Going Plastic: 15 Shocking Confessions From Doctors

Many people think about the possibility of having a cosmetic procedure done at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a nose job, a chest enlargement, liposuction, or something else to change the appearance, it can be very tempting to change the things that we don’t like about ourselves. All you need is a bit of money, and just like that, your imperfections can be taken away.

If you haven’t considered it yourself, you will certainly have seen before and after discussions of celebrities that have had it done. Both men and women are opting for cosmetic surgery these days, and according to some doctors, just about everyone over the age of 30 in Hollywood has had something done. Even a little Botox injection to stop the signs of ageing can be seen as essential for continuing their careers when their job is to look good.

We found out some of the deepest secrets that surgeons have hidden away in their practices. These are the things that they wouldn’t normally confess to their patients, or to the public. Some of them are happy to dish the dirt on other surgeons that they have known, and others have even shared their own stories anonymously. These are the tastiest tidbits you are going to hear about the plastic industry – confessions so shocking that even the doctors themselves can hardly believe that they are true.

If you were thinking about getting surgery, you might start thinking twice after reading these shocking confessions!

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15 Making Fun Of Patients

This person on Whisper confessed that they work for a plastic surgeon, presumably either as a nurse or another role, such as an anaesthetist. They had this shocking secret to deliver: that every time someone comes in to have a procedure, the team will wait until they have gone under and then make fun of them. Considering that many people opt to have cosmetic procedures because they feel bad about themselves and have no self-confidence, this is very worrying. What if that patient wasn’t properly asleep yet? What if they were in a state where they could still hear everything without being able to move? They would feel very hurt by the comments, even though they were about to have the problems fixed. You probably wouldn’t feel confident about being treated by this kind of surgical team, either, since they can be so petty and mean about their patients.

14 Making A Mistake On The Patient

Anyone who ever goes for surgery – of any kind – always worries about what might go wrong. After all, doctors are only humans, just like the rest of us. What would happen if they make a mistake during the operation and you end up looking different to what you wanted? This doctor posted a confession on Whisper which confirms those awful fears. Sometimes, even surgeons will look down at the face of their patient and realize that they have messed up big-time. This is no comfort to the patient at all, who will probably need a whole raft of follow-up operations in order to correct the work. Those kinds of doctors who will make a mistake under pressure are the exact kind who end up giving plastic surgery a bad name. When you go to a fully licensed and experienced plastic surgeon, you wouldn’t expect to have those problems because they know what they are doing and can do it well.

13 Even Doctors Have Their Limits

When you are paid to do whatever a patient wants, you would think that most people would be willing to do anything. But there is at least one doctor out there who has put a hard limit on what they are willing to do. Dr. Cap Lesesne has been a Park Avenue plastic surgeon and ended up writing a tell-all memoir about the work that he has done in the past. One of the stories that crops up is that of a patient who he had to refuse. There was once a gay man who came to his office and asked for a unique operation. He wanted to have breasts – but on his back. This guy thought that it would be fun for his partner to have something to hold onto in the bedroom. It’s not clear why his partner needed something like that if they were both gay, but we’re not ones to judge! At any rate, Dr Lesesne turned this patient down and sent him away.

12 But They're Not Paid To Refuse You...

Something that people don’t really talk about in plastic surgery is the conflict of interest. Generally, you will make an appointment to go to their office and do a consultation. You will tell them what you are after, and they will tell you what possibilities are available. In the best world, they will then tell you whether they think you need the work doing or not. But in many cases, they’re likely to encourage you – because they’re getting paid to do so. Dr. James Rickert points out that a surgeon of any kind is paid far more to operate than to encourage you to try alternatives first – and this is even more true when you go to a private cosmetic practice, where they aren’t getting paid at all if they send you to therapy instead. Keep this in mind when you are considering surgery. They might not stop you if it is the wrong decision, so you need to stop yourself.

