The 30 Most Disturbing Pokémon Of All Time

Be afraid, be very, very afraid...

There are many people who model their overall perception of every single Pokémon on—surprise, surprise - Pikachu. These people are either indifferent to these pocket monsters or hate the franchise with the burning passion of a thousand suns. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

This yellow creature only represents the “cute side” of the overall Pokémon race. Heck, in the first generation, there are 150 different species. Now there are over 721! From those numbers alone, there are bound to be at least a few Pokémon that aren’t adorable, cuddly bundles of pure joy. And there are plenty of non-cute pocket monsters. Plus, with the newest generation, which is currently in “constant tease mode”—the highly anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon—there are going to be a whole bunch more to enjoy (or hate), depending on your perspective.

So putting aside all those lil' critters that you just want to hug to death until the breathing stops (by accident), there are scary Pokémon, gross Pokémon, and smelly Pokémon. Pokémon of various sizes - fat, skinny, dumb, smart, badass, lame Pokémon … and then some. Basically, put an adjective in front of the word “Pokémon” and you could be describing a plethora of species.

This list, however, is a compilation of a very specific “type.” These are the Pokémon that make the hair on the back of your neck stand on edge, the ones that give you the overwhelming urge to vomit, the kind that make you question the sanity of the very minds that created them. They’re not technically "scary." However, they could be. These are your disturbing Pokémon.

30 Paras


At first glance, Paras is a cute insectoid creature (that is, if you’re not terrified of bugs, especially those sharing a close resemblance to the cicada’s nymph stage). The mushrooms on its back might add to this Pokémon’s “kawaii”-inducing squeal appeal, too. But when you realize that these shrooms are actually a parasitic fungus, then you’ll probably change your mind.

Called tochukaso, this fungal parasite drains the nutrients out of this poor Pokémon’s body. This consumption not only allows the tochukaso to grow (which is pretty messed up on its own), but gives the fungus control over some of Paras’ actions. This Pokémon is essentially like a "zombie" that's not quite a zombie because it still has some "Paras" feelings left.

Here's something that appears to be innocent. Paras feeds off the roots from trees. But it does so not because it’s hungry or it tastes good. While we sincerely hope that Paras enjoys the sustenance it receives, it’s actually being forced to suck those tree-root nutrients by the tochukaso. That’s messed up. It’s being force-fed and there's no way to stop it.

29 Victreebel


As you’d expect, what makes this Pokémon so messed up does, in fact, have to do with that gaping mouth. But, to be more precise, Victreebel’s creepier when it’s actually not using it. See, it’s assumed Victreebel consumes its prey when they're alive because Victreebel lures small birds and rodents (Pidgeys, Rattatas and all) with its long vine and the sweet scent it produces. So the fact that Victreebel is said to hoard its food before feasting implies that it keeps them prisoner. That’s just … wow.

Does Victreebel make its soon-to-be-dissolved-in-acid victims watch as it devours its fellow prison inmates? Does it taunt them? Does Stockholm Syndrome occur? Here’s something else: the more prey Victreebel dissolves, the sweeter its alluring scent becomes to other prey. Yum. We love nothing more than the delicious scent of acid that’s already dissolved a member of our own species that's therefore become mixed in with it.

28 Mega Slowbro


Slowpoke’s freakishly dumb face is already enough to send a chill down anybody’s spine. But this Pokémon isn’t even close to getting its freak on (in more ways than one). That freak truly "gets on" in the form of Shellder, which attaches to Slowpoke’s tail, causing Slowpoke to evolve into Slowbro. (Shellder shoots venom into the host's body, making the newly evolved Slowpoke incapable of feeling pain. Apparently, when Shellder bites down, Slowbro becomes “inspired,” too.) When Shellder attaches itself to Slowbro’s head, Slowbro becomes Slowking, and Slowking's new "crown" injects venom into its brain, making Slowking uber smart.

