The 15 Most Dangerous Selfies The World Has Ever Seen

The selfie has become a part of our lives, whether that is a good or bad thing is another issue! We think that there are pros and cons to the selfie, although the world would probably be a better plac

The selfie has become a part of our lives, whether that is a good or bad thing is another issue! We think that there are pros and cons to the selfie, although the world would probably be a better place without so many selfie pics sailing through the Internet. Selfies can make people feel worse about themselves, or insecure that their lives are not as beautiful and exciting as other people’s.

But the truth is that selfies can be seriously manipulated and edited to look downright awesome and gorgeous. You really can’t trust what you see on the Internet, and that includes the photos that your friends and family members upload to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. Even so, there are many selfies out there that are real, and some of them may make your jaw drop. Take a look at The 15 Most Dangerous Selfies The World Has Ever Seen and hope that no one tries to upstage these people because it could end up in disaster.

These people have snapped photographs of themselves on top of tall buildings and statues (unrestrained and untethered), as well as in front of dangerous wild animals and before oncoming tornadoes and trains. Yes, people will go to great lengths in pursuit of the perfect photo, and that may be evidence that the average IQ of humans is dwindling. We are a bit concerned that people will go through such trials just to get a picture that they can show off on the Internet. What is happening to our lives?

15 Hyena Mayhem

What would you do if you saw a wild hyena? Run away? Try to stand your ground? Curl up in a ball and cry? Well, this dude did none of the above; he decided to literally go nose-to-nose with the wild animal and take selfie evidence of the encounter. The result is a selfie that will leave you speechless. Yes, it’s pretty darn badass, but we can’t imagine what happened after the shutter snapped. We don’t want to see an angry hyena! Heck, we don’t want to see a hyena at all, unless it is safety behind strong bars or glass. Hyenas can run up to 37 miles per hour, and they kill 95% of the food that they eat. That can include humans, by the way. Some hyenas have such strong jaws that they can crush bone, no problem. They are the perfect companion for your next selfie, right?

14 Literally Too Hot to Handle

So...people are dumb. They do really stupid things just to please the Internet. Well, newsflash people: no one really cares about your daily life. Just tell that to this person who lit themselves on fire and snapped a selfie of it. Really though? What in the world would compel you to want to light yourself on fire and show it off to the masses? We would think that you wouldn’t want others to see such an embarrassing moment, but then again, we are living in a world of oversharing and ridiculous publicity stunts. People will do just about anything to be famous for all of 15 minutes, or to have more likes and comments on this social media photos. It’s really sad, actually. Here’s a word to the wise: you never need to light yourself on fire or injure yourself in order to be liked. We thought that was obvious, but apparently it’s not to some people.

13 Running With The Bulls

Every year in Pamplona, Spain, there is the Running With the Bulls, an event in which drunk and crazed people run out in the open with a number of real live bulls. Sounds dangerous, right? Well, it is, and pretty stupid. Sure, it’s a cultural event and a tradition in Spain, but there are even Spaniards who are trying to stop the Running With the Bulls, as well as bullfights. The bull is an animal that has come to represent Spain, and the balance and competition between this animal and man has become something that Spain reveres. But it is just way too dangerous and strenuous for the animals, and more and more people are finally starting to realize that. However, this guy is not one of them. While participating in one such event, he tried to catch a selfie with the angry bull. *Sigh* We just can’t. We can’t even.

12 Look Out For Jaws

Posing with sharks is not cool. Well, it is sort of cool, but it is also so dangerous and stupid that we can’t call it entirely cool. You know what we’re saying? Now, it turns out that shark attacks are actually less common than most people think, but sharks (and any other animal) is apt to attack if it feels violated and aggravated. Taking a selfie with a shark would count as aggravation, by the way. This guy didn’t care though; he took a scary and dangerous situation and turned it into an opportunity for the picture of a lifetime. Sure, he can now say that he has this photo, but at what cost? A chomped off limb? Serious abrasions? Life-saving surgery? We encourage everyone to stop trying to get those intimate photos of a natural predator, be it a shark, a lion, or whatever. Admire the animals from afar, and appreciate them for the natural creatures that they are. Would you like someone all up in your grill, trying to snap a selfie?

