"He Hits You Cuz He Loves You": 15 Facts About Romina Garcia

For those of you who don't know, Romina Garcia was a very interesting internet personality for a couple of years. A lot of people spent a lot of time and money trying to sort out whether she was trying to be funny, or if she was totally serious with her content. Even to the point that Dr. Phil had her on his show, just to call her an attention-grabbing idiot.

Garcia was popular online before Dr. Phil, but she made the big time afterward. She was pushing that her boyfriend hitting her meant that he loved her. And apparently girls started taking relationship advice after this. Now Romina was only 20 when she died of an overdose. But there are those who believe she's still out there somewhere, and that her death was fake.

Considering how not very enlightening, or intelligent this girl was, it's amazing that she's caused so much of a stir. But then again, she had other controversial statements beyond abuse being a sign of love. She even said that "If you're black, then you're not African."

Yup, nothing like adding racism into the mix. That's a sure fire way to get some notoriety. So here are 15 interesting facts about Romina Garcia.

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15 If You're Black, Then You're Not African

Whether it was intentional or not, Garcia seemed to have a knack for causing a stir over the internet. YouTube practically blew up when Garcia tried to explain the difference between Africans, and black people...Yeah, she tried to say that they were not the same. Imagine a Mexican girl from Texas, living in Cali, talking like a wigged-out valley girl, about how black people aren't Africans. "They're like, totally not the same thing. Ya feel me?" But no one said you had to be intelligent to be an internet sensation. Some people hold to the hope that she was being satirical, and making fun of very ignorant people. But given every bit of media coverage about this girl...I'm inclined to say that she is actually just one of those ignorant people, who had a lot of time on her hands, and a webcam.

14 Running From A Pimp?

As with all sudden "celebrity" deaths, there are always rumours and conspiracies surrounding just what happened. Garcia never seemed to fully detail her occupation, but it did come across as though she was a call girl of some sort. Something about being paid just to show up to parties (never mind what extra she could make once there). Either way, there have been a few sources that have come out to say she was running from her pimp, shortly before her alleged death occurred. Apparently her pimp had been beating on her. Which makes me wonder why she'd run away, since she became famous after saying it's a good thing for a man to hit a woman; it shows they really love them. Maybe she discovered she was afraid of love?

13 Abuse Is A Sign Of Love

So Garcia's main claim to fame was appearing opposite Dr. Phil, to defend abuse. She made it clear that if a man is beating a woman, the woman should stay in the relationship, because it's clear that the guy loves her. Garcia was 19 at the time, so she obviously understood a lot about love, and relationships. One of the video clips they rolled on the episode featured Garcia with a black eye, as she made the realization that her boyfriend was risking jail, and charges to express to her how much he loved her. She allegedly got on her knees and begged for forgiveness because of that realization. She also apparently ended up leaving that same boyfriend because he did continue to hit her hard enough. Because how could a man possibly love a woman without leaving some bruises and scars? Maybe a broken bone or two? Even Dr. Phil called her an idiot.

12 Call Girl?

It comes across fairly clearly in some of her videos that Garcia must be an escort or call girl of some sort. She'd often come home after a very late night, and begin to shoot one of her videos. She would either talk about how well her makeup stayed on (indicating that she'd obviously not had sex)...or she would clearly have a case of bed-head, and smeared makeup, indicating that she had. And she loved nothing more than to brag about how she would be paid over $2000 just for showing up to a party in Malibu. And then of course she hinted that there were other ways to make some more money on top of that. No wonder she had all that time to just sit and talk online. She'd go out and party, maybe get laid for an extra who know how much money, and then come home to brag about how easy her life is.

11 I Like, Don't Do Drugs.

Garcia made the claim that she didn't do drugs several times over the course of her video posts. She might "occasionally smoke, if [she] was peer-pressured", but otherwise it apparently wasn't for her. Which is funny because almost two minutes after saying that in one video, she talks about downing some Valium at a party. I don't think she quite knew what Valium was, since it is certainly not used to keep someone going as the life of the party. She was complaining that, after everything she drank, she wasn't feeling anything. So some very nice man gave her Valium. Which was basically his way of saying, "don't worry, you'll wake up tomorrow and have no idea what happened". Sure, it's not the date-rape drug, but it is meant to put you out. Either way, Garcia managed to make it home...though for someone who didn't do drugs...an overdose is a weird way to die.

10 Stealing Another Woman's Man

Apparently Garcia is into stealing men from other women. There was a little bit of internet controversy over the above photo with Garcia in bed with "Lil Durk": a hip hop artist of some notoriety. It's not so much that Garcia found her way into his bed. It's more that Lil Durk was allegedly in a relationship with rapper DeJ Loaf at the time. Of course the hip hop scene is infamous for having "side b*tches" in their entourage. So ultimately, Durk having Garcia around as a bed buddy isn't all that unusual, it seems. Then again, Garcia basically calls DeJ Loaf out in her bedroom post with Durk, with tag @dejloaf who, and #letaniggatryme. I think that Garcia had a bit of an ego when it came to men. Hell, she even figured that someone hitting her meant he really, really loved her.

9 Kim Kardashian Look-Alike?

Romina Garcia had it in her head that she was essentially a Kim Kardashian look-alike. Which is pretty laughable. There might be some similarities, depending on which photos from which era you look at...but she was not a Kim K. look-alike. Garcia believed it so much though that she even made her screen name Romina Kdashian. Clearly a ploy to get even more attention, coming across as almost a Kardashian and trying to capitalize on her supposed Kim K. looks. What's worse than someone who's trying to be an internet celebrity? Someone who tries to leech off of someone else's celebrity, in order to make a bigger name for herself. Of course, all it really took was advocating for abuse to make her famous. Maybe she could have been really good friends with Chris Brown.

