These 15 Creepy Reddit Stories Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

Stephen King's hit horror novel, It is 1,138 pages long. Yep, it's a doozy to get through even though it's entertaining and full of creepy page-turning excitement. Some of the best horror books and movies are greater in length, which is usually fine for people who love a good scare but sometimes those same horror lovers have places to go and people to see and just want a tiny bite of scary stuff to satiate their ghoulish appetite. If that describes you, you can thank us later for introducing Two-Sentence Horror Stories to you.

As far as we can tell, the idea was originally born on Reddit, and if this article leaves you hankering for more, you can get your fill at the sub-reddit Two-Sentence Horror Stories, where there is a seemingly endless supply of shortie scaries such as: "My parents had already made a police report about me going missing. I was standing right in front of them." This was submitted by a user who goes by WoodenPiano. Who knew two little sentences could pack such a punch? If that creeps you out, you'll be in for a treat as we selected fifteen of the scariest Two-Sentence Horror Stories we could wrap our hands around.

Perhaps the reason why these tiny terrors are becoming so popular with horror fanatics all over the world is that they only provide a piece of the madness, leaving the rest up to us to make up... to think of... to freak out over.

15 Night Photography

What could be more terrifying than turning on your phone to see a photo of your sleeping-self, knowing that you live alone? There are three basic answers to this scary mystery. The first natural conclusion that most people would jump to is a home invasion. Some creeper has broken into her home and left proof in order to make himself known and scare the daylights out of her. Or maybe he has moved into her attic or some hidden crawlspace in her home and comes out only at night. The second answer has something to do with the paranormal world, if you are a believer. We're not quite sure about the existence of tech-savvy ghosts, but crazier things have probably happened. The third answer is the least scary of them all and involves a friend playing a prank on her. But this would have to be a pretty terrible friend, as they would be breaking into her home and trying to give her a heart attack. No matter which way this ends, it's not going to be good. Sweet dreams.

14 Scratch, Scratch

It's spine-chilling enough to find out that the mystery scratches on the walls of the basement of your newly-purchased home were not caused by a dog as you previously thought hoped. Now you must move forward with the mindset that the horrible scratches were caused by human fingernails, which is awful because why would someone scratch the walls unless they were in distress? Another theory is that they were caused by a paranormal entity, which is also horrendous because... well, no explanation needed there. Although concerned about whatever happened in the past, you would be able to reasonably move on with your life if nothing new happened. But seeing that the scratches had dramatically multiplied - enough to tell the new ones apart from the old ones - means that you've just inherited a massive problem in your lovely new home. And it's nothing that an exterminator can take care of for you.

13 The Invisible Helpful Stranger

This isn't the kind of help that anyone wants. Immediately, this Two-Sentence Horror Story has us thinking that some sicko stalker has this person's home wired with spy cameras in every room. On the other hand, if it's a paranormal haunting that is answering the phone, that's not much better in terms of terror and certainly many people would find it worse. Even those who consider themselves open and outgoing probably wouldn't be thrilled knowing that someone or something was tracking their every move at home. Just thinking or having the feeling of being watched is unsettling and disturbing. Having proof-positive confirmation of it in the freakiest of ways has got to be frightening enough to turn your hair white. It would take much more than a cup of soothing chamomile tea to stop our knees from shaking after this incident.

12 Trapped In The Looking Glass

If you failed to see the 2008 supernatural thriller movie, Mirrors starring Kiefer Sutherland, it's worth a couple of hours of your time if you find this Two-Sentence Horror Story intriguing. Without spoiling anything for you, we'll just say that the movie is based on the idea that certain mirrors cause reflections of people to do horrible things that the real people are not actually doing. This story tells us that, at first, the main character thought the knocking was coming from the window. While we'll admit that hearing knocking coming from a mirror takes the cake in the scare department any day, waking up to someone knocking on your bedroom window can't be much fun either. Who, or what, could be knocking on the other side of the mirror? Unless the mirror belongs in a cramped apartment building and it's just the neighbor in the next apartment bouncing a handball off of some very thin walls, we'd rather be kept in the dark about this one.

