The 15 Most Ridiculous Phone Calls The Police Have Ever Received

Police officers are there to help you out of deadly situations, robberies, accidents and just about anything that you cannot handle on your own, but some people have been known to take advantage. When it comes to calling the cops, you better have a damn good reason, or you might find yourself behind bars. Although penalties may vary, if you call 911 without having a legit emergency, you can find yourself paying a fine of up to $2,500 or getting sent to jail for a year.

Now, this may seem a little extreme, but police officers are not known for taking any crap — they already take enough as it is — and whenever you waste a cop's time you are taking away from someone who might actually need real help. So next time you find yourself  hungry, bored, drunk or upset over a customer service inconvenience, think twice about calling 911 — it will save you a lot of hassle, embarrassment and money.

If ever you need help, you can always call public security for smaller issues and they just might be able to help you out. However, calling for help should always be seen as a last resort and if you have a tendency to get drunk and call the cops as a joke, make sure you unplug your landlines and hide your cell phone before you start consuming alcohol. Many people tend to "blame it on the alcohol" when something goes bad, but unfortunately, being drunk is not a good enough reason for acting like a barbarian.


15 "I Need A Ride To The Liquor Store"

Drinking can be very fun when done responsibly. Sadly, not everyone can hold their liquor and they sometimes end up making a fool out of themselves. What seems like a good idea at the time, can end up sounding like the biggest load of trash the very next morning. If the last thing you remember is drinking at home and you wake up behind bars, you definitely have a problem.

On an average Saturday night at The Budget Inn in Florida, Mr. McMurrain noticed that he had run out of alcohol. Worse than that, he realized that the liquor store was not close enough for him to walk to. So he did what any other completely intoxicated person would do: He called the cops.

Now unfortunately for McMurrain, the cops did not want to help him out and even warned him after his second call, that if he called a third time he would be arrested. So McMurrain called back, saying he really, really needed a ride. Shortly after, a police officer showed up at his door, spotted some marijuana in plain view and gave him a ride all the way to the police station.

14 "Burger King Ran Out Of Lemonade"


There is nothing more infuriating than being told you cannot have something that you want. Now, imagine driving all the way to Burger King while envisioning how tasty your meal is going to be accompanied by a nice cold lemonade. It's almost enough to make you salivate. So when a 60-year-old-man named Jean Fortune drove all the way to Burger King just to be informed that they no longer sold lemonades, he instantly became furious.

Fortune immediately called the police after receiving his order and told them how he was unsatisfied with it. An officer showed up minutes later, to get to the bottom of this peculiar story and it didn't take him long to find out, that it was a big old waste of time.

When the officer asked the cashier what had happened, she replied that Fortune had threatened to call the cops because she said they no longer carried his desired drink, with which she replied, "Go ahead." Fortune was then charged and issued a notice to appear in court.

13 "There's No Shrimp In My Fried Rice"

When restaurants are cheap with their portions, it can make you want to get a refund, but sadly, there really isn't much that you can do besides that. If you want more, you have to pay extra. One day, a regular at a Chinese restaurant in Texas, decided that she was going to splurge a little bit and order extra meat. However, she was not impressed with what she received and grew angrier by the second.

Once the woman realized that she would not win the argument with the staff of the restaurant, she took it to the cops."I always get the shrimp fried rice, so I said I'm going to get extra meat this time. But he didn't even put extra shrimp in there." When the police officers eventually showed up, they were greeted by a frantic woman obsessing over shrimp and so they decided to educate her on what the 911 phone number was really for.

12 12."My Manicure Was Poorly Done"


Customer service is very important, but in some cases the customer isn't always right. One day, a woman named Cynthia Colston became enraged with her nail technician because she felt her nails were "too short." Somehow, Colston had not noticed the length of her nails during the 1 hour manicure and decided to complain only once it was completely finished.

She told the nail technician that she would not pay the full price because she was unhappy with the outcome. The nail technician responded by telling her that she was obliged to pay and that there was nothing wrong with her nails. Although this issue was not serious, the unsatisfied customer believed it to be dire and called the police to complain.

When an officer finally arrived and told Colston that she could not file charges against the worker, she grew displeased and called the police two more times asking for a different officer. It was around this time that the present officer lost his patience and arrested her.

