The 15 Most Terrifying Images Ever Captured By Google Earth

Ever since Google Earth was invented, there has been an unsettling amount of pictures released on the internet. We humans tend to forget that we are being watched, filmed or photographed for many hours every single day. Whether you are in an office, store, school, bus, plane or taxi, you are being filmed for security purposes. With this being said, you would think that one of the few places you would be safe from cameras is the outdoors, but you would be wrong.

Satellites and street cameras are periodically taking pictures of the world while it turns, resulting in many citizens unknowingly being captured on different frames. At best, your home might be the safest place to hide, but then again our laptops do have built-in webcams that could probably be switched on, and our phone conversations can be listened to by the NSA. So basically, if you're trying to hide from the police or FBI, you will find it extremely hard to do so.

With this knowledge, it becomes hard to act like you are not being watched throughout your day-to-day life by an unknown big brother. So next time you're stuck in traffic and decide to pick your nose, or you are walking down the street and look behind your shoulder to pick your wedgie, just know that you are being watched and maybe even photographed. Imagine looking through some of Google Earth's images and finding one of yourself doing something illegal or embarrassing. It might sound impossible, but trust me it isn't.


15 Woman Appears To Get Abducted

via Sick Chirpse

In this picture, we see 3 people who obviously have different roles to play. Suspect 1 appears to be a bald and angry man who is grabbing onto a woman. Suspect 2 appears to be getting the trunk ready for a mid-day abduction, and lastly the victim seems to be getting dragged towards the vehicle. Now, although this image causes many people to believe that this poor woman has been forced into the trunk of a car, this might not be what is happening.

The main reason as to why this might not be an abduction is that the woman is smoking a cigarette. Why would someone who is being dragged through a building by a man still be holding onto a cancer stick? Well for one, she might have been taken by surprise, or she is being tickled and the man by the car is just a random passerby.

14 How Did The Cow Cross The Road?

via Business Insider

If this picture doesn't make you extremely sad, then you are probably a little evil. It would appear that Google Earth has captured a very strange occurrence; a cow crossing the road by pulling itself on stumps. Now, let's all take a couple seconds to try and figure out why this poor cow is crawling towards a bloody scene, and not away from it. If you haven't come up with an answer, then that makes two of us.

The only thing I could think about is that maybe the other side of the road holds even more horrors than the one we see in this picture. Or maybe, the cow is backing up while keeping its eyes on the deadly scene. Whatever the case may be, this horrific picture is enough to make you want to launch an investigation to find out whether or not this cow was rescued and healed, or simply put out of its misery.

13 Man In Trunk

via ViralNova

This may be one of the weirdest images Google Earth has ever captured. In this picture, we are taken to what looks like a decent home in a woodsy neighbourhood and made to look at a specific driveway. In this driveway we see a parked convertible car, with what appears to be a naked man trying to get out of the trunk. A black dog is passed out on the pavement, but the picture failed to capture his butt and tail.

Now, there are many scenarios that could explain this bizarre situation but with none offered, the mind tends to run wild. On the left side of the driveway, we can see what looks like the top of the convertible and a couple of cleaning products. So maybe, this individual decided to clean his car naked and happened to fall into his trunk while his dog took a nap near by?

12 Weird Looking Creature

via Wattpad

Google Earth has become famous for capturing images at either the best or worst moments of people depending on your point of view. However, when it comes to this picture, many people would agree that they would have rather not seen it at all. Some things in life are simply unexplained.  This picture can easily be an alien, or it can easily have been digitally modified — we'll never know. Funny enough, if this image was in fact something supernatural, many of us would seek comfort in the idea that some tech-savy, pimply teenager is messing around with the world by photoshopping Google Earth images on his basement computer.

In this picture, we see what looks like a wooden, freaky-looking man parking his bicycle on  a fence to enjoy the beautiful view below him. Oddly enough, he seems to be starring directly into the camera and right into our souls with his red shiny eye balls.

