The 15 Weirdest Things You Can Learn On WikiHow

You can learn just about everything you can think of, and even more, on wikiHow. All the articles are written with the contributions of many writers and sometimes reviewed by a professional. Their goal is to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything. Unfortunately, sometimes we just wish they could write a guide on "How to Forget This Weird wikiHow Article I Just Read." No one really wanted to waste hundreds of hot dogs to find an approximation of Pi.

People certainly have a lot of imagination and an unusual lifestyle so you should prepare yourself to see a lot of crazy things on this website. Are they trying to be funny or are they honest about their phobia of tin foil? Does someone seriously think that casting a love spell will work? Did someone really succeed to create his own country with the help of a wikiHow article? In any case, all the guides are written seriously so everyone can have what it takes to solve their problems in case they need it one day. Better safe than sorry!

An article was famously so bad that it had to be deleted from the website. Instead of helping people, it did exactly the opposite, and many people were mad. Fortunately, it is still possible to find it online, and we are sharing it with you today. If you are ready to learn more about the most surprising things people want to know how to do, here are 15 of the weirdest things you can learn on wikiHow:


15 How To Calculate Pi By Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs

In case you can't simply Google what Pi is (spoiler: it's 3.1416), someone came up with an easy way to calculate it. If you want to waste the most precious things in life - time and food - here's an activity you'll enjoy

To do this recipe, you will need many frozen hot dogs and a clear area to throw your mathematical cuisine. Lay down tape in parallel strips as far apart as the projectile is long. Then, throw the hot dogs once at a time to see if they cross the lines of tape or not. You'll need to throw 100 to 200 hot dogs to see interesting results. Divide the number of food you threw with the number of hot dogs who crossed the lines divided by two. The result will be an approximation for pi.

Just like anyone else, you probably wonder what to do if your neighbor sees you doing this? "Showing them this article might work, but of you want to impress them, you could claim you are working on some kind of art project."

14 How To Ask A Boss For A One Night Stand


Ever wanted a quick way to get a promotion? Or maybe you simply want to spend the night with your attractive boss? Either way, wikiHow is here to help you turn this inappropriate demand into a one-night stand you'll probably regret the morning after.

The first old school step is to take it down a button, but the second one goes a little further: wear the least amount of clothing you can. "Come back from the bathroom and still be buttoning up your shirt, or heck, don't even wear one!" Turn up the temperature and invite your boss into your home to "take a look at a file" so they can take a look at your underwear as you undress. Then, you can spill something on their shirt so they take it off. Use a towel to clean them, and slowly make your way down...

These are all good pointers if you want to have a one night stand with your inmates after being arrested for sexual harassment at work. Don't listen to the fantasies of someone who was inspired by an adult film.

13 How To Stop A wikiHow Addiction

What better way to stop a wikiHow addiction than to use wikiHow to take care of a problem? Or how proud can a website be to claim that people are addicted to it? Either way, these two are part of a bad relationship, and we want to stop it.

It is okay to read wikiHow three to four hours a day as long as you take breaks every hour. Record how much time you spend on the website and write the number down on a calendar. As you can see in the example in the article, 10 hours each day is a little too much, and it is time to realize that there's a problem. When you are ready for it, simply log out of the website and take a break away from wikiHow. If you need something to convince you to do so, remember: "wikiHow is about quality, not quantity, and how much can you really give to wikiHow if you are exhausted?"

If you are addicted to drugs, make sure you don't take more, so hallucinations show you a way to feel better. This is the same thing for wikiHow. Make sure you realize the irony of the situation in hope this will be enough to stop you.

12 How To Create Your Own Country


You think no country is good enough for you? Do you want a new law giving you the right to be paid for sleeping? Or maybe you want to build a wall to protect you from Donald Trump? It is time to create your own micronation with the help of wikiHow!

If you want to create a country, you better take it seriously. Find a name for the country and states, and think about the rules. There are many things you'll need to make it a country: a permanent population, a defined territory, and a government. If these are too difficult to find, you can simply build an island in the ocean and invite your friends to visit the website of your new country. Establish a government, declare your independence, and be recognized by the world community. However, the wikiHow contributor suggests you not to act too seriously, or other governments might think it is a secession movement instead of a micronation created just for fun.

Nothing seems easier than building your own nation in 12 simple steps. If 196 people have been able to do it, you can do it, too! Unfortunately, no one succeeded to create their own country after reading this article.

11 How To Color Chickens

Aren't chickens boring with their natural color?  Fortunately, you can now make them any color you want! Your farmer friends will be jealous when they will see that your white chickens are now pink, blue, or yellow.

