This Man Paid $$$ To Become A Genderless Alien - Here Are 15 Photos

It might not be very politically correct, but take a look at any one of these pictures, along with plenty of the other weirdos you could find on the internet like the “Human Barbie” or “Human Ken,” and you might begin to realize that the whole “safe space BS” that millennials need is totally abhorrent to just life itself.

It’s one thing be a male whose slightly to very effeminate and decides that he wants to become a she or vice versa but this entire way of life is getting ridiculous. What’s next – white guys who spend their lives totally into black man culture and getting their skin tattooed over, a few collagen injections and a knee operation like Kyle in South Park to become a black kid? Or his lawyer dad using plastic surgery to become part lawyer, part dolphin – a Jewphin.

Enough bootstrap parenting, everyone meet Vinny Ohh from Los Angeles, he wants to be a genderless alien…here are 15 pictures of him or it – please don’t get any crazy ideas internet, he is one of a kind and for the love any deity you might believe in, please leave it that way.

15 Why An Alien?

Some surgeons have tried to convince Vinny first to take the necessary steps to transition to a female, which could be considered a safe step towards achieving his goal, but as we already might have guessed, Ohh remains steadfast in his convictions – “I don’t want to become a woman, I just want to have nothing,” Ohh said.

He actually sees himself as a pioneer wanting such dangerous surgeries – “for me, LA was always about sex appeal, whereas when I think of alien I think of ugly and aliens don’t really have a gender, in my eyes anyway.”

He didn't always feel different, but for a time he also identified as a gay man and has planned on adopting three children, nothing has changed for Ohh in this regard. While there might be some people in the world who go through the surgery of looking like a Ken doll, if Ohh is successful he would actually have the anatomy of one.

14 All The Work He's Done And Plans To Do

You might be wondering what in the world (or the galaxy) does one have to do to become a genderless alien and how much money would it cost…here’s a list of everything Vinny Ohh has had done and everything he intends to do.

So far Vinny has 35 whole body and face laser treatments, 12 cheek fillers, 2 brow fillers, 15 lip fillers, 10 fillers for random wrinkles, 5 botox sessions, 5 nose procedures, 1 botox under eye, 5 facial peels, 20 cryo facial freezings (which dries out and tightens the skin), a partridge, a pear tree, and possibly a kitchen sink.

Clearly he’s not done, after all he still looks like a person–160,000 dollars more are meant to be spent for Vinny Ohh to achieve his dream. For someone who wants to be a beacon of hope for the freaks and weirdos of the world, shouldn’t he be spending his money a little better? Most kids who feel different simply can’t afford this kind of work.

If you want to see if Vinny can actually achieve his dream, he recently signed on to be part of a new reality series, Plastics of Hollywood, which follows the lives of all of these people addicted to plastic surgery.

13 "I Do Kind Of Look Like A Martian..."

When Ohh began his long strange ongoing odyssey to look not of this world, the makeup artist started with the most central part of any human, Earthly face – his mouth. "I do it to inspire the world in a certain way; I want people to stop labeling others or putting them in boxes."

Once he found a hack in Los Angeles to well, hack Ohh up, the teenager started getting lip fillers. Lip fillers for those who don't know, make your lips look bigger and fuller – collagen lip injections is the most common type.

In speaking about his look, “I do kind of look like a Martian, I have a really big head, no eyebrows and I’ve just been connecting with that.” So The effeminate looking boy began his journey to become an effeminate looking alien, or what he believes a genderless alien should look like on the outside to mimic what Ohh states he always felt like on the inside.

12 He Wants To Remove His Nipples, Navels, And Reproductive Organs

“Over the years I’ve realized that I’m not gay, bi, trans, or any of these things, I just want to be me.” Vinny Ohh said in an interview with nzherald.co.nz

Over the years? Vinny Ohh hasn’t even lived three full decades yet. But he does seem to be very sure of himself and what he wants, and even though it costs a fortune to have all of this work done and if he were to ever regret his decision; would cost even more to reverse (if it even could be reversed), he’s very sure in his desire to become a sexless, genderless alien.

He is currently looking for a plastic surgeon to remove his nipples, navels, and sex organs – “I could live without sexual organs…I don’t see why I shouldn’t have my genitals completely removed and have nothing down there.”

Now what if a genderless alien has to go to the bathroom but doesn’t have the organs needed to do so?

