Real Or Fake? 15 Mugshots That Are Anything But Normal

Mugshot photos floating around the web can be quite comical, can't they? The pictures you'll see here today are no doubt entertaining. If you want to see crazy piercings, awful tattoos, and mugshots that will make you grin stick around. Most will, and others will have you laughing at some point so by all means, carry on.

Studies indicate that nearly 10,000 United States residents are wrongfully convicted of crimes each year. Judges, attorneys, state attorney generals, and police officials, represent those that were part of that study, thus granting it credibility in the eyes of law-abiding citizens. It's highly unlikely that any of those wrongfully accused individuals are in this article, but we've all seen crazier things? Innocent until proven guilty, right?

In case you're curious the United States has more people living inside of penitentiary walls than any other country in the world. An estimated 12,000,000 violations are handed out to unsuspecting law breakers every year. That's 12,000,000 photos! Better get some stock in Canon Inc. because that number doesn't appear to be going down anytime soon.

Damn, near everyone surfing the net, loves funny photos, right? Whether that be celebrities, memes, animals, or criminals (hopefully that's not you, knock on wood). Why not put together an article that highlights a few of the most entertaining mugshots we've ever seen?

We're sure you'll enjoy "Real Or Fake: 15 Mugshots That Are Anything But Normal".

15 This Photo Is One Of The Best!

Shockingly enough, just under 50% of violent crimes make their way onto a police report. Why? Only half of the people who've been a victim of a violent crime file charges. That's a lot of people who decide to keep the police out of their business.

While it's not clear why this gentleman got himself in cuffs, he looks like he's seen some fights. Is the mug shot real or fake? Either way, with a face like that you're going to make a list somewhere of outrageous mugshots so why not this one. This photo is hilarious, to say the least, and even if you have doubts as to its validity it should at the very least give you a chuckle.

14 What Isn't Wrong With This Picture?

This guy has almost every kind of piercing and tattoo a guy can have. Lucky for us he landed himself at the big house just long enough for a photo to be taken. I'm not sure there is a "worst" part of this photo, but having terrible tattoos on his eyebrows certainly got me laughing. If you think this mugshot could be fake, then your argument may be sound. On average around 30% of adults ages 20-40 have at least one tattoo. Now I'm curious how many of those people were stupid enough to tattoo their face? This guy was, as well as including a few more horrible life changing decisions. Let's hope not many people decide to go for his horned look either, that's just wrong!

13 How Do You Describe This Man?

Fake photo? Could it be? I suppose it is possible. I'm not sure how you go about describing the way this man's ears look, but they're oddly reminiscent of Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh. C'mon you know it's true. Can't you see the resemblance? Piglet is a lovable character, unlike this gentleman, appears to be, though. Plus, Piglet runs with an inviting group of friends. For some reason or another, I doubt too many people are rolling around with this guy while he's looking like he does in this mugshot. Also in question is how many hugs did this guy receive when he was a kid? It's clear it wasn't enough. Hell of a mugshot photo though and all of us out here in internet land thank you for the laugh. Much appreciated!

12 Where Is His Neck?

40% of adults in America are obese. That's a really large percentage, don't you think? Of that 40%, nearly 10% are extremely obese. Maybe it's just me, but I think this guy may fall into the 10% category. I wonder how many of that 10% are male and have been convicted of crimes? Probably not very darn many. The man pictured here obviously wouldn't make a good cat burglar. There isn't a window in the world he's going to sneak through. I suppose he would make a good "get away driver." Why? Where in the hell is he going to be but in the car waiting? Sprinkle some powdered sugar on the interior of the vehicle and leave a box of donuts and you have yourself a driver!

11 Real Or Fake: Pam Anderson?

Is it possible that Pamela Anderson really was arrested in Houston, Texas at some point? Anything is possible, but we'll leave it up to you readers as to whether or not this mugshot is real or fake? Houston, Texas is one of three cities in the United States that is projected to push the national murder rate higher as of 2016 reports. That's more than 300 murders in a year in case you're curious. That's an unnerving stat. I'm betting that if you're a police officer in Houston, Texas and you got the chance to book Pamela Anderson, you'd jump at the opportunity! Sounds a lot better than running down murderers and she's one heck of a lot better looking too. Fun photo, huh?

10 Funny Looking Photo, Or A Funny Looking Dude?

Is this a funny looking photo, or a funny looking dude? You choose! Hard to not stare at him and that stupid expression though, isn't it? He puts an entirely new definition to five finger forehead that's for sure! After a closer look, he looks like he could be a little guy. He'd probably make a pretty good B&E man (breaking and entering). Unlike one of the other mugshots in this article, this man appears as though he could crawl through the crack in a door! No one is saying that this guy committed a serious crime, but he did manage to end up in front of a camera at the police station. Or at least so it would appear.

