Ranking The 15 Most Horrific Canadian Criminals Of All-Time

The stereotype with Canadians is that we're overly polite and generally very easy-going. But the 15 people that you're going to read about are going to turn your stomach inside out. Especially when you read about Robert Pickton who may have sold the general public human flesh or the former nurse, Elizabeth Wettlaufer who is the world's most recent convicted serial killer.

In fact, Canada has been home to some of the worst criminals of all-time and every single person on our list ended up taking the life of at least one person. Including one man who bombed a plane of 300+ people, and another whose anger towards feminists led to him shooting and killing 14 women at a school in Montreal.

Anyone who said Canadians are too nice clearly hadn't heard about some of the worst people to ever step foot in the Great White North.

These criminals may not have as much notoriety as some of the other despicable people that come to your mind, but that will make their horrifying actions all the more intriguing.

15 Russell Williams - Former Colonel. Killed 2, Sexually Assaulted Others And Took Photos

Russell Williams was a respected Colonel in the Canadian Forces, you know, at least until the world found out that he was a terrible person.

Along with two charges of first-degree murder, Williams was also charged with sexual assault and over 80 charges of breaking and entering; most of which were to steal the female underwear (including girls as young as 9).

It was also reported that Williams took thousands of photographs of his two victims, as well as 2 women that he had sexually assaulted - including photos of him wearing various pieces of female underwear which we have included for you above. Our apologies as you're probably never going to be able to forget how creepy he looked!

14 Allan Legere - Murderer. Escaped Police Custody And Killed 4 More

Allan Legere certainly earned his nickname as the "Monster of the Miramichi" as he inflicted terror on the Miramichi River valley of New Brunswick from 1986-1989.

It certainly did not help that Legere was in custody for a murder sentence when he escaped custody and went on to commit 4 other murders - including two sisters whose house he then promptly burned down. Which you have to admit is really just adding insult to injury!

Legere was free for roughly 7 months prior to being recaptured after a failed carjacking. It was also reported that the citizens involved with helping make the arrest earned $50,000, as well as probably having a pretty cool story to tell future friends!

13 William Fyfe - Murdered 5 Women (But Admits To 9)

If you ask William Fyfe how many people he killed, he would say 9. But it's his official conviction of 5 people that "counts", but don't worry Fyfe, 5 is more than enough to earn a spot on this list.

All women, Fyfe would either stab or bludgeon his victims to death, but it was reported that he did not sexually assault them!

That being said, he is also heavily rumored to be the same serial rapist that police were looking for during the 1980s and was given the nickname "The Plumber", so who are we really going to believe here?

Fyfe was arrested in 1999 and was given a life sentence in a psychiatric hospital. Above we have also included what was a police sketch of their idea on what Fyfe looked like.

12 Leopold Dion - Posed As Photographer And Murdered 4 Boys (Sexually Assaulting 20+)

Given the nickname the "Monster of Pont-Rouge", Dion sexually abused over 20 boys and ended up murdering 4 people in the 1960s.

All of Dion's victims (ranging from age 8-13 years old) were pulled in by his promise that he was a photographer, which also means all of his victims were photographed and often stripped naked prior to their death.

While evidence only linked Dion definitively to one murder, he did help lead investigators to the bodies of other children that he had killed.

Dion was stabbed to death in jail by a fellow inmate in 1972. The above photo also features one of the young boys that Dion murdered.

11 Wayne Boden - Murdered (And Sexually Assaulted) 4 People. Escaped Police With Credit Card

Wayne Boden had a habit of biting the breast of his victims incredibly hard. While it may have helped him enjoy himself, it also led to the nickname of "The Vampire Rapist" and was also responsible for his later conviction.

Boden murdered 3 women, sexually assaulting each one, in Montreal from October 1969- January 1970.

His last victim, Elizabeth Porteous, was raped and murdered in 1971 in the city of Calgary.

Boden was able to escape police custody after spending 5 years in jail but was thankfully recaptured 36 hours later. Adding to the escape intrigue is the fact that somehow Boden had been granted an American Express credit card!

10 Elizabeth Wettlaufer - Former Nurse. Murdered 8 Seniors.

When you are going to the hospital, you may be hoping that you're going to get the help of a loving and attentive nurse. But if you got Elizabeth Wettlaufer, there was a chance that you were going to end up dead.

The most "recent" serial killer in Canada, Wettlaufer pleaded guilty earlier this year to the murder of 8 seniors who were under her care. Wettlaufer was also unsuccessful in her bid to kill 4 other patients and was charged with aggravated assault by two other patients.

When asked for her reasons, Wettlaufer ranged from feeling stressed and angry with patients at work to saying that she felt God was using her to send a message.

9 Paul Bernardo And Karla Homolka - Raped Up To 30 Women, Killed 3 Including Karla's Sister

Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka were convicted of several rapes, tortures and the murder of 3 people.

While Bernando received life in prison, Homolka received 12 years for her part in a plea deal - which also helped reveal that Paul had raped over 30 women and earned the nickname "The happy rapist" by Karla.

Their most disturbing murder was that of Tammy Homolka, who was Karla's 15-year-old sister and was supposed to be given to Paul as a "Christmas present." Paul then proceeded to sexually assault Tammy while Karla videotaped it.

