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The 20 Most Shocking Celebrity Rumors We’ve Ever Heard

The 20 Most Shocking Celebrity Rumors We’ve Ever Heard

Via Huffington Post UK

Tom Cruise and John Travolta are Scientologists, but that’s old news, right? So, what is news? The best part about celebrity rumors is that whether they are true or not, they are a ton of fun to consider when you start analyzing what people have heard and reported. Such rumors have abounded for as long as the populace has been star struck, too. It is an odd double standard people have for idolizing their heroes one minute, then being desperate to seek out their foibles the next. Such is the life in the limelight.

Hollywood is a funny old world. It is a bubble residing within a city where wealth dwells next to poverty, where people are catered for in ways “the little people” can’t imagine, and where some people have their every whim served to them on a plate. So, it is little wonder that because celebrities are often treated like Olympian gods, speculation begins to mount about what these people get up to behind the interviews, pap snaps, and red carpet trots. Of course, add to this pondering the ravenous wooden spoon of the media that whips up the gossiping froth into a frenzy, it becomes ample ground for all sorts of wild hints at what celebrities indulge in behind closed doors.

Tell all memoirs, interviews to papers, and magazines have also been clogged with jaw dropping information for years, causing many celebrities mentioned in the books to deny or own up to their weird personal habits. Here are 20 of the most strange celebrity lifestyle rumors to help continue to churn the rumor mill.

20. Selena Gomez – Attracted To Barney



You could say the singer has a thing for mindless puppets dragged around in front of the media lens… she did date Justin Bieber after all! Yet, Selena Gomez did admit to literally liking a puppet when she was younger… the big, purple dinosaur Barney. Barney was a popular kid’s TV show in the 90s, featuring a dancing and singing dinosaur that was a garish shade of purple. Selena herself starred alongside Barney as a child and obviously cut her acting and dancing teeth on this show. However, the revelation that she was attracted to the Barney costume is probably a tad too Freudian even for Freud. A costume designed to be cute of course, but attractive? Hey Selena, there are some things that should be kept private and this weirdest of crushes is definitely one of them. Keep these thoughts to yourself Ms. Gomez, as well as anything relating to Justin Bieber. The world had suffered enough.

19. Jennifer Lawrence – Falling Star

© The Independent


Jennifer Lawrence is a new darling of Hollywood. She’s the star of cult movies such as The Hunger Games and the odds have been ever in her favor regarding her burgeoning career. Already an Academy Award winning actress, she made perhaps greater headlines by tripping up the steps on her way to receive the prestigious award. After a series of stumbles, a rather clumsy and daft rumor has tottered to its feet. Some allege that Lawrence routinely takes a tumble to come across as a little silly and endearing (what a silly and entirely not endearing train of thought). One would have thought that Ms. Lawrence’s tenure as Katniss Everdean would have endowed her with a little agility and grace, but maybe she took an arrow to the knee and that keeps making her stumble? Or perhaps climbing a flight of small stairs in heels and a gown that is twice the size that she is, is clearly harder than it looks.

18. Jesse Eisenberg – A Feline Obsession 

© The Movie My Life


Jesse Eisenberg has cornered Hollywood geek chic, giving rise to many roles, such as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network and for portraying villain Lex Luthor in the new Batman vs. Superman movie. Yet, instead of collecting friends and followers on Facebook like the Facebook founder he portrayed, Eisenberg instead collects friends of the furry nine-lives variety. Rumor has it that Jesse Eisenberg is somewhat of a cat person. In fact, he has forty-two feline companions. Beware giving Eisenberg an Oscar, it might just end up as a cat’s scratching post. Like the geeky roles Eisenberg plays, it is often known that a geek will take their interests to quite abnormal levels and his love of cats surely implies somewhat of a geeky obsession. Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, his pokes are more likely to be scratches and the millions of likes are going to come from the fleas that will find a home in his cat’s fur.

17. Faye Dunaway – Hates Roman Polanski

© Days of Wine and Movies


Veteran actress Faye Dunaway has starred in some legendary screen flicks such as Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown, and she portrayed Hollywood legend Joan Crawford in the film based on the memoir, Mommie Dearest. Yet, aside from getting enraged by a wire coat hanger like Joan Crawford did, Faye Dunaway takes her ire out on people, even journalists and directors. When a journalist asked about working with controversial director Roman Polanski, she screamed at the journalist and banished them from her house. It is also believed that she tossed coffee in Polanski’s face when he kept making her do the same take and she wanted to use the bathroom instead. It is often said that art imitates life and her portrayal of a violent, female gangster and a psychotic actress who was nasty to her kids may well have rubbed off on Faye more than she thought. Now talk about method acting!

