15 Disgusting Items Fans Have Bought From Stars

Everyone has things that they want. Some are obtainable, like new shoes or a trampoline. While others are more imaginative, like a trip to the moon or a coat made out of Dalmatian fur. Then there are

Everyone has things that they want. Some are obtainable, like new shoes or a trampoline. While others are more imaginative, like a trip to the moon or a coat made out of Dalmatian fur. Then there are celebrity items. Which are things that you really don't need at all (do we ever?), but absolutely want because of their link to somebody famous. It's crazy to hear that someone bought a shirt that Emma Watson left behind at a hotel for $10,000. Yet it's even more upsetting to find out that someone bought John Travolta's used Q-Tip for the same price. For some people, these are more important than heat or electricity.

So why is it that we desire to buy these gross things in the first place? If it's clearly something we don't need, what makes a person make an outlandish bid on eBay? Is it because they're obsessed with everything that has to do with that celebrity? Or maybe they have psychological problems? Who knows, maybe it was simply to impress their friends. But when it comes to something like Jessica Simpson's used toothbrush? You'd think a nice car would be a better option.

Here are some of the most repulsive things that celebrities have had auctioned off. Some by their own doing and others without a say in the matter. By the time you reach the end, at least one of these should surprise you.

15 Scarlett Johansson's Used Tissue - $5,300


Who would've thought there was more than just bugs and super bugs? Well according to actress and singer Scarlett Johansson, there's also a celebrity bug. Which is a lot more valuable than the others, because this one is transferred to celebrities, by celebrities.

While on Tonight with Jay Leno, Scarlett Johansson was handed a tissue after mentioning she'd caught a cold from her fellow co-star Samuel L. Jackson while filming The Spirit. She confidently blew into it twice, leaving behind her famous mucus and traces of lipstick, then placed it into a bag and signed it. The used tissue was then auctioned off by the actress on eBay where it sold for an astonishing $5,300!

At least one thing that isn't totally gross came of this sale: The actress donated the proceeds to the hunger charity USA Harvest. If you're wondering about the used tissue, however, it was purchased by an anonymous buyer who outbid 80 other people! Imagine how hard it must be to buy this stranger a Christmas present?

14 Brangelina's Breath In A Jar - $523


Who wouldn't want something that belonged to one of Hollywood's most recognizable power couples? Sadly, it wasn't a 16 karat diamond ring or an outfit one of their characters wore on set. It wasn't even something they touched. In fact, you couldn't even hold it or see it!

Celebrity spotter Joe Wilson carried an empty jar with him while in the presence of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. He claimed that molecules of the couple's breath had made it into the jar, just by standing near them. The two never made any contact with the jar nor did they breathe directly into it. Yet it made headlines as real "Celebrity Air" for sale on eBay. The jar was sold to an anonymous buyer for $523. It's not said whether the two celebrities found out about the auction, but if they did, it's doubtful they spent more than a few minutes thinking about it.

13 Bryan Adams' Worn Socks - $1046


Most people don't think a lot about socks or where to get them. A lot of the time you don't even see them because they're hidden under shoes. So places like Walmart and Target are not uncommon retailers to buy them when you run out (or when too many go missing in the clothes dryer).

Can you imagine what it'd be like to own a pair of Armani socks? Well, rocker Bryan Adams doesn't need to. While riding in a chauffeured vehicle run by the Wrexham Bluestone Cars company to a Children In Need concert, the singer reportedly left a pair of worn, sweaty socks in the vehicle after changing into clean clothes. The car company, which already received a bunch of memorabilia from the singer (signed copies of his CDs and room service) decided "eh, what the hell" and took the socks. Everything they sold online was donated to the Nightingale Hospice. The socks sold for $1046. The rocker knew his CDs were going to be sold, but his socks? It must've come as a surprise if he ever looked into it.

12 Jude Law's Fun-Time Table - $2,800


Lying, cheating, and scandals galore— celebrities have an even harder time than Regular Joes to hide their orders and affairs. Even if it's something subtle, like a divorce agreement, the media has a way of blowing things out of proportion. However, for this actor in this situation, the story was a tad exceptional.

While filming All The King's Men in New Orleans, Jude Law was caught cheating on his fiancée, actress and model Sienna Miller, with their nanny, Daisy Wright. Needless to say, the nanny was fired and Miller cancelled her engagement to Law.

Let's go back to before all hell broke loose, when Law had his fun. The actor had to live outside his permanent residence while working on the film and happened to rent a pool table from a random fellow. According to the nanny, she and Law had coupled steamy and passionately on that very pool table. The owner of the pool table decided to auction it on eBay as soon as the news was uncovered. However, it's not said whether the table was actually purchased, only that it was offered at $2,800. Whether the actor knows about this auction is unknown.