But Mega Slowbro is all kinds of funky. Shellder must really like how Slowpoke tastes or something because, as Mega Slowbro, Shellder has been able to shove most of the Psychic Pokémon into its body. When they become Mega Slowbro, either Shellder formed a hole at the rear of its shell or Slowbro’s tail broke through because Slowbro’s tail now sticks out the end of Shellder. This not only makes Shellder look like its … excreting a Slowpoke … but it forces Mega Slowbro to balance on its poo… err, tail … and bounces around on it like some hella disturbed pogo stick.

27 Haunter


This Ghost Pokémon is so mentally disturbed that it makes its disembodied hands look … not disembodied? Haunter really enjoys death. Like, it really enjoys death. Yes, it might stalk its victims before stealing their life force (in a way that’s just as messed up, but we’ll get to that later) and, yes, it might become intensely loyal to its Trainer after he/she dies, more so when the Trainer was alive. But Haunter spends its time, even before a prey has appeared, lurking in dark places, plotting all of the ways it will take the life of its next victim.

Now on to how it steals a victim’s life form. Haunter licks them with its gaseous tongue. But the side effects are so insane that it makes Lickatongue look like a joke (and why Lickatongue isn't even on this list): Haunter's licks inflict convulsions that will continually plague the licked victim until it finally dies.

26 Drowzee


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is where we meet the first of many Pokémon that have a strange and disturbing attraction to children. What makes Drowzee’s unsettling habits all the more unnerving is its horrifying face: it’s like some really messed up elephant with a freakishly underdeveloped trunk. Its tired-looking eyes, round belly and short legs make it look even scarier.

Drowzee likes to eat people’s dreams, and it does so through its victim’s nose. In fact, because of this strange behavior, people have come up with a rather eerie “myth” about this Pokémon: if your nose itches while you’re sleeping, then that means that Drowzee is standing over your pillow. Whoa.

Here’s where we get to the kids. They aren't alright. At all. Since Drowzee enjoys feasting on “fun” dreams, it prefers devouring the dreams of sleeping children because they're apparently tastier. So it stands over the bed of sleeping children and sucks the dreams from their noses.

25 Cubone


“Oh, how cute! A little dinosaur-looking creature,” said by no one about Cubone. Well, maybe at first. That’s not the skull of just any creature on this Pokémon. Cubone wears the skull of its deceased mother as a helmet. Talk about your dead-mommy issues! As you’d expect, Cubone suffers from some extreme traumatic stress disorder. But not because it’s wearing its mom’s skull—it’s because its mom died. Okay, that makes sense.

When this Pokémon cries out in sorrow, the skull emits “a plaintive and mournful sound.” So, in addition to being a helmet, the skull is like some kind of undead instrument. Gross. Plus, while there’s no proof behind this, who isn’t to say that the bone it wields isn’t from the body of its dead mother’s body, too? It took the skull, so why not another bone?

24 Weezing


There’s nothing more atrocious than a creature that has more than one head. It doesn’t help when these heads are different sizes and have a gross face plastered onto each one. This is what sets Weezing apart from other multi-headed Pokémon. Weezing’s most unwelcome features are undoubtedly the way its mouths are always agape, seemingly in misery, and its overly sullen eyes. It just looks miserable as it wallows in its grotesqueness, and we’re just as miserable looking at it. Plus, the way it wheezes out its name is just creepy.

If this weren’t enough, both heads actually move on their own! This happens whenever Weezing mixes its gases. So pray you’re not in the immediate vicinity when this happens. Here’s how they do it: each head goes back and forth inflating and deflating themselves. So, let’s say, when the larger head deflates, the smaller one inflates, and vice versa. It’s like a living pump system. Gross.

Weezing is also said to form after poisonous gases pool together and two Koffing fuse into one. Okay. You might have known that. But there’s more. Apparently, there have been sightings of special mutations like the Triplet Weezing. Though extremely rare, it doesn’t help knowing there’s something like that lurking out there somewhere.

23 Girafarig


Upon first glance, Girafarig appears to be just a really cute Pokémon that looks an awful bit like a giraffe. The only thing is it has bulbous tips on its head and two horns protruding from its skull (not to mention the triangular spikes on its back). Who doesn’t like giraffes?