16. Eminem – Loves Total Darkness



Eminem is one of the greatest rappers and hip-hop artists of the last 20 years. He was the 90s as the first major white rapper since Vanilla Ice (and with actual talent too) and was Dr. Dre’s ultimate prodigy and is now an artistic legend in his own right, having even won an Oscar for his biopic 8 Mile. He was also responsible for producing a raft of hip-hop talent as his star power grew. His resume includes founding the group D-12 (of which Eminem is a part) and finding 50 Cent as part of Eminem’s record label Shady/Aftermath. Yet, Marshall Mathers III has a rather odd quirk: he has to sleep in total darkness and has even had hotel staff on orders to have his room completely blacked out. Surely, the consequences would be dire if the staff did not comply, and considering the huge number of “beefs” Eminem has had in his career, his people would be smart to cater to this whim.

15. Cher – Removed Her Ribs

© Lifetime


Cher has been famous since the 60s and, arguably, she looks younger now than she did back then. She is essentially more plastic than human now, having gone under the knife for decades, embodying a testament to how elastic human skin is. Apparently, however people speculate that the legendary singer has had several ribs removed in order to appear thinner. As it is inevitable that ladies of a certain age do gain more weight, especially around the hips and buttocks area, Cher has a body women half her age would envy, even with all of her ribs. Of course, as a star that has been in the public eye for more than 50 years and in an industry that prizes youth above all else, Cher obviously works hard at her appearance as she does on her music and acting career (acting that won her an Oscar for Moonstruck). Although Cher herself has addressed these rumors, having been known to show her rib area and maintaining that such procedures would leave noticeable scars.

14. J. Edgar Hoover – Cross Dresser

© The Daily Beast


There have been a panoply of rumors attached to the infamous former FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover. Many still believe that he was behind JFK’s assassination, and there was also talk that he was gay. Eagle-eyed viewers of The Simpsons may have spotted the nod to the following rumor in the episode featuring The X FilesGillian Anderson and David Duchovny. In this episode, Mulder and Scully head to Springfield to investigate an alien sighting by Homer. When the scene opens in Mulder and Scully’s FBI office, viewers are treated to an image of Hoover wearing a dress. This gag is a nod to speculation that he was allegedly a cross dresser. Well, what could be more covert for a government agent than by dressing as a woman? I mean, what better method could a spy master use than altering his gender to go undercover? Or maybe it was just for kicks? Either way, it is another rumor to add to the list of enigmas surrounding this man.

13. Shirley Temple – Wasn’t Really A Child

© The New York Times


A cute little songstress, actress, and darling of the silver screen, Shirley Temple was Hollywood’s first major child star. She was as big as could be in the 30s and doubtlessly brought a smile to the faces of Americans feeling the squeeze of the Great Depression. As always however, there are those (primarily journalists) who want to fan the flames of gossip, using their typewriters as an oil can. In fact, one movie reviewer went way too far in their criticisms of this sweet and widely adored little girl. He wrote that Temple wasn’t actually a girl at all, rather a midget made to look like a child. So outrageous was this allegation, the journalist goaded 20th Century Fox to pursue legal action against the journalist. Very few wild celebrity rumors go that far, even in today’s Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat culture, but the accusing journalist did not care. Unfortunately for the journalist, he managed to watch his theory unravel before his very eyes, as Shirley Temple grew up to be a beautiful woman.

12. Walt Disney – Frozen In Time



The world and all of their kids are in love with Disney and its endless movies and characters that have worked its way into our hearts over the years. Disney introduced Mickey Mouse in the cartoon Steamboat Willie, the character who has amused and entertained families globally for approaching a century. Although many aspersions have been cast on the character, anti-Semitism and Nazi sympathies being chief among them, few are as shocking as this accusation, seemingly coming straight out of a fairy tale that his company has adapted.

To elaborate, Disney did have a healthy interest in cryogenics, but speculation has led to wild claims that he is in a frozen state under the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney World; a rather macabre underscore to all the joy going on overhead. This is especially creepy as Walt Disney was actually cremated. As usual, The Simpsons parodied this rumor with Roger Meyers, Jr. having his father’s, Roger Meyers, Sr., who created the Itchy and Scratchy cartoons, head in a cooler after he loses his money.

