The Killfie: 15 Tragic Deaths From Taking A Stupid Selfie

There are many ways to die in this world, yet many would not include taking selfies as one of these dangerous acts. However, in recent years there is no denying that selfies are becoming more and more lethal. At this stage, there have been cases all over the world of individuals injuring, or even killing themselves, all for the sake of a photo that they believe will make them appear cool on social media.

Alarmingly often, selfies are taken way too far, as people go to ridiculous lengths to capture themselves in risky or astonishing positions. This is very common among younger generations, as they often seem to base their self-worth on the number of likes they accumulate online. Obviously, the world has become selfie obsessed and this list highlights just why that is so dangerous. The cases listed below all revolve around individuals who died trying to capture "the perfect selfie." Sadly, these pictures are now commonly referred to as "killfies" instead. It's safe to say that if they had the chance to speak now, the people on this list would all agree that a photo was definitely not worth it.


15 Anna Ursu


The tragic Romanian teen, Anna Ursu, burst into flames atop a train after accidentally touching a live wire when trying to obtain the ‘perfect selfie.’ The incident took place in the town of Lasi, after Anna, accompanied by a friend, traveled to the train station with the goal of a selfie in mind. Anna had been planning to post the selfie online for her friends to see. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as when Anna lay down on the top of the train, she lifted one of her legs in a pose and mistakenly touched a live wire, causing an explosion that saw Anna erupt in flames. Anna was struck with 27,000 volts and received burns over her body. It is said a passer-by tried very hard to save Anna’s life, however, the 18-year-old later died in a hospital. The bolt that hit Anna was so strong that it sent the friend accompanying her flying off the roof. The friend later recovered in hospital and explained how the pair were so intent on getting the ‘perfect selfie’ that they never stopped to consider the risks they were taking.

14 Ramon Gonzalez

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Roman Gonzalez was a Puerto Rican rapper who was also commonly known by his stage name Jadiel. Ramon performed a genre of music known as Reggaeton music; some of the rapper’s songs include 'Fashion Girl' and 'Son y Arena.' Tragically, a dangerous selfie attempt claimed the 27-year old’s life in 2014. The rapper is said to have been in the process of taking a selfie while riding his motorcycle, when he lost control of the vehicle and crossed the road into an oncoming car. Although Ramon was rushed to a nearby hospital, he later succumbed to his injuries. The rapper’s death was announced on Facebook with the following statement: “As the official page of Jadiel, we can confirm that an angel has gone to heaven and we want to tell you that we have officially lost a great artist. An angel has gone to heaven, El Tsunami Jadiel QEPD, brother, wherever you are may God bless you forever."

13 Sylwia Raichel

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Sylwia Raichel was a Polish tourist, visiting Seville, Spain, who accidentally died trying to capture a selfie of herself atop a bridge. Sylwia had been taking in the site of Puente de Triana bridge, when she paused on the structure to take selfies of herself. Tragedy struck when the medical student stumbled, falling from the bridge and crashing 15 ft into the concrete footings below. Sylwia, who was 23 years old, was said to have been balancing on the ledge of the bridge when she lost her balance. Sylwia had been in her third year of studying nursing in a Polish University when she decided to visit Spain. After the terrible accident occurred a city spokesperson stated that: "This was a tragic accident and we are looking to make that stretch of boulevard along the river safer.”

12 Oscar Otero Aguilar

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Oscar Otero Aguilar was a Mexican man who accidentally shot himself with a shotgun while trying to capture a picture of himself holding the firearm. Oscar, who was 21 years old at the time, is said to have been drinking with friends when the terrible accident occurred. Oscar, who was taking the selfie in the hopes of posting it on Facebook, died on his way to hospital. One of Oscar’s friends at the scene was arrested, but the incident was later ruled to be an accidental death. The fact that Oscar had been consuming alcohol is thought to have played a large role in the tragedy. However, this was not Oscar’s first attempt at posting a selfie of this type online, as he was often pictured on Facebook standing next to expensive motorcycles and cars.

