Chilling Confessions: 15 Horror Stories Of Teachers

We always assume that teachers are constantly on their best behavior. After all, they're in charge of taking care of our children. If we really think about it, our children, at times, spend more time with their teachers than they do with their parents. If they're spending so much time with these teachers, then you want them to be in the best environment possible. As parents, we leave our children in the care of teachers and hope for the best because we don’t have anything else we can do.

So, shouldn’t teachers treat our children with the utmost respect and kindness? Of course, they should, but there are times when the opposite happens. It’s always surprising to us to hear stories of teachers who are cruel and mean to children. Why become a teacher at all if you don’t have a love for children or want to make a difference in the world? But shockingly enough, there are many teachers out there who have no business being teachers.

Abuse within the school system is a common occurrence, and some of these stories are pretty messed up. You may even have a story of your own about a horrible teacher you encountered while growing up. These are stories of teachers who were not only horrible, terrifying, and inappropriate but some of them even belong in jail. Some stories you may find funny, while others are just appalling. Check out these stories that people have shared about their horrible teachers.


15 Hit With a Belt

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time that a student was hit with a belt. The photo portrays a teacher who broke up a fight by hitting the students with his belt.

“I am dyslexic, but back in the day, there was no dyslexia, just stupid; the unfortunate thing was when it came to math, I was pretty good. My primary five teacher (I was 9) set us an arithmetic test, which I completed before everyone else; took it to the teacher’s desk and was then told I must have cheated (I got all the questions correct). So, she locked me in a cupboard with a new set of questions; guess what? Yup, got them all right. My reward? I was belted for cheating. Ah, the good old days... funny I don’t like teachers that much.” (Cheezburger)

What a sick teacher.

14 Prevalent Abuse


A teacher who makes injured students exercise as punishment? Where do they find these people? In the '50s, though, teachers got away with more than they can these days.

“This was in the 1950s. I was 8 and recovering from an appendix operation. The class was being punished for some infraction or other by being made to walk up and down a flight of stairs for half an hour. I asked to be excused as I wasn’t completely healed, and she said, 'Aren’t you mommy’s little baby?' I spent the next week in the hospital because the staples had burst open. She wasn’t sorry and made me suffer for the next two years that I had her, including putting dry mustard in my mouth and taping my hands behind my back.” (Thought Catalog)

For these poor kids, going to school must've been a nightmare.

13 A Horrible Witch

Paddling a student is pretty messed up. These are the kinds of teachers who shouldn’t be in a position of power with children, especially if these teachers have a paddle on hand. Such teachers seem to be on a power trip, and that’s never a good thing.

“Ms. Griffin, my kindergarten teacher. She was old and mean. Paddled me for rolling a grape on the cafeteria floor. She also got a bunch of new toys early in the year and put them where the class could see them, then told us they were for next year’s class because we were such horrible children. Despite having a bathroom in the classroom, she wouldn’t let us go unless it was a designated bathroom break time. Kept us in from recess multiple times a week. A horrible witch of a kindergarten teacher.” She does sound like a wicked witch!

12 Corporal Punishment


Could you imagine if caning was actually legal in our country? Well, in South Africa it is, and the teachers are using it as a means of punishing the children in their classrooms. Even the kids on good behavior are getting caned. “When I lived in South Africa, we had corporal punishment in school. I had a math teacher who had it out for me. He’d cane me for offenses like ‘bad handwriting.’ One time, I got 98% on a test, beat everyone in the class, including his favorite(s). Result? He gave me two licks anyway. Why? So, next time, I wouldn’t miss the remaining 2%.” (Cheezburger)

How are these teachers getting away with this stuff? You would think the parents would complain when their children are coming home with marks on their body. Plenty of children never complain about these sick teachers.

11 Perverted Teachings

Getting extra credit for wearing short skirts? Any teacher who sees students as sex objects is a disgusting human being. But it definitely wouldn’t be the first time that we heard a teacher was inappropriate with students. This teacher took it a bit far, though. “I had a teacher in freshman English who would give the girls bonus points and extra credit for wearing short skirts to class. He also was guilty of some pretty consistent touchy, caressing, grabby personal space violations with them, too. It wasn’t until I was older and he was out of the school that I realized how wrong it was.” (Thought Catalog)

It’s weird that no one complained about it but weirder that some of the girls were going along with it. These things seem to happen all the time, though, and teachers are getting away with it.

10 Poor White Trash


Abuse in the classroom seems to be a pretty common thing, which is really unfortunate. Imagine being called "trash" by your own teacher. In this case, this teacher wasn't interested in imparting any inspirational messages. “My 3rd-grade teacher hated me, told me on more than one occasion, 'You are poor white trash. You will just end up in prison. I wish I didn’t have to waste my time on you' and 'I am not wasting my time teaching poor white prison trash; figure it out yourself.' I told my mom, the principals, the counselors -- no one believed me at all…”

It sucks, even more, when no one believes you. What's wrong with the people in this poor child’s life? A child should always be given the benefit of the doubt when abuse is being discussed. That’s why so many children slip through the system.

