The 15 Scariest Pictures Taken So Far This Year

We still have a month before we can say that we’re halfway through the year, and it’s already been a pretty scary 2017. Aside from all the political garbage we hear about daily, this year is no stranger to dangerous scientific procedures, shocking discoveries, and crime and violence fluctuating throughout the seasons. Some people would ask “What is this world coming to?” But many would argue that this is the least graphic time in history. The thing that sets this year apart from the rest is that in our recorded history, we’re the most technologically advanced we’ve ever been.

That’s the thing about technology: until we have time travel, we’ll always be at our highest in terms of technology, just like how you’re always the youngest you’ll ever be the rest of your life. With our amazing technology, we’re able to share pictures within seconds, giving us an entirely new collection of macabre things to stare at while lying in bed alone at night. Some of the pictures on this list are scary glimpses into the unknown universe. Others remind us just how evil our very own species can be. The list includes everything from horrifying behavior to terrifying epidemics plaguing our world now.

Can you think of any terrifying pictures on the list that we might’ve missed? What do you think is the scariest thing we’ve run into so far? We’ll always have new scary pictures to look at, but for now, here are the scariest pictures taken so far this year:

15 A Dog Who Liked To Eat Lady Bugs

The photograph above is a pretty disturbing image of a dog who had a passion for eating lady bugs. The previous sentence sounds like a cute little description for a children’s cartoon, but the reality is much darker. These bugs aren’t pretty friends like some might have you think and are, in reality, pretty disturbing bugs who like to feed on their victims. They latch themselves onto the skin, and the longer they feed, the harder it is to remove them. A picture like this is pretty disturbing to look at, but it’s a reminder for pet owners everywhere. Dogs seem to know what they’re doing most of the time, but they’re still like children that need to be watched and given attention to so that they don’t hurt themselves! If you see a dog playfully chasing and snacking on bugs, it won’t hurt to check its mouth to make sure your pet doesn’t have anything latched onto the roof of its mouth like this poor pup!

14 A Rat Sewn Onto Another Rat's Head

The photograph above might seem disturbing, but some think it’s groundbreaking as it opens doors for future surgeries. It was taken during a science experiment in which one small rat’s head was removed and attached to a larger rat. The experiment was done to determine if head transplants would be possible. The rat's head did show signs of life after the transplant, meaning technology like this might actually be available in the future! It seems pretty sadistic to chop up and sew together rats, but without technology like this, we wouldn’t have a lot of the advanced medical care that we do today. Some might argue that we shouldn’t go this far in science and that we have to let nature take its course, one way or another. Others believe that this kind of experiment is exactly what we need to keep us as an advanced race. What do you believe?

13 Something Strange Washed Up On The Beach

When this globster first washed up on the shores of Indonesia, everyone was terrified. Never before had such a massive and terrifying beast appeared on the peaceful beaches of the area. Some thought it was a terrifying sea creature, while others speculated it was the remains of a giant squid. No matter what the truth is, it’s still not known for sure to us! Most experts have come forward to state that it's most likely the remains of a whale. However, some claim that we can’t be certain unless we do extensive testing. In reality, it could be any sort of sea creature. That’s the terrifying part of it all: we’ve discovered less than 10 percent of the entire ocean! Although our best experts can say, “Oh yeah that’s a whale,” so little is really known about our massive world that there’s still a chance that it’s something else! Either way, we don’t want to get anywhere near it.

12 A Murder Suspect Caught On The Victims' Snapchat

When 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams didn't show up to the pickup location they had agreed upon with their parents after hiking on a local trail, police looked to their social media to attempt to find the suspect who ultimately murdered the innocent young girls. The girls went hiking in the area often; however, they never had any trouble protecting themselves or staying out of harm’s way until the day they disappeared. Unfortunately, the two young girls were victims of a double homicide. The only evidence officials have of their murder is this short clip of the man they suspect to be the killer. The girls were snapping pictures and taking videos of their adventures while hiking and might have inadvertently captured their murderer. The killer has still not been found, but luckily, the police have at least a bit of evidence that will hopefully point out who took the innocent lives of the young girls.

