The 15 Freakiest Real-Life Stalker Cases

It seems like a person's safety is due to luck more than good preparation nowadays. Whether you're nice, distant, or threatening, once a stalker picks you as their prey, there's no shaking them. They're utterly convinced that you are now their world. You're the reason for waking up, the reason for eating, the reason for all things good that happen. So no matter what you do to try and deter their actions, they won't stop. They'll keep coming. Which leaves you with few options; run, inform the police, or attack. Unless they kill you first. Being stalked is one of the worst things that can happen, and it doesn't just happen to celebrities. In fact, stalkers are usually someone you know. A co-worker, an old schoolmate, a fellow church-goer. There's no way to predict who has that sort of mentality in them, but it's a lot more common than you think. Especially with all this access to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people make it easy to become a target.

So think long and hard about the next time you post something with your location turned on. If someone like Kim Kardashian can get hunted down and robbed, no doubt you're an easy target as well. Being stalked is no laughing matter...

15 Stalking Therapy


A lot of people would agree that the only way to date nowadays is by going online. So it seemed like a dream come true for Tatiana and Poddar who met at a folk dancing class at their university. The two dated for a couple of weeks, but after a while Tatiana broke it off, realizing that her feelings for him weren't as strong as his were for her. Poddar had an emotional breakdown, he couldn't stop stalking her and sought the help of a university counsellor. He thought talking to someone about his unresolved feelings would help, but all it really did was remind him of the time he spent with her, which brought up old memories and happiness, but it also brought resentment. Poddar spent over a dozen therapy sessions detailing ways he would kill Tatiana. Then one day, he showed up at her house unannounced and finally killed her with a kitchen knife he had concealed.

14 Closing Time Stalker


It was nearing the end of Clare's shift at Harvey Nichol's grocery store. She was working the counter, greeting customers and scanning their items while asking about their day. It was then that Clare's boyfriend Michal was seen sneaking up behind her. The customer's in line didn't react suspiciously, because to them it looked like Michal was going to surprise her (possibly with a kiss or present) and they didn't want to ruin it for her. However, things turned out very differently. You see, Michal and Clare had broken up months ago, and Michal had been harassing Clare ever since. He would call her daily, loiter around her house, and follow her in the streets. He refused to believe their relationship was over. His stalking went on for months until the day he arrived at the grocery store, when he crept behind Clare and shot her in the back of the head. The customers in line fled as he shot her three more times before turning the gun on himself.

13 Clown Stalking


There's a lot of news about clowns these days. Random appearances outside schools or public places. As if they weren't creepy enough at birthday parties. Riley was a university student on a football scholarship. So you can already tell he's a big, tough guy. He started getting phone calls from a blocked number where no one would speak, then he would get them with someone breathing, until finally the person on the other end was confident enough to speak. The voice always asked him to come out and play. Riley thought it was his teammates, but after speaking to all of them individually, he realized it was none of them. Soon after, he found clown photos taped to his door, which meant the stalker knew where he lived.

One day, when Riley was leaving a party, he saw someone dressed in the clown outfit from the picture. He approached the person, wanting to tell them that it wasn't funny anymore, but stopped when he noticed the clown was holding a machete. So Riley bolted home. The clown kept calling his dorm after that, asking Riley to play, so Riley finally convinced the clown to meet him somewhere in public. The clown didn't show up, but Riley knew that the person had to be close by. He called the number and watched for someone to pick up their phone. One person did, it was one of the university professors.

12 The Long Island Ripper


To this day, the Long Island Ripper still remains unknown. He's predicted to be a middle-aged male, but even that could be wrong. One of his first victims was an escort by the name of Shannon. She managed to call the police, screaming that a man was going to kill her. She was later found as skeletal remains in a burlap sack. Following her death, three more women were killed in the exact same way. One of them, Melissa, got a bit more attention than the others. The killer called Melissa's sister for days, taunting her about how he butchered her sister. He also called other family members and told them about things that only they (the family) knew about. His calls continued for months, until finally the media reported what he was doing on the news. Which was when he abruptly stopped communicating with the family and was never heard from again.

11 Cyber Stalk


Fun fact: Gary was the first person to ever be charged with cyberstalking.