11 "There's A UFO Flying Over My House"

If you decide to call the police over a UFO sighting, you better be positive that what you are seeing is an alien spacecraft and not a star shining in the sky, because if they arrive and find nothing, you will look like a crazy person. Even if you are 100 percent sure that what you were seeing was a UFO, calling the cops might not be the best idea and you would probably just end up getting laughed at or arrested. So if you do see something weird in the sky, just hide under your bed like a normal person.

One night, just after 8 o'clock in England, a man called the police to report an unidentified light situated right above his house,"It's not an emergency per se, but there's something flying over our house. It's coming towards me now, there's all this light blazing. I don't know what the hell it is." Minutes later, the police received another call from this man, apologizing for his previous call, "You're not going to believe this, it's the moon."

10 "I Ate Pot Brownies And I Think I'm Dying"


If you have ever eaten edibles, then you know that it can result in you lying down on the floor and melting through the cracks. Although there has never been a reported overdose while using marijuana, many people have been known to experience something called a "bad trip" In this particular case, a cop called for help while under the influence and ended up being terminated from his post.

During a raid on a dispensary, a police officer decided to steal some of the confiscated marijuana and make pot brownies with his wife. Unfortunately for him, he ended up baking a batch, that he just couldn't handle. After ingesting the brownies, the officer and his wife became so messed up, that they believed themselves to be dying. The officer then called the cops to tell them he was dead and that time was passing by really, really, really slowly.

9 "My Husband Won't Eat His Supper"


Have you ever spent hours slaving in the kitchen, to make your husband food, just to have him refuse your to eat? Well, me neither, but I'm sure we can all sympathize with the caller. If you're not a good cook, or your husband simply isn't hungry, you cannot force him to eat your food. I mean — sometimes you just don't want to eat nasty food and would rather order a pizza. Is that really a crime?

Well, for the woman in Texas, who called the police over this matter, it was most certainly a crime worth reporting. The 53-year-old-woman called the police on a Friday night and incoherently reported her dilemma before hanging up abruptly. Officer Paul Gonzales, who believed there this to be a domestic violence situation rushed to the scene and was shocked to find a calm man, being yelled at by his wife for refusing to eat his supper.


8 "Who Was That Cute Officer?"


There's something special about a man in uniform, but there is also something called dignity — which is a trait that Lorna Jeanne Dudash lacks. This fiasco began by a noise complaint, issued by Dudash's neighbour, which sent a deputy knocking at her door. Dudash, who was afraid to answer the door, pretending not to be home and later regretted it.

She called 911 and pleaded with the dispatcher to,"Please send the cutie-pie back." When asked if she had an emergency of any kind, Dudash replied, "Honey, I'm just going to be honest with you, OK? I just thought he was cute. I'm 45 years old and I'd just like to meet him again, but I don't know how to go about doing that without calling 911,". The officer later returned, checked to see if there was an emergency and arrested Dudash, who now has a date with a courtroom.

7 "Arrest My Mother. She Took My Beer Away"

Depending on whether or not you have siblings, some of you will understand how it feels to be excited to eat something in the fridge, only to later find out that it is gone. The grief that overcomes you is impossible to bear and can only go away by beating the crap out of whoever ate it — but what happens when your very own mother is the one who betrayed you? You cannot possibly beat up your mom, that would just be insane.

When a 32-year-old man named Charles Dennison found out that his mom had stolen his beer and stashed it away for safe-keeping. He saw red and called the police for help. Dennison insisted that the cops have his mother arrested for theft and when they refused, he threatened them by saying he would not stop calling 911 until she was behind bars. By this time, he had already called the help line several times. The officers arrested Dennison who was clearly already drunk and threw him in jail for the night.

6 6."I Need A husband"


A woman in Ohio ended up spending three days in jail after repeatedly dialling 911 for the most ridiculous reason ever. The 57-year-old-woman named Audrey Scott said that the incident would not have happened if she had not drank so much alcohol. Unfortunately for her, there isn't a get-out-of-jail-free-card for intoxicated people, but if there was, there would probably be a lot less people in jail.

