20Exploding Head Syndrome

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It really does sound like something you would either see or hear about in a horror movie. However, this disorder is very real (though obviously not as literal as the picture implies). Thousands of people all around the world are experiencing this devastating disease. But the symptoms are not as dramatic

as the disease may sound, however, that doesn't mean it isn't serious. Suffering from the disease involves hearing very loud noises, ones so loud it sounds like a bomb going off while trying to sleep. There are never any symptoms of pain or swelling in the brain. It is simply something that happens to a certain amount of people and experts have yet to figure out exactly why it happens. Most of the time, people who are over 50 years of age are the ones who are suffering from the disease, however, there have been cases of people as young as ten having symptoms. While there isn't a known cure, experts work their hardest to try and find the cause so that a solution might become available for those who have to battle such a terrible situation.

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