Have You Ever Seen A Shadow Person? These 15 Pics Are So Creepy

Everyone and everything has a shadow. We might not have it all the time, but when the right light is there, you’ll be able to see your shadow. It doesn’t always look the same either. Sometimes, your body might look three times as big as it is; other times, it’s just a small blob. We’ve never really thought about shadows as sinister beings, but there are some paranormal believers who think that shadow people exist in our world. Shadow people are shadows with spirits or demons attached, depending on what you believe. Shadow people are spiritual entities that use black masses to disguise themselves.

There might have been a time that you've seen something strange out of the corner of your eye, but you might've just brushed it off as a shadow. There’s always a chance that it was as sinister as you thought and that it was a shadow person. People brush off shadow people because they have simple explanations. Anyone who claims to have seen a shadow person can be written off as just seeing a shadow, right? It’s frustrating to some who really believe in these shadow people to have so few people believe them. We know as little about our world as it is, so who’s to say that these shadow people don’t exist everywhere around us?

Who knows if you have a shadow person next to you right now, disguising itself in your shadow! For all the non-believers out there or people who are tired of not being believed, we’ve put together a list of photographs that claim to have captured shadow people. Here are 15 Pictures Of Shadow People That Will Haunt Your Dreams:

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15 Lurking Down The Hall

The photograph above was taken in an abandoned prison in West Virginia. Hoping to capture something freaky, the people exploring the prison decided to snap some photographs. They did indeed when they were later going through their photographs and spotted this creepy lurker in the background. The prison apparently had several people die within its walls, so it’s not unlikely that there might be some paranormal activity happening throughout the building. Critics, of course, have stated that it’s fake and that it’s just a normal person in low lighting. The problem with that is that it isn’t really that dark of a space. The figure has barely any detail illuminated and seems to be just simply a black mass. If it were a person, there’s a chance we might see some human features on his face or in his clothes. Whatever you might believe, there’s no doubt this is certainly a chilling photograph.

14 Watching From Behind

This picture was taken by a couple vacationing in Germany. They snapped the photograph on a beach they were visiting. As you can see from the coat she’s wearing and the snow around the area, it appears as though it’s winter. It was indeed during the time they visited, so they seemingly had the beach to themselves. In reality, however, behind the woman, along the coast of the water, you can see what looks to be a shadow person splashing on the shore. Some have stated that it might not be a shadow person but rather something else paranormal since you can get a glimpse of its features. No matter what it might be, it’s terrifying knowing that something so real was there when they stated they hadn’t seen anyone on the beach at all during their long walk along the shores!

13 Who's In The Kitchen?

The photograph above was taken by a woman during a football party. A man had lived in the home all alone and decided to have some friends over to watch the big game. What some might notice first is a sink full of dirty dishes! Who does that during a party? Well, the man stated that he often felt a strange presence staring at him and watching him sleep. He said he felt the most uncomfortable when he was washing dishes, causing him to abandon the kitchen on many occasions! Most of his friends thought that he was crazy for all the things he believed to be happening in his home. After they reviewed the photograph that you can see above, however, they started to definitely believe his words more! Wouldn’t you after seeing such a scary-looking shadow person lurking by the very sink he stated he had felt a presence near?

12 There's No Way That's Her Shadow

The woman in the photograph above, unfortunately, lost her husband due to cancer not long before this particular photograph was taken. She was cooking in the kitchen with her daughter when she snapped the picture of her mom cooking. After later reviewing the photographs, they noticed the terrifying shadow man lurking behind the mother! They stated that they believed it to be the deceased husband. Since his death, they had been experiencing some strange occurrences throughout their home. They would hear noises, lights would turn on and off, but most of all, they would see strange shadows like the one above out of the corner of their eye. If it's her husband coming back to visit them, then that isn’t so scary. Perhaps, however, there's an evil shadow person disguising himself as the husband and taking advantage of the poor widow after he had died.

11 Shadow On The Outside, But Whose?

The picture above was taken by someone who wanted to show off his kitchen sink. It’s common among home designers to share pictures of their plants and great design and post it online. What was meant to be a home-decorating photograph ended up actually being a pretty horrifying paranormal photograph. The shadowy figure above only appeared after the picture was taken! You can tell that it’s not from someone in the house because the shadow isn’t cast over anything internally. She states that no one was home at the time she took the photograph, but clearly, she was mistaken. Perhaps, the camera was able to capture a shadow person lurking in the window much better than our own eyes ever would have been able to. No matter what the case is, we certainly get a pretty uneasy feeling when staring at this particular spooky photograph.

10 Not Alone In The Empty Building

The photograph above was taken in an abandoned asylum. When it comes to abandoned buildings like this, there's always going to be an uneasy feeling when entering the building as most have a disturbing past. Our medical treatment hasn’t always been so great to people with mental health issues, and we have the broken-down buildings to prove it. It’s always a fun pastime to get a group of friends together and go lurking around buildings like this to see what scary things you might be able to find. One group started snapping photographs of the building they were in and ended up capturing what looks to be another terrifying shadow person! They stated that no one else was in the building with them when they took this picture, but you can clearly see that they were certainly wrong about that. Some might say that it was just a prank, but who really knows what the truth is besides the photographer and the shadow person?

9 Hiding Behind The Trees

This picture was taken by a group of people who were having a sleepover. Everyone was fine just sleeping in the same room together until they started hearing strange noises in the backyard. They decided to take a peek and even snapped some pictures to illuminate the scene and see if they could possibly capture an intruder or something else terrifying. They definitely did just that as you can see not one but TWO shadowy figures in the photograph above! It’s definitely scary that these people who took the picture heard them making noises before they started snapping photographs! What exactly were these shadowy figures doing and why? The way they look is also spooky because they’re slightly transparent. You might think that it’s just an intruder lurking, but the way you can see through them makes us think otherwise.

