15 Shocking Times “Happy Hour” Wasn’t So Happy

Ah, the thrills of love and sexual desire! Whoever hasn’t felt them at least once in their lifetime, hasn’t been living for real. The difference between love and sex, as put by Woody Allen, is that sex relieves tension and love causes it. We are all born sexual creatures, and it’s a pity that so many people crush this fundamental natural gift God has bestowed to humankind. In some cases, however, it is the other way around – sex crushes people. And that’s meant literally!

Lovemaking, no matter how sensationally transcending it may feel, can often go wrong and then lead to pain and embarrassment rather than pleasure. Popular erotic novels and movies, such as Fifty Shades of Grey have caused the number of victims to lovemaking to double in the last couple of years. More and more people are requiring emergency care for injuries resulting from the use of sex toys. Believe it or not, people even DIE during sexual intercourse. Somebody famous (and obviously very much inclined to hedonistic experiences) once said that “if you are going to die young, you might as well die in the middle of deviant sex.”

But leaving this beautiful world prematurely or getting injured just for the sake of a little pleasure is not really worth it. You'll agree with this, after reading the following unbelievable stories of people who took their pleasure in lovemaking a little too far.


15 Woman Rushed To ER After Painful Three-Hour "O"

Here comes another story from the “Emerald City”, Seattle.

Liz and her boyfriend Eric had been engaged in intense lovemaking for some minutes when, at a certain moment, a mind-blowing orgasm sent Liz to cloud nine. And then to the ER. The epic orgasm had been going on for a couple of hours before she seriously panicked. Initially, she started jumping up and down to see if that would do the trick. Then she started drinking wine to calm her system down. And when nothing seemed to help, she rushed to the hospital. The doctors gave her sedatives, which finally brought her relief. All in all, Liz’s orgasm lasted for consecutive three hours.

Should we give a high five to Eric?

14 Lovers' Death Plunge


A taxi driver found the bodies of Brent Tyler and Chelsea Tumbleston as he was driving along an empty street in Columbia, South Carolina.

Brent and Chelsea, both 21, were students at the University of South Carolina, and also occasional lovers. On this fatal day in June 2007, they decided to have sex on a rooftop. Only they didn’t pick the right roof – they opted for a pyramid shaped one, which was in addition slippery from the rain. When, in the heat of passion, they started slipping down, there was not much really they could do to prevent the fall. The lovers died of multiple injuries after falling 50 feet to the ground. Their deaths were regarded as a tragic accident.

The moral: Next time when you head for adventurous lovemaking in such an unusual place, you’d better bring a parachute along!

13 Businessman Gets Male Organ Bitten Off… Accidentally

There is no such thing as bad oral, but this guy had the worst possible experience.

An unidentified businessman from Singapore was having an affair with his secretary and they would occasionally sneak off to a nearby park to consummate their hidden love. One day the secretary was enthusiastically performing oral sex on her lover in his parked car when the car was hit by a van from behind. The crash caused the woman’s jaw to involuntarily shut, thus dismembering the guy. The secretary was rushed to the nearest hospital and the secretary obediently followed, still holding the piece of her lover’s Johnson in her mouth. And this is not the end of the story. Not only did the businessman suffer a terrible injury, but also a huge domestic scandal. The entire incident was videotaped by a private eye hired by his wife, who had long suspected her husband of having an affair.

So next time you start complaining you’re having a bad day, remember the man with the bitten off member and you’ll instantly feel better, we promise.

12 Playful Trio Gets Injured In A Car Crash


A sexually adventurous trio from Wenzhou, China had just met on a night out, and after some flirting the two girls and the guy decided to play some more, only without their clothes on, in a parked car. Obviously, Chung Yeh, the man in the story, didn’t have any problems with satisfying two women at the same time. But while he was pushing all the right buttons for his partners, he somehow accidentally pushed the wrong one. In the heat of the moment, Chung Yeh kicked the handbrake off causing the car to start rolling downhill. The car smashed into a tree, trapping the girls inside. The passionate lover was unharmed. He managed to get out, and dressed only in his underwear climbed up the hill and found help. The women were not that lucky, though. One suffered from internal bleeding and the other broke both her legs and had to be cut free by the firemen.