That's why we chose this particular picture. What makes it freaky is from the back. Yes, Girafarig's tail possesses a head of its own. However, this “head” doesn’t just have eyes and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. It has a brain! Even though the brain is small and incapable of generating independent thought, it does bite on its own. And while the normal head is feeding, the tail will mimic all of the munching motions. Eew.

22 Heracross


Yes, Heracross is a beetle-like Pokémon with arms (and overly large forearms). Yes, it has a long, pronged horn. Yes, those are mean-looking spikes. Those claws sure look big, too. Don’t forget that it has a pair of wings. They’re just covered by the Pokémon’s carapace. And, yes, there’s a Mega Heracross form as well. But, no, all of these things aren't what make Heracross disturbing.

Just look at the picture. This Pokémon has been known to suck the sap from Grass-type Pokémon, including a cute, innocent, little Bulbasaur. Why is this disgusting? Because it’s feasting on fluid that's secreted from another living creature and sucking it out like a straw. How is that not messed up?

21 Mega Mawile


From the front, Mawile is a cute, short Pokémon. It even looks like it’s wearing a hakama or skirt, due to the thick, fur-like growth on its legs. Aww! But from behind, it’s like something out of your worst nightmare. Protruding from the back of its skull are a pair of large, black jaws. What?! Now those jaws might technically be “transformed” steel horns, but they look an awful like jaws (too much, in fact) and they certainly are used in the same way jaws are. Mawile can control these “horns” in a manner that looks an awful lot like “biting” and “chewing.”

Mega Mawile just makes all of this freakiness much, much worse. When evolving, a second set of jaws tear out from the back of its head. Plus, each one grows a spiky tuft of hair.

20 Spoink


You really don’t have to say much in order to prove that Spoink is one messed up freak. For the love of Ash, it has the head of a pig that’s somehow able to balance on top of a spring. Speaking of which, that spring is called a “tail,” but it’s not. It can’t be. A tail entails (pun intended) that the creature has a spine, and a spine is located in an animal’s body. And there ain’t no body on Spoink so there ain't no spine! If you want to call it something other than a spring, then you can describe Spoink as a creature that has a pig-like head, which grew a really long, strong strand of hair out from the bottom of its head, which the head uses as a way to move by bouncing on it.

Oh, and here’s something else that’s pretty messed up. The beating of its heart (wherever the heck that's located) is intrinsically linked to its bouncing. So if it stops bouncing, its heart stops beating. In other words, it’s always bouncing, even when it sleeps. That’s screwed up on so many levels.

19 Duskull


What’s disturbing about Duskull isn’t just that it’s basically a “Pokémon-ized” version of the Grim Reaper. Nor is it the fact that it has a single eye, which floats back and forth between its eye sockets. Come to mention it, Duskull is kind of adorable.

It all comes down to a certain “myth” surrounding the Duskull (and, yes, children, too). Even if what we’re about to share is only a “fairy tale,” conjured up by some overly tired, desperate parents as a way to scare their naughty children into submission, you can’t say this isn’t creepy: it’s been said that Duskull will spirit away children who've been especially disobedient little monsters.

Heck, maybe there’s something to be said of this “legend.” The Duskull has also been said to enjoy the crying wails of children. Wow. All of this makes this Pokémon’s favorite pastime of pursuing its victims relentlessly until the break of dawn seem normal.

18 Gulpin

It’s quite possible that if Gulpin didn’t have those disturbing puckered lips on its round, greenish face, then it probably wouldn’t be so creepy. It doesn’t help that its two stubby appendages (are they arms?) also appear to be “puckered,” even though there aren’t any lips on them to be puckered. They just have the same shape. Those slanted eyes are pretty "iffy," too.

What probably makes this Pokémon so freaky is that it’s small. Swalot, its evolved form, basically has the same features, but it’s twice as big and nowhere near as messed up as its pre-evolution. Gulpin’s overly disturbing appearance only makes one of its skill-sets all the more terrifying: it can swallow anything its size whole. This really adds a rather ominous tone to the phrase: “Pucker up.”