11 Men Are More Likely To Be Secretive About Their Surgeries

One plastic surgeon from New York City suggests that everyone is doing it – it’s just that most people don’t want to admit to it. Dr. Aviva Preminger, MD, has seen patients go to great lengths to avoid their reputations being sullied by rumours of plastic surgery. Some will sneak out of the practice or book themselves a taxi or van to avoid having a friend or family member pick them up after their operation. Some men will even have their assistants make all of the arrangements, and pretend that they are going to stay somewhere for a trip, so that their wives are none the wiser about what is really going on. According to the doctor, men are more likely than women to want to cover their procedures up, and would even deny having them done if pressed. It turns out that everyone is just as vain and insecure as everyone else! Maybe trusting their loved ones would help them accept themselves a little better.

10 Secrets To Hiding Scars

Dr. Toby Mayer is a plastic surgeon from Beverley Hills who has a lot of demand for his time. One of the reasons for this is the ‘invisible’ facelift that he offers, helping people to hide the fact that any work has been done. One of the big tell-tale signs that must be watched out for is the scars that result from the work. Dr. Mayer has a great way of hiding all of the scars, no matter what part of the face is being worked on. He ensures that they are all in out-of-the-way places, such as in the ear, in the hairline, and right under the chin, where the smallest possible scar is created. Dr. Mayer can prove that his techniques work because his partner at his practice, Dr. Fleming, actually did the procedures on him too. Having the skill to hide the scars in this fashion and make them as small as possible makes their practice a very hot commodity.

9 Celebrities Who Won’t Take No For An Answer

When you look at some celebrities and the work that they have had done, it’s hard to believe that surgeons would agree to take them on. For example, who was it that turned Michael Jackson’s nose into such an unnatural shape? Who would dare to add more work to Leslie Ash’s lips? Why doesn’t anyone tell Donatella Versace that her smooth forehead no longer makes her look youthful? The truth is, they do. But celebrities are used to getting anything that they want, so they will just go to someone else until they finally find someone who will do the work. “Celebrities are used to getting their own way. I tell them the truth and they go see someone who’ll tell them what they want to hear and they end up looking bad. Then they want me to fix it,” says Dr. Mayer. It’s a sad fact that most plastic surgery horror stories had already been warned off by someone more responsible than their eventual surgeon.

8 No One Likes Fixing Other People's Mistakes

While some doctors may confess to making mistakes on the table, others end up getting stuck with the task of finishing those mistakes. One doctor confessed that she spends a lot of time working on recovery jobs. She works in LA, and spends a lot of time seeing people who have gone for cheap surgery in Tijuana, only to end up with something that they really didn’t want. The same can even be true for those operating in LA who aren’t really the certified professionals that they claim to be. For every botched operation, there’s another doctor out there who has to pick up the pieces and make the best of a bad job. Sometimes it could be that the doctor can’t even get a result which is as good as the original face – it’s just been mangled too far to be properly saved. Something to think about when considering money-saving options.

7 Surgeons Could Be Drunk, Jailed, Or Worse And Still Operate

Let’s imagine that your doctor is caught driving under the influence and thrown in jail, or forced to pay a fine. Let’s say that they are accused of abusing or harassing someone at their former practice and have to stop operating. Let’s say that they spent the whole night in a jail cell and just got released. They can’t operate on you today, right? Well, actually, yes they can. There’s nothing stopping them from doing so, and you would never know. Dr Marty Makary points out that all a disgraced surgeon needs to do is move house to start working again: "You can be accused of [misconduct] in one state and pop over to the next one and get a license. Some state medical boards don’t even thoroughly research your background; they argue that the less-than-$10 fee to access national data is too expensive.” So, if you don’t do the research, it turns out that no one else will either.