On that night, Scott kept calling 911 and hanging up, which resulted in a very aggravated dispatcher. When the dispatcher was finally able to reach Scott and keep her on the line, she asked her what she could help her with. Scott replied, "I need a husband." When the dispatcher warned her that she could be arrested for misusing the 911 number and asked her if she wanted to be. Scott answered, "Yes absolutely. Thank you dear." And so an officer was sent to her home to arrest her.

5 "McDonald's Ran Out Of Chicken Nuggets"


Running out of chicken nuggets? Well that's just unacceptable and it is most definitely an emergency. When a 27-year-old-woman went to a McDonald's in Florida, she experienced the worse moment in her life. She ordered and paid for 10 chicken nuggets and was later informed that they had run out of them. Latreasa Goodman calmly asked for a refund and was denied. The McDonald's worker informed her that all sales were final and that she would have to order something else off of the menu, but Goodman did not want something else, she wanted her frikken chicken nuggets.

"This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one. This is an emergency." Said Goodman when she called the police. Goodman was later cited with a misuse 911 charge.

Later on, when a McDonald's spokesman received wind of the ordeal, he stated that Goodman should have received a refund and sent her a free meal in the mail.

4 "I'm Locked Inside A Car"


On a beautiful summer night in Florida, a 32-year-old-man decided to go for a stroll on the beach and have himself a nice little doobie. Everything was going great, until he decided to head back home. As the man sat down in the driver's seat of his car, he realized that he had lost his keys. He began to panic, fearing that he had lost them on the beach. The man opened every single door, searched under every seat, rummaged through every single compartment and then raided his trunk as a last resort.

Now, this is where the story takes a weird turn. Apparently, while the man was searching his trunk, he fell inside of it and was trapped when the door closed behind him. When the cops finally arrived, they were shocked to find the man locked in the trunk, while every other door was left wide open. The police officers immediately spotted some weed in the opened glove compartment, freed the man and busted him for possession.

3 3."Help. Spider!"

Now, I don't know about you, but calling the cops because of a spider makes a lot of sense to me. In fact, I'm surprised there isn't a number you can call, that will automatically send someone to your house, to take care of any creepy situation.

One night, a woman called the cops because she had a huge spider in her home and was too afraid to go to bed. She apologized to the dispatcher, stating that she knew her call was on the ridiculous side, but did not know what else to do. The woman said that she had trapped the beast underneath a big glass bowl, but was too afraid to move it. Unfortunately for her, the dispatcher told her that this was not an issue they could help her with and that she would have to leave it there, or get rid of it on her own.  Based on how scared this woman was, there is a probability she is still stuck inside the home or just sold it to someone else.

2 "My Son Is Watching Porn"


Watching porn is something that everyone has done at some point in their life. Some people grow out of it relatively quickly, while others watch it for the rest of their lives. Regardless of the case, it is a private matter and isn't really an issue — unless you have abandoned your entire existence to religiously watch porn.

One day, a mother named Chavonda Gallman called the cops to inform them that her 15-year-old-son had been watching porn on the living room television. Gallman stated that she had just arrived home, accompanied by her two-year-old-daughter and a client (She is a real estate agent), to find that her son was locked away in his room. Her daughter then proceeded in opening the TV, just to came face-to-face with pornographic images. Fortunately for Gallman's son, watching porn is not a crime, but unfortunately for Gallman, reporting it is.

1 "I Want Pot, Burgers And Kool-Aid"

On a Sunday morning, a 34-year-old-man named Jarvis Sutton was arrested for misusing the 911 emergency phone line. Jarvis, who appeared to be extremely intoxicated, called the cops over 80 times, demanding that they deliver burgers, weed and Kool-Aid to his home in Florida.

When the police officers arrived to Sutton's home, they immediately put him in handcuffs and locked him in the back of their car. Sutton, who is no newbie when it comes to getting arrested, seemed somewhat surprised that the officers did not bring him his trio of choice. According the the police officers, Sutton was suffering from the worst case of munchies they had ever witnessed and during their drive to the police station, he began eating the foam out of the car seats. Sutton was then thrown into a jail cell, where he slept off his drunkenness while dreaming of weed, burgers and Kool-Aid.

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