11 That’s Not a House Cat

Lions are cool, we get that. And when we see them in zoos or even on a safari, it is such an exhilarating experience. And yet we would never want to snap a selfie with a lion! Really, who in their right mind would try this? The only person we can think of is this guy, who clearly was not thinking straight at the time. Oh, and don’t even think of trying to outdo this guy, because taking a selfie with a wild animal can actually be punishable by the law. Wildlife advocates and officials are trying to let the public know about this, and that it is not worth the trouble and trauma that both the person and the animal go through. If you are really that fond of lions, then how about respecting that lions are living, breathing creatures too and that they don’t like to have their privacy and space invaded. If you want a photo of a lion, go on Google or visit your local zoo and take a safe snapshot of a lion in the exhibit.

10 A Long Way Down

Really though? Climbing to the top of a skyscraper is an adventure in and of itself, but snapping a selfie at the very top just seems...stupid. These two guys were in for the pic of a lifetime, so they made it to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world. They reached the top floor and then kept on going to the pinnacle on the roof. As they clung to the thin pole at the very top of the roof, they used a selfie stick to get that perfect shot. Yes, it looks badass, but a drop from atop that building would be more than bad. We’re really ticked off about the rise in the selfie stick. Around 2014 the accessory started becoming popular, and now it isn’t uncommon to find people using them on the street, let alone in so many awkward and inappropriate situations. The selfie stick just tries to make it okay to take annoying snapshots in the most despicable circumstances.

9 Motocrossed Selfie

Motocross and dirt biking is a whole lot of fun, and as long as you take the proper safety precautions, then enjoy all you want. But if you just go into it thinking that it’s all a game, then you are going to get seriously messed up. This person was riding when they decided to take photographic evidence of their awesomeness. They were mid-jump, doing a motocross trick when they took their hands off the controls and snapped this selfie. Sure, the result is pretty darn cool, but so not worth it! We don’t even know how this situation ended. Did the person crash and fall? Were they hurt? We sort of want to say that they deserved it, but in reality we really don’t want anyone to get injured. We just can’t believe how foolish some people can be! Jumping on a motorized bike, high in the air...seems like a great time for a photo, right? WRONG!

8 A Stormy End

When there is a storm a-brewing, the National Weather Service warns everyone to take shelter and stay away from windows, doors, and the outside. So this guy did the exact opposite. He saw an oncoming tornado, so he decided to head outdoors and find the perfect angle for his photo. Why, why, why? On average, about 60 people die every year from tornadoes, mostly because of debris flying around. You know, cars, animals, building materials...any of these things could just hit you upside the head. That is why we are advised to stay indoors and away from windows! Duh! This guy, well, we don’t even know what the heck he thought. Did he just assume that he was invincible, or that he was immune to natural disasters? What the heck? Just so you know, there is never a reason to snap a selfie or even a picture during a tornado. Forget the storm chasing dream, please.

7 This Selfie’s On Fire

George Kourounis is a guy from Canada who has made a living being a storm chaser. You know, those people who deliberately venture outside during hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms and try to capture intimate and personal footage. What a life that must be. George took this selfie in front of an active volcano, because why the hell not. He journeyed to Vanuatu to witness first-hand the Ambrym volcano, which was hot, full of lava, and bubbling up before him. It was the perfect opportunity for a seriously dangerous selfie! George snapped the photo, which went viral and was added to his collection of scary pics. It was just another day in the life of George, who has his own series - Angry Planet - in which he shares his insane adventures with viewers. Yeah, he can keep doing that. We will just stay here in safety and watch him put his life on the line.

6 Count Your Blessings


For Lee Thompson, taking dangerous selfies is a way of life. In fact, it is part of his profession as he works as a world traveler and blogger. Thompson hails from the United Kingdom, but you can usually find him out and about, such as in this picture of him posing high atop the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thompson climbed and climbed and made it to the top of Christ’s head, where he popped out and snapped a selfie of him high above the city. We don’t recommend this, especially since the Christ the Redeemer statue stands at 125 feet tall. Can you imagine a fall from that height? Yikes! However, it doesn’t seem to bother Thompson, given the look on his face in this selfie. He makes a living climbing to terrifying heights and chronicling his dangerous journeys. Well, all we can say is more power to him.