11 The Nose Knows

To continue with his lifestyle choice, Vinny Ohh needed to get a new nose. After all, when you look at most artist renderings of a classic textbook alien, they either have no nostrils, no nose at all, or a very little one.

So clearly someone like Ohh, who is not only addicted to plastic surgery but addicted to the idea that he is a genderless alien, there would be a slew of more surgeries. After he had lip fillers implanted, it was time for the pointy item on the end of his face, his nose.

Vinny has had two Rhinoplasties so far to make this nose thinner and more akin to how "little green men are depicted," one at 19 and one at 21. When you add the kid’s Alien looking contact lenses alongside his new nose, and Ohh’s face does actually begin to look like a creature we’d see on The X-Files.

10 Support And Determination

Vinny’s sister Daniella isn’t the only person supporting Ohh. His manager, Marcela does as well. While it’s her job to be supportive, Marcela could have quit, which means her support might be genuine.

“I personally love Vinny’s look because I always like people who don’t look normal, or at least what society says is normal,” Marcela said. No matter how drastic Vinny’s journey is, Marcela is wholly supportive. “I support Vinny’s transformation into becoming a genderless human. If he is ready to do it, and the doctors approve the surgery legally, I will be with him by his side.”

Ohh has expanded his search to less restrictive medical lands like Sweden and Thailand to try and find a doctor to finish what he started and achieve his dream to look like he feels like on the inside.

9 Detractors

You’ve read this far even for the sake of curiosity, but readers must have formed some sort of opinion of Vinny Ohh. You might have even formed one before you started reading. Of course Ohh isn’t without people who completely disagree with his life choice. People like Amanda Prestigiacomo who wrote an article for DailyWire “Genderless Alien Wants to Adopt Children. This Should Work Out Well.”

The article, doesn’t completely blast this guy for his ideas and beliefs, it does briefly peel back the curtain on the current state of American society and how we accept people who want to be accepted in this manner leads to possibly dangerous precedents, like Ohh.

Prestigiacomo continues to comment her belief that Ohh is suffering from a distorted vision of self-image, not to mention his apparent addiction to plastic surgery, somehow thinking he will eventually be allowed to adopt children.

8 "I Want To Be A Sexless Alien Being..."

An aspiring makeup artist who plays with all kinds of colors who wants to become an alien…of course he’d have his own version of Blue Steel!

Vinny Ohh doesn’t just use his Instagram to post pictures of his many surgeries, he also does photo shoots to showcase his unique, albeit divisive style. To help with looking like an alien, Ohh wears blackened contact lenses, large fingernails (or talons), and has unusual hair styles and colors.

“I want to be a sexless, alien being; I want my outside to reflect how I feel on the inside. The overall image I want to do is an alien. I want to be a hybrid, not male or female,” Ohh has said in several interviews.

His photo shoots evoke this philosophy, along with looking his own version of Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust or even Marilyn Manson’s Omega characters.

7 Born This Way

Remember Lady Gaga's anthem, "Born This Way" – about being born a certain way and screw all the haters because we're all superstars, or something to that effect. Now 22 years old, the genderless E.T. was born Vinny Ohh in Los Angeles and claims he's always felt different and that he wanted to be a genderless alien since he was 17, and began searching for a doctor or doctor(s) to perform the surgery or surgeries.

"Even when I was 16, I was wearing full body suits and eight inch platforms going outside in the day, so it feels very normal to me," Ohh said in an interview with DailyMail. The makeup artist has felt he is not beholden to any specific gender for a long time.

Vinny said, "Over the years, I've realized I'm not gay, bi, trans or any of these things, I just want to be me."

6 His Botched Appearance

Just because you’ve always felt like something other than you are, doesn’t mean you should allow some crazy Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to cut you open dozens of times to make you look the way you want to look. More often than not, you can’t go back…get a tattoo instead, be a cosplayer instead. Don’t alter your entire life because you’re 22 and deeply wounded by some d–bags words.

Nevertheless, clearly someone with this much compulsion to transform himself with plastic surgery might also be yearning for some attention to at least explain his reasons. Since there’s also a reality show for just about everything (if not several per topic), E! Television has a show devoted to extreme plastic surgeries gone wrong – Botched, following two plastic surgeons, Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif who are responsible for trying to fix the bad surgeries.

Vinny Ohh was the topic of last year’s season premiere.