First step: pick your victim. The color will come out best on a white chicken. Then, find edible food dye of your favorite color and apply it on your chicken with a toothbrush. You might need a helper to hold the animal while you do this as it probably won't like it. But if you just can't wait to make your chicken blue, you can also dye chicken embryos. The safest time to dye embryos is between the 11th and 14th day of incubation. Inject the food dye directly into the egg with a needle. Make sure you disinfect them before and cover up the whole after because we care about the chick, after all. What is a green chick useful for if it's not even alive?

However, the wikiHow contributor suggests you do not dye your chickens if you intend to sell them. Or won't they be even more interesting to buy? The color itself might not scare people, but the fact that the owner thought about this probably will.

10 How To Cast A Love Spell


Your best flirting techniques didn't work so now you're looking for another foolproof way to make someone fall in love with you. What a great idea it is to use your secret magic powers to finally take the control of the situation.

Start by cleaning your bathroom at the full moon. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do it with your new psychic skills but with anti-bacterial products. Cover your mirrors with pink towels and draw a bath. Add salt to the water while casting a spell, light three floating candles, put on your favorite music that will make you feel reckless and sexy. Then, take your bath, shampoo your hair, and shave if appropriate. Everything is about feeling sensual and loved as you enter the water and use the power of words spoken to yourself. You can even sing or dance (in your bath?) if it inspires a feeling of love.

If you never thought about cleaning yourself, magic will be great for you. However, don't count on not doing anything relevant if you want someone to love you or your bath will be the only one you ever end up naked with.

9 How To Practice Nudity Within Your Family

Most of us don't want to see our parents and siblings naked. We don't even like thinking about it right now. But some people see nudity as something natural rather than sexual and want their whole family to share the same spirit.

The best thing to do, according to wikiHow of course, is to start early when your children don't understand modesty and don't mind being naked. Make nudity part of your daily life, and they will see it as something normal. Otherwise, if your family is not into in, you can simply walk around the house naked when they are not there to see it. What was a good way for a family to accept their body as it naturally is turned dark when someone asked a question: "What if my uncle wants me to touch him while naked? What do I do?" A contributor suggested that person tells their parents or the police about it, but it simply made it a wikiHow article most people wish they never read.

If people saw nudity as something natural, they wouldn't associate it with sexuality. Unfortunately, many people don't understand it yet, and it makes nudism tough to practice when someone is too into it.


8 How To Pretend You Are A Werewolf


You haven't found a real werewolf to bite you, so you think you could just pretend to be one? There's not just one, but four wikiHow guides to help you do this. The trick is to try to hide it while making sure that everyone sees it.

Appear worried on the night of a full moon and disappear for a while. Avoid your friends that night, and they might start to notice that there is something wrong with you every month. You can even put some dirt and leaves on your clothes the next morning and act really tired so it looks like something happened that night. The way you act for the rest of the month is also important. Be protective of the ones you love, spend a lot of time with canines, move as if you were hunting, walk like a wolf, comment on smells, growl lowly when angry, and sleep in wolf positions.

Being a werewolf is not only a monthly activity, it is a lifestyle. However, if someone ever asks you if you are a mysterious creature of the night, deny it immediately and act worried. Real wolves don't reveal their secret after all.

7 How To Impress Middle School Boys With Your Knowledge Of "Family Guy"

Are you interested in a middle school boy, but all he thinks about is Family Guy? This could be a sign that you should simply try to find something else that you both like. But if you are really into pretending to be someone else to make sure he likes you, this article is for you.

The best thing is to watch the show. But if you don't have time for that, there are other things you could do. Learn some funny quotes to use, learn the title song, and go on the Wikipedia page for all the references you didn't understand. If you want to be more discreet about it, just wear a Family Guy shirt and hope that your middle school boy will come to you to talk about the show. However, if your parents are not okay with you watching this PG-13 show, listen to them.

Unfortunately, these techniques might not work every time as boys are probably not interested in someone faking being obsessed with a TV show. The wikiHow contributor specified not to try this if your crush is not interested in Family Guy; it would be useless (obviously).

6 How To Date A Mormon


This article could be interesting for Mormons who want to date people like them, but it seems like other people are interested in dating them, too. Is it a complicated way to join their community? Or do you just think a Mormon guy is cute? We'll never know.

Start by finding a Mormon to date. You could find some at an LDS college by taking a few classes or going to campus events. If it doesn't work, you can also try dating websites like LDS singles or go to an LDS church. Once you get the chance to go on a date with them, there are many rules to follow: make sure they are over 16 years old, don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, don't drink coffee, and don't show too much skin. Also, make sure you understand the law of chastity including not reading or watching anything that arouses sexual feelings, and don't have any sexual fantasy. Sounds a little less fun?

