Flights From Hell: 15 Disturbing Things That Happened In A Plane

Ever been in an airplane and thought, "Why me?" Certainly, there are people who have had terrible experiences on airplanes and those who have had downright dangerous experiences. Let's dive into some of the issues we see on an everyday flight. Baby alert! That's right. If you see a baby within a row or two of you, that's enough for you to order a Code Red and go

Baby alert! That's right. If you see a baby within a row or two of you, that's enough for you to order a Code Red and go Jack Nicholson on the parents. People heading out on vacations that think a 5-hour flight with a 1-year-old is a good idea need to be sedated before they ever get on that plane. Those people have to be left behind. Because if you have a colic baby on board your flight, God help all of you. We get that it's necessary at times, but damn... I hope they brought some whiskey for that baby's gums to smoooooth them out for the flight. Let's get to bathroom etiquette. You already know where we're going here. Let's just say that some people aren't aware of "courtesy flushes" or being neat. Listen, we are all cramped up in this small flying missile, the least you can do is show some good bathroom etiquette.

Now that we got a few of the annoying things out of the way (and I didn't even make fun of those who smell bad and people who talk obnoxiously loud), let's talk about some other issues that can happen. We've heard of animals getting loose on a plane. There was even a movie entitled Snakes on a Plane. And then we can hit on the biggest fears of terrorism and Godly acts that cause issues mid-flight. There are a lot of things that scare people during flights, and much of it has to do with a lack of control. Anything and everything can happen on planes, some of them worse than others. Let's check out 15 instances that stood out in the "friendly skies."

15 Doodie!

It is amazing to think that an entire flight can be brought down due to dog poop. But so is the case with this crazy occurrence that happened thousands of feet in the air. US Airways was the site of this flight from hell. To set the stage, the incident occurred because a passenger required travel with a service dog. The flight was heading from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. That passenger's dog was definitely cute, but it also was a little backed up. Mid-flight, the dog needed to relieve itself and did so in the middle of the aisle. Let's just say it wasn't easy to pick up. Incredibly, the flight didn't have any paper towels to properly pick up and clean the mess. It left an incredibly smelly cabin with nowhere for the smell to go. (Guess you can't stick your head out the window). Numerous passengers complained and became ill, forcing the flight to land in Kansas City, Missouri. That's right, an entire flight was brought down by dog poop. The moral of the story is that it pays to travel with dog poopie bags.

14 Plunger Anyone?

There was a flight that departed from Amsterdam to head to Newark, New Jersey in the United States. The flight was going to be an Oceanic one, meaning, there ain't nowhere to land when you get over the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, once the Continental Airlines flight took off in 2007, problems began to occur early on in the flight when the toilets backed up. Sewage began to run all throughout the plane and in the aisles. Customers were sickened, and the plane was diverted to Ireland. The officials felt like they had fixed the issue, and the next day, the plane took off for New Jersey once again. But the problem again cropped up with sewage spilling into the aisles. Passengers complained that they had to sit in the thick of crap for seven hours. Once the plane landed, it was determined that the problem had been caused by a single idiot who flushed latex gloves down the toilet.

13 Bartender, I'll Have Another

There are good drunks, and there are bad drunks. People have a long history of drinking some liquid courage before boarding a plane. They do so because they're scared or nervous to fly, or some people just like the buzz, and it helps them sleep through their flight. But on this Icelandair flight which left Reykjavik, Iceland for New York's, JFK airport, intoxication turned into a bit of a situation. First off, the passenger drank all his duty-free liquor, sending the passenger into a haze of drunkenness. Passengers were frustrated and ended up hog-tying the drunk down. The man was screaming that the plane was going to crash and even attempted to choke a female passenger. He was out of control, and flying over the Atlantic gives people around a lousy drunk few options -- plastic ties and duct tape were used to subdue the drunk until they landed.

12 Cage Match

It's one thing to go to a wrestling event and expect an exciting clash of two large men hurling each other all over the place, but, when you're on a plane and two professional wrestlers "really" get into it, you got some serious issues going on. This was a WWE private flight that took off from Great Britain headed back to the United States. The airline staff were not amused by the entire experience. There were numerous wrestlers aboard, and flight attendants complained of being repeatedly grabbed and sexually harassed. The staff also reported that drugs and alcohol were big-time contributors to all the issues that occurred. The seven hours of flight time yielded numerous fights between various wrestlers, including such big names as Brock Lesnar and Triple H. The flight attendants were scared out of their wits as multiple fights broke out multiple times. Although the wrestlers had a good time, the WWE had to apologize for the entire episode.