11 A Couple Overdoses With A 4-Year-Old In The Back

One epidemic that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon is the massive opioid addiction that inflicts pain on many people today. This photo, released by Ohio police, shows a grim scene of three people whose lives have been affected by a terrible addiction. Featured in the photograph are a woman, her boyfriend, and their grandchild in the back seat. The couple was found after drifting off the road while following a school bus. Both had overdosed on heroin while the three-year-old boy sat terrified in the back seat. Luckily, police were close to the scene and saw the off-road drift occur. They were able to save the couple from death by overdose and possibly the life of the three-year-old. If they had been going any faster, they could have harmed those on the school bus in front of their car before they drifted off the road. Who knows what might have happened to the innocent boy in the back seat as well.

10 A Massive Shark In The Waves While A 10-Year-Old Surfs

The photograph above was taken by a man whose 10-year-old son is featured surfing in the picture. The thing that's terrifying about the photo? The alleged shark in the wave was just feet from where the boy was surfing! Many critics have come forward to question the authenticity of the picture, wondering if it’s just another man’s attempt at going viral. Those who think the picture is a total fake state that a shark would not be swimming upside down like that and speculate the pointed edge is probably a fellow surfer underneath the water at the time. The man who took the photograph states that there weren’t any other surfers near the boy at the time the photograph was taken and that he only noticed the threat later while looking through the photographs. If it's real, which more people say it is, then it’s a terrifying reminder of the dangers lurking beneath the surface.

9 A Man On A Dead Shark's Back

You can look at the photograph above in two ways. You might think it’s funny that an overweight man is humping a dead shark and smiling, or you might think it’s terrifying knowing that this man is the same species as us. This photograph has taken the internet by storm, and it's fascinating that no one has any idea who the man in the photograph might be! Some think it’s a politician, others think it’s a businessman, while some have claimed that it’s the CEO of Jimmy John’s! No matter who it might be, he's a pretty sadistic person who clearly seems to have no respect for mother nature. Although sharks are dangerous animals, they’re still at risk and don’t deserve to be killed by dumb people who like to fish naked. Seriously though, what on Earth is going on in this picture?

8 A Drunk Man Attacking An Innocent Security Guard

The photograph above is a terrifying one taken in Chicago just this past month. It shows a very drunk man (in black with his back turned) swinging his arm as he's about to punch a female security guard in the face. Moments before this screenshot was taken, the security guard asked the man and his friends, the three other people pictured in the photograph, to move along as the man in black had just puked all over the side of the building, and she needed to clean it up. For whatever reason, the drunk man decided that he was instead going to punch her in the face, fracturing her nose and causing serious damage to her eye. The scariest part is that all three of the other people casually walked away without helping this innocent woman who was only trying to do her job. The worst part? She even cleaned up his puke before she went to the hospital to get help.

7 Threatening Notes From An Abusive Husband

The photograph above was another terrifying picture released by police. It was discovered at a home that called authorities due to a domestic disturbance. The knives in the stairs were apparently placed there by an angry husband threatening his innocent wife with violence. Imagine coming home to find that the man you love, the one who’s supposed to protect and support you through thick and thin, stabbed the stairs with all your kitchen knives as a reminder that he owns you and will hurt you with knives if that’s what it takes to exert his power. There are also notes stabbed into the stairs with threatening words on them. Luckily, the man was arrested and charged, but unfortunately, he won’t be in prison forever. Hopefully, the wife will have the protection she needs from such a violent and angry man who would go so far to set up a terrifying scene like the one above.

