The 15 Weirdest Allergies People Actually Have

You’ve heard of cat allergies, nut allergies, dust allergies, and pollen allergies. But wouldn’t it be strange if you were allergic to something that you normally used every day? It could be torture or make you very ingenuitive. There are thousands, probably millions of people out there with strange allergies. Some never know it, and some live with the allergy every day of their life, making special changes to their lives because of it. Being allergic to dogs would be a nightmare, and it is a very real allergy. Though it is usually certain breeds that one would be allergic to, not the entire species. But it gets a lot worse than being allergic to Pomeranians. Trust me, you’ll be glad you’re allergic to strawberries and bees pretty soon.

What if you had to wake up every day and touch something that burned you or eat something that made your throat swell? What if people were constantly bringing objects to you that they had no idea you were allergic to? What if you couldn’t touch your significant other or you sneezed every time your child entered the room? It would suck big time! Well, some people actually live like this and it does suck. But how bad? It depends on the allergy, the severity, and what you can do about it. Want to know the details? Well, take a look at these fifteen strange allergies and form your own opinion on them. I assure you, people with these allergies have a life stranger than yours.


15 Alcohol

I hate to break it to you, but it’s true. That one friend who always tags along and says that they don’t drink because it makes them sick…in a way that isn’t a hangover… they may be allergic to beer.

The main reason someone would have an allergic reaction to it would be due to an enzyme, aldehyde dehydrogenase, that is in most alcohols. This enzyme metabolizes in the liver as vinegar. So those who are allergic to vinegar would have a reaction at this stage. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, stomach cramps, nausea, anaphylaxis, and more. However, this isn’t the only thing that one could be allergic to in alcohol. Of course you can be allergic to the grapes or histamines in wine or rye/barley in other beverages. So, unless you’re allergic to vinegar, it all comes down to the type of alcohol.

14 Humans... Or At Least Their Saliva


So, you can’t just be allergic to humans, but good try! The actual most common “human” allergy is saliva. This could be carried by sharing a drink with someone or kissing your slobbery child. Their saliva could carry allergens that their body has no reaction to, but yours does, such as kissing someone who just ate PB&J when you’re allergic to peanuts. Then there is that laundry detergent someone uses that we never knew we were allergic to. Or that perfume that your great aunt uses, and you thought it was her gossiping mouth!

Humans can’t be allergic to humans in general, but you know who can? Dogs and cats! They can be allergic to human dander. As expected, this will cause them to sneeze and have breathing problems.

13 Hair Dye

This would be scary if you were really into changing your look. In fact, it can be life threatening. There are so many things in hair dyes than you may be allergic to, which is why an allergy test is always recommended.

One of the most common allergens is paraphenylenediamine. This is a chemical that many people are allergic to. Imagine wanting voluminous red hair, and receiving a swollen red face! Common symptoms of this allergy are itchy skin, swollen skin (eyes, mouth, hands, and feet), nausea, vomiting, and losing consciousness. The saddest part about this is, it just may be worth it. No…it’s not. Please if you have this allergy, do not dye your hair, that beautiful auburn color is not worth the possibility of death. Your throat can literally swell shut and you will not be able to breathe. And no air equals no life.

12 Water


What if you were allergic to the second most important thing in order to live? Next to air, this would be the worst allergy in the world! It is known as Aquagenic urticarial, and affects more people than you know.

To live a day in their shoes, picture this. You wake up in the morning covered in blisters due to sweating all night. You take a drink of water, which should feel refreshing, but instead, the icy water feels like boiling water as it slips down your throat. If this stresses you, beware, you may sweat and sweat burns. If you start burning, you may cry from the pain, but you know those tears will sting your cheeks and eyelids.

You can understand why people who have this disease, such as the Wicked Witch of the West, would only shower once a week for less than one minute. And swimming? Never!

11 Band-Aids

The allergy to Band-aids seems like nothing compared to water. But compared to not being allergic to Band-aids, it sucks. One thing that is supposed to make you actually feel better…makes things much worse. The latex in most band-aids will cause those with the allergy to break out in a painful, itchy rash if used. If using a band-aid on top of a bleeding, oozing sore, you can see how things could escalate fairly quick.

Imagine if a toddler had this allergy. They would have a scratch. Their parent would put a Band-aid on it. They would complain because it hurt but no one would know it wasn’t the scratch but the bandage itself that was causing the pain. One of the most ironic allergies ever! What if someone were allergic to Band-aids and water? Then it would hurt to clean the wound and to dress it!

10 Underwear


Don’t worry, you can’t be allergic to all underwear, but you can be allergic to most underwear. It is the most common clothing allergy in the world, however.

Sure, any fabric that is not allergen free can give you an allergic reaction, such as the very common cotton or even polyester. Then we have dyes that are in clothes that also affect a decent amount of people. Then, we have what is actually called underwear preservatives that keep the underwear on the shelves.

But the most common is the same thing that is in Band-aids, latex, which is the elastic in the bands of the undies. So, if you get itchy and red…you know where, don’t go commando, just get latex-free bottoms! Unless you want to feel free, I don’t judge.

9 Wood

Wood allergies aren’t really that rare. A lot of people are affected by it, just not many have a severe enough reaction to notice it. It is often certain woods that irritate certain people. Or perhaps it’s sawdust that causes eye infections and induces vomiting.

To give you an idea of the types of trees people are allergic to, take the Australian Cashew Nut tree for example. It can cause skin lesions, eye infections, and even nosebleeds. The Western Red Cedar causes skin irritation, infections, runny nose, asthma attacks, nervous system effects, and throat cancer.

