The 15 Creepiest Places You Can Rent On Airbnb

Airbnb is a cheap and efficient way to travel. For those running on either a shoestring budget or a very constrained one, Airbnb offers a wide variety of overnight options, from apartments to even som

Airbnb is a cheap and efficient way to travel. For those running on either a shoestring budget or a very constrained one, Airbnb offers a wide variety of overnight options, from apartments to even someone's backyard. There are people in the world who don't own homes but rent Airbnb for weeks or even months at a time. It seems like a fun way to live.

Not everything is so rosy, though. There is a dark side to Airbnb. For those who like their nights sleepless, Airbnb does offer an assortment of ghoulish options. These spots can be a little hard to find, but one would expect that the waiting list is not that long. The curious or brave or dumb few can spend a weekend at a supposedly haunted mansion or could lay their heads down on pillows housed inside an ancient fortress. There's no guarantee that stays in any of these fifteen abodes will be peaceful or even enjoyable, but they will almost certainly be memorable.

The question remains: are you willing to stay the night at any one of these locales?

15 A Tower in Umbria 


A one bedroom rental near a lake in the Italian countryside sounds like the stuff of dreams. Indeed, this spot in Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Italy near Lake Trasimeno has all the makings of a romantic getaway. The Airbnb listing seems pretty popular too, with a full five stars.

However, given the history of Italy, specifically the Umbrian and Tuscan soil, it's likely that something disturbing happened nearby. This stone tower was once part of a stable that was abandoned at some point for unknown reasons. That's a little eyebrow raising, but here's the real kicker: not far from Tuoro sul Trasimeno is the village of Sanguineto. For those who know their Romance languages, "sang" indicates the word "blood." In this case, Sanguineto is thought to be the location of the Battle of Lake Trasimene, a Carthaginian victory led by Hannibal that killed approximately 15,000 Romans.

14 Haunted Estate


This sprawling estate in Flintridge, California is currently for sale. Any takers? Well, there's always Airbnb apparently. For $179-per-night, you can spend time at this sprawling mansion built in 1929. The home's builder, Robert T. Moore, seems to have been extremely eccentric. An ornithologist, Moore kept more than 50,000 exotic birds on the property during his time as the home's owner. The property's two acres must have been very noisy back in the day.

As if this wasn't strange enough, during the home's construction, Moore maintained two sets of day laborers. Neither group worked the same shifts. The point was that no worker would know enough to spill the beans about the home's entire construction. Apparently, Moore wanted the "secrets" of the house to be kept away from the general public. What these "secrets" are, no one knows for sure.

13 Ghost Town Stop 


Near the wonderfully named town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico sits a former stagecoach stop that is now a full-fledged ghost town. Just eight miles from the beautiful views of Elephant Butte Lake, this ghost town can be all yours for just $63 a night. The actual rental is a historic adobe home, but, if you want to stretch your legs, you can explore the rest of the abandoned Old Cuchillo Hotel or head to the always empty bar.

Billed as a perfect retreat for artists of all kinds, this Airbnb rental isn't actually full of cobwebs and musty old rooms. Recently renovated with sustainability in mind, the actual bed sounds pretty comfy. The only potential problem are the neighbors and the townspeople, all of whom are dead and may not have "crossed over" just quite yet.

12 The Madness Chamber 


With a nickname like "madness chamber," it's safe to say that this rental in York, England is not for the weak of heart. Priced at $219 CAD per night, this Airbnb option has "haunted" right in its title, so you know what you're getting. Before getting to the fact that this spot has exquisite wood panelling and a small outside yard (not exactly standard fare in England, mind you), the listing unequivocally states that the "madness chamber" apartment is over 600 years old. The website for the pub below, which happens to be called The Trembling Madness, actually dates the wood used in the apartment's construction at 800 years old.

Because the structure itself contains some of the original Norman construction, people automatically believe that it's haunted. Furthermore, bits and pieces can be found here and there which imply that public executions took place not far from the site. Without question plenty of animals died near the property, for The Trembling Madness is a taxidermist's dream.

