himself cannot die since he saw Ho-oh at the beginning and it is highly likely that Ash is in a dream. The same logic about Ash can be used to explain why the protagonist's Pokémon does not die, because the Pokémon world might be a dream world and that the dreamers are highly unlikely to die in their own dreams.

3 You Kill Gary's Raticate Theory

Via Know Your Meme

The chances that a player's rival will be called Gary Oak are very high, and this theory states that you, the player, always end up killing your rival's Raticate, which is not a cool thing to do. At the beginning of the game, Gary always seems to be ahead of the player and is always so arrogant. Players face Gary on several occasions throughout their journey. People came up with this theory because when you battle Gary on SS Anne midway through the game, he has a level 16 Raticate on his team, a Pokémon that is missing the next time you face him at Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. People refer to the location of this next encounter as the Pokémon graveyard, and at this point Gary was probably visiting the grave of his Raticate. Chances that the Raticate died or developed serious injuries during the fight on SS Anne are very high, and that you are responsible for it is just sad.

2 Humans Are Non-Evolving Pokémon Theory

Via WallpaperSafari

There is no doubt about how close human beings and Pokémon are, since we always see a human being as the Pokémon's master, and the Pokémon fighting for the human, among other things. Pokémon seem like they are creatures of different species with the ability to communicate with each other and have a level of consciousness just as human beings do. This theory states that the humans will continue to be masters of the Pokémon because they are also Pokémon who seem to be superior owing to their abilities and skills that ordinary Pokémon cannot possess. Human beings can learn the Pokémon skills, attack like them, and even have to recover from an injury as they do, but the Pokémon cannot create Pokeballs or build structures like the human beings can. In addition, the Pokémon world seems like it was not originally a human being's home and they have come to invade this planet for whatever reason it might be.

1 China's Nuclear War Made Pokémon Theory

Via Reddit

Originally, Pokémon was developed in Japan, but so much about the game points towards China and the Pacific Ocean as the locations in the game. When you refer to the Pokedex, Japan was wiped out leaving a very small region inhabited by people, with Tokyo being a small city struggling to rebuild and reclaim its former glory. You will also come across America and France, countries that were also hit hard during the war, countries that are now friends of democracy and capitalism, the exact case as it is in the world today. The nuclear war led to the rise of Pokémon in battle, since Lt. Surge claims of fighting in a war where he used his Pokémon to kill his enemies. It is also likely that the guerilla warfare and the resistance against China that followed up is also, what is depicted in Pokémon. Could this be the reason why Pokémon resemble animals, most of which are mutations resulting from the radiation emitted during the war?


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Top 15 Dark Theories About Pokémon