9 Facts Jim Bob Duggar Wants Buried (And 6 He Wants The World To Know)

Jim Bob Duggar often contradicts himself, which is why it comes as no surprise that there are several aspects of his life that are sources of both pride and shame for him. Good ol' Jim Bob has plenty of secrets he would rather stay buried (but have not), and likewise, he has plenty of stuff he wants the whole world to know.

Interestingly, a lot of the stuff he is proud of are things most people would actually want to keep hidden. But if we know anything about Jim Bob Duggar, it's that he's not your average Joe. The man has 19 children, for crying out loud -- and a reality television show to boot. So no, he is not typical by any means.

Luckily for us, atypical people and their messed-up lives make for some great entertainment. Jim Bob is an excellent source of entertainment, whether he's preaching some nonsense, covering up crimes, acting like a dictator, or whatever else it is that he spends his time doing. So there's no shortage of Jim Bob Duggar facts. Here are 15 of them.

15 Wants the World to Know About Birth Control

If you're a fan or follower of the Duggar family, you've likely heard of Michelle's miscarriage that took place after the birth of their eldest son, Josh. They revealed this miscarriage through a long letter they posted on their family blog for their 32nd wedding anniversary in 2016. Although no one is bashing them for losing a baby, of course (they also lost a child well into Michelle's 20th pregnancy in 2016), it became controversial because Jim Bob and Michelle boldly stated the miscarriage had happened because they had used birth control in order to "space out" their children after the birth of Josh. Michelle got pregnant while on the pill, and the couple has been very outspoken about the fact that they believe birth control was to blame for their loss. Jim Bob, who wants everyone to know so they can avoid birth control, said, "We went to a Christian doctor, and he explained the pill could be abortive."

14 Wants to Keep the Josh Scandal Buried

This one is a no-brainer. Obviously, Jim Bob would have preferred to keep the scandal surrounding Josh's molestation of five young girls (including four of his own sisters) a secret, as well as all of the other family secrets that came out because of it. The revelation that Josh Duggar molested his four sisters and a babysitter as a teenager resulted in the cancellation of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, which earned the family a substantial income. They lost that (and a lot of pride) when everything came out in the open in 2015. This all happened when Josh was between 14 and 15 years old and ultimately led to a lot of shame and ridicule for the family. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that no matter what Jim Bob says, he would have of course wanted this embarrassing information to stay buried.

13 Wants the World to Know His Feelings About the Transsexual Bathroom Bill

While many people choose to keep their opinions about controversial issues such as the transsexual bathroom bill to themselves to avoid unnecessary drama, that's not Jim Bob Duggar's style. He wants the whole world to know that he, his wife, and his family vehemently oppose the bill and the reasons they do. Back in 2014, a city ordinance in Fayetteville, Arkansas (which is the Duggars' home state) was overturned largely due to Michelle Duggar's efforts. The ordinance was nicknamed the "transgender bathroom bill," and Michelle lobbied hard against it for several reasons, including the fact that it would put young girls at risk of being abused by older males. This brought on a slew of criticism by people calling her and Jim Bob out for allowing their own daughters to be molested by their son. But in the end, Michelle won, and the bill was overturned.

12 Wants to Keep His Concealment of The Josh Scandal Buried

Obviously. In addition to wanting to keep his son's criminal and incestuous past under wraps, Jim Bob Duggar also wants to keep his role in covering it up a secret. Unfortunately for him, things have not happened that way. It came to light that Josh's parents actually helped hide the crimes and chose to deal with Josh in their own way. Jim Bob and Michelle were aware of several incidents of Josh touching his sisters while they were sleeping, as well as other touching incidents, and they sent him for Christian treatment. Even some authorities were involved but looked the other way when Jim Bob said he would give Josh a "stern" talking to. (One of those officers is now serving time on child p-----------y charges). For a full run-down of all of the deceit, you can see the timeline of events at usatoday.com.