Perhaps even more disturbingly, the two convinced the local hospital that Tammy had choked to death on her own vomit and got away with the murder of Tammy for years.

8 Marc Lepine - Killed 14 Women At Ecole Polytechnique

When you wake up in the morning, one of the last places you may want to go is school. And sadly for 14 people who attended the engineering school of Ecole Polytechnique, attending classes was the last thing they would do.

On December 6th, 1989, Lepine took his frustrations with women and feminists to the extreme - using a Ruger Mini-14 and Hunting knife to only target women that he came across.

In fact, Lepine literally separated the men from the women and then allowed the men to leave.

Lepine did not survive the shootout and left behind several letters, including one where he named 19 other women he hoped to murder.

7 J. Albert Guay - Killed His Wife And 23 Passengers With Airplane Bomb

Albert Guay was adamant that his wife needed to die, after all, he was enamored with a new younger woman and because he was Catholic; divorce wasn't an option.

But you know, murder? Why not! Guay orchestrated a bomb which he then planted in his wife's suitcase. When the bomb went off during the flight, the plane crashed and killed everyone on board.

Guay was caught only because his bomb detonated earlier than anticipated (and not over a river), allowing for a closer look at the crash site.

Guay was executed for his crimes with his last words being "Au moins, je meurs célèbre" which translates to "At least I die famous", which to his credit he at least wasn't wrong about.

6 Inderjit Singh Reyat - Convicted In The Air India Bombing That Killed 300+

While Inderjit Singh Reyat certainly did not work alone, he remains the only man that was convicted of a crime in the bombing of Air India Flight 182.

Occurring back in 1985, Reyat helped construct a bomb that led to the death of all 329 people on board the flight. At the time, it was the biggest act of terrorism involving airplanes and remained so until 9/11.

The subsequent trial, which only amounted to Reyat confessing to manslaughter charges in 2003 ended up costing the government nearly $130 million and is one of the most expensive trials in Canadian history.

It was later discovered that the Sikh militant group, Babbar Khalsa (which Reyat was believed to be involved with) was responsible for the destruction.

5 Gilbert Paul Jordan - Killed 8-10 Women With Alcohol Poisoning

If you went out to a bar, the last person in the world you would have wanted to run into was Gilbert Paul Jordan. Occurring mostly in the 80s (though some think he may have started in the 60s), Jordan would attempt to pick up women in Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside - where drug use and prostitution is common.

Once wooing women at a bar, Jordan would then get them to come back to his place. Once they passed out, he'd pour alcohol down their throat until they died, with one of his victim's BAC reaching .79.

Perhaps stunningly, Jordan was only charged with manslaughter in the death of 1 woman and received probation after 6 years in jail.

Jordan attempted to murder Barb Burkley in 2004 by the same means but was taken to the hospital prior to dying of alcohol poisoning. Jordan was acquitted on the charges and died in 2006.

4 Roger Warren - Killed 9 Miners During Strike-Lockout

You might not be very happy at your job, but we hope that you have not had aspirations of setting off a bomb and killing several of your co-workers.

Roger Warren, on the other hand, thought that was a great idea. A miner, Warren had grown tired of the union and the company that was responsible for owning the mine in which he was employed.

At the time there was a strike-lockout that had lasted roughly 18 months.

Acting alone, Warren detonated a bomb on September 18th, 1992 that led to the death of nine men. He later admitted that it would not have taken very much effort towards improving working conditions to deter him, which must make the pain that the families who lost loved ones all the deeper.

3 Victor Hoffman - Murdered 9 People Because Of The Devil

Victor Hoffman had clearly been practicing with firearms by the time he set out to James Peterson's family home back in 1967. Of the 28 shots that Hoffman fired, 27 hit and the aftermath left 9 dead.

The only survivor, a 4-year-old girl who was under the blankets of 2 of her sisters.

When asked about why he committed such a horrible act of violence, Hoffman claimed that he was motivated by the devil; who he had "fought" the previous day and described as being tall, black and having no genitals.

Hoffman was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and sentenced to a mental hospital in 1968. He passed away as a result of cancer in 2004.

2 Clifford Olson - Killed 11 Individuals, Mostly Children. Earned $100,000 Off Murders

One of the most despicable things to do is to go after children. But for Clifford Olson, that was one of his main goals with all of his victims being between the age of 9 and 18.

Most of his victims were also abducted and sexually assaulted prior to being bludgeoned to death or strangled.

Olson's biggest claim to fame may be the fact that he earned $100,000 off of his crimes; receiving $10,000 per body he showed to police, with one "freebie", which was to be paid to his wife and young son (who perhaps disturbingly, was also named Clifford).

He passed away in prison at the age of 71 as a result of terminal cancer.

1 Robert Pickton - Killed 6-49 People, Fed Them To Pigs And Sold Human Flesh To Public

You don't grow up in British Columbia (as I have) without hearing about Robert Pickton. The infamous "pig farmer" serial killer, Pickton killed anywhere from 6-49 women over the course of nearly 2 decades.

It'll be impossible to ever get a complete number of his murders when you consider he fed his victims to his pigs, but when talking to an undercover informant Pickton admitted he would have gotten to 50 kills had he not gotten sloppy.

Pickton would also often hold raves and parties on his lavish farm which was attended by several of his eventual victims.

It was also reported that Pickton may have mixed human flesh with the pork that he sold to the public.

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