Is Bigfoot Real? Here Are 15 Facts And Theories That Could Prove It

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is an ape-like giant creature of American folklore. It is generally believed that Bigfoot resides in forests and is a rather elusive creature. Over time, Bigfoot has captured the imagination of people worldwide and countless Bigfoot sightings have been reported in the past. However, Bigfoot sightings continue to be reported almost every day. Countless pictures and video footage of Bigfoot also exist, although most of these are blurry and not very convincing.

Over the years, a great number of people have claimed to have captured, killed, and been abducted by the mysterious creature. Countless theories try to explain Bigfoot and his origins have also been proposed. Some of them are more believable than others but all are equally amusing. Scientists generally discount the idea of Bigfoot claiming that he is nothing more than a mixture of folklore, misidentification and hoax. They claim that no physical evidence of the creature has ever been found. Furthermore, they argue that if Bigfoot did exist, a large Bigfoot breeding population would have to be maintained in order to prevent extinction.

However, years of research and investigation have failed to find any sufficient evidence, much to the dismay of Bigfoot believers. Nonetheless, it is argued that it is possible that Bigfoot doesn’t want to be discovered and that even if the government knew of its existence it would try to cover it up.


15 Bigfoot-Giganto Theory

Where did Bigfoot come from? That’s what the Bigfoot-Giganto theory aims to answer. If Bigfoot exists, then he must have a history. Proponents of this theory say that Bigfoot originates from an ancient creature called “Gigantopithecus Blacki” (see image above). This ancient creature, a distant relative to orangutans, was just as big and terrifying as Bigfoot. In fact, he was the biggest primate to ever walk the earth: he was three meters tall and weighed up to 270kg. And he really did exist – fossil evidence makes this very clear. So what happened to Gigantopithecus Blacki? Some say it became extinct 300,000 years ago due to climate change, poor diet, competition with early humans, and maybe even predation by early humans. Others argue that Gigantopithecus Blacki, who lived in Asia, simply evolved into Bigfoot in North America. During the Pleistocene Epoch sea levels were lower than usual because of ice-age conditions and glaciers, and a natural land bridge between Asia and North America was formed. Some believe that Gigantopithecus crossed the bridge and ended up in North America.

14 Bigfoot Is Mentioned In The Bible


Some people claim that Bigfoot is mentioned in the Bible, and thus, according to them, he almost certainly exists. Proponents of this theory often mention Esau, a man who was covered in hair. Esau’s descendants, the Edomites, were enemies of Israel. Thus, some speculate that the creatures we call “Bigfoot” are in actual fact modern-day Edomites and are “men of the field”. Others say that Bigfoot is the descendant of Adam and Eve’s son Cain. Cain was a murderer and was thus condemned by God to forever wander the earth restlessly. Just like Cain, Bigfoot is condemned to be separated from the rest of humanity and has developed a monstrous appearance. Still others refuse to believe in the theories above and instead use complex Bible codes to find mentions of Bigfoot in the Bible.

13 Bigfoot Was Born After A Cryptid 'Mated' With Modern Human Females

In 2012, a Texan researcher Dr. Melba S. Ketchum shocked the world not only with her claim that Bigfoot is a direct relative of man but also with her claim that he had sex with human females 15,000 years ago. Dr. Ketchum said the research took her five years to complete and was carried out by her firm “DNA Diagnostics”. The firm had allegedly discovered the genetic proof that Bigfoot is a human hybrid. Furthermore, Bigfoot is said to have descended from human women having intercourse with men of “unknown hominin species”. But how does Dr. Ketchum know this? Apparently, she gathered evidence from leftover blueberry bagels eaten by a family of Bigfoots in Michigan. The DNA found on these bagels supposedly shows evidence of genetic mixing.

12 Bigfoot Is A Ghost


Why is spotting Bigfoot so difficult? Some say it’s because he’s a ghost! Sure, people claim to have spotted Bigfoot all the time, but Bigfoot’s body, or bones for that matter, have never been found. But it’s not just the lack of material evidence that makes this theory seem somewhat probable. According to some, paranormal elements are almost always present in Bigfoot sightings. Some people who claim they have witnessed Bigfoot also claim to have seen mysterious lights at the time of the sighting. But that’s not all. Researchers are often baffled when Bigfoot’s footprints disappear into nowhere, as if the creature just vanished into thin air. Plus, during hunts for Bigfoot, researchers often experience electronic malfunctions similar to those one would experience during a ghost hunt. And of course, photos of Bigfoot are always blurry and no hair or flesh sample has been ever found.

