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The 15 Creepiest Photos Ever Taken At Cemeteries

The 15 Creepiest Photos Ever Taken At Cemeteries


Halloween time is upon us again. This usually means that on the 31st, we’ll be surrounded by everyone dressed in a “pun” costume or a sexy [insert noun here]. Halloween has gotten a lot less scary and a whole lot more like a toddler’s birthday party over the years, which I’m totally fine with by the way since I’m a big wussy when it comes to things that go bump in the night and whatever is lurking behind the shower curtain when I use the bathroom at two in the morning. I would have never survived Halloween in the 1900s where kids in general looked terrifying to begin with let alone walking around at night in their DIY costumes made from potato sacks and a dead rat’s face. Halloween was a lot more frightening back then as it was supposed to be.

The history of Halloween, believe it or not, isn’t about getting dressed up as your favorite Stranger Things character. It started with the Celts, who lived 2000 years ago. Halloween marked the end of summer and beginning of a cold winter, which was a time of year that had a lot of deaths or what we now call “flu season.” Celts believed that on October 31st, the invisible wall between life and death opened up just enough that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.

It sounds totally strange to us now but what if it was true? What if we have been so blinded by the costume aisle at Target that we’ve been blinded to the real walking dead among us? And what if sometimes, they make their presence known to us by photo bombing our photos? Well grab your dead rat mask and check out these 15 creepy photos of cemetery ghosts that could either be fake or chilling evidence that the Celts knew what they were talking about.

15. Charleston Ghost Pictures



‘The city of Charleston, North Carolina has beautiful, historic streets filled with stories from the past and if there was a place any ghost would hang out, it would be Charleston. A tourist took this photo of an old cemetery in Charleston and seemed to have also caught a picture of a woman hunched over a grave. A woman you can see right through. Some residents of Charleston claims this is Sue Howard Hardy who, 99 years on the day this picture was taken, gave birth to a stillborn baby and Sue Howard died six days later. Could this be a glimpse of Sue Howard Hardy, grieving the loss of her baby and her life in another ghostly realm? Or is it just a trick of the light and camera? I’m hoping it’s the latter because the thought of someone grieving for eternity is heartbreaking. Wipe those tears Sue Howard Hardy, it’s time for you to follow the light (and stop creeping us out).

14. The Child In The Cemetery



It’s funny how children can go from being incredibly adorable to absolutely terrifying depending on their surroundings. For example, a little kid giggling at the playground? ADORABLE. A little kid giggling in a basement in the middle of the night (especially if you don’t have any kids)? That’s straight up, quick-lets-burn-the-house-down TERRIFYING. A picture of a child smiling for the camera at Disneyland? ADORABLE. A picture of child that’s kind of see through, smiling for the camera at a cemetery? TERRIFYING. But that’s exactly what a woman saw after she developed this picture of her daughter’s grave in Queensland, Australia. “Mrs. Andrews” took a picture of her daughter’s tombstone and seemed to have inadvertently caught a visitor. Mrs. Andrews says this little girl is not her daughter and that no children were near the grave when she took the picture. It was later discovered that a grave for two little infant girls are near her daughter’s grave site and researchers believe that this is a picture of one of them.

13. The Famous Lady Ghosts At Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery



Even if you haven’t seen a lot of ghostly cemetery pictures on the Internet, you’ve probably seen this one. This is the famous picture of a mysterious woman apparition at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is dubbed by some as the most haunted cemetery in America. This picture of what appears to be a lady sitting on a stone bench is said to be one of the best ghost photos ever taken. The person taking the photo swears there was no woman sitting there when the photo was taken.  There have been a lot of sightings in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery and if you have ever been there or seen pictures, you’ll understand why. It’s a heavily forested area surrounded by tombs and fits the part of creepy cemetery that ghosts would most likely be hanging out. Some say that spirits are very active at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery because of real life vandals who keep moving the gravestones around and inadvertently disturbing the undead. Rude!

12. The Face



When my little girl was around 5 or so, she told me about a face that would show up at the corner of her room in the middle of the night. She told me that the face was nice and that she would talk to it before going to bed. My daughter spoke about it like it was a friend and yet, it took all my might not to put that condo for sale right then and there, or at the very least, demolish the part of the house where her room was at. Even if it was as nice as Mr. Rogers,  it’s A FACE that showed up, uninvited (sans body) in your daughter’s bedroom. It’s wrong and just scary enough to turn me into that little lady from Poltergeist so I can EXORCISE THE DEMON. I don’t know what my daughter’s “face friend'”looked like but thankfully, the picture shown above isn’t the face that showed up at my house (at least I’m hoping it isn’t). This blurry, hells-to-the-no face was caught at the Charleston graveyard in North Carolina. Either this is just a blurry picture of someone screwing around or Charleston graveyard ghosts are really into selfies.