8 Keep The Baby Safe!

The picture above was taken by a mom proud to show off her cute baby. If you get on social media at any time throughout the day, there’s no doubt you’re going to see countless photographs of people’s babies. Of course, parents want to show off their cute little ones. Unfortunately, for the mom who took the photograph above, she captured something a bit more sinister than just that. Above the baby, you can see what looks to be the ghastly head of a shadow person! No one else was home at the time, and it couldn’t just be the shadow of something else! There’s really no explanation for this strange photograph other than Photoshop. The image is so seamless in the picture, however, that it really doesn’t appear to be a shopped image. This is definitely one of the most chilling on the list since you can almost make out the thing's face!

7 Shadow People Wear Hats, Too

The photograph above shows three women about to attend their mother’s funeral. It was a tragic day for them all, but the true horror was their discovery after the photograph was taken. Behind the woman in the middle, you can see what looks to be a shadowy figure wearing a black hat! The three women stated that it was they and only they when this picture was originally taken! The outline of the man and his hat is definitely visible and not just a strange black blob you could write off as a camera glitch. The three women are very well illuminated as well, so there’s no way that it could be a darkened version of someone who actually was behind them. It doesn’t seem that scary at first if you think of it as just a dark picture of a guy, but knowing there wasn’t any man around wearing a hat at the time makes this picture terrifying.

6 Shadow People Like Parties As Well

The picture above was taken by a girl who wanted to snap a photograph of her boyfriend. They were at their family’s Thanksgiving party the time the picture was taken. The mother of the girl who took the photograph had claimed, on numerous occasions, that she didn’t feel safe in her home. She believed someone was looking at her when she slept and had her back turned and was certain there was something else in the house with her. No one believed her, that is, until they were reviewing this photograph of the boyfriend! Behind him, you can see a strange-looking object that no doubt looks like a shadow person. You can barely make out any features, and there’s no way it’s just someone there’s shadow as the place is pretty well lit. This is definitely the scariest thanksgiving the family has had!

5 Creeping Through The Woods

The photograph above was taken at what's known as "Zombie Road." It was given this name because so many people had lost their lives there. It was a slightly dangerous country road so many people sped through regardless of the conditions. Unfortunately, there were several lives lost because of the reckless driving. Many people visit this location now on the hunt for ghosts, and the photographer of this photograph certainly got what he was looking for when he snapped this pic. You can see what looks to be a shadow person lurking through the woods! You can barely make out the figure, but that’s what shadow people usually look like! There’s no one else around that could possibly explain this black image cast in the forest. Knowing what's happened on this road, it isn’t unlikely that something paranormal is lurking through the woods.

4 Shadow People Can Fly

The picture above was a photograph taken of someone’s house in 1960. Before the internet and digital photography, it was much harder to fake images. That’s why so many horror movies were better before digital film because everything looked so real! When it comes to this spooky picture, altering the image isn’t really an option in explaining what the ghastly black figure could be! What makes us think this is a shadow person instead of a regular ghost is that it’s black. Simple as that! Shadow people, if you believe in them, that is, present themselves as shadows so as to not stick out against the normal world! The fact that this one is flying through the room is certainly terrifying! Knowing that it was actually there when this picture was taken and that there's no chance of photoshop makes it all the more horrifying.

3 Shadow People Crash Weddings

Weddings are supposed to be the best time for some people’s lives. It’s the day you pledge your love to the person you’re going to spend your life with! Everyone you know and love gathers together to celebrate this joyous day! Because of the special occasion, there’s no doubt plenty of pictures will be taken of the joyous event. Most of them for the wedding photographed above turned out beautiful. It was this particular photograph that ended up sending chills down the newlyweds' spines. To the left of the brides, you can see what looks to be the dark figure of a shadow person! There’s no one else in the photograph who could account for the shadow, so there really isn’t a good explanation of what this could possibly be. Even if it were a normal person, why is he blurred and blackened so much? It’s definitely creepy no matter what you might believe.

2 This Hotel Room Seems Booked Already

This photograph was taken by someone who decided to visit Las Vegas. He didn’t want to pay the expensive prices of normal Vegas hotels, so he decided to try something a little outside of the city. He definitely got more than he bargained for in this discount hotel! In front of the window, you can see what looks to be a shadow person! It doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary of a hotel and actually looks pretty nice. The hotel guest stated that he felt a presence in the room and that he believed someone was watching him when he slept! That’s certainly a creepy feeling for anyone to experience, let alone someone who was able to capture such a sinister-looking photograph! Hopefully, he was able to still enjoy his stay at the hotel, regardless of the fact that he was forced to share the room with someone else.

1 Shadow Person Lurking In The Hospital

Hospitals can be pretty scary places. It’s where sick people go, and unfortunately, many people die within the hospital walls. Although plenty of people do as much as they can to prevent it, hospital death is common. Nurses are used to this; it’s practically in the job description. One nurse got a little more than she bargained for when she was working the late shift one night. She was checking on the patients' cameras when she spotted something strange lurking over a sleeping patient. In the image above, you can see what looks to be some sort of shadow person, maybe even a demon, hovering above the sleeping patient! This discovery is absolutely horrifying! The nurse stated that hours after she had snapped the photograph, the patient died. What do you think the image could possibly be? Is it a shadow person, something else, or just a glitch in the camera?

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