17 Tropius


When you look at it, there’s nothing really that upsetting about this sauropod-like Pokémon. It’s basically a dinosaur covered in leaves. You might be a little thrown off by those banana-like things dangling from its neck, but other than that, it looks like your typical, piecemeal Pokémon. But when you learn how these “bananas” came to be, you’ll undoubtedly lose your indifference towards them. In fact, it will actually make the following fact less disturbing: other Pokémon as well as people can eat Tropius’ fruit. Get ready. That's about to sound normal.

Back in the day, Tropius didn’t have those banana-like things. Tropius used to just be a leaf-covered dinosaur that used its long neck to gorge on its favorite fruit, located high in the treetops. Tropius scarfed so many of these fruits down that they ended up growing on every Tropius. Yup. Tropius’ favorite food now grows out of its own body. It’s like human hands transforming into pieces of pizza or our eyes morphing into meatballs. Gross. Now, we may not know if Tropius eats these self-made bananas, but if it does? Oh my …

16 Banette


There’s a reason why the movie Annabelle, the Chucky series and The Twilight Zone episodes starring the ventriloquist dummy, Willie, are so popular. It’s because the idea of dolls coming to life is incredibly terrifying.

First, Banette is a doll-like Pokémon with a creepy grin. Heck, that grin is a zipper! (Oh, and it ends up getting more zippers in its Mega form for us to “enjoy.”) Second, Banette is possessed by pure hatred, with a grudge so strong that it somehow willed this then-lifeless doll to life. Something with that much hatred that’s still capable of smiling makes for a real messed up creeper. The fact that Banette spends its time lurking in garbage dumps and dark alleys, lying in wait for the person who threw it away, makes one wonder what in the name of Professor Oak it would do once that person is found!

All that aside, there’s a third thing about Banette that really seals the deal (much like how its zipped mouth seals in its life force). The way this Pokémon expresses all of its anger and overwhelming bitterness for being cast aside is by using its body as a voodoo doll against its opponents. Yes, Banette sticks pins into its own body. It literally “hurts” itself just in order to hurt something else. What a freak!

15 Cherubi

This cherry-like Pokémon is actually a lot like Weezing and, quite possibly, just as disturbing, if not more so. It’s all because of that second, much smaller head attached to the main one. This vestigial appendage is not only gross to look at (it should be) but its sole purpose reveals a horrific truth about this truly weird and disgusting creature. Inside the vestigial head are nutrients that help Cherubi grow. But these nutrients aren’t just “transferred” somewhere. Cherubi feeds off them. So, Cherubi feeds off something inside itself. In other words, it “eats” stuff that’s inside a small head that’s attached to its main head. That takes cannibalism to a whole other level.

Also, unless you’re a certain someone who has an unhealthy attachment to their Pokémon’s un-evolved state (yes, we’re talking to you, Ash), you want your Pokémon to evolve. Well, you don’t want your Cherubi to get even remotely close to evolving because when it’s about to, that vestigial head starts to wilt. Ugh! So, at one point, there’s literally a “rotting” appendage with a face that’s located right next to the main head. Yuck!

14 Drifloon


When it comes to its disturbing “history” with children, this lovable-looking, seemingly harmless Drifloon is even more messed up than Duskull (the Pokémon that enjoys the cries of children and ostensibly steals ones that are disobedient). Even though Duskull likes the sound of sad kids, it doesn’t “act” on that feeling by doing something about it, like feasting on their tears or something weird like that. So how could Drifloon be worse? It looks like a balloon! Everyone loves balloons!

Unfortunately, Drifloon actually takes advantage of both its close resemblance to balloons and children’s innocent love for them. It steals them away once their tiny, fragile fingers grasp onto its string or "tail." Drifloon is also created by the lost spirits of Pokémon and people. Weird.

13 Croagunk


The look on Croagunk is just darn creepy. Both the black markings around its unsettling yellow eyes and those orange, expandable pouches on its horrific face bring to mind what a frog would look like if it applied makeup, making it appear more like a freakin’ clown than a poison dart frog. And that grin! It doesn’t help that those orange cheeks also create an unnerving sound. It might as well emit the tune of an eerie carnival song!

