15 Snapchats That'll Make You Want To Throw Up

Snapchat has completely changed the world of social media and is claimed by most to be the next evolution! The idea that moment to moment, people can share a quick picture or even video showing what’s going on in their world creates a more personal connection than simply saying what you’re doing. But with great content comes great responsibility! It’s dangerous when we start sharing virtually everything with everyone. No longer do celebrities have a veil of mystery around them. Now we see celebrity births, putting on makeup before a premiere and even perhaps their most profound thoughts while sitting on the toilet!

But it’s not just celebrities that are including us all in on this that we really don’t need to see. Tons of regular folks are jumping on the bandwagon and sharing just about everything on Snapchat! Most of this shared content is just boring nonsense that no one really cares about, but amidst the sea of electronic data flying around, there are some pretty nasty mistakes! Sure, after they sent it, they may have instantly regretted the decision (and sometimes maybe not) but it’s too late by that point! Here are 15 Snapchats that may just make you lose your lunch, or at least do a spit take!

15 Dog Mid-Vomit

Via: Younilife

There are some photographs that just capture the right amount of nastiness. In this picture, it is absolutely clear that the girl wanted nothing more than to take a selfie with her and her dog. But just about the time the camera snapped the picture, the dog had a massive vomit attack! The girl’s facial expression is absolutely perfect and fits as if to indicate that she planned for the puke photo. The picture wasn’t originally on Snapchat, but it sure did go viral! It was posted to virtually every social media site multiple times including Snapchat! It’s hard to miss this one when you’re looking around the cyber world for gross stuff. It would be nice to have had a camera going to film her reaction right after this picture was taken!

14 Severed Finger

Via: Pinterest

Those of us that have a weak stomach, often have a problem with blood. In the case of this Snapchat user, it really does not matter that it is fake, just the idea and what the imagination can do is enough to turn some people’s stomachs. What looks to be a predetermined camera angle with a puddle of ketchup and a little extra on the knuckle and you can really freak a person out! Once a person learns that a person has a problem with blood, it is almost as if they go out of their way to make them throw up. It is kind of like forcing a person afraid of heights to climb a ladder. Sadly, some people just get a sick amusement out of grossing others out!

13 Disgusting Banana

Via: seikkailueero.tumblr.com

If you want to make a person sick to their stomach, just show them some moldy food. In this situation, look at this incredibly old and very turned banana. We all know that bananas have a shelf life of 30 minutes after you first look at them, so it doesn’t take too long to go bad. Seeing a ruined banana is disgusting enough and worthy of nausea, but if the senses of smell and touch were added to it also, there isn’t a stomach strong enough to fight back the vomit! This particular Snapchat story followed the peeling process of this three month old banana all the way to (you guessed it) when it was eaten. Gross doesn’t do it justice and I believe the person did get sick. A small price to pay to be semi-famous on the internet.

12 Bird Pecking Eye

Via: Pinterest

Birds are nothing to joke about for a lot of people. Some people are deathly afraid of birds and will run anytime there is one around them no matter how large or small. For some, it’s the squawking and others it’s the sharp beak. Some other people are just afraid because of the terrifying Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds. This Snapchat user captures a stomach turning moment right at the beginning of what assuredly proved to be a very painful experience. The bird pecked the guy’s eye and got a chunk of the lid, as you can see. A bird pecking anywhere hurts, but contact with the eye is a whole different thing! For those afraid of birds, or just pain in general, this is a little more than they can handle.

11 STD Reveal

Via: Daily Mail

Most people are not too wild about the idea of having or getting a sexually transmitted disease. There are lots of different kinds that are more or less treatable, but perhaps the most difficult part is explaining to all your intimate partners that you have one and they may need to get themselves tested (especially if you didn’t practice safe sex techniques). This young lady decided that the process could all be done in a very matter of fact manner with a one step process. She posted a picture of test results showing her to be positive for gonorrhea and another with her legs crossed, stating that any man she has been with in the last month should get tested. While the picture itself may not make just anyone throw up, for any of the few dozen (we assume) guys in question, they undoubtedly got quite queasy!

10 Lindsay Lohan’s Finger

Via: New York Daily News

Lindsay Lohan, lovingly referred to as “LiLo” by the entertainment world is working on a rebirth of her career lately. Part of this rebirth however, has not included the plan to have half of her finger (including the entire nail) ripped off the rest of her finger! Through a terrible boating accident, LiLo’s finger was ripped apart and had to be reattached. She took to social media, including Snapchat to show the aftermath of her emergency surgery. The above picture shows the actual reattachment of the finger itself, which is a little blood curdling and stomach turning. She seems to have healed well and all is pretty much back to normal, but it was a pretty ugly sight at first. Who knows what would have happened if they hadn’t been able to find the finger?!

9 Puking Egg

Via: Pinterest

Lots of people have sympathetic stomachs when it comes to vomiting. One look at anything spewing forth from a mouth and they too have to join in on the blessed event. In this picture, there is nothing left to the imagination. Lots of folks have a really fun time with Snapchat and apparently get a little bored with their normal daily lives. In this case, they took their boredom to a new level of disgusting. Cutting a hole for a mouth in the side of an egg, making it appear to be puking into a toilet gives quite a disturbing visual image. A+ for creativity, but a very high level of gross at the same time. Those that remember, or currently experience such a scene may have a different kind of appreciation.