11 Chinese Woman Goes Deaf After Passionate Kiss

You’ve certainly heard the expression “the kiss of Death.” This case, however, is about the 'kiss of deaf'.

A twenty-something-year-old woman from Zhuhai, China, needed emergency medical attention after her boyfriend kissed her too passionately. What happened was that the kiss had reduced the pressure in the mouth and ruptured her eardrum. As a result, the woman lost her hearing and the doctors were skeptical about her being able to regain it at a later stage.

Kissing is normally very safe and it definitely doesn’t lead to pregnancy, but this story shows that one has to proceed with caution even with this seemingly harmless display of love and emotion.

10 Guy Fries His Wife During Naughty Foreplay


In January 2008, 29-year-old Kirsten Taylor was found unconscious in her home in Lower Windsor, UK. She was taken to the hospital, but there the doctors had no options but to pronounce her dead. The police questioned Kirsten’s husband, Toby, and in the beginning, he swore his wife was shocked by a hair dryer. However, strange burns were found on the victim’s body, which made the police think the hubby’s statement about the cause of death was far from the truth. Eventually, Toby confessed that he had used electric nipple clamps, which he’d turn off and on to stimulate her sexually. The couple had done this bizarre sex play before, but this time the jolt of electricity had triggered a heart attack in the woman.

Toby was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter.

9 The Guy Who Would Die For His Love Of Horses. Seriously.

Horses are traditionally seen as noble creatures and we are sure that if they were consciously superior to humans, they would have never engaged themselves willingly in activities such as the one you are about to read. This is the sad story of the man who died from having sex with a horse.

Kenneth Pinyan, known also as “Mr. Hands” among his zoophile acquaintances, would often visit a farm outside of Seattle, Washington where he would indulge in sexual activity with male horses. The guy didn’t have to be a Horse Whisperer to lure the animals into doing it with him. He was always at the receiving end. He must have been pretty happy with his fulfilling sex life until a tragic accident took place in July of 2005. The horse Pinyan was “seeing” that day got too deep into him, causing a perforated colon. As the horse-lover stubbornly refused for some time to seek medical help, his condition rapidly deteriorated and he died from complications as a result of the injury.

The video, captured by the surveillance cameras, documenting the act went instantaneously viral.

FYI, when the incident happened, bestiality was still legal in the state of Washington.


8 Priest “Falls” On A Potato And Is Rushed To ER


Although there’s only one person involved, self-pleasuring should be also considered a form of love making. The only difference is that you make love to yourself! Here is a curious case of self-pleasuring which brought a naughty priest to the ER.

In 2008, the 50-something-year-old British vicar, whose name was never revealed for obvious reasons, had to seek medical help because a potato got stuck up his bottom. The explanation he gave to the doctors was that while he was hanging curtains (naked!), he lost his balance and fell backwards onto the kitchen table and landed on a potato. The priest underwent a delicate surgery through which the offending root vegetable was removed.

The question, however, remains: Who, the heck, would be hanging curtains in the nude?

7 MMA Fighter Gets His Manhood Injured During The Deed

MMA fighters get their fair share of bumps and bruises. But this guy suffered a much more severe injury, which, to his embarrassment, happened not in the ring, but in the bedroom.

In 2011, Ray Elbe hit the headlines not because of his wins but for breaking his penis during sex with his girlfriend. The guy, however, had the guts to go public about his injury. In a self-posted video on YouTube, he explained in a matter-of-fact tone what had happened, “I was having intercourse with my girlfriend and …ended up fracturing my penis bone. It’s actually possible, guys!” He further revealed that the fracture caused intense bleeding and he even passed out from the excruciating pain. And here is how Elbe finished his message, “To any bitter ex-girlfriends still stalking my blog… smile today as whatever karma you felt was deserved has been dealt.”

6 Man Strangles His Wife For Calling Out the Wrong Name In The Act


You may think you’ve seen this only in the movies – when a girl cries out another man’s name during sex and this leads to all sorts of hilarious outcomes. But in real life such stories may end up with a very, very unhappy ending. As was the case with this British family.