11 Strange Object In The Sky

via YouTube

When looking at this picture, what is the first thing you think about? If your answer is that this image is photoshopped than you are not the only one to believe it to be so. However, you might be scared to find out, that this is actually a real picture taken in Italy. You can see more of these pictures by researching "weird cloud formations," and by doing so you will find that many more street cameras have captured this strange phenomenon in different angles.

Many people have ruled this out as a strange cloud formation, but surely many curious individuals have speculated over what this might really be. First off, it sort of resembles an air plane made out of closely knitted clouds, but you can also see a pointed pale tower towards the left side of the formation. Whatever it is, it is definitely freaky and should not be ruled off as a cloud formation.

10 Pentagram

via Live Science

This shot was taken by Google Earth clearly shows a pentagram etched into the ground. Found in central Asia, this image has caused many conspiracy theorists to chew their fingernails and rub their eyes, especially since this corner of Kazakhstan has been widely uninhabited for many decades. In fact, this region is believed to be an ancient archaeological ruin, where cemeteries and burial grounds once existed in the Bronze Age settlements.

This image was eventually shown to an experienced archaeologist who decreed that this star had been formed by former Soviet Union members, who once used this area as a Soviet-era campground. According to the archaeologist, stars were often used as decoration during this time, and were even put on buildings, flags and monuments. So contrary to what many people believed, this pentagram was not drawn by unknown forces who meant to unleash havoc on the people of Kazakhstan.

9 Huge Sea Creature

via YouTube

Many people are afraid of the ocean, and they should be! It is downright terrifying. Not only can you not see what is around you, but there are many things underneath you that might feel the need to brush up on your leg at any given moment. If you are afraid of open water, but love the way the ocean feels, then you have most probably taken comfort in the fact that big sea creatures do not usually come close to the shore. With this in mind, it is acceptable to go waist deep into the ocean without having the fear of being watched by a million creatures simultaneously.

Well, forget every justification you have ever heard and get the hell out of the ocean. Google Earth has captured what looks like the biggest shark ever roaming around the docks of a marina. His mouth also seems to be open in a mock-like gesture, laughing and saying, "You thought you were safe."


8 Woman Getting Carried Off

via eBaum's World

Girlfriends can be like children, they cry when they feel too much of any emotion, and they become slightly pissed off when they are hungry. If your girlfriend has decided to pull a fit in the middle of a populated area, it might be best if you just walk away from her, instead of picking her up like a child and carrying her off to your car. Not only will it look like you are abducting her, but you will look like a woman-beater and you might even get stopped by police officers (where are they when you need them?).

With that being said, this image might appear harmless but in reality, we have no idea as to why this man has decided to swing this woman over his shoulder and shove her into a parked car. Hopefully, she was just pulling a tantrums and not getting kidnapped by this man. Oh well, I guess we will never know.

7 Huge Skull

via ViralNova

This image is wrong on many different levels, yet it exists regardless. When looking at this picture, many thoughts and emotions start running through your brain. Perhaps it is a fake skull, placed in an isolated area to spook the unlucky passerby. Or maybe, this skull is here to tell the story of its horrific murder. There are many worse things than finding a skull. For example you could find the skeleton with the missing head, or find a decomposing body. If it were my choice, I would go with the skeleton.

This lonely little guy has been here for who knows how long, and has since become an internet sensation. Now, if you're wondering what happened to this skull, you're not the only one. All I can say, is that hopefully this human's head was pulled apart from its body after his death and not before. Also, where is his jaw ?

6 Angel

via Google Street View World

There are a million ways to make money, but dressing up as an angel shouldn't be one of them. After all, aren't angels supposed to help guide humans out of bad situations, and not the other way around? Regardless, there is an angel sitting down on the sidewalk with a golden bucket, asking for spare change. What is wrong with the world? At least dress up as a clown or something. Or actually, on second thought, maybe that wouldn't be the best idea considering that the world is going trough a killer clown crisis.