11 Justin Timberlake's Leftover Breakfast - $3,154


Wouldn't it be weird to eat out somewhere, then later turn on the news to see your plate of leftovers being sold for thousands of dollars? Whether you're famous or not, it would be incredibly weird! Although it would be a tad more strange for someone who isn't famous. So imagine the look on Justin Timberlake's face when or if he ever discovers his breakfast leftovers were sold.

It happened after an interview at a New York radio station called Z-100. This was way back in the day when NSYNC was all the rage. The singer/actor was given a plate of french toast, ate what he could, and left what remained on his dish once the interview was over. The radio DJ decided to auction it off on eBay and earned himself a whopping $3,154! The buyer was a teenage super fan who said she was going to freeze dry his leftovers and use them in her room as a decoration. Was a poster not good enough?

10 Britney Spears' Used Chewing Gum - $14,000


Some say chewing gum is a horrid habit. It promotes smacking and reminds us all of that spoiled little girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who blew up into a violet balloon. Nobody empathized with that girl. If anything, it made us all switch over to peppermints for a while.

A few years ago, Britney Spears' gum chewing habit came to light. All sorts of people would claim to see her spit them out at concerts or hide them anywhere. So, like any person who's obsessed with a celebrity, they're going to pick up anything the celebrity left behind, even if it's an old wad of gum. One seller put his find on eBay and it sold for $14,000! But here's the kicker, the seller himself would also place a bid once in a while, which is most likely how they got such a nice profit. Although it's not mentioned, there's no doubt the celebrity knew what was going on, since her used and discarded pieces of gum have been sold more than a dozen times!

9 Justin Bieber's Hair In A Box - $40,668


When you think of the word "humble", does a picture of Justin Bieber enter your mind? If you answered yes, you're in the minority. There isn't much that the young star has done to earn a modesty award. However, he can be credited for at least one noble act back in 2011, if you ignore the bragging that came with it.

During an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the singer presented Ellen with a lock of his hair in a transparent box that also had his signature. The young celebrity said to Ellen that he would be donating a lock of his hair to a number of stars for the greater good (Perez Hilton has also been given a lock if Bieber's hair). So, Ellen auctioned off his box of hair and, 98 bids later, it was sold for a massive 5 digit figure: $40,668! The proceeds were then donated to gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rights charity.

8 Elvis Presley's Stained Underwear - $8,000 to $11,000


Elvis Presley died at the age of 42 in August of 1977. So in 2012, a great way to remember him seemed to be to donate and auction hundreds of his personal items. The most lusted after item was his bible (which earned a steep $92,000), with quotes scribbled in by Presley himself. However, the oddest item had to be his underwear.

A pair of brown, stained underwear that the singer wore during a concert and that had never been washed went up for bidding. They were donated by his father, Vernon. Unfortunately, the reserve price was $11,000, which meant anything less wasn't enough for the item to be sold. With the highest bid only reaching $8,000 (this means someone was still willing to pay $8,000 for a pair of dirty underwear), the garments were never auctioned away. Still, you have to wonder who would even offer anything for someone's dirty underwear, even if they belonged to the King of Rock and Roll.

7 John Lennon's Tooth - $31,200


Some people find it strange to hold onto their baby teeth, while others are too emotional to toss them. It's understandable for parents, when their first child loses their first tooth, how could you part ways with something so innocent? For John Lennon, losing a tooth was no big deal, but he was smart enough not to give it to the tooth fairy.

In the mid-1960s, Beatles singer John Lennon lost one of his molars. He gave it to his former housekeeper Dot Jarlett and suggested she keep it and give it to her daughter, who was a big Beatles fan. After Lennon's tragic death, his tooth was put up for auction in England and made a hefty $31,200! A Canadian dentist claims to be the winner, which seems oddly fitting in comparison to anyone else who could've won.

6 Jennifer Lawrence's Bra From Set - $3,175

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Who doesn't love Jennifer Lawrence? She's a fresh face that's so down to earth that she's practically licking the dirt! A lot of what she says is relatable, which is why people fall for her wit and charm so quickly and unknowingly. However, is that enough to make you want to buy her dirty undergarments? For a few weird characters, that answer is yes.

While filming Silver Linings Playbook, the actress had to perform multiple dance scenes, which meant her lady melons had to be strapped in. Take after take, the film was finally finished and a smelly, sweaty sports bra remained. A costume auctions then sold a lot of the outfits from the film, one being Lawrence's sports bra. The clothing item had 14 bids before it was sold for $3,175! It's assumed that it earned so much due to her winning an oscar (but let's be honest, we're sure a lot of you were thinking about something else).