8 Overdose

So apparently, according to Garcia, she never did drugs. Or rather, she never did drugs unless she was peer-pressured at a party. Well there must have been one hell of a party at her hotel room one night. It seems to be that Romina Garcia met her untimely end due to a heroin overdose. She was found in her hotel room, after not appearing online, or answering her phone, or reporting in for work for two days. Which does suggest she was having a 'party for one' there. Though, given the number of conspiracy theories that surround her death, someone else might have been there, and just simply walked away...mouth shut. In all seriousness though, no matter how ridiculous her life seemed to be...dying by heroin overdose, months before her 20th birthday, is still a very sad story. And a waste of life.

7 Drinks Like A Fish

This was certainly something that Garcia loved to brag about to her online fans. She could drink like a fish, apparently. She loved drinking "Henny", and pounding back shots of Cuervo. I can't imagine how disgusting it must be to mix cognac with tequila, but according to Garcia, those were her two drinks of choice. Ultimately, it's probably because she would party with a lot of hip hop artists. And many of them, for some reason, have come to think that Hennessy is the best drink for them. I think probably because it's "fancy" because it's cognac, and because "Henny" sounds good in a song...as it has been used in countless songs to date. Either way, Garcia swore that she could down a bottle of Hennessy, shoot back tequila all night, and still be able to walk in a straight line...I think she was full of sh*t.

6 Kat Stacks Conspiracy...

Alright, so some of you may not know who Kat Stacks is, but she is one serious woman. She's been through a lot in life, so if it comes to defending an escort like Garcia, who might be getting beat by her pimp, Stacks would speak up for sure. And she did. But in a sort of strange way. Stacks made it out that Garcia wasn't dead (after her body had been found, and cause of death had been ruled to be heroin). She apparently received a call from Romina around the time that she would've overdosed. The call revolved around running away from her pimp. Stacks continued on to say that the mainstream media would've picked up the story if she was dead, and that no one had posted about it other than "bootleg blogs". She did also say "forgive me Lord if I'm wrong". Well...here's hoping she has the "Lord's forgiveness".

5 Playing Director

Apparently Garcia really loved playing director with her internet fan base. Some of her followers would message her, saying they'd do anything for her. So she would essentially get them on camera, and direct them in what can only be described as soft-core porn. And why wouldn't she? At least in this case she would have the control over the sexual proceedings. It makes sense that an escort or call girl might want to wield some control every once in a while. Rather than acting on the whims of their customers. She would brag on her videos about the things she would make her fans do. From stripping, to touching, to some fun playing...But of course it was all consensual, so as exploitative as it may seem, they all must have thought it was pretty hot.

4 Adult "Fun"

As it happens, Garcia strongly considered doing porn. She spent enough time directing her fans in some pretty "mature" videos. I think that was a way for her to deal with what she wanted to do. But she kept some boundaries. Her main excuse for not going into adult entertainment was that she had her mom on social media, and didn't want to disrespect her mother. Though she was already working as an escort, and posting photos of her in bed with a rapper...But I guess the adult industry would be a bit more revealing, and demeaning to her. That wouldn't stop her from teasing all of her fans in her videos. She would talk about getting into the shower. She would tease with a little pull up of her shirt (while not revealing anything). It's clear that Garcia was a very sexual being, who got off on people wanting her.

3 Hates Her Fans

For someone whose entire known existence has come from the amount of internet fans and followers she's had...she really doesn't act like she appreciates them at all. Sure she'll say that she loves them, because she knows she wouldn't be "famous" without them. But her videos are full of constant insults to her fan base. Of course, given her philosophy of abuse meaning love, perhaps that's why her followers stayed. It is almost as though her entire internet following was one, big, abusive relationship. And for those who bought into Garcia's ridiculous ideas, it would make perfect sense that her beating her fans down, would make them stay even more. There are some very messed up rabbit holes that people can jump into on the internet.

2 All A Parody?

This is something I'd like to think is true, though I'm fairly sure that it isn't. There are some people out there who are pretty certain that Romina Garcia was nothing more than an internet troll who purposely satirized the life of a spoiled valley girl. That would make all of her stupid claims, and ideas nothing more than purposeful jokes. And that would be great if that were the case. But given her sleeping around with Lil Durk, and the defense that Kat Stacks made at the time of Garcia's death...it seems that it's just a dream to think she was playing the system. Which is really sad because that means that everything that Garcia said about abuse, or sex, or porn, or drinking and drugs...that means she really meant what she said about them. And that just makes for a very depressing story.

1 Online Tribute

Though living in Canada, I've not been able to access this video, there was an online tribute for Romina Garcia. Which I have to say is quite fitting. There was no way the mainstream media was going to spend a lot of time talking about some very brief internet sensation who pissed off a lot of people. Even if she died of a heroin overdose. That sort of thing is good for one evening news segment. But even though she's gone, internet communities all over still show off her videos. Or they talk about conspiracy theories. They swear she's not dead, but just in hiding, to get away from her pimp. Or she just wanted to get away from partying, and the internet celebrity that she had. It's kind of a nice tribute in a way, that these stories remain for someone who just wanted to make a name for herself. But in the end, she's still gone. But clearly she's not been totally forgotten.

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