Dear David: This Guy Tweeted His Ghost Encounter And We Can't Deal

If you're someone who has trouble sleeping after watching horror movies and especially paranormal movies, make sure that you're reading this during the day and also... make sure that you don't live with a cat. Cats are wonderful animal companions but this article will confirm for you that it doesn't pay to have cats if you are currently sharing your living space with a ghost. Why? Because cats are known to be freakishly smart and are able to sense things that we can not. There are many ghost stories that start with a cat who perks her little triangle ears up at "nothing" and turns to a blank wall or a closed door to hiss at "nothing" and that is unbelievably terrifying, more so if you have already begun to suspect that a member of the no longer breathing types is lurking around your home. An illustrator named Adam Ellis knows about this all too well. Ellis shares his apartment in the city with two cats... and a little boy called Dear David. David is dead if you haven't figured that out by now. Ellis has been experiencing all of the classic signs of a haunting... vividly descriptive and horrifying haunted dreams, things moving around in his apartment, cats that behave extremely strange at the same hour every night and luckily (or not) for us, Ellis has been generous enough to document his terrors on Twitter to scare share them with the world.

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15 Dreaming In Dead-Vision

This is where the madness all started. Ellis wastes no time in getting the point across. Dreaming of a ghost that is trying to get your attention is terrifying enough but the last part of Ellis' sentence sums it up perfectly and is bone-chilling... "but I think he's crossed over into the real world now." Making all of this worse is the fact that Ellis lives alone aside from his cat companions. We think that most people would agree that it doesn't matter how old or tough you are... when there is paranormal activity suspected or involved, we all might as well be terrified five-year-olds and not having another human around to share in the terror means that each night will be filled with isolated horror until the morning light shines through.

14 Spirit Shambling And Subsequent Screaming

If you follow Ellis'  Twitter account, you would see that he has photos of a modern-looking rocking chair in his bedroom. For some reason, Ellis says that the ghost child seems drawn to rocking chair and it was the first place that he saw the ghost. "Shambling" is the word that Ellis uses to describe the ghost boy's movement and it's scary enough. When people shamble, they move in a slow and awkward manner, shuffling along to suggest that they might be injured or not feeling well. There's been plenty of shambling in horror movies. Think near zombie-like walking. For a ghost child to shamble towards us... that's enough to have anyone waking up the neighborhood with a blood-curdling shriek. If that's not enough to traumatize anyone, Ellis soon had another dream where he was introduced to a little girl. She walked up to him and said, "You've seen Dear David, haven't you?" When he asked, "Who?" she replied, "Dear David. You saw him." Nightmares. Forever.

13 Playing A Chilling Guessing Game With A Ghost Who Grants Limited Answers

We aren't too sure that we would oblige in this ghostly game if given the option but then again it was a dream so it's not like Ellis had a choice in the matter. To hear that the child died in an accident in a store is tragic, sad and alarming. If paranormal movies and campfire ghost stories have taught us anything, it's that a ghost is most dangerous when it has a grudge or unfinished business at hand. Even if you happen to be an innocent bystander in the matter, the ghost can take its revenge out on you just for being present or draw you into its deadly drama as evidenced in the movie Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon. In the dream, Ellis saw David back in the chair staring at him in bed. So the dream version of Ellis took the opportunity to ask two questions.

12 Follow The Rules Or Pay The Price

After Dear David answered the question about the shelf being pushed on his head, Ellis asked the next natural question that comes to mind. "Dear David, who pushed the shelf on your head?" But Dear David didn't answer. That's when Ellis realized that he had broken the rules and woke up with a feeling of dread. It's like that moment in The Ring (spoiler alert) where the little boy, Aidan looks at his mom, Rachel with terrified wide eyes and asks "You helped her? You weren't supposed to help her." You can relate to that feeling of despair in the pit of your stomach knowing that some serious stuff is about to go down. Ellis must have been out of his mind with fear wondering what was going to happen to him now that he had broken the rules of Dear David's game.