Regardless of its looks, it’s the fingers that are disturbing. When squeezed, fluid oozes out. Nothing, and we mean nothing, let alone fluid, should ever come out of fingers. Plus, Croagunk uses them as weapons. Death by poking.

12 Scrafty


In this case, both the pre- and post-evolved states of this Pokémon (Scraggy and Scrafty) are completely and utterly disturbing. Ironically, the first form, Scraggy, doesn’t “grow out” of its grossness when it evolves into Scrafty because it literally doesn’t grow into itself, or, to be more specific, it doesn’t grow into its skin. If you're confused: they both have way too much extra skin. Like, way too much.

Since both versions of this Pokémon are so similar, the “winner” for most disturbing one goes to its evolution, Scrafty. Why? Because there’s more loose skin. Like Scraggy, that thing covering Scrafty's lower extremities isn’t a pair of pants. That’s actually skin - or pelt. And the “tail” isn’t actually a tail. Well, there is a tail. You just can’t see it. The tail is covered by excess skin that just so happens to trail behind it in way that makes it resemble a tail-like appendage. The pelt's consistency is also rubbery, allowing Scrafty to stretch the skin over its neck or fold it. Gross!

And that thing on its head (in the picture) isn't a mask. That’s just more extraneous amounts of pelt. In fact, that section of skin normally hangs off its shoulders like a cape, spilling down its back.

Scrafty’s frown, exposing those flat teeth, as well as those half-closed eyes just add to its eerie appearance.

11 Yamask


In Yamask’s case, the story behind its mask is more disturbing than the mask itself. The face on the mask doesn’t represent something completely random nor was it made in the image of a man-like demon as a way to honor it. The face on the mask is the face of an actual human, and the human in question is now the very Yamask holding it. That’s right. Yamask used to be a human and now it’s a Pokémon, and it's carrying a mask of its old face. While this information is highly freaky for anyone who’s aware of it, what’s worse is that Yamask has memories of being human. And, apparently, it misses its old life. Or, at least, it’s assumed it does because this Pokémon sometimes cries whenever it stares at its old face.

While it’s freaky, what’s even freakier is the underlining question surrounding the Pokémon: how the heck did the transformation happen? And how do you prevent it from happening again? If you want to be a Pokémon, then this is fine. But for the rest of us who don’t, this isn't great news. Oh, and if someone ends up wearing the mask for whatever reason, that person will end up becoming possessed by the Yamask who owns it.

10 Litwick


The first two stages of this Pokémon—Litwick and Lampent—are immensely disturbing. They all have a fascination with spirits, an overt fascination, which they act upon in unsettling ways that somehow gratify their urges. When it comes to Litwick, don’t let appearances deceive you. While it may look like an adorable, little candle-like creature, not even its little purple flame on its cute little head could melt its black, icy heart.

Like Drifloon, Litwick has a habit of misleading people for a sinister reason. While Drifloon carries off children into the sky, Litwick doesn’t discriminate its victims based on age. All people are fair game. This Pokémon likes to exploit the illuminating factors of its flame by ostensibly “guiding” its prey through darkened areas. But rather than carrying them off into the sky, Litwick leads them to the Ghost World while sucking their life energy away.

9 Lampent


Litwick's first evolution, Lampent, also has an interest in souls. But rather than guiding the spirit's body on a fool’s errand or, should we say, a dead man’s errand, Lampent has learned a few things since it evolved. Lampent, able to sense when someone is about to die, takes advantage of this unsettling ability by going on a little road trip and visiting this dying person. But rather than keeping them company or making them feel better, this Pokémon steals their spirit.

Yes, Lampent goes after the old, brittle, lame and sick that are knocking on death’s door. Because it has an affinity for nearly dead people, Lampent likes to chill out next to hospitals, waiting to suck up the spirits that have just left the recently deceased before Rigamortis has even had time to set in. That’s cold. Oh, and it’s a flying lampshade. What?

