Ted Bundy Case: 15 Most Chilling Photos Ever Taken

Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of mankind. In addition to being a murderer, he was also a burglar, r*pist, and necrophile. He was responsible for assaulting and killing several girls and women during the seventies. Before he was executed in 1989, he confessed to taking the lives of 30 people, whom he killed in seven U.S. states from 1974 to 1978. However, it is believed that he r*ped and killed many more people, and the real number of his victims remains unknown until this day.

Many of Ted Bundy’s victims, especially the young girls, considered him charismatic and handsome. He apparently used his charming persona to lure young women. He had various ways of approaching young ladies. At times, he pretended to be a disabled or an injured man. At other times, he pretended to be an authoritative figure. He would take his victims to secluded places to assault them and kill them. He also broke into people’s houses at night and assaulted them while they slept. He used to revisit his victims and perform s*xual acts with their decomposing corpses. Bundy was also responsible for beheading at least 12 people. He kept some of the heads as mementos.

Ted Bundy was electrocuted at Raiford Prison in Starke, Florida, on January 24, 1989. He was a suspect of a number of unsolved homicides in several states. He faced murder charges but managed to escape dramatically to commit more crimes. He was ultimately captured in 1978. He was given three death sentences.

14 Ted Bundy Was His Mother’s ‘Shame’

Ted Bundy was born when Eleanor Louise Cowell was still unmarried. Her parents, who gave her a deep religious upbringing, were scandalized when their 22-year-old unmarried daughter got pregnant. Ted’s mother delivered him at a place where unmarried mothers lived in Vermont. Later on, she brought the child to her parents in Philadelphia. Ted was raised as an adopted child, as his mother wanted to hide the fact that he was an illegitimate child. Ted was told that his mother was actually his sister.

After Ted was around five, his mother got married to Johnnie Bundy. The couple brought Ted up among their other children. The family seemed like a content one. Eleanor claimed that Ted’s father was a sailor called Jack Worthington, who apparently seduced her to have s*x. However, the true identity of Ted’s biological father was never known. According to Ted’s birth certificate, his father was an Air Force veteran called Lloyd Marshall.

Ted Bundy's Murder Weapons

Ted Bundy discovered “adult” magazines when he was 13. Those were dumped near his house. He was drawn to p*rn immediately. Moreover, he became addicted to violent videos and images. He loved to watch women being assaulted and killed. However, his addiction to fantasy was over after some time. It was time for him to have practical implementation of his fantasy.

Bundy was good-looking, one of the traits many sociopaths have. He was a law student. He would often put a cast on his leg or arm while walking across university campuses. He also carried lots of books with him. It was his trick to attract young women toward him. When he saw an attractive girl walking or standing alone, he would drop his books. It was normal for the girl to help him pick up the books and he would start a conversation with her. He invited her to his car and took her somewhere secluded. The girl was usually r*ped and murdered.

13 Ted Bundy’s Victim: Kimberly Leach

Ted Bundy had a few failed attempts at killing women before he managed to lure Kimberly Leach. She was only 12 when she fell in Bundy’s trap. This murder is significant because Bundy broke his pattern while committing this act of crime. Prior to this, Bundy was believed to have killed at least four women. All of them were pretty and had long dark hair, parted in the middle. All of them were in their earlier 20's.

While Kimberly was also beautiful and had long hair parted in the middle, she was a minor. She was a student at Lake City Junior High. Probably because of Ted’s failed murder attempts, he was desperate to kill any girl. That was why he might have broken his pattern and targeted Leach. The young girl was beaten and sexually assaulted, before she was killed by Bundy. Her decomposed body was found in Suwannee River State Park.

12 Ted Bundy’s House Murders Crime Scene

It is generally believed that sociopaths have a difficult childhood. However, Bundy had a normal childhood. He was never abused, physically, emotionally, nor s*xually. According to Ted, he grew up in a wonderful home and his parents were loving and dedicated parents. He had four brothers and sisters. His parents always focused on their children’s upbringing. They did not gamble, smoke, nor drink. The children never fought or abused each other at home. In his own words, he was brought up in a “solid Christian home.”

Ted Bundy said his family and upbringing should not be blamed for what he became. His life changed with p*rnography, the “most damaging kind,” which he found in a dump near his residence. He had a personal experience of p*rnography that involved s*xual violence and violence in general. However, he did not blame p*rnography for his actions. While he took complete responsibility for his actions, that kind of p*rnographic literation shaped his violent behavior.