11 Cats That Do Nothing To Help Calm Fears

By this time, Ellis is equal parts disturbed and intrigued so he does some online local research trying to find the real story of Dear David since he didn't get much from his limit of two measly questions but he's not able to find anything. Ellis soon found out that he had dibs to move into a larger apartment that was recently vacated above his so he grabbed the chance as not only was it a bigger space but a way to get away from the ghost situation. He settled into his new place and figured things would be back to normal now. And for about a month, they were. Then Ellis' two cats started behaving very strangely. Ellis had to be freaked out when his cats would hang out at the front door with interest at exactly midnight every night for days on end. Cats are supposed to be calming creatures, right? That's why they say cats can help lower blood pressure and so many nursing homes have them for their residents.... wait a second. Cats also sense death at nursing homes, don't they? Uh oh...

10 There's Something On The Stairs

Ellis finally couldn't take the suspense that his cats were creating by gathering at the apartment's front door every night waiting expectantly so he decided to take a glance through the peephole and reported on Twitter that he was certain he saw movement on the other side of the door. The other side of the door is a hallway of the building which allows Ellis visual access to the top of the staircase and a shoe shelf right outside his door. He took a few photos to show the Twitterverse that there was something hiding at the top of the stairs. It's hard to see since the photo was snapped from behind a peephole but there does seem to be a "smudge" near the stairs and in the second photo, it appears that the "smudge" moved if you look closely enough. After he took these photos, Ellis was thoroughly creeped out so he took to Twitter to write, "I deadbolted the lock and got into bed because I don't know what else to do. I can still hear my cats meowing at the front door." Damn you, cats. Why must you be so sensitive to paranormal activity?

9 The Mysterious Midnight Routine

Ellis shared a picture of his cat, Maxwell lingering near the front door with eerie green glowing eyes. Though it's just an effect caused by the camera on his phone, it's still creepy nonetheless considering the circumstances. "I am pretty scared," Ellis tweeted. Two days later, he shot a short video of Maxwell, the guard cat just minutes before midnight. The video shows Maxwell gearing up for another night of security duty. The cat looks up to the right and meows loudly, then to the left and meows again. He looks in all directions, then stares at the front door. Finally, Maxwell stretches out in front of the door and fixes his gaze straight ahead. The cat shows no signs of being sleepy and in fact, seems a bit nervous and wary judging by his soft but high-pitched meow.

8 Who's Out There?

Maxwell would often head to the front door minutes before midnight and try to peek under the door, giving Ellis further confirmation that he knew someone/something was on the other side of the door. By their very nature, cats are extremely alert and perceptive. Maxwell would be an unusual cat to display this kind of behavior if there wasn't something to grab his attention out in the hallway. It's also easy to see that he wasn't intrigued by a neighbor passing through the hall as Ellis stated that his cats did this for extended periods of time each night. The other thing about cats is that they are rather picky creatures. Picky about who and what they spend their precious waking hours on. So to say that Maxwell and Ellis' other cat got this worked up over a bug or something on the other side of the door is highly unlikely. Not a ghost of a chance.

7 Desperate Times

They do call for desperate measures. It seems that someone following Ellis' "Dear David" ghost story suggested that he put a line of salt covering the threshold of his front door. It's a common widespread belief around the world that salt wards off evil and some people believe that a line of salt at your door means that no one who means you harm can cross that line. The belief is that since salt (or chalk) is a pure substance, evil spirits, demons or even just mischievous ghosts (who are considered impure) are repelled by the salty stuff. It appears that Ellis was so nervous that he took the advice and just used regular salt from his kitchen. Did it work?

6 Cat Caught On NannyCam

Ellis' salt protection may have worked but only temporarily. He started noticing strange happenings in his apartment soon after but didn't have evidence of what was going on. So being a smart cookie, he bought a nanny cam and set it up to record the area where the weird activity seems to be occurring the most. He posted a video to Twitter of Maxwell hanging out in the room near the front door and everything appears to be normal until the cat suddenly seems disturbed by something that can't be seen. Out of seemingly nowhere, the cat jumps straight up in the air. This is scary to watch because cats only jump in the air for two reasons - when they are excitedly playing with other cats or when they are flat-out terrified. The video makes it obvious which one of the two scenarios Maxwell is going through. His jump is an instinctual reaction, to move as far away from a source of danger as quickly as he can. Later that night, the video captured Maxwell standing on his hind legs, eyes focused on the front door. If that doesn't chill you to the bone, what will?