11 The Haunted Farmhouse 


A nice bed and breakfast in the calm wilds of Maine sounds pleasant by anyone's standards. For anyone who has ever been, you know that once you leave the coast, Maine blossoms into an isolated time capsule, showing the world what New England might have looked like before industrialization and the growth of cities. In Camden, Maine, the Cranford Lodge attempts to showcase this bucolic splendor, but they offer an added bonus -- ghosts.

Built in 1850, this charming lodge is close to both the Atlantic Ocean and the peaks of Ragged Mountain. Furthermore, it's not far from the Camden Snow Bowl, a Mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. As for the ghosts, they're treated like guests. To amplify the spookiness, the Cranford Lodge is decorated with vintage toys and dolls from the 19th century.

10 Castle Chateau Pitau 


A $206-per-night castle not far from the Russian capital of Moscow is actually quite a steal. For a reasonable price, anyone can feel like a minor noble or a long lost tsar. A beautiful red brick structure that sports a literal forest in its backyard, the Castle Chateau Pitau has three bedrooms, a dining room, and eight beds in total. A 2,000-square-feet garden circles the property, while a lake is within easy walking distance from the front door.

Despite all of these nice amenities, the real selling point for this castle is its very punctual ghost. On weekdays, the ghost shows up every morning at midnight. Now, I don't know too much about the paranormal, but this sounds a little suspicious. However, if it's true, then the Castle Chateau Pitau offers the closest thing to a surefire guarantee of experiencing the supernatural first-hand.

9 Headfort House 


Ireland is the nation of banshees, fairies, and pugnacious mascots. It is also a land of spirits (no, not that kind). The rolling and well-watered green grass of Ireland is a rich soil exuding mystery and preternatural charm. A great, big Irish mansion is bound to be haunted, right? Well, according to past visitors, Headfort House in Meath is indeed crawling with spirits.

Built in the 1760s by Dublin architect George Semple for Sir Thomas Taylour, the 1st Earl of Bective, the Headfort House was selected for inclusion on the 100 Most Endangered Sites list in 2004. The house once served as a school for youths aged between 3 and 13. Some of these long-dead pupils can still be heard playing outside or making a racket inside of the house.

8 Hackett Castle


Also located in Ireland, Hackett Castle sits on a majestic hill just south of Tuam, County Galway. The castle gets its name from the family that built it -- the Hiberno-Norman Hacketts. Construction was finalized in the 13th century, but ultimately the edifice was abandoned in 1705.

As if an abandoned castle wasn't enough to give you goosebumps, then the fact that the Hacketts got their land by driving two Irish tribes, the O'Flahertys and the Kirwans, away will produce even more chills down the spine. Violence was likely part of this removal. Better still, this crumbling castle, which has mostly been overtaken by the natural world, still contains an intact dungeon. Just imagine getting up after midnight and taking a stroll downstairs to the ye olde torture chamber. Yikes!

7 Gettysburg Farm House


Between July 1st and 3rd, 1863, the most pivotal battle of the American Civil War took place in the quiet hamlet of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The closest approximations put the Union dead at over 23,000, while the Confederates lost anywhere from 23 to 28,000 men. Because of all of this bloodshed, Gettysburg has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in all of America, if not the entire world.

For $105-per-night, visitors can stay at a cozy farmhouse not far from the battlefield itself. Indeed, the farmhouse was apparently used as a field hospital right after the battle. This means that appendages were amputated and badly wounded or sick men died on the premises. If this placed isn't haunted, then nowhere is.

6 The Parks-Bowman Mansion


Located in the Garden District of New Orleans sits the Parker-Bowman Mansion. In a city known for its ghosts, vampires, and voodoo practitioners, the Parker-Bowman Mansion, which is widely believed to be haunted, fits right in. In fact, there's even a room called simply the "Haunted Bedroom." Here it is claimed that the ghost of a playful little girl in a yellow dress will occasionally pull the living out of otherwise peaceful slumbers. While not malevolent, the girl in the yellow dress is certainly unsettling.