In 2009, 53-year-old Colin Scully was making love to his wife, 39-year-old Tracy, when out of nowhere she shouted 'Paul'. Colin had long been suspecting his wife of cheating, but at this particular moment his fears materialized. He didn’t spend another second reconsidering his actions but put a knee on her chest and strangled her. The enraged husband must have been in a state of shock, because later, when he was detained and interrogated, he said he didn’t remember much. The only thing he knew was that he did something bad to his wife.

During the whole trial, Scully kept on denying killing his unfaithful wife.

5 Couple Is Killed By A Train While Making Love On The Tracks

It is a given fact that sexual drive can blind your perceptions. But sometimes people do insanely stupid things in order to get some action. As was the case with this South-African couple. Mduduzi Bandezi and Sibongile Radebe met at a local pub. They started chatting, had a couple of drinks and one thing led to another – they ended up having sex… on the railway tracks near what they thought was an abandoned station. When the freight train approached them, it was too late. Although the driver spotted the couple from a distance and yelled and signalled them many times, they didn’t seem to notice being too engaged in their “business.”

The young male lover, Bandezi, died on the spot. His partner (who allegedly was a prostitute) died short after in the hospital.

4 New Yorker Loses Both His Legs After Mistreating His Johnson With Illegal Substances


In the late eighties, when the cocaine consumption in the United States was at its height, a young New Yorker used to inject cocaine into his urethra on a regular basis. He believed that such a procedure would increase sexual pleasure and maintain an erection. On one occasion, however, something must have gone wrong because the man experienced “a persistent painful erection" after intercourse. After three days with the erection still going strong, he finally decided to go to the hospital.

Although he was immediately treated with medication, he suffered severe complications. He developed blood clots in his genitalia, arms, legs, and chest. Eventually, gangrene effected his legs, nine of his fingers, and his penis, and they had to be amputated in order for the guy to stay alive.

3 Club Bouncer Gets Crushed To Death While Making Love On Top A Piano

If you haven’t tasted the lovely cocktail called “Sex on the piano” yet, you should definitely order one next time you are in a bar. Especially after you have already got familiar with the story of how the drink got its name.

The year is 1983. Jimmy Ferrozzo works as a bouncer in the notorious Condor Club in San Francisco. One day, after the club closes, he decides to do some romantic love making with his girlfriend on top of the club’s grand piano. What played them a deadly trick was the fact that the piano was attached to a lifting device – every evening it would be lowered from the ceiling and topless dancers would perform on it.

During their intense love making, either Ferrozzo or his girl must have accidentally activated the lifting mechanism. On reaching the ceiling, the bouncer was crushed to death, while his lover lied trapped (but still alive by some miracle) under his massive body.

2 U.S. Vice President Departs Life On Top Of His Assistant


This story made it to the top 10 of New York scandals of all time.

Nelson Rockefeller, Vice President to Gerald Ford in the 1970s and heir to the Rockefeller family fortune, died at the age of 70 of a heart attack. Nothing scandalous so far. Only the rumor had it that he passed away during adulterous sex.

On January 26, 1979, he was in his townhouse and decided to have some sexy time. He got in bed with his 27-year-old assistant Megan Marshack. The attractive blonde must have given him some really intense fun time because at some point the old man’s heart couldn’t take any more action and just stopped. The girl panicked and instead of calling 911, she first called a friend, who then called 911.

The circumstances around Rockefeller’s death were probably best summarized by New York Magazine which went out with the following line: “Nelson thought he was coming, but he was going.”

1 Russian Guy Dies After Swallowing A Whole Bottle Of Viagra

This story should come as a warning to never, ever overestimate yourself when you bet, no matter how good the money is.

It happened in February 2007. 27-year-old Russian Sergey Tuganov bet two girls a little over $4000 that he could be "with" them for twelve straight hours. Bad idea! Actually, the worst idea that had ever occurred to him. In order to make extra sure he'd win, he downed a whole bottle of Viagra. And so they started the fun. The fact is that he did manage to keep satisfying both women for half a day. But the minute he won the bet, he dropped dead of a heart attack.

Despite these horrible cases, it turns out that death during sex is actually rare. Of 21,000 autopsies done over the past 20 years, the average age of men who died during or after sexual activity was 61. And of those, a big percentage of them had actually had a heart attack previously. Nevertheless, remember Sergey next time you decide to climb in bed with more than one hot chick!

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