His story began in the year 1996, when he fell in love with Randi, a younger woman from his church. He followed her everywhere; to and from the church, despite Randi's continued disinterest in him. It got to the point that the congregation had to ban him from church. That's when Gary decided to go online. He would impersonate Randi in sex chat rooms. Leaving her actual phone number and address for all the world to see. He would tell anyone that would listen that her biggest fantasy was to be raped by a stranger. So in the course of five months, six men showed up at Randi's home saying they wanted to fulfill her dream. It took Randi a while to figure out why this was happening since she didn't go online or own a computer. Once she did learn it was Gary, he was arrested and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

10 Ken & Barbie


Due to their beauty and wealth, this couple was considered to be real life dolls. Ken, whose real name is Paul, grew up with a disturbing childhood. He had been abused and became severely apathetic. When he found out his father wasn't actually biologically related to him, Ken refused to call his mother anything other than 'whore', to which she'd reply with 'bastard'. He met Barbie (actually named Karla) when she was a teenager. He verbally abused her, calling her fat, ugly, stupid, etc. So much so that Barbie would literally do anything he asked and didn't make a move until he did. However, that wasn't enough to satisfy Ken. He was driven with the hope of creating a "virgin farm" where he could rape all the young, untainted women that he desired, with Barbie unable to object. Ken would follow the same women home every night, studying their routes and habits. With Barbie's help, he would snatch one every now and then, video tape them raping her, then often killing her. They did this to over a dozen girls before finally being caught, this was due to an ungodly amount of police tips being called in by Ken's victims and witnesses.

9 Dr. Ramsey


As a kid, you're taught never to talk to strangers, no matter how convincingly sweet they are. Dr. Ramsey was eerily convincing. He met his young interest (she was a 10-year-old girl with no name given, so we'll call her Mary) at a corner store. Where he told her that he was a pediatrician and took care of kids. He went on to say how beautiful Mary's hair was and that he could fix her up if anything happened, then he would give her all the candy she wanted until she got better. Mary raced home, but Dr. Ramsey followed. For the next 18 months, Dr. Ramsey became obsessed with Mary and her family. He would call them, informing them of what he had observed that day, like who was home and what they did. He would be spotted coming in and out of their backyard. Sometimes even having to be chased away by family members. They tried calling the police, but since there was no physical evidence, the police couldn't do anything. When Mary was home alone, he always knew and always tried to break in. Then one day, he simply disappeared. It wasn't until years later that Mary's father told her that Dr. Ramsey would say sexually disturbing things about her on the phone to him. Like he would rape and strangle her to death. Dr. Ramsey is still missing to this day.

8 Sisters Before Misters


For Lisa, life had never been so blissful. She had a perfect boyfriend and a baby on the way. That was until Laurie entered the picture. Lisa was convinced that Laurie was seducing her boyfriend away from her. So Lisa went on a harassment spree. Constantly calling Laurie, leaving nasty voicemails and calling her out in public. It got so bad that Laurie's mother Hazel had to intervene, who tried to file assault charges that never held up. One day Lisa had had enough of Laurie's existence and got a brilliant idea. She called her mother Hazel to tell her that she was needed at the school counsellor's office to discuss Laurie. So when Hazel left, that's when Lisa broke in and slashed Laurie's throat. Truth is, Laurie was never interested in Lisa's boyfriend. In fact, he raped her. Laurie wanted nothing to do with him.

7 Jazzy Jet


Joseph has been in and out of jail all of his life, continuously breaking parole and missing curfews. He's done everything from raping a nine-year-old boy at gunpoint to simply smoking marijuana. He's the perfect picture of a sadistic person. What put him away forever was what he'd done to the Groene family. A mother, her boyfriend, and three children were living at the Wolf Lodge in Idaho. Joseph's main interests were the two children, aged eight and nine. He would watch them from afar every night. Using binoculars with night vision. Then one day he acted. He bludgeoned the mother, boyfriend, and eldest child to death, then abducted the younger two. He was caught by witnesses who'd seen the AMBER alert for the two children while they were eating at a Denny's restaurant. One of the kids was saved but the other had been shot and burned earlier that day. To this day, no one knows why Joseph chose that family or why he did what he did.

