8 Youngest Parents In The World (And 8 Oldest)

We were all kids once. Having children makes the world go round, and it has led to nearly 7.5 billion of us clogging the planet. For the majority of people, having children and starting a family is one of their major life goals that develop as life goes on. Life for most in the developed world is generally like a ladder comprised of steps along the way, starting at school, then into College before entering the workplace. We meet a partner either through social circles or through work colleagues and nowadays more often, online dating. When people finally meet The One and settle down to get a place together, soon the time comes to marry and this is when kids naturally follow.

The average age that American women become a mother for the first time is 26, which is a mean total of all ages from the research gathered. Becoming a parent in a person's mid-to-late 20s is roughly an ideal age as it allows people to enjoy their youth, study, travel and then settle into building a family of their own while remaining a young parent.

Although, for reasons usually to do with work or other setbacks, many people have kids when they're older. For women, age is a factor because of menopause occurring between the ages of 45-55 usually. However, some women choose to defy nature and try to have a baby well into middle-age. Meanwhile, accidents happen to some kids and awful things too, meaning some people have babies far too young. Here is a list of 16 parents, eight who were old and eight who were super young.

16 Youngest Father Of Twins: 12 Years Old

Adolescent relationships rarely work out because when teens get together, they are still developing as a person and will undergo various changes, possibly a different person once they become adults. So when teenagers become parents, the strain almost grows unbearable and because it is easier for men to walk as they do not carry the baby, teen fathers are often absent. To his credit though, James Sutton stayed around when he got his older girlfriend pregnant, showing major responsibility for a boy of 12, even though his 16-year-old girlfriend somehow got away with the crime of sleeping with an underage boy. James and his girlfriend Sarah remain together, even after eight years, with James working as a builder and Sarah studying at Salford University in the UK. They now have another child and are happily in a relationship and share a house together.

15 Oldest Mother To Conceive Naturally: 59 Years Old

On average, a woman's biological clock has a time limit and sometimes when a woman is pursuing her dreams elsewhere, she is likely to start a family after 35. It takes a hell of a long time to climb the corporate ladder and working all hours means that time suddenly runs away. Though time is a precious commodity and for those who spend their lives working towards other things, post-50 it is hard to conceive as a woman's body stops producing eggs, although the age at which menstruation stops is subject to change. However, there are exceptions, and people vary. Britain's Dawn Brooke conceived naturally and gave birth in 1997, aged 59, which at the time was a year away from the age of retirement, not through artificial insemination but in the old-fashioned way.

14 Youngest Mother Of Triplets: 13 Years Old

Even rarer than twins are triplets, this is when an egg that is fertilized splits into three and a trio of siblings are born, quite a handful when most people get pregnant expecting to give birth to just one child nine months after conceiving. To have three kids at once is daunting for anyone but for a child to experience this is not daunting but terrifying and sickening and should never occur. A 13-year-old girl from the Dominican Republic's capital, Santo Domingo became the youngest mother of triplets. The girl was a victim of abuse, and the perpetrator was a 61-year-old man who fled from justice when his crime got discovered. Despite facing prosecution, the 13-year-old child now has three children as a child herself.

13 Oldest Famous Dad: 73 Years Old

When someone is famous, especially a male rock star, it is very easy to get laid, and they have chicks falling at their feet due to their star status being extremely attractive. In fact, there are plenty of women that will make it a mission to bag themselves a rich man like a rock star. Take their millions of dollars, and the fact that they are worldwide superstars earns them adoration, exemplified by Mick Jagger having had a succession of women on his arm for over 50 years. Understandably then it is easy for these men to have kids well into the even old age when most men are becoming grandfathers and even great-grandfathers - Jagger himself being a grandfather! Last year the legendary Rolling Stones frontman fathered his eighth child, 45 years after having his first!