6 It's Not All About Lip Injections

Doing cosmetic surgery is not just about giving superficial nose jobs and helping women to have larger chests. A large part of the work is actually related to medical procedures. They will do things like remove moles which might be cancerous, repair cleft lips and palates, and reconstruct faces for those who have been in terrible accidents. They have to place muscle slabs over places where broken bones broke through the skin, and do reconstructive surgery for women who have had cancer. Not every day in the office is about plumping up someone’s lips and taking away their wrinkles. They actually do some very fulfilling work which is seriously helping people to get back to their normal lives without being disfigured. Some high-profile cases which have hit the news and which might come to your mind immediately are women who have been victims of acid attacks. Their faces don’t get repaired by regular surgeons – they require the speciality skills of a cosmetic surgeon.

5 You Should Ask For Complication Rates

Dr. Arnold Advincula from the Columbia University Medical Center has a very important piece of advice to give to anyone who is considering surgery and is currently looking for the surgeon that could help them out. He says that you should always ask for their complication rates – in other words, the number of times that complications come up in their operations. "If they don’t have one, they’re hiding something or haven’t operated enough to have one. No one is immune to complications,” he explains. This could be a huge red flag for a surgeon who is not as qualified as they claim to be. This is something to really take on board, as not all surgeons are created equal. Some of them aren’t even professionally certified to perform the operations. Would you really want to give someone like that the power to do whatever they want to your body while you are knocked out?

4 Dating A Cosmetic Surgeon

This Whisper comes not from a surgeon, but actually from someone who dated them. From their relayed account of what that doctor said, we can infer a lot about them. This person states that their former boyfriend said they could “fix” her looks, and make her into a better-looking person. She now believes that she is much better off because there was nothing about her that needed to be fixed. There are countless stories out there of surgeons recommending procedures for their girlfriends, wives, and even husbands. It stands to reason that when you are constantly trying to create perfection, you see ways in which those around you could be improved. It’s a little harsh to ask them to change, rather than loving them for who they are, however. In fact, a lot of surgeons who do this come off as vain and shallow. If you truly love someone, their imperfections don’t matter – and in fact only make you love them more.

3 Having A Family Is Tough For Surgeons

If you’re a male surgeon, having a family is tough – but you can probably manage it. As one female cosmetic surgeon points out, however, it’s much more difficult for women within the profession. Many of them may end up missing out on the chance to have a family because they are trying to help others reach their idea of perfection. The surgeon, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “I had my first child, my son, my last year of fellowship at UC-San Francisco and I only got a month off of maternity leave. I had a really amazing nanny who worked 12 hours a day and I couldn't have done it without her. I showed up at my first job pregnant with my second child and they weren't very friendly and I ended up leaving that job to start my own private practice.” Even working for herself, she can only ever see her kids in the morning or the evening – not both.

2 They Aren’t All Millionaires

Most of us probably think that a plastic surgeon is someone who is going to be making bucketloads of money week in and week out. As it turns out, that’s not always the case. One doctor described how it’s a struggle to make ends meet in private practice if you don’t get the bookings that you need. Benefits and insurance need covering upfront, and then you also need to pay your staff – such as your medical team and receptionist. Of course, there’s all the bills for the building that you operate on as well as marketing expenses. After that, you pay yourself – and if it’s been a slow month, this doctor says, “there are practices that have closed down”. Many doctors will work for an existing clinic or band together in a larger group to try and make sure that this doesn’t happen. After all, not everyone wants plastic surgery once a month.

1 No One Believes Women Can Be Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Keagle spent a lot of time and money training to get her position. She had to fight through years of discrimination when she chose to become a mother, and now has to juggle parenthood with managing her own private practice. She’s good at what she does – but people still don’t believe that she could be a surgeon, just because she’s a woman. She says, “Sometimes patients will ask, 'What do they do in surgery?' and I'm like, 'They? It's me.'”. She took a fellowship early in her career which set her on the path to doing plastic surgery, and she says that out of 37 students to be accepted to the fellowship, only 3 have ever been women. It’s a very male-dominated world, and that makes it harder for women to break in. It’s also a shame, since many women would probably feel more comfortable going under the knife with someone who understands them better!

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