8 Cubchoo


All you have to do is stare at this Pokémon’s nose to realize just how totally distressing this ursine creature is. Yes, that’s right. What you’re seeing right now is mucus dripping down its face (and onto its body). And guess what? Throughout its entire existence, this Pokémon’s nose will always be running. So you can bet on some form of snot being there, dripping out of its nose. Meet Cubchoo.

But this little critter is resourceful. Why waste such precise fluid? Like they always say, if life gives you lemons, spew the lemonade into your opponent’s face. Cubchoo attacks its enemies with its mucus. But first Cubchoo has to inhale it first. Yuck!

Its evolved state, Beartic, could be just as equally disturbing if the following were true. Under its lower jaw, there are three spikes of ice that form a beard. If this creature also had a mustache, and all of its facial hair had a green-like color, then it could be assumed that the beard (and mustache) were frozen mucus. And yet, only Cubchoo has the honor of being a twisted, little weirdo.

7 Vullaby


Vullaby is just as messed up as Cubone. Its disturbing quality is just literally flipped upside-down. The difference between the two Pokémon is that rather than having a skull on its face like Cubone, Vullaby wears the skull like a diaper. We can’t decide which one is worse. One thing’s for certain: Vullaby is either not as emotionally attached to its mother (or not as emotionally disturbed as Cubone) to put its legs through the skull (and eye sockets) of its mother, in turn, covering its lower extremities with the remains of her face. Nope, this broken skull is either found by Mandibuzz (Vullaby’s evolution) or, if this little critter is resourceful (or messed up) enough, Vullaby.

The real question is does the Vullaby or Mandibuzz discriminate in terms of the type of skull it chooses? Does it have to be the remains of a certain type of Pokémon? Does it have to be the skull of a defeated enemy? Prey? Does it have to be taken from the mutilated carcass of a close friend … or family member? The answer could very well be found in the very creature this Pokémon most closely resembles: the vulture. Or maybe this could give us an answer: Vullaby is a female-only species.

6 Heatmor


From the day that the Pokémon universe was invented, people around the world have either been annoyed by the fact that Pokémon can only faint when defeated in battle or have been curious whether Pokémon were either physically incapable of killing each other or mentally unwilling to do so. Regardless, as the franchise expanded, it became clear that Pokémon could kill each other, just not in the games.

Heatmor just so happens to be a Pokémon that not only kills its victims, but actually does so in an exceedingly disturbing way. The main clue as to how this most horrific creature performs this atrocious act can be discovered when you investigate the real animal it finds stylistic cues from: the anteater. All you have to do is replace the “ant” portion of its name with the guts, gizzards, innards, intestines, organs, etc. of a specific Pokémon: the Durant.

The Heatmor either enjoys the taste of the Durant so much or either hates it to, literally, its very core. Every Heatmor actually goes so far as to burn through the Durant’s steel body with its tongue and, with that very same appendage, consume the Durant’s insides.

5 Phantump


Warning: more creepy stuff that has to do with children to come! First off, what’s peculiar about this Pokémon isn’t the actual creature itself but the spirit within. See, this Pokémon comes into being when a spirit possesses a rotten tree stump, thus forming Phantump. Why in Mew’s name would a spirit want to possess not just the bottom portion of a tree, but the bottom portion of a tree that is well passed its prime? Was it a mistake? A joke? Or is the spirit just that messed up in the head? It’s cute and all, but what the heck?

What this spirit likes to do in its spare time might answer the question whether it’s just highly confused, has a strange sense of humor or is enigmatically screwed up in the head. This is yet another example of a Pokémon that enjoys leading humans astray. But the way it accomplishes this is what makes this Pokémon so unsettling. Phantump not only has the ability to do the following, but actually goes out of its way to do so: it imitates the sound of children’s voices to lure people. Wow.

Apparently, it, along with Phantump’s evolution, Trevenant, are the only Pokémon known to have the capability of learning Forest's Curse. They’re a curse alright. A curse to Pokémon worldwide.

4 Sliggoo


Not only is Sliggoo the evolution of the weakest known Dragon-type Pokémon, Goomy, but Sliggoo is actually an evolved form, period. That’s what makes Sliggoo so sad. The next best thing Goomy could do was evolve into a snail-like dragon? Lame.