12 Oldest Father Ever: 96 Years Old

Men are capable of fathering children much later in life than women can and it is all down to that whimsical thing we know as biology. Theoretically, men should be able to have children virtually up until the day they die, providing everything down there still works and with the right dosage of medication to keep certain body parts rigid and upright. So the oldest fathers are remarkably old and through the necessity of it have a woman far younger than themselves when they have a child - if they even live to see that child born! However, such a thought did not deter Ramjit Raghav, a former wrestler from India who was 96 when he became a father for the second time after fathering his first at 94!

11 Youngest Celebrity Mother: 16 Years Old

Even women in the public eye are not immune to the risks of falling pregnant at a young age, as of course, everyone knows accidents happen and even contraception is not 100% foolproof at keeping babies at bay. One of these celebrities is Jamie-Lynn Spears, younger sister of her more famous pop star sibling, Britney Spears. Much like her big sister who is used to courting controversy by ending a marriage after nearly two days and shaving her head in public. Jamie-Lynn also seems to have this kind of streak in her by becoming a mother at the very young age of 16, at least being Britney's sister means she has more cash and does not have to rely on Welfare checks that often blight the lives of young parents.

10 Oldest (Verified) Mother Ever: 66 Years Old

Many claims exist where someone professes to hold one world record or another and often there is a difficulty in verifying the truth. So to remain cautious and to also retain their validity as sources for the fact it becomes vital for information to get strenuously tested and proven, even with world records. Although records are more of a recent phenomenon and we cannot know for sure what went before records began, so it is possible that parents older or younger existed before this record. So for the world record where a woman became the oldest mother is currently registered as Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara from Barcelona, Spain, aged 66 years! Although she did not conceive naturally and became pregnant through IVF, with sperm donors via Caesarian Section.

9 Youngest Mother Ever: 5 Years Old

Girls begin puberty on average about two years earlier than their male counterparts, making the title of youngest mother a very dark subject indeed. The average age at which a girl starts her period is about 12-13 years old. So for the age of the youngest girl to become a mother is something of a rather freakishly bizarre and horrifying tale. In 1939, a Peruvian girl by the name of Lina Medina went to the hospital with a swelling stomach that doctors believed was a tumor. Further investigation led to discovering that she was seven months pregnant, her son was later delivered via Caesarian Section, Lina was five at the time! Some claim the incident was a hoax but images, x-rays, and biopsies from the time verify the validity of the pregnancy as a result of Lina's (still alive today, the son died at 40, in 1979) "Precocious Puberty," a very early development. The father remains unknown, but Lina's father, accused and imprisoned for assaulting her, was eventually released with no charge.

8 Oldest First-Time Mother: 70 Years Old

There are a lot of people in India, with over 1 billion citizens in the world's largest democracy; it is predicted that within several decades, India's population will overtake China's to become the world's most populous nation. For one thing, this population boom offers a considerable working base for the growing economy and emerging Superpower, although it should not mean that someone should continue producing children into old age. However, modern science means that age deters people much less than it used to and some women will push the limits of their bodies to have a kid. Such was the case with Indian woman Daljinder Kaur who had her first child at 70 (IVF doctors claim she was 72), conceived with IVF. The father was 79. They were having their first child together, despite being married to one another for 46 years!

7 The Youngest Father: 12 Years Old

Puberty varies just as the menopause does with no one fixed age heralding the start of the most significant changes in the body of a human being since they were infants. More often than not, girls develop around two years or so earlier than boys, and although puberty still starts young in the male body, the youngest of fathers are not commonly younger than about 14-years-of-age. However, the youngest ever father on record was Sean Stewart, from the UK, who fathered a child with a 16-year-old girl he got pregnant at the tender of just 12! Meaning Stewart literally was a child himself when he had a baby and although Stewart's girlfriend was of the legal age to have sex in the UK, he wasn't and for some reason, the girl was not prosecuted.

