Do You Believe In Aliens? You Will After Seeing These 15 Pictures

One of the biggest questions we all face as humans is whether or not we’re alone in our universe. There haven’t been any clear signs that can guarantee that another life exists somewhere in the stars, but there sure have been a number of signs that give us hope. Some would be ecstatic at the discovery of other life, others terrified. No matter where you stand and what you think might happen in the future discovery of extraterrestrials, it’s pretty hard to say one way or another whether or not we truly are alone.

If you don’t already believe in aliens, there’s no way you can make it through the entire list and still say one hundred percent that there is no life in space somewhere. Even if we never come in contact with other life forms, there’s no way we can say that they never existed. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. These pictures might just be your chance to actually see something. We’ve heard tales of people discussing getting abducted by aliens as well as seeing flying saucers. It’s hard to believe people’s wild stories with no evidence, but when a convincing photograph pops up on the internet, it gives us hope that we might be seeing evidence of life outside our planet.

Do you want to find aliens, or do you think we’re better off just focusing on our own planet? No matter what you already think, here are 15 Pictures That Will Make You Believe In Aliens:

15 A Mermaid On Mars?

Everyone’s heard of mermaids before, but mermaids on Mars? Mermaids are mythological creatures that swim in water, so the likelihood that they exist in our world, let alone a world void of water, is pretty unlikely, but you can’t deny that this picture looks exactly like a mermaid just hanging out on a rock. NASA has come forward to state that this particular formation was just a rock and not sign of an alien, but of course, they’re going to say that. If NASA ever did actually find an alien, do you really think they’d run to TMZ right away? We’re starting to sound like quite the conspiracy theorists here, but that definitely doesn't look like just a rock. It’s way different in color from the rest of the rocks around it, and it doesn’t appear to have a smooth shape like the others either. It’s a very human-like figure, so we’re not giving into believing it’s “just a rock” this time.

14 The Phoenix Lights

When it comes to UFO sightings, it’s always hard to believe a person just based on what they alone have to say. How many people have to state the same thing for it to be believed? The case of The Phoenix Lights is one of the biggest mass UFO sightings in our recent history. Residents in Arizona and Mexico have claimed to have seen a very large V-like structure lined with lights pass through the sky one starry night. Of course, when something like this happens, people go wild making up crazy stories and telling their own versions of what happened. This occurred before hashtags and when not everyone had a camera to easily whip out and snap a pic. The thing that makes this case so believable, however, is how similar everyone’s story was! Since the incident, many have stated that it was likely a secret government craft flying from Area 51, but is that really the story we’re going to go with?

13 Chilean Government Footage Of Unidentified Object

The photograph above is a still taken from recent footage obtained by the Chilean Navy. The footage captures almost ten minutes of the black object in the center of the photograph above flying peculiarly around the sky. No one has come forward with a clear cut answer for this strange flying object, and we have yet to hear anyone say, “Yeah, that was actually my plane.” This footage has baffled many experts and offers one of the best looks at a real-life UFO! The object seems to be in almost an “8” shape with lights at each point. The strangest part is that it seemed to have also emitted some sort of gas into the air. The spaceship moved similarly to a helicopter, but that was ruled out as a possibility after no aircraft was reported in the area at the time. This is certainly some of the best footage of a potential UFO that we have to this day.

12 An Alien Head On Mars?

This isn’t the first picture of something NASA has called “just a rock” on the list, so it seems like their excuses are getting a bit tired. Many who have seen this photograph believe that this is definitely a head belonging to some sort of alien or other freaky creature. The thing has two perfectly symmetrical eyes and what looks like nostrils! In overall shape, it’s definitely the most rock-like shape of all the “rocks” on the list, but it still has an eerily head-like shape. It’s also just way bigger than the rest of the rocks around. Even if it is “just a rock,” how did it get to that specific spot? The wind might’ve shaped it to look like that, but you’re going to believe that wind blew it to that specific spot as well? Something strange is definitely going on here.