11. The Colfax Cemetery Ghost



If you’re starting to think that Bachelor’s Grove and Charleston cemeteries have the market cornered on creepy see-through spirits, you’re wrong. Colfax Cemetery is in the running too. In fact, this weird, slightly fabulous ghost (so shiny!) was taken by the Midwest Minnesota Paranormal Society. I rolled my eyes after hearing that because one, if anyone was going to fake a photo it would be some type of paranormal society because let’s face it, most “paranormal societies” don’t see a damn thing. So it wouldn’t be too far fetched for them to fake a sighting or label it an everyday occurrence, like a car light’s reflection off a funky looking tree as a “ghost.”  But I’m going to go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt because in order for me to prove them wrong, I would probably have to go to the Colfax Cemetery myself. Visitors to the Colfax cemetery have heard disembodied screams and sobbing from the area, as well as mystery hounds with red eyes and ferocious barks. Uh, yeah, no thanks and bravo to Minnesota Paranormal Society for capturing this ghostly haunting. Keep up the good job.

10. St. Bartholomew’s built in 1864 = TOTALLY HAUNTED



This photo comes was captured at St. Bartholomew’s Church and Cemetery grounds. The actual church was built in 1841 and was destroyed by a fire in 1989. Many people believe that it’s haunted for many reasons (one being that it’s probably it was built in 1841!). This picture seems to be an image of a strange anomaly that looks like he’s running towards the camera. The strange man-sized ghost doesn’t appear to be completely solid and seems to have mastered the art of the zombie run (menacingly, with hands down at your sides) Is this just a trick of the moonlight? Maybe it’s an actual person running in the cemetery to freak people out? It could be or it could be just another ghostly sighting to add to one of the many sightings seen at Bartholomew’s cemetery. Like the one where a group was followed by a strange short man believed to be the spirit of Thomas James Willis, a jockey born in 1834 or the little girl who people have seen running around the cemetery, believed to be Willis’ daughter who died in 1964.

9. Old Town Ghost



Had this been a rating on the creepiest cemeteries that you could possibly visit, the cemetery in Old Town San Diego wouldn’t make the list. Why? Because it’s located in a pretty populated area of San Diego. There are lots of tourists who have stopped by to check out the small graveyard that dates back to 1849 but it’s the least scary of all the cemeteries listed here. But if you think about it, if you were a roaming spirit, the quaint, not so creepy Old Town San Diego Cemetery would probably be the best place to hang out. Not only are you probably within walking distance from delicious tacos (San Diego does have the best Mexican food after all…) but no one would even notice you unless you went out of your way to be noticed like the ghost in this picture. This photo was taken by a couple at the graveyard and they claim that it was late at night with no one was around. Well except for the ghostly apparition in the back “dying” (ha! get it?!) to get their photo taken.

8. That Old-Timey Ghost Boy



Why are kids from the past so damn creepy? Well for starters, most of the poor quality pictures of kids from back in the day show them with cynical scowls, like an old-timer who’s seen some things and did some stuff that he doesn’t want to talk about now. Granted, the mortality rate for kids back then was  pretty high, so really, if you made it past 5 years old, that was equivalent to being middle-aged. There’s not a lot of information about this particular photograph which leads me to believe that it is probably a fake, except look at that face. That’s the old-timey kid faceI was talking about! A young face filled with other worldly wisdom that he really shouldn’t possess and hatred because he never got a chance to get a decent Halloween costume from Hot Topic. If there’s only one spirit on this list that’s real, I’m betting it’s this one.

7. The Cloaked Figure In The Cemetery



If just one of these photos are real, you have to wonder? What would keep a spirit from sticking around and not going over to the other side with it’s other ghostly friends? Unresolved issues? A death so traumatic that they don’t even know their dead? If ghosts were real, can you imagine the turmoil that they must be in if they are indeed lost and wandering around between worlds? It sounds like a pretty sad existence to be a ghost. On the other hand, perhaps it might not be as dark and lonely as we think. Maybe, after you pass on into the other realm, they give you chic cloaks with hoods because that’s the uniform. And maybe some ghosts think they look so hella FIERCE in their afterlife garb that they can’t help but work it around the cemetery every once in a while. At least that’s what I’m telling myself when I see this picture of a sinister looking apparition hovering in front of one of the tombstones in English cemetery. Creepy factor aside, you gotta admit, that ghost is working that cloak. Slay ghost SLAY.

6. The Ghost In The Tomb



Pere Lachaise Cemetery was opened in 1804 and of course it’s haunted because apparently it’s some kind of package deal with all things that are that old. The Pere Lachaise Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Paris, France and it is packed to the gills with dead people. Some are encased in large mausoleums and tombs so elaborate and cliche’, it would be more of a surprise if you didn’t see a ghost here. People expect to see a wandering spirit and on one particular visit by a tourist, the Pere Lachaise Cemetery ghosts didn’t disappoint.