11 Bigfoot Is An Alien

Some claim that Bigfoot is neither a missing link between man and apes nor a ghost. He is, in actual fact, an alien entity. This unusual theory has been around for quite some time. In fact, the first story that reported Bigfoot as an alien goes back to 1888 when a cattleman described running into Indians in California. The Indians brought the cattleman to a cave where he saw a hairy humanoid creature sitting cross-legged. One Indian confided that three of these “Crazy Bears” appeared from a little moon that dropped from the sky and landed. Once the “Crazy Bears” got off, the “moon” took off into the sky. There were no more bizarre sightings for a while, but in 1973, a woman and her son were sleeping in a trailer in Ohio. During the night the woman got up for a glass of water and noticed a strange cone of light in the parking lot. Nearby, she noticed an ape-like creature that stepped into the light and disappeared. Many more stories like this exist, and many claim that Bigfoot creatures are either UFO pilots or ET creatures that have been deposited on earth as guinea pigs.

10 Bigfoot Is Dead


In 2008, Georgian residents Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer claimed that they had a dead Bigfoot body in their possession. However, their fame did not last long as it was soon discovered that the supposed Bigfoot was in actual fact a rubber ape costume. The con first became obvious when a few hairs were plucked from the defrosting body and burned for analysis.

In 2012, Rick Dyer, the same guy who tried to con the world in 2008, claimed he killed Bigfoot and went on a tour with the corpse across Texas, Florida and Georgia. He said he captured Bigfoot by luring it with pork ribs. He nailed the pork ribs to a tree in San Antonio and when Bigfoot got near enough, shot him. Dyer released a number of photographs of the dead Bigfoot and claimed that DNA tests, 3D optical scans and body scans have been carried out to verify that the body was in actual fact the body of Bigfoot.

9 Bigfoot Is A Supernatural Creature

According to some Native American stories, Bigfoot creatures have supernatural powers, such as the ability to turn invisible. Some tribes believe that Bigfoot is the guardian of nature whereas others think that they are malevolent creatures who love to cause harm to humans. However, even though ascribed with supernatural abilities, they are nonetheless considered creatures of the forest and not spirits or ghosts. Most Native American tribes believe that Bigfoot is very similar to humans and that he lives in the same physical dimensions as humans and other animals. According to Native American, Bigfoot creatures are curious beings that blend the knowledge of animals with a consciousness or intelligence of humans. Thus, Bigfoot is regarded as a special type of being. His appearance to humans is said to always convey some kind of message.


8 Bigfoot Is The Last Caveman


Could Bigfoot be the last caveman to exist? Some people certainly think so and witness reports have long been pointing to this possibility. For example, in 1927, a group of friends were on a picnic near the mountain town of Agassiz, a place where many Bigfoot sightings have been reported. A man named Herbert Point and a girl named Adeline August fell behind the group when they saw a strange creature approaching them. The man later wrote in a letter, “He was twice as big as the average man, with hands [arms?] so long they nearly touched the ground, and his nose seemed spread all over his face. His body was covered with hair like an animal. He stopped within fifty feet of us. We ran away as fast as we could.” Similarly, in 2007 a man named Robert Wilson claimed he saw what he thought was a bear. But upon closer inspection he realized that he could only describe the creature he was seeing “as a large, hairy man who looked cave man-like… with sort of Neanderthal features. As big as a bear, easily”.

7 Bigfoot Was Captured By The Government

It is said that in 1999, Battle Mountain in Nevada exploded and went on fire. An anonymous government employee alerted the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) because Bigfoot was hurt in the fire. The anonymous government employee allegedly said that he had noticed an animal wounded by fire. The animal was moving on all fours like an ape. The fire fighters captured the animal and contacted the local vet and medical doctor. U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Interior and Bureau of Land Management were also present. The large, human-like animal was supposedly tranquilized and moved to an unknown location. Those present during the fire and the capture of the animal were told to remain quiet about what had happened. It is believed that the animal was Bigfoot and that he was hidden by the authorities in a huge cover-up.