6 Not So Regular Joe


One of the longest cases in stalking history lasted over four years. It started when Joe met Katie at a bar. It was clear that he desired Katie right away, but she had lesser feelings for him. In fact, his emotions were so strong it became a turn off, so Katie had to end things with him. Still, Joe would continuously call Katie at all hours. He would leave messages crying over her, thinking that the only reason she didn't like him was because of his background. Then one day, he told Katie that he wished she'd die. Katie decided it was time to inform the police, who told her to disconnect her phone. That was when the letters started to appear and Joe began loitering around her house. So as a last attempt to stop his communication, Katie finally moved to another state. Joe hasn't been heard from— yet.

5 Married To Her Stalker


For this couple, love was a battlefield. Keren and her husband, Martin, were in a long distance relationship because Martin had to work in Spain. During his time across seas, Keren found it too difficult to maintain their marriage and filed for divorce. At first, Martin was ok with the idea. He was even alright with his little girl staying with his wife instead of him. Then suddenly, Martin wasn't okay with the idea anymore. For almost two years, Martin would call Keren about fifty times a day, telling her abusive things, threatening to kidnap their daughter, and loiter around her home. Yet Keren never called the police. Instead, she took Martin's actions as a cry for help. She believed he wasn't a deranged stalker and was actually begging for her to take him back. So she did! To this day, they are living together as a happy couple.

4 The Stalking Saint


If you thought Jehovah's Witnesses were persistent, than you clearly haven't heard of Jamie Calloway. Born and raised in Ohio, Jamie considers herself to be a "Godologist of Godology" which has no solid definition in the Google search engine. She's been arrested for multiple accounts of stalking and harassment. It's not said whether her attacks are religious or if she simply has a god complex herself and likes to express her righteousness, but it's stated that she's antagonized many people on various occasions. She's currently being held on bail for $10,000. If she does ever get out, she won't be hard to miss. That's due to her metal teeth and giant "GOD" tattoo on her forehead.

3 The Number One Fan


Imagine it was your entire life's dream to be a model. Then one day, you were one. Of course you already knew what to expect. A lot of loving fans and a few crazy ones, but you never expected a terrifying stalker. Kourtney Reppert was a playboy hostess that also starred in a couple of magazine shoots. It didn't take long for her to gain the interest of a much older man named Luis Plascencia. He wrote her dozens of letters and emails, professing his love while also explaining in vivid detail the ways he'd kill her. It got so bad that Kourtney had to hire security guards to watch her every hour of the day. She had even had Luis arrested, but he continued to stalk her. Constantly making known his love and hate for her, like calling her a saint and a whore in the same passage. To this day, Luis' whereabouts are unknown.

2 Sea Stalked


Laura Dekker wanted to be the youngest person to sail around the world. Her dream came true at the age of 16, but something else came with it. A 60-year-old man named Gerard super-imposed himself on Laura's life. Sending her dozens of inappropriate emails and pictures of her nude (that had obviously been photoshopped). What's worse was that Gerard wasn't the only one. In fact, there were over five pedophiles sending Laura hundreds of emails about their interest in her life and exhibition. There wasn't much she or her father could do about it since the internet had barely made its debut and cyberstalking wasn't a thing yet, but it's likely they shut their computer down and walked away. Until this day, none of the men have been apprehended.

1 When The Cops Are The Bad Guys

Priya was a 25-year-old student studying to become a lawyer. Without trying, she gained the attention of a fellow male student named Santosh. Despite her obvious disinterest in him, Santosh never stopped pestering her with his love, which eventually turned into cold harassment. After a year of this, Priya finally went to the police to make a formal complaint, but it didn't stop Santosh. He broke into her home and raped her, then beat her skull in with a helmet and strangled her with a wire, eventually killing her. Now since Santosh's father was the inspector General of the police, he was able to get his charges dropped. But this caused hundreds of civilians to come out of their home and protest on behalf of Priya. Eventually, he was sent back to court and ordered a death sentence, which was then reduced to life in prison.


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The 15 Freakiest Real-Life Stalker Cases