11. Marisa Tomei – Wasn’t Supposed To Win An Oscar

© The Telegraph


My Cousin Vinny was a movie in the early 90s that starred Joe Pesci as a rather unsuccessful lawyer, hired to get his cousin off of on a murder that he didn’t commit. Marisa Tomei plays Vinny’s fiancée, “Mona” Lisa, an unlikely savant when it comes to cars. It was a role that landed her an Oscar. Yet, some believe Tomei was never destined for the trophy and it was intended for Vanessa Redgrave instead. Allegedly, a drunk and confused Jack Palance announced the wrong name and the Academy, to avoid egg on their faces, continued the farce of her victory. Of course, the Academy denies this, but it’s not the first time the wrong winner of something has been announced (see Australia’s Next Top Model). Sadly, Ms. Tomei hasn’t exactly had a glittering career, having not graduated from B-Movies and bit parts. However, the Academy insists on their fail-safe methods despite evidence to the contrary.

10. Stevie Wonder – Not Blind At All



Stevie Wonder is a legend, and of course with any veritable legend, they court massive rumors and this singer/songwriter is no different. As skilled at playing piano as he is crafting lyrics, some posit that Stevie Wonder is not blind at all. This is fuelled by the fact that he hugged singer Jake Simpson on Oprah, after performing with him in 2004, without having to feel where he was and catching a falling microphone stand whilst performing with Paul McCartney in 2011. Yet, those questioning Stevie’s adroitness with his hands could use an improvement in their mental adroitness themselves as it is obvious that blind people have heightened senses and can detect changes in sound pitch far more than sighted people. It is well known that the four other senses become heightened in blind people in order to compensate for their loss of vision. This means that Stevie Wonder would be able to hear more acutely and smell people more, making it seem as if he could see all along.

9. James Lee-Curtis – Really A Man



Jamie Lee-Curtis is her own Hollywood dynasty and she is even married to a British Duke to boot. The daughter of screen legends Tony Curtis and Janet Lee, Ms. Lee-Curtis followed in her mother’s footsteps, becoming a scream queen in her movie debut Halloween – her mother being the original scream queen on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The actress doesn’t look much like either of her parents and as a tall and rather solid framed woman with strong features, ridiculous whispers emerge as a result. Some have mentioned that Jamie Lee-Curtis is not truly a woman, but that she is a hermaphrodite; a spooky speculation that haunts the Halloween star indeed. Perhaps this rumor is why she can fend off her murderous brother, Michael Myers. Never mind, that’s fictional too! Apparently, a rather defined jaw line is enough to get some people speculating about someone’s gender, but only Ms. Lee-Curtis and her husband know the truth.

8. Beyonce – The Second Lady

© Huffington Post UK


Beyoncé is loved by many and can do no wrong is most of her fans’ eyes. She is also part of one of music’s major power couples with her husband Jay-Z being a hip-hop legend. She is even in the good books of the POTUS and FLOTUS (the Obamas) to top it all off. But is she too friendly with the Commander-In-Chief? There are those who fan the flames of gossip that Beyoncé and President Barack Obama are having an affair. Bad news for Jay-Z and Michelle Obama if the President is truly granted access to Beyonce’s “Oval Office”…which is a highly dubious suspicion. Beyoncé may be as presidential in the music world as Barack Obama is in the political, but the idea of getting intimate with one another considering what they have to risk seems just a little farfetched. However, this is just a little like a modern day JFK and Marilyn Monroe rumor to end your year off on the right foot.

7. David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Lovers

© The AV Club


In the 80s, music legends Mick Jagger and the late David Bowie committed one of the most heinous crimes to the sanctity of music. They released a cover of Dancing in the Street and even though some may argue that music never fully recovered from this blow, whispers of the intimacy level of the Bowie/Jagger bromance is probably the most exciting thing about the duo’s work together. According to Bowie’s ex-wife, Angie (also the mother of Warcraft movie director, Duncan Jonesshe walked in on the two musical giants having sex. It is well known that Bowie professed to being bisexual, yet Jagger is known only for locking those enlarged lips with women. Angie’s confession has been subject to change, so the truth, and subsequent imagery, is something best forgotten. It is also well known that ex-wives can often create salacious rumors to discredit their former spouses. Furthermore, both stars are as legendary for their looks as they are for their music so it is possible that each one felt they could do way better than the other anyway.

6. Molly Ringwald – Original Pretty Woman

© E!