11 Wants the World to Know They Are Now Guardians of a Family Member's Child

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are now the proud parents of a whopping 20 children! Last year, they became the legal guardians of Tyler, who is the son of Michelle's niece, Rachel Hutchins. Rachel reportedly signed over custody in the summer of 2016 because she was homeless, unemployed, and unable to properly care for her child. It was found to be in the child's best interest to remain with the Duggar family on November 14, 2016, despite all of the legal and criminal issues surrounding the family in the past. Tyler is now nine years old, and Jim Bob and Michelle have made their gaining of custody of him very public and are clearly very proud of having him as their 20th child.

10 Wants to Keep Trouble in Paradise Buried

Both Jim Bob and his wife Michelle would have everyone thinking their life was all puppies and rainbows. But that's not reality (how could it be, with 19 kids?). The truth is that there have been several sources that reported trouble in paradise for the couple, although they aggressively deny it. Not surprisingly, the marriage was allegedly on the rocks due to all the controversy surrounding Josh and his scandalous past, and apparently, it was just too much for Jim Bob and Michelle's rock-solid relationship to weather. Also a strain on the marriage was their reported financial trouble after the rumored cancellation of their second show Counting On and the humiliation of it all in general. That does sound like a recipe for disaster if ever there was one. Even though these rumors were rampant in 2016, the two are still together and putting on happy faces. For now.

9 Wants the World to Know About Sons Saving Lives

Now this is a story that Jim Bob Duggar truly should be proud of. No matter what Josh has done in the past, he and his younger brother John were credited with saving the life of a little girl in 2016. They witnessed a three-car crash, and little Maddie Plascensia was brought into Josh's used car dealership for help. The brothers worked together, the then-21-year-old Josh calling 911 and the then-20-year-old John performing CPR on the six-year-old. Josh kept the dispatcher informed as John worked on her. Both Duggar brothers have experience as volunteer firefighters, which helped in this life-or-death situation. And Jim Bob could not be more proud, as he should be (for once). He said, "I am so proud of my two oldest sons who responded so quickly in helping to save this little girl."

8 Wants to Keep Michelle's Mental Health Issues Buried

There's been a lot of speculation over the years regarding Michelle Duggar's mental health although it has not always made headlines in comparison with some of her family's other drama, of which there has been plenty. Mostly, it revolves around her so-called "baby hunger," which describes the compulsion of a woman who continually gets pregnant because she craves infants. I think that would pretty much sum up Michelle, who has 19 children and still hopes for more. A woman experiencing this is described as psychologically challenged, neglectful to her older children, and selfish and narcissistic in this way. Jim Bob, for his part, only encourages it and is all of the above, although he's not the one getting pregnant and is probably not obsessed with babies. But he's definitely selfish, narcissistic, and neglectful, and there's no arguing that.

7 Wants to Keep Gay Family Member Buried

It may shock a lot of people -- Duggar fans and non-Duggar fans alike -- to know that the Duggars have an openly gay relative. Of course, given the couple's anti-gay agenda and belief system, for their purposes, it would be better if the world didn't know this. But in fact, matriarch Michelle Duggar has an older sister who is a lesbian. Evelyn Ruark has only ever been on 19 Kids and Counting once (frankly, it's surprising that she was on it at all). But her sister has rarely, if ever, been mentioned by the conservative Christian Duggars, for obvious reasons. Evelyn lives with her partner, Sharon Callahan, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She's expressed concern for her sister and the family following the Quiverfull movement, which she considers to be a brainwashing cult.

6 Wants the World to Know Their Stance on Homosexuality

It follows, then, that the Duggar family would be very eager to show the world their strong feelings regarding homosexuality. It's no secret that Jim Bob and his family have some very strong opinions when it comes to the topic, and their intolerance of it (despite Michelle's lesbian older sister) is plain. The clan's "fear-mongering" of homosexuality even threatened the future of their hit TLC show a few years ago when 180,000 signatures were gathered on a petition for the network to put an end to the series after anti-equality comments were made by Michelle. Jim Bob had said he wasn't worried about this, and it turned out he shouldn't have been. He was right when he said, "All it has done is given us more exposure." They got 50,000 new followers out of it.

