The 22 Dumbest Things People Have Filled Their Tubs With

When it comes to the Internet, no challenge is too big or too small to turn into a video, and oftentimes a viral sensation. With the Mannequin Challenge as the latest viral phenomenon to take over the

When it comes to the Internet, no challenge is too big or too small to turn into a video, and oftentimes a viral sensation. With the Mannequin Challenge as the latest viral phenomenon to take over the web, social media, and the daily lives of many, the impact and reach of challenges continues to grow. The Mannequin Challenge has seen the likes of creative people all over the web and even a few celebrity videos including ones by Sir Paul McCartney, Destiny’s Child, and even NFL players and team owners.

While the Mannequin Challenge continues to grow, there’s another challenge taking the Internet by storm; the tub filling challenge. While the tub filling challenge hasn’t gotten the celebrity seal of approval with your favorite celebrity in a tub filled with something outrageous (except for the time Ariana Grande was in a tub with GloZell), the tub challenge is growing. From tubs filled with goodies like Nutella and candy to tubs filled with the unthinkable including snakes and hot sauce, take a look at 22 outrageous tub filling challenges. And be sure to consider how you're going to clean your tub if you're thinking about participating in these challenges.

21 1250 Bottles of Hot Sauce 

What's worse that a tub filled with one bottle of hot sauce? A tub filled with 1250 bottles of hot sauce. This tub challenge takes extreme to another level. Hot sauce sounds uncomfortable enough to have in a tub, but 1250 bottles worth of the stuff sounds like excruciating pain. Let's not even begin to wonder how it feels to have that much hot sauce near your eyes. Have you ever smelled something that was hot or spicy and it made your eyes water? I think we’ve all experienced this at some point and time in life. Can you imagine how the YouTuber behind this challenge felt while in the tub and even after the challenge was over? Hopefully after this challenge, the YouTube mastermind behind this cooled down with a nice tub filled with blue cheese or ranch dressing.

20 Coke vs. Mentos

Science fairs and science projects are an exciting part of adolescent years. Watching things explode and using ordinary things around the house to create an electric current to light something up seemed like magic. While some may have outgrown that stage in life, this YouTuber behind the madness proved he still has some of his adolescence for this tub challenge. Coke plus Mentos equals disaster— or funny view depending on what perspective you choose to side with. While we can look at this challenge in awe, and also confusion as to what makes a person want to do this challenge, the silver lining in this situation is that the YouTube star who completed this challenge didn't fill the tub with potatoes and try to electrocute himself.

19 Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter has always made people choose sides when it came to deciding which one was better. Creamy versus crunchy. Jiffy versus Peter Pan. Let's not forgot about traditional versus the peanut butter that had jelly also included in the jar. For this challenge, a YouTube personality proved that the great peanut butter debate doesn't stand a chance against a tub challenge. No matter what side you are on, when you hear someone is in a tub filled with peanut butter, you watch. The YouTuber who completed this challenge took his unsuspecting, blindfolded girlfriend and dropped her in a tub filled with the delicious spread. To everyone's surprise, she wasn't upset and just embraced her odd bath.

18 1 Million Layers of Skittles

If one bag of Skittles lets you taste the rainbow, then 1 million layers of Skittles must let you know where unicorns live, the truth about the Loch Ness monster and every other mystical creature and mythological being that we've been told weren't true. What would make this challenge even more fun would be to include the different types of Skittles in the challenge. From sour to special edition bags, the more Skittles the merrier. This tub challenge isn't as messy, or outrageous as some of the others, but to be covered in a million layers of Skittles tells us two things: one, you brought a lot of bags of Skittles and two, you were really diligent by counting the actual layers. Kudos to you.

17 Slime Baff 

Watching Nickelodeon during the 90s, getting slimed was more of a rite of passage than an inconvenience. Seeing people get slimed and the look on their faces right before a bucket full of slime poured down on them was classic. It was so memorable it made anyone watching want a big bucket of slime with their name all over it. Now, in 2016, we're not sure if a slime bath has the same effect. The person behind this challenge would probably say otherwise. During this tub challenge, a tub was filled with lots and lots of green slime. Pro: he probably got to live out a childhood fantasy. Con: how do you drain a tub filled with slime? We can imagine how it could clog the drains, which would lead to a new conversation to be had with your living partner or landlord.

16 1000 Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are relaxing. After a hard day, or week, it's nice to come home and relax in a warm tub with a bath bomb to soothe your body and provide a pleasant aromatic experience. Now imagine you come home wanting to take a nice bath with your favorite bath bomb to only find your significant other in a tub filled with them and the camera rolling. This has to have been the case with the YouTuber behind this tub challenge. While 1000 bath bombs sounds frightening enough, it's even more frightening dealing with an upset girl who had the idea of a nice, relaxing bath in mind after long day to only find all of them missing. Guys, take this challenge as a lesson to not waste your girlfriend's bath bombs.