For just a night in the "Haunted Bedroom," the cost is somewhere around $115. That might be a little steep for any regular Airbnb room, but when the extra benefit is a ghost girl, $115 doesn't sound like such a ripoff.

5 The Haunted Castle Bed And Breakfast 


Yes, this location is actually called the Haunted Castle Bed and Breakfast. Obviously, they appeal to a very specific demographic. Think of the type of people who visit Salem, Massachusetts every autumn or who binge  paranormal TV shows after dark. Located in Brumley, Missouri, this Queen Anne Victorian mansion was originally built in the 1850s and has been recently restored to its former glory. It's far from an eyesore by any objective measure.

Of course aesthetics are not the reason people would use Airbnb to stay the night at this bed and breakfast. Owners Nick and Marcy Sacco know what their customers want --ghosts. The most famous ghost is Mrs. Martha Dixon, the so-called "screaming woman" who was married to the home's original owner. The ghost of Mrs. Dixon is accompanied by others, most of whom are known to rattle and rock the house during the wee hours of the morning.

4 Laura's Cottage 


Savannah is the crown jewel of Georgia. A picturesque seaside city, Savannah is known for its many supernatural stories. While writer John Berendt exposed the seedy side of the city's elite in his book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the city's many ghost tours and walks continue to educate newcomers about the spectral history of Savannah.

One stop on some of these tours is Laura's Cottage, an 18th century home that is currently going for $225-per-night on Airbnb. Originally a guest house, Laura's Cottage has been featured in films and in television programs. The spot is also well-known for its titular ghost. Supposedly, the spirit of Laura has said hello to many visitors over the years.

3 Battery Carriage House Inn 


Charleston, South Carolina is the epitome of the Old South. This charming seaside city sports some of the most eye-catching and luxurious homes in Dixie. Also, if thousands of people are to be believed, then Charleston also contains plenty of ghosts. The Battery Carriage House and Inn is no exception.

Room 8 seems to be the nexus of all of the inn's supernatural activity. The most famous ghost is actually a headless torso that is known to scare the bejeezus out Room 8's guests. Another ghost in Room 10 is not as visually frightening, but is a little more...physical. This ghost likes to jump into beds with sleeping women and go hands-on without permission. Either a decapitated spirit or a dead groper -- take your pick at the Battery Carriage House and Inn!

2 Captain Grant's House 


Captain Grant's House in Connecticut is perfectly situated for people who want to experience all the flavors of southern New England. On the one hand, the 18th century house is located not far from a village from the 17th century and the town of Mystic, which is well-known for its architectural beauty. On the other hand, the house is within easy driving distance of both Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos.

In life, Captain Grant was a world traveler and a respected seaman. His family lived in the home for generations. During this time and afterwards, soldiers with the Continental Army and escaped slaves stayed at the home. As for its supposed hauntings, this rich history is joined by the spirits who inhabit St. James's Cemetery and the ancient Poquetanuck Cemetery. The former resting place is located across the street, while the latter is behind the house itself. With such residual energy, it's no wonder Captain Grant's home hosts Halloween tours and parties every year.

1 The Paris Catacombs


Of all of the places on this list, this one is the only one that is completely free. Also, this one isn't year-round. Airbnb says that this rental is just for Halloween. But, hey, you get a bed and underground tunnels all to yourself. It'll be just you and some 6 million souls.

In case you don't know, underneath Paris is a giant ossuary full of skulls and bones. One of the entrances has the quaint name of "Gate of Hell." During the 1780s, due to overcrowding in the city's cemeteries, Parisian officials decided to dig up a few bodies and dump others down underneath the city in fortified tunnels. Today intrepid souls will journey into the catacombs and try to find the mouth of hell that apparently exists (if one believes modern folklore). Before deciding to take Airbnb up on this free offer, watch this video, which claims to show someone lost underneath the catacombs. The story goes that the man died after losing his mind due to sheer terror.


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