5 A Bear of a Problem

Okay, so first of all, this woman looks absolutely psyched to be taking a selfie with a Black Bear. Secondly, it’s a freaking BLACK BEAR. Get out of there, woman! Sadly to say, there has been a surge in people wanting to take dangerous selfies, and the trend has even extended to include taking selfies with wild animals, most popularly, bears. The problem has become so bad that national park rangers and wildlife authorities have been begging tourists and the public to please stop trying to take photos of the animals. Not only is it super dangerous to the person and those around them, but it aggravates the animal and can traumatize or upset them. And we don’t think you really want to deal with an angry Black Bear. We really hope that this trend will slow down and stop, because there really is nothing cool and admirable about upsetting an innocent wild animal.

4 Down We Go


If you were caught in a plane crash, what would be your first response? Maybe cry or scream, or put on your oxygen mask; perhaps make a call or text to a loved one. Or try to help others on board. Well, this guy had something else in mind: taking a selfie. Yes, while fire and smoke filled the plane cabin, this man decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a selfie and spread the love. Why?? When is it ever okay to take a selfie in a disaster? Not only is this rude and inappropriate, but totally self-centered (obviously). This guy could have been helping others or trying to calm the nerves of terrified passengers. Instead he chose to focus solely on himself and show off his bad luck. “Hey guys, look! I’m about to die in a plane crash! Wheee!”So wrong. Oh, and by the way, more people die in selfie accidents than they do in shark attacks or getting struck by lightning.’s something to be aware of.

3 Flying High


Okay, dude. We get it; you are flying in a biplane or whatever, and while it is definitely a cool selfie, it is way too dangerous to actually go through with it. First of all, you should never snap a photo while you are driving a vehicle, much less a plane! Secondly, there are other pilots in the air with you, and the risk of colliding into their aircraft just went through the roof. Do people think anymore? Seriously though. By the way, the chances of a passenger surviving a plane crash are just 24 out of 100, but that risk did not seem to faze the guy in this photo! If you have a fear of flying or of heights, then you will absolutely shudder at the sight of this pic.

Imagine a horrific plane crash and then when people go to figure out what happened, they realize it was because you decided pulling out your phone was a smart idea. Is that really the legacy you want to leave behind?

2 British Daredevil

Apparently James Kingston was just tired of a ho-hum life and being conventional. So he decided to create a blog and show off all of the ways in which he was ~unconventional~. In effect, that means that James puts himself in precarious situations and then snaps selfies of it. This one shows the British free runner in Bangalore, atop one of the tallest buildings in the world. As he balances dangerously on the top of the structure, he used a selfie stick to get the perfect angle for his Instagram-worthy shot. In our opinion, this is so not worth it! Yet for James, it seems to be a passion for him.

Nobody would question that he must get quite an adrenaline rush. In fact, his photo gallery is filled with pictures of his dangerous selfies and other snapshots of himself dangling from cranes, off of tall buildings, and on other construction materials, and structures. Hey, whatever floats your boat, James.

1 Look, Behind You!

This guy somehow got his car onto the railroad tracks and instead of deciding to fix the problem, he documented it with a selfie. This man clearly had no regard for his safety nor the safety of those on the oncoming train behind him. For some odd reason, posing on the tracks mere seconds before a train met his body seemed like a good idea. Plus the guy looks like this was so intentional. Why do people choose to portray themselves in dangerous situations? Is it really worth your life to get more “likes” on Facebook or Instagram? Not to us! And can we just mention that every week, nearly 20 people die in train accidents in the United States? Thanks to rail projects and advancements using energy driven railroads, more and more people are finding themselves facing a head-on collision with a rail car. While it’s great that we can get to more places in less time, it is also important to note that the risk of injury or even death from a train accident or crash is still high.

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The 15 Most Dangerous Selfies The World Has Ever Seen