11 Jamshaid Khan


Jamshaid Khan, was a 22-year-old Pakistani man who died in his doomed attempts to take a selfie in front of a moving train. Jamshiad, who was an employee of the railway station where he lost his life, seemed to believe he could obtain a selfie with the approaching train in the background, before promptly moving out of the way. This, was not how things unfolded, and the tragic young man was struck. Jamshiad was crushed by the impact and died instantly. Presumably, Jamshiad was looking at the train through his camera screen and did not anticipate just how close it was.

10 Cheska Agas


Cheska Agas was a 17-year-old, civil-engineering student from the Philippines, who drowned while trying to capture a group selfie. Cheska travelled with several friends to a beach in the town of Bangui, to celebrate a classmate’s birthday. Soon the group decided to take a picture to remember the occasion. The group of friends decided to pose in front of the famous Bangui windmills, close to the shoreline. It is presumed the group was distracted by looking at the phone being used, as none of them seem to noticed the large wave approaching. When the wave struck, the entire group was pulled into the water. Unfortunately, Cheska drowned before she could be rescued. Although the tragic teen was rushed to the hospital she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

9 Oscar Reyes


Oscar Reyes was a victim of what is known online as the #selfieolympics. The trend encourages people to take daring selfies and post them online in a bid to see who can capture the most astonishing or risky snap. Oscar passed away in January 2015 when he was just 18 years old while trying to take part in the game. It all began when the teen posted a selfie of himself wearing a SpongeBob costume online; shortly after being uploaded to Facebook the photo had 200 likes. Reyes took this as encouragement and soon set out to capture an even better selfie. Oscar was found unconscious in a bathroom inside his own home, after he climbed to the top of a door, and captured a mirror selfie of himself. It is believed the teen fell from the door and smashed his head against the toilet. Oscar passed away shortly after due to blood loss


8 Polish Parents on Cliff

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A Polish couple were the victims of a terrible accident that took place at Cabo da Roca, Portugal, in 2014. The pair was described as having been in the process of taking selfies, with their two young children on the edge of a cliff, when the pair stumbled and fell far below to their deaths. The couple’s two children, ages 5 and 6, are said to have witnessed the terrible accident, but remained unharmed. They were immediately taken into the care of Polish diplomats and psychologists. It is thought that the couple decided to cross a safety barrier in order to take a 'better' selfie. The bodies of the man and woman were not discovered till the following day due to the rising tide.

7 Russian Men with Grenade

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One of the craziest selfie attempts on this list comes in the form of two Russian men who tried to take a selfie posing with a grenade. The selfie took place in the Ural Mountains in Russia. The two men decided to pull the pin from the grenade before casually posing for a selfie. If it wasn’t for the photographic evidence left behind, it would be hard for people to believe this sequence of events. Mere seconds after the picture was taken, the grenade exploded, killing both the men instantly. The incident sparked outrage in Russia over what people were willing to risk to get the ‘perfect selfie'. "A cool selfie could cost you your life," was a campaign launched after the accident stated. The campaign also urged individuals to never take the risk of involving a weapon in a selfie.

6 Turkish Teenagers

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Next on our list is the case of five male Turkish teenagers who, in an attempt to capture an epic selfie of a plane landing in the background, lied down on a road near an airport. The teens had been drinking and clearly didn’t see the risk they were taking. Soon after lying on the road, a truck came along. Since it was dark, the driver did not see the five teens lining the road. Three of the teens were able to dive out of the way in time, but the remaining were not so lucky. They were run over by the vehicle and sadly lost their lives. The teens died instantly after the impact. Following the tragedy, distressing images surfaced of the three survivors laying down screaming beside their deceased friends.