11 A Painful Reminder

Losing a loved one like a spouse must be a pain so deep and complex that we can't even begin to imagine. People who have lost loved ones must take whatever bits of comfort they can in thinking that their family members or spouses are resting peacefully now where nothing can ever hurt or bother them again. But losing a spouse to a violent act of murder is another level of pain and learning that the spouse is obviously not resting comfortably must be frustrating and saddening beyond belief. Home invasions are a horrifying possibility to anyone who doesn't have a million dollar alarm system and a team of former pro-MMA fighter bodyguards at their service. It's a sad thought that someone would have to not only live without closure after the loss, but be forced the relive the painful anniversary after a visit from beyond the grave (and all of the helpless and devastating feelings that go along with it).

10 Petrifying Premonition

Many times when awful incidents happen to people, one of the things that others sympathize with is the tragic fact that "they didn't even see it coming". But after reading this Two-Sentence Horror Story, we think that it might actually be a blessing in disguise not to see it coming if it refers to some implied dead woman hiding in the closet coming for you with her long rotting nails to stab through your chest. If there's no time to react to this in order to save ourselves, we can't imagine what knowing this will happen ahead of time, even a minute before, would be of any use for... aside from spending one more second scared stupid, of course. If the clock was at 12:06:01 however, it would be useful to know so that we could hightail it as far away from the closet if possible. But if the clock was at 12:06:59... thanks for nothing, premonition.

9 Cold Cuddler

This is a particularly sad one because no one likes to think of their loved ones who have crossed over being in some form of distress or discomfort. But maybe this person's late wife or girlfriend just really missed him and wanted to see him one last time, even if it could only be in a supernatural way. It would be an upsetting dream to have, for sure; waking up with the sinking realization that your other half is indeed deceased and being forced to relive the pain all over again. But waking up clutching the dress that she was buried in would turn the world of anyone, even the most skeptical of people, completely upside down. Having this happen would challenge anyone's beliefs and set their teeth on edge at the very least.

8 Ghostly Imposter

There are plenty of movies and shows which have used a scene where one character is faced with two people that look identical and claim to be the same person, each desperately trying to convince the other character that they are the real person and that the identical person is an imposter. But usually, this scene doesn't involve children, and being caught off guard (even reading it catches you off guard) with a double of your own child, each child insisting the other is an impersonator, is a terrifying thought. Aside from asking each of them personal questions, how could you tell which is the real child? And if the imposter is able to replicate the child's face, surely he would be able to know how to answer personal questions. More importantly, would anyone be able to keep a cool enough head to even ask questions? And if there is one creepy clone, does that mean there could be more?

7 Praying It's A Raccoon...

This is the only time when you'd hope and pray that a raccoon or some wild creature had found its way into your home and was scratching away at your door for some reason. But the chances of that happening night after night are pretty slim to none. If the scratching sounded exactly the same as it had all of those years ago, knowing that something that is presumably not an animal, has been after you for so long is bone chilling. Seeing the fresh scratches on the door the following morning must be like something straight out of a nightmare. We suppose there would be small comfort to take in that whatever or whoever it is that wants in so badly hasn't been able to get in yet but...what will happen if or when they finally manage to scratch through the door?

6 When Laughter Turns To Tears

Children are so sweet, pure and innocent. Listening to them laugh, sing and chatter away is delightful... but if the child-like sounds are coming from something that is not of this world, there's really nothing that is more terrifying. Think about any popular horror movie. More often than not, there is a child's sweet voice involved in some way and there's a good reason for that. A perfect example of this is the four little girls in dresses and bows jumping rope in the classic, Nightmare on Elm Street. Such a cute scene until you hear, "One, two, Freddy's coming for you..." in adorable sing-song voices. Not so cute anymore. The contrasting innocence of children associated with something perceived to be evil delivers an extra bundle of shocks to your system. It's especially unsettling to hear something that should sound so nice as a child's voice coming across in some sinister way because everything in our normal day-to-day lives tells us that kids are the very opposite of evil. Kids are so scary in horror stories because they're not supposed to be.