A tourist roaming the grounds of the cemetery took pictures during her visit and when she was looked through them, of course a ghost popped up in one of her shots. She stumbled upon this strange image that appears to be a face? a body? a ghostly plastic bag of cabbage? in one of the open tombs she took a picture of. Whatever this weird image is, whether it’s a ghost doing his/her part to keep things nice and creepy at the cemetery or just some schmutz on the camera, we may never have an answer. Really, the more important question here is, why is that tomb open and for the love of all that is undead, can someone please close it.

5. The Cranky Ol’ Ghost



If there’s one important lesson to take away from all this talk of scary spirits making appearances in cemeteries is that maybe you shouldn’t be taking pictures at the cemetery. Or maybe you shouldn’t be hanging out in cemeteries for fun you weirdo. Cemeteries are supposed to be a place where the soul can rest and be at peace. How can a soul possibly get any type of peace when you’re tromping around outside with your selfie stick? A good number of the ghostly figures in these pictures are probably spirits who are probably like, Dude, go home. You have a couch and Wifi at home, what are you even doing out here? This picture was taken in Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Canada and it looks like they caught an annoyed ghost who just can’t anymore with your stupid pictures. If you look closely, there seems to be a face peeking out from behind one of the gravestones that eerily looks like a grumpy old man. If this picture could talk, it would scream at you to get off its lawn.

4. The Girl Who Waits



Some say this is a picture of a young girl’s spirit hanging out by her burial spot. Some say it’s just the flower arrangements playing tricks with our eyes. Some say that the picture has been doctored/ photoshopped and some say, “What filter did you use on this?” While it probably makes more sense that these are just simple flowers, you have to admit that it does look a lot like a somber little girl, sitting by the tombstone either waiting for someone or in deep thought. There is not a lot of information about this photograph but out of all the pictures on this list, this image has an air of sadness about it that’s hard to ignore. But then again maybe the reason that this ghosts evokes so much feeling is because it’s mostly likely a hoax. Let’s hope it’s just the brilliant handiwork of someone who’s extremely adept at Photoshop and not really a lost soul of a little girl wondering how to get home.

3. What Are You Looking At?



I’d like to take this time to give a shout out to cemetery ghosts for keeping it close to home. Because even though they’re scary as hell and I would not hesitate to water gun them down with holy water if they crossed my path. But I know I won’t have to because cemetery ghosts stay where they belong. As annoyed as these ghosts might be at having to put up with tour groups stomping around on top of them during peak vacation seasons, at least they don’t follow anyone home. They keep their hauntings close to home because they probably don’t like commuting to work any more than we do. If one person should be thankful, it should be the lady who took this picture. Her experience would have undoubtedly been a lot more terrifying if she had taken this photo of a shadowy figure from  her closet instead of an old mausoleum in a Texas cemetery.

2. Take It Easy North Carolina Ghosts!



Well, well, well cemeteries of North Carolina…we meet AGAIN. Seriously, what’s in the ground in North Carolina that keeps their undead from being anything but dead? Did these spirits miss the memo sent out to all other cemetery spirits that it should avoid the living as much as possible? Otherwise, your picture ends up in some listicle that’s trying really hard to be funny. For example, this clueless ghost wandering around in North Carolina is obviously one of those ghosts that didn’t get that memo and was probably really excited to see a few people enjoying the evening with him/her/it. Little does this spirit know that those real people took a picture of them at a really bad angle (that cloak does nothing for their silhouette) and now we’re all here over analyzing them. Someone please give the cemetery ghosts of North Carolina a workshop class about social media and how it negatively affects them.

1. The Flying Ghost of Savannah, Georgia



In 2008, Jesse, a 17 year old visiting Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, captured something that neither he, his family or experts can explain. Savannah, Georgia is one of the most haunted cities in America and Colonial Park Cemetery houses a mass grave of victims of yellow fever from 1820, so you can see where this is going. The picture above is shit-in-your pants creepy enough to keep you from taking pictures at a cemetery again. But the ghost boy gets even scarier when you see him in action. From the size of the apparition, at best, you would estimate that, if it was a real boy, the “boy” would be about five to six years old.  Only the figure seems less like a little boy and more like a spirit when video shows it running (floating?) across the grounds with lightening speed. And just when you think it’s just a fast little kid destined for the Olympics, the child ghost inhumanly jumps into the trees then back down into the ground, where it disappears from view. No one can figure out what Jesse captured on camera. And even though skeptics have called it a fake, Jesse claims that he’s done nothing to the tape and that he barely even knew how to turn on the video camera let alone doctor the footage.

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