Molly Ringwald became an adored teen queen in the 1980s when she starred in numerous roles in the late John Hughes’ movies like The Breakfast Club and 16 Candles. So, it was logical to offer Ms. Ringwald a stab at the lead female role in what became one of the most renowned rom coms of the last 30 years: Pretty Woman. However, it is alleged that she felt a little uncomfortable with portraying a prostitute on screen and turned down the role, alongside the likes of Daryl Hannah (who also took umbrage to the story line). The role was instead given to a rather unknown at the time, Julia Roberts, and the role started her Oscar winning career. Ringwald on the other hand went the opposite way and despite the odd appearances in Not Another Teen Movie and Family Guy, she never really retained the fame she had in the 80s.

5. Mark Wahlberg – Declined Brokeback Mountain

© Evening Standard


Brokeback Mountain is an Oscar winning movie that depicts another bromance that goes over the line of friendship, as Bowie and Jagger’s was supposed to have gone. It was a tale of two cowboys who fall in love with each other whilst living separate lives and dealing with separate issues with oppression. Originally, Mark Wahlberg was considered for the role in the movie and apparently could only get 15 pages into the script, before turning the movie down for being “creepy.” Wahlberg is also Catholic and was supposedly told by his priest to turn down the role. This rumor has resulted in some regarding the former boy band member to be viewed in a rather unpleasant way, as there is a difference between being straight and uncomfortable with gay loves scenes and dubbing those scenes “creepy” with a prejudiced undertone.

4. 2 Pac, Biggie & MJ – They’re Not Really Dead

© YouTube


For as long as celebrities have died, there have been rumors focused on how these stars somehow managed to escape death’s grasp. Such talk emerged when Elvis Presley died in 1977 and has expanded to encompass many other famous stars. These include grunge legend and Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain, hip-hop giant Tupac Shakur, his rival Notorious B.I.G., and most recently Michael Jackson. All have been accused of going into hiding and faking their own death, despite evidence to the contrary. A raft of shots claiming to be those deceased stars have surfaced, even though most of the images are grainy or from a distance. Regardless, it’s the fact that only those closest to these stars have any idea whether they are actually still living and faked their own deaths. With “unreleased” music and “never before seen” footage of these stars, it is not probable, but at least possible that one of these stars is still alive and well.

3. Ozzy Ozbourne – Knew It Was A Live Bat

© TeamRock


Obviously, Ozzy Osbourne has had some questionable things in his mouth, due to his former alcoholism and drug addiction. However, the decapitating of live animals with his mouth is one thing most drug addicts would never even consider, no matter how high it would get them. But don’t tell that to good ole Ozzy. Although biting the head off a live animal sounds like a rumor, Mr. Osbourne claimed that this was true.

According to his memoir, he believed the bat was a rubber one, but he may have been as high as a kite at the time and couldn’t tell if it was a live or fake. He said he knew that he had devoured a bat the moment the bat’s warm blood and guts started to drip onto his body. It is difficult to understand why (or how) one of his people would secure a live bat, but this is one rumor that seems more real than fake.

2. Prince Harry – James Hewitt’s Son

© Starpulse


The marriage between Prince Charles and his late first wife, Princess Diana, was rocky from the start. The heir to the British throne’s heart belonged to another; his current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, his mistress at the time. The public took to the Prince’s first wife and adored her, becoming broken hearted at her passing when she was killed in a car in an underpass in Paris. But rumors abound that Diana wasn’t so innocent after all and those rumors are centered on her and Charles’s roguish youngest son, Prince Harry. Harry’s older brother, Prince William, bears familial resemblance to his paternal Windsor stock. Harry however, does not, and looks quite alike to former army officer James Hewitt, a man Diana allegedly had an affair with. Of course, this is strenuously denied by the Royal Family. It is ancient custom that the male members of the Royal Family sire bastards, but in the 1980s, things were much different.

1. Richard Gere – Gerbil In His A**



How this rumor came to be is a little “hairy” in the details. Richard Gere was a big star in the 80s and 90s and starred alongside Julia Roberts in the movie that shot her to fame: Pretty Woman. Yet, there is something a little more infamous that is attached to this famous Buddhist star, involving a small rodent and a place where the sun doesn’t shine. For years, there has been a rumor that Richard Gere placed a gerbil into his anus. You would think why would be the salient question here, but the bigger question is how? A tube? Sedating it and then inserting it as it began to come around? Jamming it in there? Who knows? Moreover, how would the furry rodent be removed from the back passage after enough pleasure is received from the bizarre act? Richard Gere however, dismissed the rumor as an urban legend, much to everyone’s relief.

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