5 Britney Spears' Pregnancy Test - $5,001


Can you believe 10 years have passed since 2005? It was a completely different time back then. YouTube was just starting up, Michael Jackson was found not guilty of child molestation and Britney Spears was still married to Kevin Federline! Of course now they're divorced and their two sons are now 10 and 11, but they didn't know that back then. That's probably why a used pregnancy test became relevant during that year.

An Ottawa radio station with connections to the hotel the singer was staying at managed to get a worker to fish through the celebrity's garbage to see if they could find anything interesting. Lo and behold, they discovered a pee'd on positive pregnancy test! The item was then auctioned off and sold for $5,001 to an internet casino (known for its outlandish and bizarre eBay purchases). It's said that the proceeds of the sale will go to charity, but it's unconfirmed. Whether Britney found out about the auction is unknown, but she did learn that she was having a baby!

4 Ronald Reagan's Blood - $12,000 to $30,000


It used to be that only vampires wanted blood, but apparently now humans do too. Of course, it can't be any old blood. The red liquid should have some value. So celebrities, royalty and members of the government will do. According to the multiple bidders who tried purchasing former president Ronald Reagan's blood online.

It's said that after his assassination attempt by John Hinkley Junior, the presidents blood was drawn at George Washington University Hospital. The sample was given to the seller's mother, who worked at Bio Science Laboratories at the time, when she asked if she could keep it once their study was complete. The vial of blood was then passed down to her son and 30 years past before the artifact came to light. Her son had decided to sell it because so much time had past and he felt it had lost its significance. He offered it to the head of Reagan Library, who declined paying for it and instead asked that it be donated. The seller wasn't interested, so went on to auction it off online, racking bids between $12,000 and $30,000. It's not confirmed whether the vial was sold, a lot of controversy and legal threats came into play while the bidding was underway. The Ronald Reagan foundation has expressed total outrage about the "craven act" and is attempting legal action.

3 William Shatner's Kidney Stone - $25,000


Pain doesn't have to be totally worthless, according to actor William Shatner. Suffering from a burst appendix, faulty liver, or kidney stone may actually be your golden ticket to a quick buck! So don't be afraid to ask your doctor to put your remains in a doggy bag, even if they do give you a funny look.

In 2006, the actor was experiencing the painful expulsion of a kidney stone. Once the stone was removed by doctors, Shatner begged the hospital to give him his unusually large stone so that he could auction it off. The stone was sold for a whopping $25,000! If you're wondering who the buyer is, it's the same online casino who purchased Britney Spears' pregnancy test! The actor then donated all the proceeds to charity, which was his plan from the beginning. What a nice, but strange, man.

2 Niall Horan's Half-Eaten Toast - $100,000


Apparently, watching a young man take a bite of dry toast covered in vegemite (marmalade) is an extremely erotic thing. Ask One Direction singer Niall Horan, who was watched by thousands as he gnawed on a piece during a live Australian interview, which he quickly disliked and subtly spat out into a napkin. It should be noted that the piece being sold isn't the chewed bit he left in a napkin, but the other half he left on his plate (which apparently is a big deal to some people).

The singer's soggy toast remains were auctioned online and hiked up to $1000 in less than 3 hours, but the bids didn't stop there. The leftovers were finally sold to an anonymous buyer who offered an astonishing $100,000. It's said that the entire payment was donated to an Australian charity called YoungCare. However insane this whole ordeal turned out to be, you can at least say it was the best of a bad situation.

1 Michael Jackson's Soiled & Criminal Underwear - $1,000,000


They say that what lays to rest should stay to rest, but that's never been the case for the famous King of Pop Michael Jackson. Since his untimely death, an astonishing amount of secrets have been dug up about the celebrity. Such as his death weighing between homicidal and suicidal, or his alleged child molestation suits.

A pair of Michael Jackson's dirty, worn underwear has been put up for auction. But they're no ordinary pair of underwear, they have an interesting history: they were taken from the star's possession and used as evidence in a child molestation case. Tests on the tighty-whities came back negative and were obtained during a bankruptcy case by Henry Vacarro; he then tried selling the undergarments on eBay for a reserve price of $1,000,000. It's still unclear whether the soiled bottoms have been sold. The asking price may have been too steep for some people. Even so, it wouldn't be a surprise if the bids reached nearly half of the reserved price, considering the history behind the item.


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15 Disgusting Items Fans Have Bought From Stars