11 More Cave Drawings Of Spaceships

This is yet another strange historical drawing located inside a cave drawn most likely during B.C. times. Old drawings like this are hard to put a date on, but it definitely wasn’t any time after E.T. came out. Some say it’s just art left open for interpretation; others believe it’s one culture’s attempt at recording history. Of course, we have drawings, movies, TV shows, and endless art of what aliens might look like and what they might be. If someone were to discover this media in a time after we exist, perhaps they’d think it was us recording history. However, we at least have electricity and technology, so we can imagine evolving into something extra-terrestrial. When the most advanced equipment you have is a pit of fire, how can you comprehend and fantasize the ability of an alien flying a spaceship to the planet? It could be fantasy, but many believe this is actually recorded history.

10 Strange Triangular Shape In The Sky

Everyone has seen something strange in the sky at one point or another. Most times, it happens so fast it can be difficult to capture a photograph. We usually can also figure out that it was some sort of bird, plane, or maybe even a kite. None of those can be true for the photograph above, however. This strange object was captured in the skies of Texas and has left experts speechless when it comes to trying to figure out what the explanation might be. Some state that it’s most likely a drone, potentially one used by the military, so perhaps it’s mysteriousness remains to protect covert operations. Others speculate that because of the trail it leaves, it must be some sort of strange aircraft. Either way, the fact that many can’t say for certain what it is and that no one has come forward with one hundred percent evidence as to what it might be leaves us thinking it could be a sign from someone far away.

9 Did A Spaceship Lead The Kings To Jesus?

The photograph above is supposedly depicting the baptism of Jesus. There have been countless depictions, paintings, and drawings of this very historical moment, yet since it was a time before cameras, all we have to go by for that instance is simply visualizations by various artists. Most are the same, but this one is particularly strange. It looks as though there’s a flying saucer beaming light down on baby Jesus. This is not the only photograph that depicts a flying saucer or other UFO in the sky during the baptism of Jesus as well as just when Jesus was in his prime. While whether or not Jesus was even real is still up for debate, seeing historical paintings like this with such futuristic depictions is quite baffling. If they weren’t trying to draw a UFO, what exactly where they drawing? Is it a sign that there were UFOs constantly flying around at the time, or are conspiracy theorists just clinging to hope?

8 Is This An Alien Fossil?

Fossils have given us some of the most amazing evidence of what life existed on this planet before we did. They’re a perfect way to preserve what the outside of an animal might look like and give us an opportunity to explore the various shapes and structures of life that no longer exist around us. When this photograph emerged of yet another rock on Mars, many speculated that it could potentially be the fossil of an alien! Unlike many fossils we find on Earth, this is one of a kind, at least so far. When it comes to discovering fossils, we usually find several in the area, or at least just more than one. This one also isn’t as detailed or as perfectly preserved as your typical fossil, but it certainly looks like the impression of some sort of human-like creature at some point or another.

7 A Signal To Let Aliens Land

The photograph above shows just one of many of the Nazca lines -- ancient drawings made on the grounds of Peru sometime between 500 BCE and 500 CE. This was a time before planes were around, so people mostly didn’t get a very good look at the ground from an aerial perspective. This is one of the reasons people believe these drawings were made as a gift to gods above. Another even wilder theory is that they were made in order to let aliens know that we were good people and that they could land in that area and be safe. Those who believe this think that perhaps the people of Peru in this area saw flying spacecraft pass over them constantly but never land. They then made the drawings as an attempt to communicate with those flying above. Gifts to the gods is also a good explanation, but they must’ve seen something in the sky to even make them believe that their God was looking down upon them, right?