15 Silly String

If you thought silly string was only for clowns and parties, then you thought wrong. In this challenge, the party favor was used to create a tub challenge that would essentially go viral. The colorful contents of a spray bottle filled the tub, making bath time the ultimate party that can only be accompanied with streamers, confetti, a small car filled with several clowns, and some party favors. While this isn't as messy as chocolate or peanut butter, it still looks like a handful to clean up when it comes to emptying a tub filled with tons of silly string. Unless, obviously, you're a magician. If so, then we know you can just make it disappear while reaching behind our ears and finding a coin.

14 Ice Bath

A few years ago, the Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the biggest challenges on social media. Calling out your friends and daring them to join in on the challenge was part of the reason why the challenge grew and became a social phenomena. With the Ice Bucket Challenge being such a big hit, it's no surprise that someone would take the challenge a step further with this tub challenge. Although athletes are used to these type of baths after a long day of training, for the mere regular people it still looks like a tub we wouldn't want to get anywhere near. If you thought this challenge sounds cold, this isn’t the only entry on this list that would make you want to shiver and warm up to a nice cup of Hot Chocolate.

13 Ice and Salt

While we thought salt was typically used to melt ice, this challenge it serves to do the opposite as the two YouTubers behind this challenge seem to be in an immense amount of pain. While this challenge sounds like the recipe for a refreshing beverage, majority of us would probably choose to sit this challenge out as well as some of the other challenges included on this list. The only way we can see people wanting to be a part of this challenge is if the YouTubers added some lime juice and tequila to make this a mojito tub challenge. If so, count us in. We’ll bring the mint leaves.

12 Hot Cheetos 

On this list there's another spicy entry. Not as extreme as the hot sauce challenge, but still up there when it comes to spice. When it comes to adding spicy things to a tub, maybe it's not as uncomfortable as it may seem. However, this is another tub challenge most of us would probably rather watch from the sideline as opposed to joining in. The only thing missing is the Spicy Nacho Doritos. After seeing this challenge, we can only assume there must be an obsession with adding spicy and hot things into a challenge. If you see a challenge with a tub filled with the world’s hottest peppers, don’t be surprised.

11 Orbeez

Another childhood fantasy reenacted for a challenge and social media fame. This time it involves Orbeez. The small, jelly-like beads that can be used for spas, soaking, and soothing baths have found their place in the tub challenge. This challenge actually seems like one of the normal, more relaxing of all of the social challenges. To make this challenge even more fun is the fact that Orbeez expand in water, causing them to be soothing and also comfortable to relax in. After a long day at work, who wouldn't want to jump into a tub filled with relaxing spa beads that you can just sink into. This is kind of like your own personal version of the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese.

10 Stinging Nettles

Usually, nature videos you find on the Internet are adorable. Everyone loves them. They make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside especially if it includes an animal doing something unbelievably adorable. And you continue to watch it over and over despite having seen the video numerous times. When it comes to this challenge, this isn't exactly what one would think of when you think of nature videos on the Internet. Stinging Nettles live up to their name; they truly do sting. And after watching this videos, the YouTube mastermind behind this challenge will be sure to remember the effect these plants have. Note to the YouTuber behind this, next time, choose a plant that would be more friendly and less painful.

9 Bathing In Deep Heat

Winter is upon us, which means it's time to prepare for the cold. While winter is different for everyone depending where you are in the world. If you're in the colder parts of the world, you long for nice, hot water during bath time. Hot baths feel great, but bathing in Deep Heat is extreme and the YouTube personality who completed this challenge proves that to us all. For those who don't know, Deep Heat is a type of muscle relaxant ointment. You rub it on a sore muscle, and feel the satisfying burn as it does its work. But a whole bath filled with this? No, thanks.

8 Fake Blood

For this tub challenge, the YouTube star who completed this challenge decided to take the tub challenge to another level. Instead of using food, toys, or animals, they found fake blood. Yes, fake blood was the item used to fill a tub and complete this challenge. Although it was fun to watch as he sat in a tub filled with "blood", imagine the look on people’s faces as he purchased so much fake blood would have been classic. After seeing this challenge, two things come to mind. One, how hard is it to find fake blood when it's not Halloween? Do stores just have these things lying around? And two, did anyone walk into his home to see a tub filled with blood? We want and need answers.