6 A Bed Of Needles Makes A Bird's Nest

This terrifying photograph is one released by police after they discovered what they believe is a pigeon’s nest using used heroin needles as sticks. Experts say that the needles do look as though they’re forming a nest, but critics claim that it’s nothing more than a staged photograph. Although there are skeptics, it doesn’t seem too outlandish that this is an actual discovery. It was found in an abandoned home thought to be filled with squatters. When police went to investigate, they only discovered pigeons in a room who fled once they entered. They discovered these eggs and were reminded of the terrible heroin crisis our country faces. Looking at that massive pile of needles is a reminder of how many people use such a dangerous drug so often. Even if this photograph is proven to be staged, hopefully, it helps at least one person realize the seriousness of this drug epidemic.

5 An Intruder Caught On A Nanny Cam While A Child Sleeps

Nanny cams are put in place to help us protect our children when we can’t be around. They give us glimpses into our kids' lives when we can't be by their side to protect them. They can also capture some pretty terrifying stuff. That's the case for this nanny cam that happened to capture an intruder! The mother of the child sleeping in the crib got a disturbing text alert when the intruder set off the sensor of the camera. She immediately called the police, and the intruder left, leaving everyone unharmed. He probably became aware of the fact that he was being recorded and decided to leave before things got worse. Although no one was harmed, it’s still chilling to know that there was a man caught on a nanny cam still out free looking for his next victims.

4 Final Photo Before This Woman Fell Off A Cliff

There’s nothing scary looking at this picture. It’s a pretty peaceful view of a woman enjoying the gorgeous landscape that surrounds her. She had actually posted the photograph to her social media with the caption “that view tho.” The terrifying and disturbingly heartbreaking reality behind the photograph is that the woman, unfortunately, died moments after this picture was taken. She was hiking in a dangerous area, and after moving out of the way for a fellow hiker, slipped and fell to her death. Her body was discovered 400 feet below where this photograph was taken. It’s a terrifying reminder of just how quickly our moments can go from beautiful to disturbing. The peace in this horrible nightmare is that she was in a beautiful place when she died doing what she loved.

3 A Group Of White Men Make Big Decisions On Women's Health

We could make an entire list out of scary political photos taken this year, but the big man in charge (of our country) might not like that, so instead, we’re just going to use this one as one of the most horrifying political photographs of our year. Nothing seems too out of the ordinary -- just a bunch of white dudes in suits sitting around a fancy table talking about serious stuff. The scary part? They’re the ones in charge of deciding what parts of a health care bill to keep and what to cut in terms of women’s health! They’re the ones in charge of determining how much care low-income mothers will receive for themselves and their children! Couldn't they get even one woman in the photograph of people deciding on women’s rights? That’s like having a bunch of women design condoms or children design cocktails. A picture like this is not uncommon in our government, however, and that is truly terrifying.

2 A Perfectly Preserved Dinosaur Is Found

We’ve discovered some pretty incredible fossils throughout our lifetime, but the most well-preserved one we’ve come across yet was found this year! We get just a glimpse of the fossil above, which was discovered in Alberta. What was meant to be just a dig for oil turned into a discovery of a brand new species of dinosaur! The dinosaur in the picture above looks like a terrifying dragon, but in reality, it was a herbivore that mostly kept to itself. A discovery like this is still rather terrifying, however. It’s a reminder of all the insane things that existed millions of years ago! The fact that we’re even able to still find things from millions of years ago so preserved is insanity. All of the mysteries that surround dinosaurs and the things that existed in their time is chilling enough for us, but with new discoveries like this, all sorts of other scary questions arise.

1 A Massive Ice Rift Worries Scientists

The photograph above shows a long ice rift that exists in Antarctica. The rift might not seem all that alarming, but it happens to be the size of Rhode Island! Although there’s no immediate damage that will happen if the chunk that could result from the rift does end up breaking off, it’s still a terrifying reminder of the changes our Earth is going through constantly. It's still not known if the breaking is due to climate change or simply changes in the environment, but most assume it’s because of the way that we treat our environment. Soon enough, there might not be an Antarctica anymore! Who knows what damages might occur if our world continues to melt away and we do nothing about it?

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