6 A Lizard Or Rat On Mars? 

There have been a lot of strange rocks photographed on different planets that always end up being just that: rocks. When it comes to this particular “rock,” however, it’s hard to believe that that’s all it is! The figure in the photograph above clearly has a smaller shaped head, a large body, and a tail-like object at the end. To think that air alone shaped this rock to look the way it does is wild. All of the other rocks around it have similar shapes, and none are as large as this one. Skeptics will always assume that it’s a rock and the experts involved in the explorations will say the same. Even though we don’t have evidence of it crawling around and just living, in general, doesn't mean that this particular “rock” has always been just that.

5 Ancient Italian Drawing Depicting Astronauts

When it comes to discovering strange drawings inside caves, it’s always hard to try and determine what people were saying. Studying the way people used to live can be like discovering an alien species in some respects. They lived different lives, used different languages, and believed different beliefs! One thing is for sure, however: they probably believed in aliens, too. The bigger picture? They might’ve actually seen them at some point, too! Before we had a computer to start recording everything, even before we had books, we had the ability to create art. For many cultures, they recorded history on the walls around them and left their drawings for us to try and decide what they were possibly attempting to remember. Perhaps they were exploring with art and creating a fantasy world like many artists do today. Maybe they were visited by time travelers from our world now! Or maybe, they got the first glimpse at alien life.

4 Footage Of A Space Ship

The video above was taken from a trail camera that captured something particularly alarming one night. In the twenty-second video, it appears that some sort of string of lights swoops in closely towards the camera. What the source of the lights in the video is still has yet to be determined, but most would agree that it definitely looks like some sort of spacecraft swooping in! It actually has an eerie resemblance to the Phoenix Lights. The only solution that some can agree on is that this is actually a spider web blowing in the wind and reflecting light, causing the string-like appearance. Many wonder: if aliens were flying around in the dark of night through the woods, why would they use bright lights like the ones on the spacecraft? If we were exploring a different planet, would we not use lights to navigate? Having it be just a spider web is a theory we’re not ready to give into just yet.

3 Sputnik In An Ancient Drawing?

The painting above depicts Jesus and God looking down at the universe. In the middle of them is supposedly the universe, though we know now it’s not spherical like in the photograph and rather, it’s an endless pit of darkness waiting to be explored. The strange thing about their little universe that they’re controlling is that it has a very eerily similar look to the spacecraft Sputnik. Some believe that this is even further evidence that aliens existed around the time of Jesus. Maybe humans have already met aliens, and we just didn’t have the technology available yet to record it. You would think the advanced aliens would give it to us, but perhaps they knew the damage it could do and wanted to let nature take its own course much like National Geographic explorers do when studying wildlife in deserts and jungles. Off the topic of aliens, what's up with that lion just chilling in the bottom corner?

2 We're Just So Small

The photograph above isn’t a picture of a rock on Mars, a spider web in the woods, or an ancient drawing in a cave. It’s a picture of us and everything surrounding us. Everything you know to be true, all the things you love, all the people that matter, and all the memories you cherish exist on that one small, tiny spec that the arrow is pointing to. This photograph serves to give you a little perspective as to just how small we are. It’s a reminder that although everything around us seems so big, we’re nothing more than a tiny star in the middle of a huge Milky Way. Even if every one of the photographs on this list was proven to be a hoax tomorrow, this one remains true. We’re so incredibly small in such a big space that it’s insane to think for even a second that we’re alone.

1 There Are So Many Planets! 

If the last picture wasn’t enough for you to believe just yet, this is another picture to give you just a bit of perspective. Pictured above are what’s known as the Kepler planets, planets discovered by the Kepler spacecraft. Of course, we’ve all heard about the planets in our solar system and know a nice little rhyme to help us remember: “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas,” although the pizzas are gone now, right? For a while, we thought that was all that existed, but there are way more planets than just the nine we thought we knew. Each of these planets is part of a solar system, and further from them are even more planets waiting to be discovered! No life forms have been detected yet, but having yet to explore the entirety of the planet we’re on now, it’s likely that we’re only going to be finding more and more planets with more and more strange rocks on them in the foreseeable future.

Source: Wikipedia.org

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