While intensely pathetic, it’s the Pokémon’s undeniable dumbness that makes Sliggoo so unnerving. That goofy smile, awkward derp and non-intelligent gaze are just the tip of this highly disturbing iceberg. In fact, that gaze oozes out all kinds of stupid because the eyes themselves are devolved, not evolved—even though this is essentially an evolved Pokémon. Sliggoo is blind. At least it can’t look at you.

Speaking of undeveloped parts, take a gander at its arms. And that shell? It’s not hard as most shells normally are. It’s gooey. It could, in all likelihood, be part of Sliggoo’s overall gelatinous body.

3 Alolan Exeggutor


Okay, there’s a reason why we didn’t talk about Exeggutor before. It’s because of the Alolan Exeggutor. So, yes, it’s possible for Exeggutor to become even more repulsive. Thank you, Alola region. Thank you, Pokémon Sun and Moon. If you were confused before as to how a cluster of eggs could somehow evolve into coconut-looking things, on a tree no less, at least there’s a reasonable explanation as to why this thing’s neck is so large: the incredible power of the sun in the Alola region.

In fact, that neck is what makes this Alolan Pokémon so much more hideous than the regular one. While this elongated appendage puts some distance between us and those terrifying heads, this Pokémon has a habit of using them as a weapon. It does this by whipping around its massive neck to hit you with its heads, transforming their faces into giant balls of doom. So now we actually have to touch them?! Some advice: don’t get in a fight with this gruesome thing.

It’s also assumed that since they're the same species as the regular Exeggutor, then the Alolan version shares the same disturbing qualities as the regular Exeggutor. The big freaky factor about the first Exeggutor is that the heads have a tendency of falling off if one gets too big. The decapitated head then rolls around until it finds an Exeggcute to join. This now begs the question: if this still occurs on the Alolan Exeggutor, what happens to the head when it falls off since they’re all so high off the ground? Does it … bust open? Does it still "roll" around to find an Exeggcute even if its broken?

2 Sandygast


Okay. What’s up with Pokémon having an obsession with children? Like, seriously. Stop it. What this giant clump of sand likes to do is kind of like Jabba The Hutt except, instead of Princess Leia, there are children involved, who, essentially, "feed" it. This is what Sandygast likes to do: manipulate the minds of innocent kids by making them gather sand and padding it onto its form, thus increasing its body size.

If you’re not a child, just keep the heck away from its shovel. If you grab it, you’ll fall under its spell. We suggest resorting to buckets when it comes to shoveling sand on the beach. Avoid shovels altogether, just to be safe.

What’s even more messed up—if this were even possible—is that Sandygast comes into being after a Pokémon falls in battle: the defeated Pokémon's grudges “soak” into the sand, forming Sandygast. Um. Does that "leakage" include blood, liquid and other types of waste, too?

Sandygast also proves one other thing: that the people of the Alola region are just as messed up as it is. Maybe it’s the scorching heat? Anyways, Sandygast is able to suck the vitality from not just Pokémon, but people as well, all from its tunnel-like mouth. This little tidbit has actually turned into some twisted, little game where the Alolan people test their courage by putting their hands inside its mouth. Hm.

1 Salandit


Men everywhere, rejoice! It’s specifically the female Salandit that makes this Pokémon so hella creepy. On second thought, if you’re a guy, maybe you shouldn’t rejoice just yet. Here’s why. In addition to emitting toxic gas like their male counterparts, the female Salandit releases pheromones. But these pheromones don’t just attract Pokémon males. It attracts human males.

Dude. Why? That’s wrong on so many levels. Plus, it leaves a rather disturbing image that shouldn’t be in anybody’s head. The fact that by inhaling these pheromones, you can also fall under the control of Salandit makes this picture worse. If Salandit is capable of making a human … become attracted to it … then what would it have a human do if that human were under its will? Gross. Just gross. So, please, Salandit, wipe that creepy grin off your face. It only makes things worse.

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