5 A Most Regretful Decision

You can take this story one of two ways. First, that the person was buried alive. But then, why would they have wanted to be cremated alive? Burning alive doesn't sound like a smart idea. On the other hand, maybe being stuck in an underground coffin for days on end is just as torturous as it sounds. Second, is that the person is dead but somehow still conscious and aware of their surroundings. Maybe they are frozen in limbo and unable to move on to heaven. Being trapped on earth with only the view of the closed and buried coffin in sight is the exact opposite of comforting. In fact, that sounds like cruel and unusual punishment for someone who is no longer living and definitely doesn't seem anything like the Great Beyond that was taught about in Sunday School. Is that what we have to look forward to? Yikes. Better start doubling up on that kale, folks.

4 Don't Worry, I've Got It

The creepy mystery hand. It is the stuff nightmares are literally made of. Many children (and adults!) have an irrational fear of a disembodied hand climbing up the foot of their bed... and under the covers. *Shudder* Even the sweet and loyal disembodied hand, Thing who acted as a butler/family pet on The Addams Family franchise has a major creep factor, as lovable as Thing is to the family. But if the hand that was already on the light switch is not disembodied, that might be even scarier. Because who is it attached to? Someone who broke into the home with plans for who knows what? A ghost? A demon? We're fairly confident that we can accurately sum this up by stating that whomever the mystery hand belongs to, the outcome is not going to be pretty.

3 Scaredy Human

Cats are clever creatures. They are also notorious for scaring the catnip out of their human counterparts with their wide-eyed stares at absolutely nothing. Well, nothing that we can see anyway... we sincerely hope. There's nothing worse than coming home to your cat after you've had a day that sets you on edge or after watching a particularly terrifying horror movie and having to deal with your feline friend having a staring contest with the wall. It's never a blank stare either as if they are staring off into space, thinking of something else. No, it is always a determined look with a bit of intrigue, confusion, and terror all mixed together. Cat-lovers can probably relate to this Two-Sentence Horror Story all too well. And the moral of the story is that cat lovers should try not to be home alone with a cat after watching a scary movie. It's as if they know that you're scared and they're just trying to push you further into fight or flight mode.

2 Private Peeper

Being watched in your home as you go about your business is a deeply disturbing thought. Maybe that's why this has been the plot of many scary movies, whether the watcher is just some super creepy human or there's a ghostly Peeping Tom at play. Our homes are our sanctuaries and having that oasis of privacy violated causes feelings of anger, frustration and of course, terror. More so with terror if you were to receive a note confirming your worst suspicions. Why were the mirrors taken down in the first place? Unless some crafty stalker rigged up hidden cameras in the mirrors, this smacks of a paranormal peeker problem which, we have to assume, would be much more difficult to get rid of. How can you fight off a stalker that you can't see?

1 Dearly Departed Daughter

This definitely has the potential to be the start of a very suspenseful movie. Some of the biggest nail-biters are movies where a ghost has unfinished business, like in The Grudge, Shutter, The Others, Stir of Echoes and The Sixth Sense. This is also a stellar example of a Two-Sentence Horror Story. The first sentence sets you up for something that sounds familiar to you... maybe a baby girl or young toddler crying out in the night. Then the second sentence turns what you thought you knew upside down and sends the tension skyrocketing. Now you realize that not only is the daughter deceased, but she refuses to stop wailing in the middle of the night. Why? How old is she? How did she die? So many questions to be answered... but closure isn't something that you'll find with Two-Sentence Horror Stories.

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