In any case, make sure you respect their lifestyle and their beliefs. After all, if you are looking to date a Mormon, you should accept the fact that this person is a Mormon. The first thing to do is think about why you decided to read this article in the first place.

5 How To Get Evidence Of Santa Claus 

When your parents told you that Santa Claus didn't exist, you knew this was so that they could take all his gifts away from you. Now that you are an adult, you have what it takes to get evidence that he is real and you will prove it.

Writing a letter to Santa and receiving an answer is a good way to show that he exists. However, some people might think that someone else wrote it, so you need another way to reveal his secret. Do some research on Santa Claus and find where he is with the Google Santa Tracker. Attract this generous old man by decorating your home and having Christmas music playing. Now is time to make sure everyone believes you: hide a camera in a shoe box disguised as a gift and record everything that happens during the night. You can also stay up all night to see him by yourself. Be careful because if he sees you, he will not come back ever again.

Unfortunately, Santa Claus might not come to your place if you are too old or if you have not been nice this year. This is simply a good reason to go out and find him! Why not take a trip to the North Pole to get the chance to meet the man of your dreams instead?

4 How to Take A Shower


If no one told you how to do this and you are old enough to use a computer, there might be a (smelly) problem. Or maybe you just want to find a way to overthink your daily activities with a guide on how to clean yourself properly in 20 steps.

Take off your clothes, set the temperature properly, and get under the water. It is important to follow these steps in the right order, or you might stand in a cold shower with your clothes on. Then, you can wet your entire body, use shampoo and soap, and shave if you wish to. This wikiHow contributor even suggests brushing your teeth in the shower because no one wants to be cold when they do that. Next, give yourself a final rinse, step out of the shower, and dry off with a towel. Who would have thought of that?!

Some people were still curious and had more questions to ask. How can you make showering fun? Sing and dance a little, but don't get to carried away or you might slip, die, and your naked body will be found in the bathroom.

3 How To Cope With A Fear Of Tin Foil

Did you ever think of what you would do if you developed a phobia of tin foil? Neither did we, but now we know how to overcome it. People might laugh at you, but the fear of tin foil is real. You never realize how present it is in our lives until you are terrified by it.

First, think about what makes you so scared of tin foil. "Is it its silvery viciousness? The diabolical metallic crinkly noise it makes when one manipulates it?" Start by looking at pictures of tin foil and reward yourself with chocolate each time you see one. Make sure you don't eat chocolate wrapped in tin foil. Then, ask a compassionate friend to make a crinkly noise of tin foil next to your ear. Next, start playing with the tin foil until you are comfortable with it. The final step is an important one: make a hat out of tin foil, put it on, and repeat firmly that you are not afraid of tin foil. You might want to do it in public for maximum empowerment.

Even though a phobia is something to be taken seriously, a psychiatrist will probably be more useful than a wikiHow article. It is not easy to talk about it, but it is not easy to put on a tin foil hat in public either.

2 How To Pretend To Have Ice Powers


People have been so obsessed with the movie Frozen that they want to be just like Elsa, including her secret power. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have real ice power so you will have to fake it to impress your friends.

Start by wearing blue and white clothes, put streaks of blue and white in your hair, and wear accessories with snowflakes patterns. Then, you need to prove to your friends that the cold never bothered you anyway. Dip your hands in an ice-cold bucket of water and touch a friend, saying that your ice power is strong today. You can also glance at your hands whenever someone mentions ice or snow as long as you make sure you get their attention. Otherwise, talk about the weather and accidentally say: “I’m making it sn-…I mean, it’s supposed to snow on Tuesday.”

Unfortunately, your friends might not think your secret power is cool until you really manage to build an ice castle. Elsa learned how to be honest with her sister Anna and you should try to do the same thing too. Just let it go.

1 How To Stop Laughing At Obese Girls

If people cry when you laugh, this is a bad sign. You already made the first step: realizing you have a problem. But you still have a lot to learn if you want to make plus-size girls smile just as much as you do.

If you don't see big girls as people, talk to one and find out that she can be really interesting. No one wants to be fat, and there are probably many reasons to explain why she doesn't have the chance to be as thin as you. But if you still find something to laugh about, just divert your attention. Quickly look away and refocus on something else. Either you pay attention to your friend, your shoes or your surroundings: just don't look at her. No matter what, just smile at them. "This way, she'll think you're just being friendly, when you are really being the exact opposite."

Unfortunately, this article was deleted from wikiHow because of a big reason: it just made people laugh even more. Or maybe the girl in question (h)ate the article? Anyway, if we can't make fun of them, we'll at least make fun of the article!

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