11 Ted Bundy’s Victims And Their Bones

When Ted Bundy was captured and started confessing his crimes, rescue teams started looking for his victims’ bodies. The common pattern of Bundy’s victims was that all of them were brunette, on the slimmer side, and they were aged 26 and under. Search teams found bones, as well as a worn-out blouse, during their hunt. Those were suspected to be 17-year-old Nancy Wilcox's, who Bundy confessed to have killed in 1974.

Bones were found in three separate locations in a 21/2-square-mile region, located at the east of Capitol Reef National Park. While most of the bones were believed to have belonged to animals, some of those were suspected to be human bones. The search suspected so because of the size of the bones. The search team apparently found a shoulder blade, which could belong to somebody of Nancy’s size. Bundy said he kidnapped Nancy, s*xually assaulted her, and strangled her to death. However, her body was never found.

10 Ted Bundy’s Bloody Murder Scene

For a while, Ted Bundy’s Christian upbringing did stop him from going astray. He had inhibitions against violence and crimes. He said, because of his upbringing from church and schools, he was conditioned to feel that way. Ted said in an interview later on, that it was wrong to think about violence and it was certainly wrong to implement it in reality. His fantasy, fueled by p*rnography, eventually got the better of him and he was pushed over the edge he was on.

Ted said he could not control the temptation to do acts of s*xual violence anymore. His childhood education was not enough to hold him back from harming people. He went into a s*xual frenzy and built up a destructive energy. He also blamed alcohol for reducing his inhibition against crime and violence. He felt like he was being possessed by something alien. Eventually, he committed his first crime.

9 Ted Bundy’s Car

Ted Bundy committed many of his crimes in his car. The first time he committed an act of crime, he was apparently in a trance. He only realized the next morning that he had committed an act of crime. His moral sensitivity was back and he suddenly had the feeling that he had done something horrible. According to him, he had a “brutal urge” to do something violent. When that urge was satisfied, he was back to normal again.

Ted Bundy did not consider himself as a pervert. At least, he was not somebody who people would suspect and think that is mentally disturbed. He had a normal life with good friends. However, he had this one destructive part which he kept only to himself. According to one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world, people who get influenced by violence in the media, especially p*rnography, should not be considered monsters. Rather, they are regular people who have a secret side in their character.

8 Ted Bundy’s Victims

Ted Bundy was very much aware that people accused him of being self-serving. However, he said he was able to feel the pain he was responsible for, through God’s help. When he recalled the incidents, he felt the horror of those events. According to him, there are many other sociopaths in the society and they are “loose in their towns and communities.” Those people are constantly getting influenced by violence, particularly s*xual ones, in the media.

Ted Bundy criticized the violence shown in movies as well. According to him, the kind of violence that was being shown in his time was not even portrayed in X-rated adult theaters 30 years back. He said he was scared that such things were shown in movies. Interestingly, there was a biographical movie based on Ted Bundy’s life, and Michael Reilly Burke played his character. Boti Bliss played his girlfriend, which was based on his real-life girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer.

7 Ted Bundy’s Surviving Victim: Carol DaRonch

Even though Ted Bundy confessed to 30 homicides, he privately talked about 30 more. Many believe that he killed more than 100 people. It is unknown when he started killing people, as he gave different interpretations to different people. He also refused to give details about his earliest murders. Later on, he gave graphic details of how he committed one act of crime after another. He said his first kidnapping took place in 1969. It is believed that he killed for the first time two years after that.

One of his victims was Carol DaRonch, who was 18 at that time. Ted met DaRonch at a mall, where he was disguised as a police officer. He told her that she would have to go with him as her car was broken into. Carol thought she was taken to the police station. However, when he tried to handcuff her, she successfully escaped. Later on in 1979, she testified during his murder trial.

6 Ted Bundy All Smiles After Arrest

In the photo above, Ted Bundy was found smiling after his arrest. He escaped twice after being arrested, and there was no apparent sign of regret on his face. When he was asked if he deserved the capital punishment given by the state, he said he would not want to die. He said he did deserve such a punishment, the most extreme one that the society allowed. However, he pointed out an irony. While people condemn people like Ted Bundy, they also push young kids to be like him, with violent p*rnography at loose.