9 What Look Is He Going For Here?


I dislike stereotypes as much as the next person but to assume that this individual participates in some less than holy habits isn't a misguided assumption. You can buy color contacts like the ones pictured here online, and if you've ever run into a person wearing them, they are creepy. They're just about as disturbing as the people who choose to wear them. The man in this mugshot looks like he's seen better days as the scars and evil looking eyes will tell you. I think he looks demonic, like someone you'd see in a movie but unfortunately for this guy he never made it to Hollywood. Instead, he landed himself in the clink and has a mugshot photo floating around online for us all to enjoy.

8 Yikes!

Here's a scary looking mugshot don't you think? It's probably not a surprise that this gentleman has had his mugshot taken before. Hell, with 666 tattooed across his forehead that almost seems like a given. In the United States, organized Satanism isn't that old of a trend. In large part, the practice of Satanism in modern day terms dates back to a man named Anton Szandor La Vey. La Vey found the Church of Satan in San Francisco back in 1966. He also authored a book called The Satanic Bible which was published later in 1969. Any person who has the audacity to have a satanic reference tattooed on their forehead isn't a big believer in what the majority of the populous believes.

7 Male Or Female?

Is this mugshot of a male or a female? Are any of you readers out there as confused about this picture as I am? Gosh, I hope so! I don't think this person looks like someone who would commit a violent crime, but then again they could have. The dreadlocks make this individual look more like a wacky tobacco smoker than a hardened criminal. As far back as 2010 studies show that the economic impact of incarceration in America exceeds $40 billion dollars annually. I'm sorry, but unless this person was involved in a drive-by shooting, I don't see why any bit of that $40 billion should be used on Rastafarian wannabes. Maybe it's just me, but this mugshot doesn't appear to be a hardened criminal.

6 This Guy Is Loco!

If you were in doubt that drug use in America, and all around the world, is a very real problem then this mugshot should help change your mind. I'm not sure if this mugshot is real or not, what do you think? It's apparent that the man in question had to be restrained to even capture the insane photograph. If this mugshot is real, this guy had to be high on a never ending list of substances. The cost of substance abuse in the United States is more than $700 billion annually. That mind-blowing statistic accounts for tobacco, illicit drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs. Which one of those four do you think we spend the most on as a nation? Time's up, it's number one (tobacco).

5 That's One Messed Up Tongue!

The neck tattoo the person in this mugshot has is enough to baffle a reader's mind. I think it's supposed to read "974" but who knows? Their tattoo work isn't done very nicely, that's for sure! Let's hope they didn't pay for that ink work. On top of the obvious problems this person seems to have, it appears as though there's something wrong with their tongue! Right? Remember the game where you try and curl your tongue? 65% of people can do that little trick, FYI. This person, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have enough of their tongue remaining to perform that trick at all. Are you surprised to see a person that looks like this getting their mugshot taken? I didn't think so.

4 That's A Mean Looking Man!

Most of the other mugshot photos you'll see in this article are of people who don't look like they'd commit a violent crime. Well, at least not to me and I'm writing the damn thing. This guy, on the other hand, looks like a person you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Hell, he doesn't look like a person you'd want to meet along the street anywhere regardless if it were day or night. I'm going to take a guess and assume this dude wasn't arrested for stealing candy from a baby. According to reports, there were an estimated 1.7 million violent crimes committed in the United States back in 2016. That was nearly a 4% increase across the board.

3 Yo, Is That Coolio?

Love the hair man! Here's a mugshot photo of the once-famous rapper Artis Leon Ivey Jr, a.k.a "Coolio" after he was arrested for pushing his then-girlfriend to the ground and punching her right in the mouth. After his hit "Gangsta's Paradise" for the movie Dangerous Minds, fame must have eluded the rapper. Plus, hitting a woman doesn't sound like something a gangster would do, does it? Well, I guess Coolio may have lost his temper and took it out on her. After being pulled over for a routine traffic violation, police officials saw the rapper had two outstanding warrants and arrested him on the spot in Las Vegas, Nevada back in 2012. Running from the law with warrants is never a good idea, for the record!

2 This Photo Can't Be Real, Right?

After deciding to put together this wonderfully entertaining article I came across this mugshot of a man who lost the majority of his dome piece after a car accident in a stolen vehicle. Real or Fake, that is the question? I think this graphic photo is most definitely real. Carlos 'Halfy' Rodriguez hasn't spoken much about the car accident that claimed the top half of his head. Scattered reports do tell us that Carlos was in an automobile wreck under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It's no secret that the man known as "Halfy" is lucky to be alive after the ordeal. Mr. Rodriguez shot to fame a couple of years ago after being arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution. Not a good idea man!

1 Wrapping Things Up, This Guy!

Does the term blank stare mean anything to you? Well, after taking a look at this mugshot photo for a minute or two it probably should. This mugshot got me laughing so hard I had to include it in this article today. Maybe I'm a dickhead for doing so, but hey, I'm just looking out for you readers, right? In many ways, it's hard to believe that this could be a photo of a criminal. Does this mugshot belong here listed among the other mugshots you've seen? I think so; it is without a doubt one of the most bizarre, creepy, insane mugshot photos any of us have viewed in recent memory. It's hard to say if the man seen here is smiling or not? I know we are, though!

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