9 The Bully

We assume that teachers would behave better than children, but sometimes, that’s not the case. “I’m deaf and wear two hearing aids. As punishment, my grade 3 teacher used to take off my hearing aids and make me sit in the hallway alone. She did this several times, and my best friend told my mom. I didn’t know it was even wrong. I trusted the authority of teachers. I can’t even remember what I did, but I know it didn’t take much to set her off, and she also absolutely loved singling kids out in class and embarrassing them. She would dump the contents of your desk out in front of the class and make you clean it up while everyone watched if you took too long getting out a book or pencil. Once, we had swimming lessons, and afterward, I couldn’t find my underwear, but I was so afraid of being late that I just went commando and later tried to whisper to her that I couldn’t find my underwear. She yells out, in front of the entire class, 'You’re not wearing your underwear!!??'” (Thought Catalog)


8 Tossing the Book at Him


In this case, the teacher actually got what was coming to him and we're glad to hear that for once. “My Pre-Modern History teacher at Sixth-Form was a bit of a tyrant but also shocking at teaching. At the start of the year, he dumped a 4cm thick pack of handouts on everyone’s desk. The instructions every lesson was [sic] 'continue to read and highlight.' The guy would go mental anytime someone spoke, moved, or even looked up from the booklet. He threw a dictionary at a guy’s head when he asked for a definition. Thankfully, he was sacked after the incident.” (Thought Catalog)

It sounds like the teacher had no interest in teaching and clearly had some anger issues. Thankfully, the teacher was fired in this case, but that doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence. Kids need to stand up for themselves for once.

7 The F Bomb

This teacher sounds a little psycho and had to be removed by security.

“I had a teacher in 7th-grade technology class, which was essentially a bullshit class made so we would have some basic idea of how things like an engine and a battery worked. Anyways, the teacher for that class legitimately didn’t do anything all day, would openly hit on this one kid, and one day just cussed out the entire class about how terrible we were and how we should all go f*ck ourselves. She was almost immediately let go. She came back the next day and tried to continue teaching the class despite her termination the day before. They had to call security to get her out of the building. On the plus side, we got a really chill long-term substitute who let us watch movies for the two remaining months of school.” (Cheezburger)

6 The Lying Teacher


We like to think that our teachers want us to succeed, but that wasn’t the case with this teacher. “You know how every kid says to their parents 'my teacher just hates me?' I swear to this day, [it] was really true. This teacher hated me, and I have no idea why. I wasn’t a troublemaker; I didn’t talk in class or make smart ass comments; he just didn’t like me for no reason that I’ll ever know. Anyways, we had these journals that we had to turn in every week. One week, I didn’t get mine back, and he said I got no marks for my journal because I didn’t turn it in, except…um yes, I did. He called me a liar and said I would have to purchase another journal and just turn in next week’s assignment. For a few weeks, I kept asking him to return my journal, and he kept telling me that I was a liar and getting 0’s for my journal entries. One day, when my teacher left the classroom to go to the bathroom, in front of the entire class, I marched over to his bag, rifled through it, and FOUND MY GOD DAMNED JOURNAL. I turned it in the next week with a journal entry, and he never said a f*cking word about it.” (Thought Catalog)

5 Abusive Teaching

A teacher should never be allowed to lay a hand on a child. In this case, it was much worse because the teacher hung the kid outside of a window. It sounds like a bad dream, but it’s not. For these kids, it’s very real. “One teacher grabbed one student and was holding him out of the window for 20 seconds and shouting at him. It was on the third floor, and we were seven years old. Later that year, he was arrested. He even put someone into the cupboard for [a] solid 2 hours. We were all crying and telling him he would kill the boy who was in the cupboard.” (Cheezburger)

Maybe this teacher was getting some ideas from the movie Matilda. It makes you wonder how they get away with these things for so long without serious consequences.

4 Children Peeing Themselves


As far as we remember, going to the bathroom during class was a pretty common thing. Sure, some kids took advantage of it, but for the most part, the kids were really just going to the bathroom. This teacher refused to let anyone leave the room. “My first-grade teacher. A friend of mine, not a trouble-making student by any means, mind you, had asked politely to go to the bathroom several times for two hours until she couldn’t hold it any longer and peed herself. Then, instead of calling a janitor, the teacher shamed her by making my friend clean up the puddle herself, on her hands and knees, with paper towels.” (Thought Catalog)

It’s a wonder that rumors don’t spread about these teachers. How does something like that happen without people talking about it? These teachers are truly terrible.

3 Adopted

What would you do if you found out that the teacher told your child that he was adopted? It makes us wonder how the teacher would know something that the child himself didn’t know. Maybe, at a certain time, things like that were kept on a student’s permanent record. In this case, the teacher exposed a secret to a student that he wasn’t aware of. “My second-grade teacher told me I was adopted. I was and did not know it up until then.” (Thought Catalog)

We can’t imagine how horrible it would've been for the child to find out that he was adopted when he had no idea. There are just some things that should come straight from the parent, and this is one of them. Don’t you agree?

2 Calling the Police


This teacher truly had it out for her students, and she sounds like she might be a little bipolar as well. “My 8th-grade science teacher called the police on myself and another student for 'stealing' a microscope from the classroom. We didn’t steal anything. She told the police that she witnessed us remove it from the class. The thing was we never took it, and the reason she couldn’t find it was because another teacher had borrowed it shortly after our class had ended. The teacher eventually came back with the microscope. Our teacher refused to apologize. But the joke was on her because she was gone within a month.” (Cheezburger)

We can’t imagine a teacher who jumps to conclusions so easily. It’s shocking that she would call the police like that, without talking to the principal and other teachers first. What a nut job.

1 The Tattle Tale

It’s hard enough for children to admit to someone that they're being abused. When they finally get the courage to do so, they expect that the teacher is going to help them out. In this case, the teacher turned on the student and made an already bad situation so much worse.

“You’re supposed to trust your teachers, right? I told my fifth-grade teacher my Mom beats the sh!t out of me all the time for no reason. I had bruises on my back, nail marks where she had dug into my upper arms, and a patch of hair that was torn out when she grabbed hold of me by my hair. The prick called my Mom and told her everything. I got the shit beaten out of me again. So yeah, worst teacher ever.” (Thought Catalog)

The poor kid! And it’s shocking that someone else hadn’t seen the bruises and marks on the child.


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