8 Girl Look At That Body

Via: Pandafeed

People do all kinds of gross stuff assuming that everyone else wants to watch. Snapchat has made it possible for people to do this gross stuff instantly and then move on to something else. The problem is when people take a screenshot and save it for later. That’s exactly what has happened with this picture here. Fun with tape and God knows what else has yielded a pretty gross and distorted looking face with a hilarious caption ‘Girl look at that body.” We have no idea what this even means, but it is beyond gross to look at and must have taken too much time and effort. It is kind of like a solar eclipse in that if you stare at it for too long, you could go blind, so please beware and don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Via: Guff

Another case of “too ugly to take” comes with this picture added to Snapchat with some horrible grammar (vowels and silent “ks” are important). We don’t know too much about this absolutely wretched display, but it’s safe to say that no one would swipe right looking at this. With a devil mustache drawn in permanent marker along with other uplifting words like “joy,” “peace” and “love,” it is very unclear what the point was, except to make her spend hours scrubbing until she has removed the top layer of her skin. Add in the nasty looking expression on her face and just about anyone that looks at it would cringe. I will agree that while maybe not so bad as to cause vomiting, it is a pretty repulsive picture. I’d like to see an “after scrubbing” photo for sure though!

6 Backward Poop (Ever Poop Like This?)

Via: Buzzbeagle

People get overly fascinated with the concept of poop. The sheer number of toilet related photos and yes, even videos on Snapchat is mind-boggling. In this picture, the caption begs the question “ever poop like this?” Showing a guy taking a dump in reverse is something that no one really wants to see. I also can’t figure out why anyone would describe a reverse poop as magical either. Certainly imagining the process is enough to bother most people’s stomach as well. But in this picture, a guy with the facial expression of someone dropping the kids off at the pool is sitting in reverse on a toilet, obviously doing his business in reverse. Many people are grossed out by poop to a point that the sight makes their stomach turn. This one leaves very little to the imagination for sure.

5 Worm Neck

Via: It's Pixel Perfect

Have you ever looked at a worm and just thought about how creepy it really looks? The rolls in the neck of this picture look just like a worm. So much so that it is a little alarming. No one could possibly understand what made the person want to take this picture. It looks very much like a selfie, but there’s no way to tell why on earth anyone would want to take a picture looking at themselves like this. When you do take the picture though...don’t post it to Snapchat! There are more flattering poses, but this one is just a little nauseating considering the angle and how very wormlike the whole thing is. If you remove the face, it could be confused with something else, but that’s a different story!

4 Chelsea Handler on Toilet

Via: WB News

Those that follow celebrity talk show host, comedian and Netflix star Chelsea Handler, know that she doesn’t hold back too much. She’s plain spoken and very blunt and that’s what her fans love most about her. But Chelsea also has an active social media presence that includes more of a glimpse into her private life than most people want to see! There are some poses that no one needs to see, no matter how attractive you normally are. Chelsea posted to Snapchat a picture of her on a toilet with her underwear around her ankles and what looks to be a tampon in her hand. She has some kind of cut or scrape on her knee and there’s really not a whole lot of clarity about what’s going on in the picture (other than the fact that she’s got someone else taking it). But the end result is that no one wants to see a toilet shot of Chelsea holding a tampon.

3 Open Wound!

Via: Independent

Warren Casserly is a Gaelic football player for Westmeath in Ireland. The Irish are fanatics about their football and it’s very evident based upon this gruesome picture! In the middle of a game, Casserly found himself with a gash that cut him all the way to the bone! He clearly needed to get it sewn up, but opted to stay in the game to finish. It was to the benefit of the team that he stayed and they went on to win, but it sure shows dedication and commitment to his team that Casserly stuck around. Right after the game he went to the hospital and got it stitched up, but that didn’t stop him from sending a couple of pictures through Snapchat first! It’s gross and awe-inspiring all at the same time. But it also might just make you lose your lunch!

2 Rainbow Puke

The rainbow puke filter is everywhere on social media! It is officially a Snapchat filter and has become very popular lately. The worst part of this filter though, is that it is overused and a little disgusting. Since everyone is applying the filter, it shows a normal looking photo with magical and rainbow colored flowing liquid coming out of a person’s mouth. It is not very clear why anyone would want to use this filter, but unfortunately it’s gotten pretty common. It is also a guaranteed conclusion though that anyone looking at this filter feeling sick to their stomach would not end up actually puking rainbow colored goodness. Call it false advertising, but there really is no actual rainbow colored vomit. Unless of course you eat a box of crayons.

1 Demi Lovato’s Hairless Cat

Via: M Magazine

Some people really like hairless cats. They are very clean and obviously can’t shed at all. But if you show me someone that loves hairless cats, I guarantee there are at least five more that think they’re weird looking. Some people go so far as to think they look gross and unnatural. In this picture, Demi Lovato is showing off her hairless cat, who she seems to love very much. That’s great, but it’s just gross that you can practically see the insides of the cat! Demi’s cat with it’s huge pointed ears, wrinkled forehead and complexion make it look a little more like Yoda from Star Wars than a cat! Maybe not quite nauseating, but this cat isn’t what you think of when you imagine a cuddly kitty. This one looks more like a cranky old man!

Sources: News.Anotao

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