15Bonnie Parker – One Half Of The Infamous Bonnie And Clyde Duo

This woman’s probably the most famous – well, infamous – female gangster who’s ever lived. She’s long gone now, but tales of her criminal ways still get spoken about to this day. They’ve become the subject of books and films, and her crimes were so daring, they captured people’s imaginations,

and still do.

From 1932 to mid-1934, Bonnie Parker was involved with the gang, the Barrow Gang. Also a member was Bonnie’s love interest, Clyde Barrow. During the Great Depression, they travelled across Central America, committing robberies, mainly bank robberies, and killing anyone who tried to get in their way. They’re believed to have killed at least nine police officers, and a whole host of others who tried to stop them getting what they wanted. The numerous legends about the gang and the duo’s life have been dramatized, but still a whole lot of it holds true. It makes the two possibly the most dangerous, most infamous criminal duo in history, and certainly makes Bonnie one of the most notorious gangsters who’s ever lived.

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