6 Bigfoot Buries Its Dead


Some say that the reason there is no evidence to support Bigfoot is because it buries its dead. There have been numerous reports of people witnessing Bigfoot burying other Bigfoots. For example, in summer 1992 a Philosophy teacher in Oregon witnessed two Bigfoots with two smaller baby Bigfoots burying another Bigfoot under a pile of stones. The teacher claimed that the Bigfoots were acting sad. A year later, the site was investigated but flooding had washed the stones away and the site could not be rediscovered. It is also said that the remains of a Bigfoot are incredibly heavy so even when people do kill a Bigfoot or find a Bigfoot's body, they are simply unable to carry it. When people leave the body behind and go looking for authorities other Bigfoots carry the remains elsewhere in the meantime. Thus, when the person returns the body he claims to have seen is missing.

5 Bigfoot Is A Ground Sloth

As far as theories go, this one is a bit unusual: Bigfoot is in actual fact an extinct ground sloth that evolved to look like an ape. Sloths belong to a superorder Xenarthra. Xenarthra means “strange joints” because mammals that belong to this superorder have vertebral joints with extra articulations. Males from this order also have internal reproductive organs that are found between the bladder and the rectum. Similarly, no one has ever reported seeing Bigfoot’s genitals. Sloths also digest their food slowly. In fact, it could take between one to three weeks for the food that sloth has ingested to pass through the sloth’s guts. Proponents of this theory say that maybe there’s a reason we have never found Bigfoot’s food: perhaps he has a sloth’s gut and can go without food for extended periods of time. Finally, those who believe that Bigfoot is the descendant of a sloth point out that Bigfoot moves just as slowly as a sloth does.

4 Bigfoot Is A Troll


Some people claim that Bigfoot is actually a troll. Trolls are giants that don’t truly belong to this world. As such, they can never be photographed. If a troll is photographed the photo will necessarily come out blurry. Furthermore, some say that we view trolls depending on how our mind interprets them. Since our minds perceive trolls more clearly than what is actually present in front of us, a troll can be best described as a vibration. So why do some people think that Bigfoot is a troll? Well, neither trolls nor Bigfoot can ever be photographed and if a photo of them is taken it comes out blurry. Both physical evidence of trolls and Bigfoot is non-existent. Finally, there are countless of reported cases where Bigfoot’s footprints have suddenly ended as if the creature had disappeared into thin air. And of course, everyone knows that trolls can appear and disappear at whim.

3 According To One Writer Bigfoot Is An Inter-Dimensional Psychic

Some people take the whole supernatural Bigfoot theory even further. For example, writer Linda Jo Martin claims that Bigfoot is a bit of a psychic and that is why no one ever sees him. According to Martin, Bigfoot has the ability to pick up on the vibes of people. So when Bigfoot senses people coming towards him, especially with a camera, he simply disappears, sometimes to different dimensions or universes. The solution? Martin advises to bring a psychic on the next Bigfoot hunting trip. That way, the psychic can telepathically communicate with Bigfoot and tell him that they mean no harm. Martin isn’t the only one to believe that Bigfoot is a psychic. Countless stories exist in which people have successfully communicated with Bigfoot thanks to telepathy.

2 Bigfoot Is Part-Human, Part-Lemur


Believe it or not, but some people claim that Bigfoot is part human part lemur. Apparently, lemurs have several traits in common with Bigfoot. Both lemurs and Bigfoot have a moist, naked surface around the nostrils of the nose known as the rhinarium. Both lemurs and Bigfoot are also said to be nocturnal creatures. And finally, probably the biggest piece of evidence in favour of this theory is the fact that lemurs have a luminescent membrane inside their eyes. This membrane is called tapetum lucidum. It captures low levels of light and thus helps lemurs see in the dark. When an external light source hits lemur’s eyes, it immediately bounces off the membrane, producing a peculiar “eye-shine” in the process. Similarly, it is believed that Bigfoot also has this luminescent membrane inside their eyes because many people have reported eye shine in their encounters of Bigfoot at night.

1 Bigfoot Doesn’t Exist

Some people simply refuse to believe that Bigfoot exists. While many claim that Bigfoot is some kind of undiscovered species of primate, sceptics find this theory problematic. They reason that there are no apes in North America and no evidence that there ever were any in the first place. Sceptics also dismiss the Bigfoot-Giganto theory, saying that it lacks evidence. They also doubt the Neanderthal theory and in general dismiss any linkage between Bigfoot and human species. Even a very primitive human species would be building fires and constructing shelters and we would naturally know about it. Thus, many sceptics claim that Bigfoot is nothing more than a nice story that originated among the tribes of North America. Many North American stories were a mixture of the real, the spiritual and the fairytale. So cynics claim that stories of Bigfoot are as real as stories about lake monsters and fairy-like creatures.

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