Now, this image wouldn't be considered as terrifying if it weren't for the fact that this angel is holding a really weird object. This object is hard to focus on and seems to be fading away. Pretty weird right? Maybe this is a real angel after all. But then again, if they're begging for money, it's highly unlikely.

5 2 Men, One Corpse

via Google Street View World

Take a look at this picture, and ask yourself if this is real or fake. The average person will believe this to be a prank, but who are they to know? What makes this image seem bizarre, is that both men are dressed in stripes and have covered their eyes with a Zorro-like mask. Not to mention that these two "burglars" are carrying a dead body in broad daylight, and everyone knows that these situations should be handled in the middle of the night when you chances of getting caught are seldom.

The two culprits are transporting a body and you can tell that it is a human body because of the corpse's white pasty leg. However, you do not see anyone filming them, which rules out the possibility of a low budget movie shoot. Thankfully, Google Earth has got our backs and is making sure nothing goes unnoticed.

4 Girl Laying Down In The Street

via Business Insider

Google Earth is at it again and this time it is snapping pics of roadkill. What makes this picture different than the usual dead squirrel is that it is human roadkill, which is usually considered as murder. In this picture, we see what happens to be a little girl laying down, face first on the pavement. One of her shoes has been knocked off and her top right shoulder seems to have disappeared in a glitch.

When local residents surfed the net and found this picture, they feared for the worst and contacting their local authorities to report the crime. The officers did their job, went to the residence, rang the doorbell and asked about the picture. The mother then informed the officers that her daughter likes to "play dead" and was merely playing a prank which happened to coincide with the time of Google Earth's picture. That's one messed up little girl!

3 Man In A Mask

via Guff

Do yourself a favour.  The next time you are driving down a street and come face-to-face with a man in a mask, don't slow down and get murdered. Don't slow down at all, actually.  This is because he will eventually jump out of the way when he realizes that you are bat sh*t crazy and aren't messing around. By doing this, you will ensure the safety of everyone in your car and you will be able to hold on to your belongings.

Google Earth captured this image which has the ability to make anyone feel uneasy. Especially with all the weird clown stuff going on lately. In this picture we see a man with a scary green mask looking directly at the camera as a car approaches in the distance. At first glance, I believed this man to be holding a lizard, but on second thought, it is probably something far more destructive than that.

2 Cold Blooded Murder

via Sam Bowne Class Information

This picture was captured by Google Earth and has since then made many people squint their eyes and try to unravel the mystery behind it. From this height, it looks like someone was brutally murdered and then dragged down the dock to be disposed into the water. However, many things are not what they seem and so this image has been looked at over a thousand times and debunked.

Humans committing murder is not hard to believe, but someone being stupid enough to drag a body down a dock in broad daylight is, and so people have zoomed into this picture until they discovered the truth. Truth is, the blood stains are in fact only water stains created by a wet dog playing catch. This picture shows two people starring out at the water, as their dog lays down to dry off. If you zoom in, you can clearly see where the dog shook off the excess water and dropped his ball. Still looks like blood though.

1 Woman Giving Birth

via Dose

Giving birth is such a beautiful thing, isn't it? Well, I wouldn't know and it sounds pretty disgusting to me, but apparently it is a miracle and a half. Google Earth has evolved from capturing scary moments to unbelievable ones, like this picture of a woman giving birth on the sidewalk. In this image, we are faced with a truly unsettling scenario: birth. What do you do if you see a woman giving birth on the street? Cross to the other side and call and ambulance for her, but just get the hell away!

It seems that Google Earth captured the precise moment where the baby was pulled out, if you zoom in you can even see the umbilical cord still attached. Then again, it's not like anyone had a pair of surgical scissors to cut it off so it might not be the exact moment. If you ever find yourself in this situation, at least try to give birth on a nice patch of grass instead of the dirty sidewalk., Daily Mail, Huffington Post

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