6 Oldest Mother Of Multiple Births: 70 Years Old

More often than not, when a woman is pregnant, she will give birth to one baby, but sometimes the rare occasion happens when a mother has more than one baby. We are mammals, after all, and mammals commonly have several young. With twins, there are two types: fraternal twins that are fertilized with a different sperm or egg, and identical twins, which is when a fertilized egg splits in two. IVF and the hormones involved can regularly cause more than one baby. The world's oldest mother to twins was Indian woman Omkari Panwar, aged 70. The oldest mother of triplets was a British 55-year-old grandmother, a nurse named Sharon Cutts, while a woman even older had quadruplets! At 65, German woman Annegret Raunigk had three sons and a daughter via Caesarian.

5 Youngest Celebrity Dad: 15 Years Old

It must be neat to be the kid of a famous person, although virtually no one is famous when they are 15 - except for the odd child star here and there - so a kid must be delighted to find their parents eventually get famous. Being a star as a teenager seems to be too young for many people, but not as much as people think it is wrong for a teenager to become a parent. To have four kids at age 32 is pretty damn young, which is how old rapper Lil Wayne is. But consider that the first kid he had was with his now ex-wife, and they're now 17! That means the rapper was only 15 when he became a dad for the first time... there's an experience to write rhymes about!

4 Oldest Celebrity Mother: 50 Years Old

No career is more taxing than being a star, whether a movie star or a recording artist. Not only are their schedules filled to the brim with interviews, awards ceremonies, shooting or recording but to fit family and kids into that becomes a Herculean task! So is it little wonder that many famous people delay starting a family and when you are part of one of the most infamous pop dynasties, it might be wise to wait it out until the public eye is not on you as much. Whatever the reasons for her choice to have a baby - which could be not finding the right man to father her baby - Janet Jackson is the oldest celebrity mother, falling pregnant at 50, nearly as old as her famous older brother was when he died.

3 Youngest Adoptive Mother: 27 Years Old

Unlike conceiving children naturally, which is possible as soon as a girl starts her period and boy begins to develop sperm, adopting requires people wanting to adopt a child or baby to adhere to specific regulations. For example, to adopt as a singleton, one must be over 21 years of age, and now people seem to take to adopting kids more, as many abandoned children need a safe home and for population control reasons. One such person is Bessy (real name not given) who adopted three boys as a single-woman at age 27, giving kids caught up in the care system a real home is one of the kindest things to do for someone. So it is a heroic thing for someone to do when taking on a baby and change their lives.

2 Oldest Celebrity To Adopt: 51 Years Old

Famous people adopting kids is not a new thing, Mary Poppins star Julie Andrews adopted Vietnamese kids back in the 70s. There is also the infamous tale of Woody Allen leaving Mia Farrow for her adopted daughter, and Angelina Jolie has made something of a profession out of taking kids under her wing. Never one to pass up on any fad, Madonna and her visits and charity work in Malawi led the singing superstar to adopt two kids, David Banda in 2005 and Mercy James in 2009. Madonna was 51 at the time she adopted her fourth child and second daughter, while the singer's further charitable efforts in Malawi included funding the construction of an orphanage in the country. As the son of one the greatest pop stars, David Banda now has a chance of being a world-famous soccer star in his own right.

1 Youngest Celebrity To Adopt Kids: 26 Years Old

The celebrity trend of adopting kids is a strong one and adds cache to their humanitarian credentials if the child they rescue from poverty was born in a developing country. Angelina Jolie is now as famous for her big family as she is for her charity work and her movie career (which has now branched into directing). Her children include three biological kids with her now ex-husband Brad Pitt, but long before she met him, Jolie adopted three children (which Pitt later adopted). Her first being her son Maddox, born in Cambodia that became her son aged seven months. Jolie was only 26 when she adopted Maddox. Her eldest son is now 16 and is enjoying all of the fruits of being the child of a Hollywood superstar, which he would never have seen in his native Cambodia.

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