11 Unfriendly Skies

We're going to get REAL current with this added item. Let's set the table here. You book a ticket the proper way. You get to the airport and go through the nearly two-hour process of getting to your gate safely as you await for your flight. You then hear over the loudspeaker that the flight you were on was overbooked and that they're looking for volunteers to give up their seats. Not thinking much about it, you board your plane and sit in your purchased seat number. But then, you're approached and told you MUST give up your seat because you were randomly chosen to get booted off the plane. Well, it kind of pisses you off. The passenger, a 69-year-old doctor, of all people, David Dao, was literally dragged off of the plane. Passengers took videos and were upset on Dao's behalf as authorities dragged him out, breaking his nose, damaging his sinuses, and giving him a concussion. This doctor will surely be cashing in to the tune of a 7-figure lawsuit.

10 Tummy Aches

Listen, whenever you're on a long international flight across the globe, you never want to have any issues. This particular flight was a 13-hour journey from Chile to Australia courtesy of Qantas Airlines. In a terrible twist of fate, a passenger on the flight had a highly infectious gastrointestinal illness. 26 passengers in total fell victim to the same illness, which prompted a massive fallout on the plane with people tossing their cookies all over the place. The plane became a massive barf fest, which alarmed all the passengers and flight attendants on board. Sadly, the passengers were coming from World Youth Day Festivities in Brazil, which explains why 26 of them all were struck by the same nasty illness. With only 10 toilets on the flight, it was a difficult and dirty trip. Those affected were mostly teenagers from the festival, and 3 of them were actually pulled off the plane in stretchers due to them being so ill. Ambulances were ready for the ill, and the plane was quarantined and disinfected.

9 Lovin' Whitney

Whitney Houston was an incredible talent. She was a Grammy-winning artist who dazzled the world with her tunes. Now, we get seriously annoyed with a baby crying near us, but what happens when an adult goes nutty on a plane and won't shut up? The people of an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York found out the hard way. There was one passenger who couldn't resist singing "I Will Always Love You," clearly a big Whitney Houston fan. This passenger loved the song so much, in fact, she wouldn't stop singing it. She sang it over, and over, and over, and yes, over, again. There was a Federal Air Marshall who had to subdue the overzealous singer, and she was subsequently placed in handcuffs. The entire flight had to be diverted to get the passenger off the plane in Kansas City, Missouri where American Airlines forced her to use another carrier to complete her flight plan.

8 Beeeee Careful

Bees are never fun. In fact, many people try to duck and run when they see one bee, let alone a swarm of bees. But what happens if you're trapped inside an airplane and encounter a swarm of bees? Well, let's just say it's not as if a giant swarm of bees started stinging everyone inside the cabin. But they did greatly impact this flight. The scenario played out on an unfortunate Allegiant Air flight when they left Las Vegas, Nevada en route to Duluth, Minnesota. The swarm of bees was fortunately outside the plane, but the massive jetliner smacked right into the swarm. As a result, the front windshield of the plane was clouded with dead bees. But the bigger issue was when a good portion of the swarm got caught in the engine. Then, the entire plane reeked of a sulfur-like smell. The passengers began to panic, and the pilots were forced to return to Las Vegas, where the passengers boarded a new plane.

7 Air Canada's Stench

It's hard to blame Air Canada for this one. Now, anytime you have a bad smell, it can be incredibly annoying. But inside a plane and given the restricted space that's provided, it can really be a difficult time when a terrible smell occurs. It's even more uncomfortable when that smell is coming from another human being. In 2010, a flight leaving Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and headed for Montreal ran into quite the issue when people started to become uncomfortable on the plane. They began staring at a particular passenger from whom the "brutal" smell was emanating. The airline staff attempted to move the man to "isolate" him on the plane, but when the smell still bothered everyone, he was forced to leave the plane. He had to board a new flight the next day... after a good shower. Eesh.

6 Air Brawl

Most people are not in good moods when they fly the "friendly" skies. In fact, most people, aside from those in first and business classes, have a cramped, frustrating journey ahead of them. A United Airlines flight was a perfect example of these issues. The flight took off from Dulles International Airport to head for Ghana. The issue was centered around a reclining seat and ended up snowballing into massive drama and a big-time fight. The whole incident led to Air Force F-16s being prepared just in case the situation led to extremes. The overnight flight was actually all good, but at 10:44 pm, a seat was lowered back by a passenger that set another passenger off. A flight attendant and another passenger attempted to break up the sudden brawl. The plane had to head back to Dulles but was forced fly around for an extra 20 minutes due to the massive amount of fuel on the plane. Authorities were waiting for the 2 passengers at the gate. Ultimately, criminal charges were not filed in the case.