7 Snakes

If the thought of being in a tub filled with Stinging Nettles made you nervous, a tub filled with snakes is sure to make you mortified. For this tub challenge, the YouTube personality who completed this challenge was accompanied by an assortment of snakes. While the snakes aren't from the wild, it's still pretty frightening to imagine all of those fangs, hissing tongues, and bodies sliding alongside yours in a tub with you. What's worse than one snake in a tub? Multiple snakes in a tub! Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him? If he could get snakes off of a plane, then we’re sure he can get them out of a tub. Besides, how hard could it be for someone who fought snakes while in the air.

6 840+ Eggs

Here comes another challenge taking food to the extreme. For this challenge, you need a man, a tub, and over 840 eggs. While this sounds like a recipe for the ultimate omelette with tasty ingredients like bacon, sausage, onions, and peppers missing, this is no more than a recipe for another tub challenge and video sure to go viral because of its ridiculousness. Since this challenge focuses on a staple, for some, when it comes to breakfast food, maybe the YouTuber behind this challenge should build his YouTube franchise around breakfast-themed challenges and videos. A tub filled with bacon challenge? How about a pancake versus French Toast tub challenge? What about Mimosas versus Bloody Mary challenge to tap into the brunch arena? Our mouths are watering already. Sign us up!

5 Mac n’ Cheese

Creamy. Gooey. Delicious. These words and more come to mind when you think of Mac n’ Cheese. The comfort food has been transformed, re-purposed with new ingredients, and has even inspired restaurants based solely around making different versions of Mac n’ Cheese. This tub challenge is another one that makes our list of the tastiest tub challenges. Still on the messy side of things because of all the melted cheese, but we won’t oppose because of its deliciousness. Cheddar. White cheddar. Asiago. Gouda. The list of delicious cheeses that could have also be included in this challenge goes on and on. If it wasn't for the person in the tub, I'm sure all of our mouths would be watering and we would all want to grab a spoon to dig in.

4 Ranch

Ranch dressing can be used for a lot of things. It can be added to salads. It can be used to dip fresh veggies. It can also be used to accompany spicy dishes as a cool, mild dip. The list goes on and on when it comes to what you can use Ranch for, but these YouTubers are surely the first to use the dressing to fill a tub. To be quite honest, this tub challenge should join forces with the hot sauce tub challenge and the hot Cheetos challenge to make the spicy challenges less uncomfortable. The only thing missing for this challenge is some hot wings and celery. This also seems like an easy and convenient way to host a Super Bowl party and to be sure you won’t run out of condiments and finger foods.

3 200 Pounds of Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, then you would want to watch this challenge over and over. While we've seen challenges involving chocolate, skittles, and other goodies, this challenge is the ultimate challenge for any candy lover and sweet-tooth aficionado. The variety of candy makes this challenge one of the more fun, and semi-normal, of the challenges but 200 pounds is massive when it comes to being covered in candy. Since this challenge is harmless, continue with the festivities. Just hope you don't have to eat your way out because that's a lot of candy. Also, maybe this challenge should join forces with the silly string to have a real party. But to be honest, after seeing that much candy it would be understandable if you wouldn’t want to look at candy anymore for a long time.

2 Liquid Glass Putty

In an age where viral videos happen more frequently, challenges can get really extreme and teeter along the lines of cool and completely out of this world. This challenge is definitely a combination of both. For this challenge, liquid glass putty was used to fill a tub. We know what you're thinking. How is this different than all the regular slime filled tubs we've already seen? Well, it's different because the putty is very stiff. You can even hear the YouTuber say that it's hard to breathe because of the weight on his chest. So, that's what makes this interesting and fun to watch. Not to mention how cool "liquid glass" sounds.

1 Spitballs

When you combine paper and saliva you create a spitball: the things used by kids to spit at classmates and friends as a form of a childhood game. When you combine spitballs and a tub, then you get this tub challenge. Although, the Youtuber was slightly more hygienic by using commercial "spitballs". Some company decided to create little jelly-like balls that could expand in size and even explode when thrown at something (or someone) and call them Spitballs. Is it cleaner? Yes. But it's also way less fun. Anyway, this guy filled his tub with these phony spitballs.

A tub filled with chocolate sounds romantic and even a nice surprise for that special one for Valentine’s Day, but when it’s over 500 pounds worth of chocolate you might want to reconsider and rethink how romantic that could actually be. For this challenge, a YouTuber melted 520 pounds of chocolate serving as the epitome of being dipped in chocolate. Since there’s so much chocolate part of this challenge, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to have strawberries, pineapples, and other fruits alongside for this challenge to have a tasty snack while making a video sure to go viral on the Internet. While chocolate isn't the most outrageous thing to fill a tub on this list, the large amount of chocolate definitely grants this one an honorable mention.

Sources: Youtube

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The 22 Dumbest Things People Have Filled Their Tubs With