5 Dear David Gets Busted After Busting A Clay Pot

Maxwell's scary behavior as he tries to protect his territory from an unseen intruder is frightening enough for some people to have broken their lease, packed their cats up and have been long gone by now but Ellis was too intrigued with the mystery of Dear David, not able to find another decent apartment or not scared enough to leave yet. If the latter was true, this incident was sure to set him off. Ellis had three knitted "cacti" in clay pots sitting on his bookshelf for decoration. One nanny cam incident caught Ellis going about his business in front of the camera. He then leaves the room and seconds later, one of the cacti starts to move on the shelf, then wavers for a moment before it falls and comes smashing down to the floor. Things fall all the time and there are plenty of logical explanations for things like this but the video clearly shows the cactus "jiggle" on the shelf for a moment, as if someone put their hand on it before moving it to the edge of the shelf and sending it off the edge to shatter. Was this Dear David's doing?

4 Nightmare From Hell

Five days after the cactus was pushed off of the bookshelf, Ellis sent off a series of tweets about yet another disturbing dream that he had only this time it had nothing to do with Dear David... that we know of. Ellis decided to take a nap during the afternoon and in the actual dream, he saw himself roll over and on the bed was a grotesque, decapitated head on the pillow next to him. He goes on to describe in detail how the head was somehow alive and smiling at him in the most sinister way. He screamed and asked what happened. The head smiled even bigger and said, "It feels great." (When is this getting made into a horror movie that we will never have the courage to see?) After all of the recent events leading up to this nightmare surely sent straight from hell, how could poor Ellis not take this as an ominous sign?

3 Photo Fear

After Ellis had that horrible nightmare, he felt very uncomfortable. Nightmares like this had been happening often and he said that their content did not correlate to anything that was going on in his life. To clear his head (and joyfully get out of his apartment for a little while) he took a walk to a nearby bodega and passed a recently boarded-up warehouse. On his way back, he passed the warehouse again and heard a "thunk" sound on the other side of the shuttered window. His cats' curiosity must have rubbed off of him because though he was terrified, he decided to hold his phone high above his head to reach the grated window to snap a photo. Right before Ellis snapped this photo he tweeted, "So I thought to myself, 'OK, I'm gonna hold my phone up to the window, take ONE photo, and then run for my life.'" The reward for his brave efforts appear to be a photo of an office with a desk, chair, some old insulation material and... maybe something else?

2 Something Like A Face

Ellis tweeted to his followers,"Then I noticed something else, in the upper right corner. Something that looked like a face." This is just an enhanced image from the photo above. When we first saw this photo, we didn't see anything that resembled a face. Until the image had to be resized and once it was smaller, the ghostly image of a face popped right out at us. Can you see it? Look at the photo from a distance and it should become a bit more clear. If you still can't see it, try focusing on the doorknob to create a point of reference. Now look to the left of the doorknob and that is where the mouth of the face is. The face is rather large and takes up a good amount of the photo. Once you see it, you can't stop seeing it but whatever you do, don't stare at the face for too long. We did and the right eye seemed to suddenly stand out more.

1 Bye For Now, Dear David

As of hours of this writing, Ellis took to his Twitter account to thank the Dear David followers for their support and kindness through this scary and uncertain situation and to let them know that the past few days have been relatively uneventful and quiet for the most part but that's because he has been staying away from his apartment! Smart man. We guess Dear David doesn't like to leave the sanctuary of the places he's accustomed to. Ellis is leaving for Japan soon and wrote that he wanted to try and avoid "anything weird" before he leaves because he has a feeling that all of the paranormal activity and haunted dreams might cease if he leaves for a bit and gets out of that headspace. We sincerely hope that is the case once Ellis returns and it looks like we'll just have to wait until that happens since there won't be any further Dear David updates until he gets back from Japan. Unless Dear David isn't afraid to fly. Just kidding, Adam Ellis. We hope.

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