5 Surgeons Say Hell No To Ohh

Just because Vinny Ohh wants to remove essential parts of his anatomy (that he believes he doesn’t need), and seemingly has the money to do so doesn’t mean that a plastic surgeon would start slicing, dicing, and tucking. In a recent piece with the Sun, plastic surgeon, Dr. Simoni who works out of Beverly Hills (aka Plastic Surgery Capital of the World), thinks Ohh’s idea to remove his genitalia completely is highly dangerous.

“The experimental nature of the procedure means it is highly risky and could also impact basic bodily functions such as Vinny’s ability to urinate…this would be a brand new procedure and if something happens or there are complications, we don’t have any idea how to address it.” Dr. Simoni explained.

Even though Simoni explains how the sexual organ is also used to urinate and prevents bacteria, his main problem is what Vinny Ohh will think about it in 10-15 years. “There is no way to come back to female or male. It’s a done deal.”

4 His Family Supports Him

The would-be E.T. actually grew up in Oregon, which if you believe the show Portlandia, is a haven for all sorts of weird, but even there, Ohh felt he never truly belonged. But even though the dearth of people in the world wholly disagrees with Vinny Ohh, he does at least have the support of his sister Daniella and manager, Marcela.

Despite concerns about cyber bullying and real life bullying, and a lot of people’s possible thoughts about how Ohh would regret his decision, after speaking with him, Daniella has been convinced and supports her brother’s decision.

“I do worry that he’ll change his mind about surgery later in life but the more we talk about it, the more It actually feels like this actually truly is what he needs and wants to be more authentically him,” she said.

3 He’s Not Alone

While the South Park episode “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina” pokes a lot of fun and holes in the transgender movement, it was over ten years ahead of its time. The episode features Mr. Garrison trying to have his sex change reversed while Kyle turns himself into a black kid to be better at basketball.

But Ohh is not alone in the real world of weird men and women who don’t feel like they are men and women on the outside and take extreme measures to look like they feel on the inside. Submitted for your review – “Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa.”

Born Richard Hernandez, he is a 55 year old Dragon Lady who wants to be referred to as “it,” since Hernandez believes Hernandez was born the wrong sex and the wrong species. While Ohh wants to be a genderless alien, Hernandez wants to be a dragon lady and has had a tooth extraction, eye coloring, horn implants, ear removal, nose modification, and a forked tongue (not to mention transitioning from a male to female).

Science really needs to start questioning the mental stability of some these people before taking their money.

2 He’s Not Alone, Part 2 – Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic!

While he might be the first to want to look like an alien, but Vinny Ohh’s not the first person the internet has heard of who is going to absurd measures to look the way they feel.

Meet either the Mattel Toy Corporation’s worst nightmare or marketing dream (depending on whom you might ask), Ophelia Vanity, one of the many women around the world who have undergone many surgeries and spent countless amounts of dollars to look like a real life Barbie doll.

If her name didn’t scream it enough, Ms. Vanity who actually used to dress like a goth kid in her teen has spent 35 thousand dollars on Botox, fillers, treatments, corsets, and other accoutrements to look like “America’s Favorite Doll.”

Still not finished looking like she feels, Vanity spends up to three hours a day putting on makeup and is set to remove four to six ribs, and get breast and butt implants and cites fellow Barbie wannabe, Pixie Foxx as an inspiration.

1 He’s Not Alone, The Concluding Chapter – Who Needs To Breathe When You’re Beautiful?

Barbie’s not the only fictional character inspiring a bunch of people to look like a child’s plaything. Her boyfriend Ken also has people coming out of the woodwork to get cut up to have a jawline that could mold coal into a diamond.

Rodrigo Alves is so obsessed with getting plastic surgery and so addicted to looking like Barbie’s boyfriend, that he is not letting a little thing like breathing get in his way. “Back in July, I had my nose reconstructed with a piece of my ribs, which has helped thing but I can’t breathe 100%...I keep having surgeries to repair I’ve had eight nose jobs and it’s a domino effect I can’t breathe so I have to go under surgery to repair my breathing. It’s like dying your hair.”

Alves even claims that there is no such thing as an addiction to plastic surgery, “it's just a constant, like getting an MOT on a car.” Alves has spent over 400,000 dollars in “upkeep” to look like Ken, and is adamant in his refusal to stop, so expect a lot more nose jobs in the future until he can finally breathe correctly.

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