15Night Photography

What could be more terrifying than turning on your phone to see a photo of your sleeping-self, knowing that you live alone? There are three basic answers to this scary mystery. The first natural conclusion that most people would jump to is a home invasion. Some creeper has broken into

her home and left proof in order to make himself known and scare the daylights out of her. Or maybe he has moved into her attic or some hidden crawlspace in her home and comes out only at night. The second answer has something to do with the paranormal world, if you are a believer. We're not quite sure about the existence of tech-savvy ghosts, but crazier things have probably happened. The third answer is the least scary of them all and involves a friend playing a prank on her. But this would have to be a pretty terrible friend, as they would be breaking into her home and trying to give her a heart attack. No matter which way this ends, it's not going to be good. Sweet dreams.

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