5 Wants to Keep The Out-of-Wedlock Birth Buried

The so-called "Rebel" Duggar is none other than Jim Bob Duggar's niece, Amy Duggar. She's come to be known as a rebel because, in comparison to her cousins, she kisses before marriage, wears shorts, and tells it how she sees it. But in recent years, it has come to light that she was born to two parents who were not married. In the world of the Duggars, this is a big no-no. Jim Bob Duggar's children do not even give their spouses a real hug before walking down the aisle (they only go as far as a "side hug"). So, of course, sex and pregnancy are out of the question for the Duggars (until like a second after they are married, and then they start popping out kids nine months after the honeymoon). Amy Duggar is the exception, but Jim Bob would obviously prefer the world not to know it since it's in direct contradiction to his own beliefs.

4 Wants the World to Know His Word is Law

In the Land of the Duggars, Jim Bob rules with an iron fist. What he says goes. He comes across as this friendly, personable guy, but if you're one of his children (and probably his wife), a different side is often shown. By many sources, including people who have worked on the set of 19 Kids and Counting, he's been called a dictator, definitely not someone to mess with if he's your father or husband. One Duggar family source spoke to People and said, "Jim Bob's favorite word is no. He's like a dictator. He once saw a guy kissing a girl before marriage and confronted him about it. And the guy said, 'Jim Bob, show me that verse in the Bible that says we can't kiss. Get out your Bible.' And Jim Bob was like, 'Uhhhh...' because no one ever confronts Jim Bob. No one." Well, that may be true, but personally, I think good ol' Jim Bob likes everyone knowing that he's boss and always will be.

3 Wants to Keep "Nike" Buried

Even being a tried-and-true fan of exposing the Duggar dirtiness, I still manage to come across creepy Duggar facts I haven't heard before. Take "Nike," for example. You or I immediately associate the word with the brand of shoes. If you're a Duggar, though, it means something quite different. In fact, it's their code word for something quite cringeworthy. Imagine you're a young male Duggar walking down the street, and one of your siblings says, "Nike." You should immediately avert your eyes down to your shoes because it means an attractive woman is nearby, and in order to avoid lustful thoughts, it's best to simply avoid looking at her. Four of the Duggar daughters revealed this tidbit in their book Growing Up Duggar, and I'm thinking Papa Duggar was not too thrilled about it given how ridiculous it sounds to everyone else (and he knows it).

2 Wants to Keep Who Raises Their Children Buried

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar like to pretend like they're Parents of the Year to the whole world, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is that neither of them is the person actually raising their children every day. They might have been in the earliest years of their parenthood, but once their oldest children were old enough to help out around the house and babysit, Jim Bob and Michelle have been off the hook. I mean, no two people can adequately raise 19 offspring; even parents of one or two children need help sometimes! But Jim Bob and Michelle, for the most part (according to sources), have their children raise their other children -- homeschooling them, cooking and cleaning for them, etc. Reelrundown.com says, "Although the Duggars have money to hire nannies and au pairs to raise their children, they elect not to do so. Instead, they have their oldest children consigned to slave labor status as handmaidens and servants to their younger siblings."

1 Wants to Keep Their Past With Social Services Buried

Social services and child protection agencies are usually reserved for the druggies and wife beaters who are parents, right? Wrong! Would you believe the holier-than-thou, Christian Duggar parents have had more than one run-in with social services? It's true. Besides the obvious molestation case that happened when their oldest children were young teenagers, there have been issues with the size of their home (before they moved to the mansion, they had the whole family living in a super tiny house legally unfit for the number of people, which Jim Bob knew, being a realtor), and then they were called in 2015 when the Duggar parents refused to cooperate with child protective services during an investigation.

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