At the same time, Ted said that killing him was not the solution. His death would not bring back the children to their parents. It would not ease the pain the parents had due to his murderous acts. Instead of killing people like him, the state should protect people against the violence shown in the media. Ted believed such things were responsible for making more people like him.

5 Ted Bundy Was His Own Lawyer

After Ted Bundy was found guilty of kidnapping and assault in the Carol DaRonch trial, he was sentenced to stay in Utah State prison. After a few months, authorities had enough evidence and they charged Bundy in the Caryn Campbell murder. Ted Bundy decided to be his own lawyer. However, as a lawyer, he had other plans. Simply because he was an attorney, he was not required to wear leg shackles or handcuffs. Bundy was without handcuffs, and he escaped from the courthouse during a break.

During the break, he visited the library at the courthouse to research on his case. Even though he was in the second story, he jumped from a window and sprained his ankle after landing. He managed to escape to the Aspen Mountain. He had to move back to the city due to his pain. He was captured once again after being on the run for six days.

4 Ted Bundy Was Captured But He Escaped Again

Ted Bundy had to stay in prison for around 18 months, as he was found guilty in the Carol DaRonch trial. He just had to wait for a brief time to be a free man again. However, Ted was not somebody to stay in prison. He managed to get a hold of a hacksaw blade and a detailed floor plan of the prison. He also managed to save $500 that was smuggled in more than six months. Later on, it was learned that he got the money from his visitors, especially from Carole Ann Boone.

While inmates were taking a bath, Ted managed to saw a hole in his cell’s ceiling. He lost 16 kg and crawled into the space. He even did a number of practice runs before executing the actual plot. An informer did report of a movement within the ceiling, but it was never investigated. He went to the chief jailer’s room and wore his clothes. He stole a car and escaped. The escape was discovered only after 17 hours.

3 Ted Bundy’s Psychiatric Tests

Ted Bundy underwent a number of psychiatric tests, but experts did not arrive at a unanimous conclusion. He was initially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, the diagnosis was changed later on. There were suggestions that Bundy suffered from multiple personality disorder. One of his great-aunts said that Bundy acted like an “unrecognizable person,” which made her scared of her nephew. He apparently behaved like a stranger. Even though experts did not come to one conclusion, most of them talked about bipolar disorder and Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Ted Bundy displayed a lot of APSD symptoms.

Patients with such traits are identified as psychopaths or sociopaths. Such people do not have the capability to distinguish wrong from right. However, their behavior does not change much during the process. They also do not have the feeling of remorse or guilt for their inappropriate actions. When asked if he felt guilty for his actions, Ted said guilt would not solve anything.

2 Ted Bundy’s Daughter

Three years before Ted Bundy was executed in 1989, he got divorced from his wife Carole Ann Boone. They had a child who was believed to have been conceived in the visiting area of the prison Bundy was in, while he was on a death row. If the picture above has to be believed, she is ironically a brunette.

Ted, a college dropout, considered himself an efficient lawyer, even though he did not have any law degree. He was aware of a Florida law that allowed couples to be considered legally married, if they issued a marriage declaration in the presence of a federal judge. Basically, he got married to Carol while she was on the witness stand. Carol was one of the few people who was convinced about Ted’s innocence. However, when she realized that Ted was guilty, she divorced him.

1 Ted Bundy’s Electrocution

Ted Bundy apparently wept and cried the night before he was executed. Two guards took him to the death chamber and strapped him to the chair. Bundy looked at people on the other side of the glass. He nodded to them, including to those who prosecuted him. He mumbled, as if he wanted to say something. Tom Barton asked him if he had any final words. His last message was for two people, his lawyer Jim Coleman, and Methodist Minister Fred Lawrence. He asked them to give his love to his family and friends.

Religious broadcaster James Dobson interviewed Ted the night before his execution. The convicted killer reportedly talked at length about the kind of “desensitization” he had gone through while committing his crimes.

After a paramedic tested his vital signs, Ted Bundy was pronounced dead. Around 500 people, who stood outside to witness his execution, chanted, “Burn, Bundy, burn!” They brought frying pans with them as they cheered, laughed, and danced. However, as the picture above suggests, Ted Bundy died with a smirk on his face.

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