But do you know what’s even crazier? Sawdust can cause cancer in anyone! We’re all allergic to it just like we are cigarette smoke. But not all of us are allergic to touching wood, thank goodness!


8 Making Love


This needs little explanation, so let’s just say only women can be allergic to this. Or at least over 90% of cases are in women. It doesn’t exactly depend on the allergen as a whole, but as to what man you are with. You can really just be allergic to making love to one man. That is a sorry excuse to break up with someone, but it’s a great alibi. Sorry, I’m allergic to you…just you…so…bye!

The symptoms are usually mild such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, and a burning sensation. But some women have been known to go into anaphylactic shock, which can easily lead to death. Worst honeymoon ever! Not the allergy as much as…you know…your partner dying! Many doctors misdiagnose this allergy, due to its rarity, which is the worst part.

7 Sun

Most cases of a sun allergy are pretty much just like…a bad sunburn. Not like whatever they thought they had in The Others. For severe cases, this allergy causes large, painful blisters on the skin, and it isn’t anything like a sunburn.

What is the worst part of this one? About 10% of US residents are allergic to the sun! How would you even know? Well, do you always get sunburns? Do you often have tough skin? What’s strange is that sometimes when you use sunscreen, the oils and chemicals will cause the allergens to duplicate and grow. So, it will cause a worse reaction than if you didn’t wear any at all.

People with sun allergies will not just “sunburn” but will be affected by dehydration, nausea, and a fever.

6 Pools


This isn’t the same as being allergic to water, though the two combined could result in certain death. A “pool” allergy is actually a chlorine allergy since most people clean their pool water with bleach. The reaction is usually itchy skin, red skin, and welts. Many don’t consider this an allergy, but there are other conditions that can be caused by swimming in a pool.

For one, chlorine inhalation increases the symptoms and the risk of developing asthma. If you do have respiratory problems, chlorine may cause you to develop a cough, have trouble breathing, a tightness in the chest, a runny nose, and blah blah blah. If you seem to develop a cold after swimming in a pool, you may just be sensitive to chlorine. It isn’t such a bad thing since…you know, public pools are disgusting.

5 Electro-Magnetic Fields

EMF, yes, as in electro-magnetic fields. A hundred years ago, EMFs were not nearly as common as they are today. Of course, they existed in their own right, but we didn’t swim in them every day.

Today, we have microwaves, cell phones, and other devices that float through the air all around us. Can you imagine being allergic to these waves? If you were, it would be called EHS, or electromagnetic hypersensitivity. So many experts and non-believers will say there is no such thing, it’s just paranoia. Well, tell that to those who have been affected by it. They claim that it causes headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin prickling, rashes and muscle aches.

Some even say that all EMFs need to be destroyed and electronic devices shouldn’t exist as it is radiation poisoning. They believe that…this…radiation will lead to the end of the world. Yeah…maybe this one isn’t real (I’m not giving up Hot Pockets or my Xbox).

4 Cold


This allergy is called cold urticaria. It is the reaction of being cold or touched by something cold and breaking out in hives or a rash. This can be due to touching an ice pack, being out on a really cold day, or swimming in a cold river.

Most of the time, it leads to a rash and nothing more. But other times, you may experience low blood pressure, fainting, and shock. If you want to know if you have cold urticaria, just hold a piece of ice in your hand for a few minutes and see if you get a reaction or not.

Another common reaction from people with this disease is a swollen throat when they eat ice cream or a cold drink. The strangest thing about this allergy is that it may not develop early on in life, but later. That’s why it’s so hard to catch, it may appear on and off for three month periods of time.

3 Pregnancy

When normal women are pregnant, they swell up like a balloon, they have aches, acne, digestive problems, and more. But it gets worse in some cases.

A woman named Dayle Byrom was allergic to a hormone produced by pregnant women. For the first term, she was fine, but then she started getting an awful rash. She couldn’t sit down because the pain was so bad. It kept getting worse and worse. She even stated that she wanted an abortion, she was so out of her head that she didn’t realize at 30 weeks, it was impossible.

It took time, but one doctor finally diagnosed her with Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy. To this day she has permanent scars from her pregnancy, but thankfully, the baby is fine. She, however, is scarred (literally) for life.

2 Touch


Were you one of those kids that left red marks in your own skin for fun? Well, that’s not normal. You may have dermatographia.

People with this allergy may just lightly touch their arm and will swell up slightly. Thankfully, the redness goes away in seconds. This is not a deadly disease and many have fun with it. Those with it, sometimes call it “Writing on the skin” condition. There’s even a hashtag called #skinwriting where thousands of people show off their temporary body art online.

That sure is a heck of a lot better than the alternative: being ashamed of it. So, what if you are allergic to touch? Make the most out of it. Like, tell people you are allergic to touch and they won’t touch you.

1 Tattoos

Aside from getting HIV or Hepatitis, there are other reasons that getting a tattoo is dangerous, like how you may be allergic. It is usually just a reaction to the ink that causes swelling, redness, and welts. But since the needle penetrates the skin, it may cause a more severe reaction than that.

Any color of ink can cause a reaction, as there are many chemicals in every color. But red is the most common color to cause problems. Most of the time, the reactions from the chemicals are mild and go away in a few weeks. But at times, especially with red ink, you can have permanent bumps where the red ink is. That could be used for some killer 3D art, right? Live life on the edge, use that allergy.

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