5 Xenia Ignatyeva


Xenia Ignatyeva, was just a month shy of her 18th birthday, when a quest to take an impressive selfie claimed her life. The tragic teen had climbed to the top of a railway bridge in order to capture the selfie. The incident occurred in 2014 at a rail bridge in Krasnogvardeysky, near Saint Petersburg, Russia. Xenia, who was an amateur photographer with a love of capturing risky pictures of herself, thought this would be the perfect location for her next snap. Although Xenia was accompanied by a friend, she went up on the bridge alone, as she wished to capture the picture single-handedly. It is not quite known how, but at some stage up there, Xenia lost her footing and plummeted 30ft to her death. Before she fell though, the teen tried to grab a hold of an electrical cable, which electrocuted her before she hit the concrete below. Authorities were alerted by an on-looker who called to report children playing on the bridge. When they arrived, they found Xenia’s body accompanied by her friend who was paralyzed by shock, crouching beside her.

4 Andrey Retrovsky

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Andrey Retrovsky was a 17-year-old Russian teenager who fell to his death while attempting to take a selfie as he hung from the top of a nine-story building. Andrey had been using a rope to anchor himself as he leaned off the roof of the building; he is said to have been doing this so that when he took the selfie, it gave the illusion that he was falling. Quite ironically, the rope snapped and Andrey did in fact fall from the building. Despite the fact, Andrey’s nine story decent was softened by his landing in shrubbery, he died two hours later in the hospital. Andrey was no stranger to this type of drastic selfie though, in fact, the teen’s Instagram ‘drewssik’ was dedicated to selfies just like this one. Previous posts on the Instagram account had shown Andrey in countless life threatening positions, such as hanging of the sides of buildings or off of girders hundreds of feet in the air. Friends explained how they tried to warn Andrey of the danger he was putting himself in but that it did little to slow him down.

3 Collette Moreno

Collette Moreno was a 26-year-old bride-to-be traveling to her bachelorette party when she decided to take a selfie of herself and her best friend Ashley Theobald, from the passenger seat of the vehicle. Only eight minutes later Collette, who was a mother of one, was involved in a crash that took her life. Although, the selfie was not the actual cause of death, it remains on our list due to the shocking nature of the entire incident. Collette and Ashley can be seen smiling happily in the picture that would be Collette’s last. Speaking about the accident afterwards, Ashley, who was also set to be Collette’s maid of honor, explained how she tried to pass a truck ahead of them since its fumes were giving Collette an asthma attack. Ashley said that the pair believed their path was clear, but then a truck appeared over the crest of the hill, and when she swerved away, so did the truck, which resulted in the passenger side getting struck. Collette tragically died three hours later in the hospital.

2 Cheynee Holloway

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Next on our list, is the tragic story of Cheynee Holloway, who fell off a cliff while posing for a selfie with her boyfriend James Nicholas, in May 2015. What makes this story even more heart-breaking is that it was the first time that Cheynee and James had met each other in real life. The pair had been talking online for a significant amount of time, and eventually, after falling in love, James decided to take the 8,000-mile trip from England to South Africa, in order to meet Cheynee in person. For their first official date, the couple decided to visit Northcliff Hill, a local tourist spot in Johannesburg. James is said to have set up a tripod so the pair could take a selfie by the cliff’s edge. However, tragedy struck when the rock Cheynee was standing on gave way. The 21-year-old fell 50 feet onto a pathway below. Witnesses described how James rushed down to help her and performed CPR for over twenty minutes while he waited for medics to arrive. Sadly, Cheynee had suffered numerous injuries and could not be saved by paramedics.

1 Mohammad el-Shaar


Mohammad el-Shaar was a regular 16-year-old, spending the day hanging out with friends, when a tragedy struck. The incident occurred in Lebanon, when Mohammed posed for a selfie with three friends. This is a classic case of wrong place, wrong time, as moments after the picture was taken a car exploded, in what was later revealed to have been a terrorist attack. Mohammad can be seen posing for his fatal last photo in a red hoodie, as his best friend Omar Bekdash takes the picture on his phone. After the tragedy, Mohammad’s mother spoke about how her son had a love of basketball and dreamed of becoming an NBA star. She explained how Mohammad had given her a signed basketball and told her “you keep this because some day I'm going to be famous.” Unfortunately, Mohammad never got the opportunity to see his dream come true.

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