5 The Nose Dive

Many thrill seekers love their crazy rides. The big drops are fun-filled events that scare the heck out of some people -- but in a good way, of course. But when you step onto a plane to take a trip across the friendly skies, you certainly are not expecting to get the ride of your life. When people think of 8 seconds, they think of bull riding -- whether or not they can last those all-important 8 seconds on the bull. Well, if you're on a plane, 8 seconds can seem like a lifetime when your plane takes a sudden nosedive. This is what took place in Great Britain on a plane traveling from Dublin to London. Out of the clear blue, passengers almost lost themselves completely when their plane took a straight dive down. The lights on the plane went out and the pieces of luggage went flying out of the overhead compartments. People went into an instant state of panic. After the 8 seconds, the plane leveled off without the pilots saying a word to the passengers. Definitely a scary flight!

4 Waiting Game

Anyone who has had to wait on a plane can testify that it can be a pretty trying experience. You're dying to get to your terminal; then the pilot comes over the speakers and alerts you that it'll be a few minutes before you can get going on your way. Those ten minutes can be the longest of your life as you're surrounded by equally impatient passengers and stale air. Now multiply the crap out of that scenario, and you got the torturous experience that was a British Airways flight that landed at JFK airport amidst a terrible snowstorm. It was 2010, and the passengers on this flight were just relieved to land safely amidst the poor weather. But their struggle was just beginning. The passengers were forced to sit on the plane for over 8 long hours. The problem was due to a lot of the immigration staff going home due to the weather. EIGHT HOURS! Wow. Hope those laptops and tablets were charged!

3 United Again!

Can't say we aren't staying on top of things with this article. It's not as if United Airlines has gotten enough bad press across the board. You can see Facebook viral videos comparing their current state of affairs with the movie Airplane as passengers get pummeled. But another incident happened other than a man being dragged to near death off the plane. Another gentleman was on a flight from Houston, Texas to Calgary. The Canadian man, Richard Bell, was simply diving into his plane meal when a scorpion dropped out of the luggage holding from above him and onto the top of his head. He felt something strange on his hair and pulled it off only to find it was a scorpion. The scorpion stung the man and then leapt onto the floor. Passengers began to scream, and the scorpion was eventually corralled by the staff and flushed down a toilet. This occurred on the same day Doctor Dao was dragged off a plane. Needless to say, not a good day for United Airlines.

2 Shaky Flight Pattern

Sorry, United... but here we go again. This incident was terrible. When you're dealing with turbulence in the sky as a passenger, there's no feeling that brings more discomfort or fear than the thought of your plane heading for a disastrous end. The horrible flight occurred on United Flight 1676, which was headed from Denver, Colorado to Billings, Montana. The airline explained the incident as being the result of "severe turbulence." Now, regular turbulence scares the hell out of people, but when you have "severe turbulence," that can be crazy. In fact, the shaking was so violent that three flight attendants and two passengers were taken to local hospitals at the time of landing. The pilot called in and declared a "medical emergency" as they went through the horrifying event. One of the women on board the plane flew up and hit the ceiling of the plane so hard that it cracked upon contact with her head. Passengers were screaming, crying, and hollering as the plane attempted to survive the intense incident.

1 TWA Haunted By Ghosts Of Past

Eastern Flight 401 was a tragic tale. The lore of Eastern Flight 401 even became a book and a movie due to its legend and the numerous ghostly sightings since the deadly crash. The crash took place in Florida of the Everglades. It was on December 29th, 1972 when 101 of the 176 people perished in the tragic flight. Ever since then, the fabled crash has caused a number of stirring events. The plane’s viable wreckage was sold off in parts to TWA airlines. What was extraordinary was the incredible issues and haunting tales that transpired on the many flights that contained parts from the Eastern Flight. There were incidents in which cleaning crew felt cold waves inside the bellies of those TWA planes. Flight crew and passengers reported having conversations with people that were already dead. There were also so many reports of specters being seen on these planes that TWA literally removed the parts from the doomed Eastern Flight plane and replaced every single one of them. The specter sightings came to an end after the old parts were removed.

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